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  1. Creed Humphrey getting worked a bit by that Ravens D. Hope Myers got his growing pains out in camp.
  2. Minnesota’s kicking woes never disappoint. We really need this W tomorrow to top the division.
  3. To be expected, they should improve but trial by fire is not always the best way to start a career. We have seen some vets struggle early, as well.
  4. PHI gets a huge play to get them in the red zone, promptly squanders 4 downs and gets nothing. SF has a great front but the play calls were all gimmicks and horrible play action. PHI should be ashamed.
  5. So Za’Darius goes down and Ladarious Hamilton gets poached from TB practice squad. 6’3 260. I guess Galeai is still not ready. Mike Smith talked him up but said he needs to add weight. You’d hope a few seasons in WI would do that for him. Time to see where our depth in a room we’ve invested in heavily truly stands.
  6. There’s some buzz that he’s been unhappy with contract etc. and is milking it. I would hope not since his team, our team, needs him to get this done. It does seem more serious than they were letting on, but if he’s looking for an extension a serious back injury is not one you want to fake if you’re trying to strengthen your market. Get better soon, Z. This season will be a battle even with a healthy roster.
  7. MM hosting Jeopardy would be a thing of beauty.
  8. Would have paid for his contract in jersey sales alone.
  9. They have played us close the past few years, even when we had the talent edge. I do believe we’ll be fired up at home and will win big, 11 is a large spread and probably not a good bet in any matchup. Lucas Patrick with a concussion is not good and will stress an already shakey line.
  10. That was the exact scenario I proposed in the beginning of this thread, followed by it won’t happen and I sincerely hope it doesn’t need to happen. Just pointing out that the interim will rarely be the guy for the future. I’m a huge proponent of Coach Gray, but he was interviewed and did not get the promotion and seems he might have been third choice at best.
  11. That’s just it. No contenders change things up midseason and furthermore, the scraps available midseason are usually not the answer going forward for the future. Usually you get an internal, interim candidate who can hopefully rally the team to a moral victory or two. If there is a total collapse, sure we could get a replacement this year but it would likely mean we’re still looking in January.
  12. He’s a beast of an athlete. This strikes me a coach speak to light a fire under a talented but young player to keep growing. I don’t know if he would change our fortune, and if love is even serviceable he’s worth it, but I think Aiyuk makes an impact this year and going forward.
  13. That remains to be seen but with our cap realities and the drop in cap after it’s only gone up for decades had us and other teams in rough shape. It was either maximize Rodgers’ last year(s) or drop some core pieces. I don’t agree with paying premiums for RB but 33 is a great guy and teammate who can light it up, I hope he can capture some of his past magic. You’ve got to pay a great LT. KK, I don’t know, the team sees him as a guy who can play a premium position. I see him as a physical oddity, who has moments and big lapses. Maybe he can get his head in the game and show what they see in hi
  14. So, this week make Goff beat us? I like the odds more with him not being able to bail out drives with his legs. We need that to stop immediately with this defense. I’ve seen that movie before. I think DET at home will be just what the doctor ordered. Don’t know if it will prove much but I hope we come out with renewed focus and start getting in gear because this schedule won’t allow much coasting.
  15. Mostert out for SF with season ending surgery. They where more than decimated before the half way point of last season, looks like they are picking it right back up. I don’t like them and really want to beat them but I don’t wish the players or team this kind of luck.
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