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  1. I’ve been staying out of the minute by minute drama, but this is the first I’ve heard about Steno and I don’t like it. I’m happy for Hackett getting a shot but leave our assistants alone, Coach!
  2. Sure, but health is always a caveat to any prediction and many people, including myself, thought DB would be back by the half way point of the season. My only point is that I believe the majority had us pegged as a top contender and definitely above .500. AR drama aside, I didn’t think missing preseason and OTAs would affect a long standing veteran very much. The team as a whole, yes. They would have benefited from reps with 12 but in some ways it’s good that we got an extended look at Love. Anyway, the debate is all water under the bridge at this point. We were a strong, but flawed te
  3. No seems about it, we’ve got the teeth marks to prove it.
  4. I don’t know what number of people that was but no one in my immediate circle, and I doubt many on this forum had us at .500 even after laying an egg in the opener. I think the real questions were about the defense and that picked up early on. We overcame a ton of injuries and still had a great record but our biggest flaws were apparent all season and we didn’t correct them by the playoffs. Even with those flaws we were a top contender.
  5. Definitely. The Pats were also in a great spot because they cleared their books in a year that very few teams had money and free agents were relatively cheap. BB essentially went and bought himself a defense. While it helped his rookie QB regular season, that defense got shredded by Josh Allen in the post season. It was still the right idea and some of those contracts will be very reasonable once the cap goes up in ‘23.
  6. I don’t think you’d get an argument from most that our offense wasn’t as high powered this year as it was in ‘20. The depleted line took away our ability to dominate the LOS as well as having some rookie pieces that were not terrible but not what we had before. Even the empty stadiums gave us an advantage with the hard count on the road last year. What set this year apart was the defense had shown they were capable of shutting down and even shutting out the opposition. we might have had the balance with a still strong offense to get it done. We neglected the third leg of the tripod and we
  7. There’s going to be a lot of bargain basement shopping coming up. Hope fans are ready when some of the issues start popping up but I also hope we unearth and polish some gems.
  8. Don’t know if you can coin it, it was acknowledged after we drafted him in 2020. I think 12 referred to him as JLo in his interview so it seems like it’s going around the locker room, which is disappointing.
  9. I’d be surprised. They brought him in for one reason and they have the Lombardi to show for it. In the end, probably a good deal for both sides. Still TBD if he’ll let it go. He definitely is addicted to the highs of the game. He’ll surely look at what the roster will look like but if he hung it up this year, I don’t think anyone could blame him. Arians should have let it go years ago. I feel like he could meet his maker right on the sidelines. Time to take some stress out of his life.
  10. Thanks, man. My crystal ball was cloudy on May 1st. Its a shame because he had some natural quickness in his hands and could sometimes time them with his feet. We’ll see if he can turn his NFL career around but with the concussion history and lack of progress, I don’t know if I would have re-signed him or even stuck with his final contract year. It’s a cold business.
  11. I saw Cobb make some great plays and move the sticks in some close games. I’m not saying that wouldn’t be possible with other players and definitely won’t argue it was worth the contract and drama. If we had seen him contribute more in the postseason, we probably don’t care but obviously that ship has sailed and every move is up for scrutiny. Next year is going to be completely different, but we were always going to be up against it especially with the COVID cap realities. We had to push some chips in on the table and we came up short like 31 other teams will. in some ways, it’s exciting
  12. I think their are grains of truth to all of those points, but we don’t know what the real behind the scenes story is. For example, we don’t know how often he checks out of runs. Of course the coaches do but it’s speculation to say he does it often. If you have a great QB, you should take the pass option if you think you can get it. Also, I don’t recall him saying he wants draft input or Gute hinting he could have it. The Cobb move probably was a concession and acknowledgment that he would like some say in rostered players, especially his receivers. That was crossing a line in my eyes bu
  13. I remember the press conference second guessing BB on that one. He told the reporter, “You tell me which plays they’ll get injured on, and I’ll pull them on those plays.” In the end, you got to play the percentages and keep quality on the field, especially when points are on the line. That’s obvious for FG blocking but apparently total collapse on punt block can lead to points, too. What a way to lose in a year where our only real weakness was plain to see all season long.
  14. Well, that and the Kupp fumble were just that. Luckily Rams D and ST are great and they were able to regain some momentum. Should not have been that close.
  15. Come on now, Rams. You been getting to Tommy all game. Time to make him part of the turf.
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