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  1. Another pass catcher??? Come on man...
  2. I’ve still got my eye on Roche... hope we can grab him
  3. Bad enough we had to be constantly reminded that everyone in the draft rooms were “vaccinated”, now we have to see people get actual shots?? Wow.... anyway... I’m really liking our picks so far... I’m sorry but Atwell just left a sour taste in my mouth
  4. Did they just show someone get a vaccine shot during the draft??? Come on man...
  5. Shame that I’m more excited about 4th round picks than our 2nd round pick
  6. I can see it now, Atwell and Jackson on the sidelines nursing injuries together....
  7. I’ve been trying hard as heck to figure out why we would invest in a low budget Tavon Austin. Can Atwell run better routes?? Can he catch better??? Does he have a better touchdown celebration??? Seriously, I’m looking for any liable excuse to justify this pick. “Rams fans got the deep threat they’ve wanted, why are they still complaining?” Not like this.... not like this
  8. I’m literally still in shock.... I wanted a WR this draft, but not Atwell, and not this early
  9. There’s prioritizing and then there’s wasting our first pick of the draft on stick stickly from Nickelodeon
  10. Not gonna lie, I really hate this pick right now
  11. All of that talent there and we take Tutu Atwell??? Wow man
  12. Someone has to find that picture and post it here
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