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  1. I have a dream!!!! I'd take Brady if he comes cheaper than Tannehill, which I think he will. Cut Walker, Dion. Sign Brady, Henry (tagged), Conklin, Joey Sly or Zane Gonzalez, (one of Dupree, Fowler, Judon, Clowney), (one of Ryan, Fuller, Byron Jones, etc) Trade #29, 3rd Rounder 2021 to the Bears for #43, #50. Bears trade up to maybe draft another QB or another piece. #43 - QB Jalen Hurts #50 - RB JK Dobbins #61 - WR KJ Hamler #93 - Best EDGE This offense will be flat out scary with Henry/Dobbins....Brown/Davis/Humphries/Hamler/Jonnu/Firsker. Brady plays 1-2 years and Hurts is ready to take over with a loaded offense.
  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    A swift and Henry combo could transform the NFL as we know it.
  3. Jon Robinson

    The 2016 draft killed us. We had the first overall pick, traded down. OK. I loved the trade at the time, but we failed with the picks - specifically the 2nd round. #33 - We took Kevin Dodd. Could have had Jaylon Smith, Myles Jack, Hunter Henry, Chris Jones, Xavien Howard, Sterling Shepard. #43 and #45- We took Auston Johnson and Derrick Henry. Could have had Michael Thomas, Deion Jones, Tyler Boyd. This legit makes me sick, even though we got Byard in R3.
  4. You Get a New OC. Who are you getting?

    Lincoln Riley - Jalen Hurts package deal might not be bad.
  5. Trade Deadline Rumors

    Titans working out QBs... Mariota trade coming?
  6. A.M- Life After Marcus Watch (options?)

    Let’s hope so id take a 3rd side note: I really want Penny
  7. Other Games/Teams Thread

    I would trade a 3rd and Sims for Penny. Think he could be our future RB and would form a nice tandem w Henry.
  8. Week 7 GDT: Chargers(2-4) @ Titans(2-4)

    How’s simmons look so far
  9. Trade Help

    Anyone? he said I can have my choice of Goff + Conner or Fournette + Kupp or Woods for Cook + Ito Smith
  10. Trade Help

    14 Teamed, PPR, Total Points League. Ok just shook up my team and traded Russ Wilson, David Johnson for Cooper Kupp, Melvin Gordon. Now my roster looks like: QB: no one , probably stream QBs RB: Dalvin Cook RB: Melvin Gordon WR: Cooper Kupp WR: Tyler Boyd WR: Allen Robinson TE: OJ Howard FLEX: Rashad Penny i was offered Goff, Edelman, and James Conner OR Fournette for Dalvin Cook and Ito Smith. Should I pull the trigger? Would give me... QB: Jared Goff RB: James Conner or Fournette RB: Melvin Gordon WR: Cooper Kupp WR: Tyler Boyd WR: Allen Robinson TE: OJ Howard FLEX: Julian Edelman
  11. Trade Help

    Now got offered Kerryon Johnson and Engram for Johnson
  12. Trade Help

    How about Tyrell Williams and Kenny Golladay for David Johnson? or Sterling Shepard + JuJu for DJ Would leave me with : Wilson-Cook-Penny/Williams-Boyd-Golladay-Engram-Ross
  13. Trade Help

    14 teamer, PPR - Current Roster: QB Russell Wilson WR Tyler Boyd WR Allen Robinson WR John Ross RB Dalvin Cook RB David Johnson TE OJ Howard FLEX AND BENCH - Penny, Mostert, Jamaal Williams, Humphries, Ito Smith I got offered JuJu and Chris Thompson for David Johnson and Evan Engram and John Brown for Allen Robinson and OJ Howard My WRs are abosolute ****. Should i pull the trigger?