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  1. That's my hope, in a draft supposedly rich in CB and OT. I really don't follow NCAA football enough to know and this has got to be a terrible year, even for the pros, in evaluation. I hope our guys have done their homework and we also get blessed with a bit of necessary luck to grab some players for the future and hopefully some contributors for this season.
  2. Gio Bernard to the Bucs. I think he's an underrated player and fills a niche for them on 3rd down/passing that will make them better. Would have actually been a nice pickup for us if we had let 33 walk. Not as explosive anymore but is known as a great pass protector and quality veteran presence in the locker room.
  3. 2021 as in this season? We won’t be trading the MVP. Things will get interesting in ‘22 and ‘23 but there are so many variables that we don’t have much to speculate on it, although that’s what we do as fans. I hope Love kills it in the preseason and knocks it out of the park in practice this year while 12 continues to light up the league so we can have the most ridiculous embarrassment of riches and then let all the drama begin.
  4. This guy is the resident author for hot takes on CHTV. He and a good deal of the comment section are why I don’t go to that site much anymore. They do have some informative posts and solid authors but you have to sift through more every season.
  5. Likely some guy who rents his lawn out for parking, lucky bast...Sorry, I’m apparently innumerate to go along with my illiteracy.
  6. With the extra games, I would hope we see it soon. In fact, it would be great to play KC over there this year but they would move such a marquee matchup. Tickets will be at a premium but I hope you get to see a game over there and of course, at 1256.
  7. I would go with Baptist snake handlers. Crazy as all get out but don’t take kindly to blasphemers and profanity.
  8. Lancaster and a long snapper are Grade A trolling by Gute for the fans who are freaking out in the offseason. Both are reasonable signings to the 90, especially at low $. I only hope that they make the team if they are markedly better than the competition but there had better be some competition on the DL after draft/signings. No idea if the PS rules will be adjusted this year but Lancaster is a guy I would love there.
  9. Yes, but that is a problem you would be happy to take on.
  10. Maybe they want a shot at Lance to hedge their Tua bet. Or they are in love with a top OT. Let the arms race commence for the QB run this year. Hopefully it benefits us at 29 and Love turns out to be better than them all.
  11. Wow. SF must feel they are just a QB away. They may be right but that's a huge gamble. If Tua is the guy, Miami will have insane amounts of capital to build that roster.
  12. 2.1 guaranteed is all that matters. Next year can be reworked or eat a small bit of cap. We need some other pieces, but Big Dog still brings it at a high level and is a great leader.
  13. He made a difference for them. It also happened to coincide with Adams getting healthy but they went from almost no pass rush, to those two guys getting pressures and sacks. I don't know how the old veteran would work in our system, I don't even really know what our system is, but if a guy like that is on the scrap heap- I'm all for a low cost/risk signing.
  14. I don't pretend to know the draft but usually the top 15-20 are set. Likely 5 QBs that should be in that group this year, then you get to the top prospect OL and CB, with probably a few WR, Edge and TE maybe RB. If the CB and OT group is as deep as reported, someone with a high grade should be there at 29. Whether Gute thinks it's a guy worthy of a 1st, we'll see. If the field is seen as pretty equal with good depth, a trade back into the 2nd might be the play. Every draft is big but Gute will need to pulloff a good one after last year's redundancy (that could still pan out) and the
  15. Gotta get some mileage out of his few interceptions. One thing I see people knocking him for is his tackling. That’s crazy because 1, if your corners are doing a ton of tackling that’s not good and 2, he’s made some great open field tackles. If he has a highlight reel, those will stand out more than any picks. He gets banged up too easily and doesn’t seem to be able to play through injuries as well as other guys. Being out on an island tough, you get the blame even on some plays that aren’t your fault. He is unique physically from most corners and when healthy, can be a matchup prob
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