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  1. Won’t hear any complaints from me. Rams front office making things happen.
  2. Agreed. Hopefully Reynolds can ball out to drive up his stock so we could get good draft capital, I like the wait and see approach; it’s something we can afford to do with all of the talent we have at WR
  3. It almost slipped mind that Buffalo had a QB carousel going on before Josh Allen, and THAT can stunt the growth of any WR/TE.
  4. Go for it Rams. I wanted this man in horns back when he was a draft prospect, it’ll be nice to hold onto him for the rest of his prime. What was Buffalo thinking letting him go??
  5. I think it will be different this time, I hope lmao. Eagles aren’t as talented as the Cowboys, but the coaching is pretty damn good, but if AD gets going early and we can get a nice lead, we won’t have to worry about bizarre calls turning the tide
  6. Things always seem to go wrong when we play this team, but this time I think McVay will adjust faster if things get out of hand.
  7. I want this win badly, I am not fond of the Eagles and they’ve had our number the last two times we’ve met. The Eagles D line isn’t as deadly as the Cowboys, so perhaps we’ll be able to open up the playbook a little more??? I am not all that privy of the Eagles D, so I can’t really speak on their secondary, but I think our WRs/TEs will do their thing again. Brandon Staley has one job, get after Carson Wentz
  8. Malcolm Brown was there when we needed him for the most part. That toss play shouldn’t have been called for him, Akers or Henderson would’ve been better for that situation, and that drop could’ve gone a long way.
  9. I’m not making a judgement on his career, I am just saying that he looked bad his first game, because he sure as heck wasn’t good or great. Akers will come along in due time, but he sucked his first game, and that’s fine with me because I had little expectations for his first game, and he might not even be good against Philly, but he’s a rook, I have high hopes for him and he’ll right the ship
  10. Akers didn’t look good at all, but the play calling from the HC/OC didn’t do any justice, I mean running plays up the middle for not one but two RBs who specialized in outside runs for the entire game?? I thought Jeff Fisher was secretly calling those plays last night.
  11. My take on the Rams: Goff is progressing his game pretty well, he took what the defense was giving him and I respect the fact that they didn’t try to get flashy with deep passes. That lone INT should not have counted and we know that. The only things that bothered me were the missed opportunities, like Malcolm Brown dropping a screen pass that could’ve went the distance, and that horrendous missed FG by Sloman. Some of the play calling were head scratchers as well, a screen pass to Brown when you have Akers and Henderson??? Running plays up the middle with RBs who are better running outside?? If you’re going to run those type of plays at least get a little more creative, however, Akers and Henderson weren’t really running with patience anyway. I think those two will come along. On the defensive side of the call, what in the world was Staley thinking in that first half?? My goodness the defense was atrocious, but I will give credit when credit is due, the man adjusted well in the second half allowing a mere 3 points. I have high hopes for the secondary this season and they did a good job tonight. Those Cowboys WRs are no joke, and I think it’ll be good practice for when we have to cover those Tampa Bay receivers. We had a Leonard Floyd sighting last night, but I want more from those edge rushers, when Donald is getting multiple bodies on him every play someone should do something As mentioned, once Staley fine tunes this defense it has the potential to be one of the best in football. Good things lie ahead for us, just need to stay focused.
  12. Donald gets held Goff catches a hit to the head smh
  13. Looks like the Rams D made a few adjustments... keep it up, Staley
  14. Kupp and Reynolds changed their numbers?? Weird
  15. Sigh Please don’t let this bite us in the you know what
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