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  1. I was saying this to other Rams fans here a while back about HCs putting their QBs in a position to succeed... McVay has tendencies to put Goff in not so good situations, but he did a good job tonight, Arians on the other hand didn’t do Brady any favors.. you can have 6 rings or no rings, if you don’t have a coach that puts you in manageable scenarios, you won’t maintain success at all...
  2. You should try telling that to Rams fans who always bash Goff when he makes mistakes....what do you expect to happen when a QB throws 50+ times, and tonight was no exception... it happens to Brady, it happens to Wilson, and it’s happened to Rodgers and Mahomes...
  3. He’s average on his best day... nothing to write home about
  4. The underneath guy was open, but he decided to take a shot down field, that’s greed right there
  5. Here we go again; Goff is not taking what the defense gives him.... getting greedy...
  6. You can tell he wanted out of JAX badly, not the best way to go about it, but it’s good to see that he’s come a long way since that man in JAX
  7. I agree with you all the way.... we will either get crushed or squeeze out a win....contenders or pretenders??? We will find out in a couple of hours...
  8. This game will come down to which pocket QB will crumble under the pressure the most, and how much will it benefit the other team. I know both teams have exciting offenses, but I think the defenses are more impressive. Both are capable of ruining a great offense, but which one will prevail? I am picking the Rams to win, but I’m just not feeling it right now.
  9. I live for big games like these. This is our chance to show that we are the real deal Holyfield. Run the ball until we’re able to pick them apart with the play action. The Bucs offense will be a huge test for our defense. I can’t wait for this game! Rams: 35 Bucs: 28
  10. Stop Ronald Jones at all costs. If Brady is forced to sling the ball downfield all game it’s going to be a horrendous night for him. I have a feeling the Bucs will try to mimic what the Niners and Dolphins did to us, but I think we’ll be ready for all of that on Monday.
  11. The Vikings were considered one of the best teams in the NFL a few years ago, what the heck happened to them??
  12. Ramsey has been great. I don’t approve of his exit from Jacksonville, but you can’t be mad at him for wanting out of a horrible situation. Imagine being apart of a stout Sacksonville defense just to see your offense constantly stink it up??? Ramsey must feel euphoric as heck being here in LA....
  13. Before the season began, i mentioned that I expect the secondary to become elite at some point, and I think today’s game was the day they made that transition. If we can do better as far as ILB play goes this defense could be a devastating force, and the core pieces and the DC are young as heck...
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