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  1. Did you see him wanting to throw the red flag so hard when the TE had the inc. by the goal line that looked close to a fumble? Good flag discipline from coach to keep it in hand. Saved a TO and the red zone D came through for us.
  2. Can we get a standing O for that Jamal Williams grind them into bits series that culminated in him crushing their souls as he took it to the end zone. That was something special. *if you watch it on the game recap it starts at the 7:30 mark right after a great gain by EQ. I recommend setting the playback to slo-mo. You can watch JWill scorpion kick a tackler on his first carry, then get the short yardage, then take it to the house. He and the line crushed it on that series.
  3. We came to play, which is the statement we needed to make after letting one get away last week. Not sure if we can get the 1 seed but it’s in play. Our D was not perfect but look at scores around the league. D has been down in general in the modern game. If we can get turnovers and make timely stops, that’s about the best you can ask for. Now am I satisfied with it? No, but 41-10 at the end of the 3rd is not the game I’m going to be sore about. Let’s take this thing to the end of the line, wherever that may be.
  4. Agreed that Jenkins has tons of value and if he can play T at a high level, that might be a future move. At center, I think Patrick and drafted Hanson are the most likely on the roster. They will definitely be bringing someone else in as well. Runyan and Stepaniak have no experience at C to my knowledge. I’m excited to see what the can bring with Runyan basically already a starter this year.
  5. Well that’s not good for the final game of the season.
  6. It’s my gym locker combination. Haven’t gone to the gym in quite a while so who knows what’s growing in there.
  7. Linsley is incredible and seems to be a genuinely great guy. But centers are easiercogs to replace and this isn’t the first year he’s had back issues. Those are worrisome for a guy in the trenches. Youth movement coming.
  8. Well, we got some help in the NFC today minus the dumb Saints game. Let’s get ready to ruuuummmmmbbbblllle! Beat those Bears!
  9. Feels good to see Gould continue to be money after the Bears moved on. Hope to see some doinkage on their part tonight. Some good breaks for GB in the NFC today. Now for the main event!
  10. Deebo is so fun to watch. Him or an AJ Brown type would be deadly in our offense. Maybe Shenault was that guy this year? I don’t know but we need to find that kind of weapon.
  11. He must really tick off the wrong people because he never gets a long term deal but always pops up with the timely play. Lease but don’t own playmaker.
  12. It would have been better to have a guy immersed in the system and you would have seen the equivalent of Luke Getsy reliving his glory days. Also, you know the Patriots would have found a way to exploit the loophole and had an assistant coaching squad built like a second practice squad.
  13. Denver should have just said the whole team was hanging out by the QB water cooler, contact trace that! I understand there is a slippery slope but it is a terrible position to be in and I hate the Broncos. Did you see they petitioned to get one of their assistant coaches to play QB and were denied? Now that would have been worth tuning in for.
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