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  1. I know JJ Watt is like come on man….
  2. Yeah, which is why I’m cool with seeing what we have behind Henderson,.
  3. Yup, and I like that Ramsey isn’t shy with tackling (and he’s darn good at it too) Peters on the other hand, was more interested in snatching the ball out of the air for a pick six, which has its positives and negatives, but towards the end it was the equivalent of playing craps with loaded dice that always lands on snake eyes
  4. I want revenge against Baltimore for that blow out back in 2019. I also didn’t like Marcus Peters talking smack to our guys. I hope our WRs roast him lmao
  5. I agree with you. I wanted Staley to stay another two seasons, but things happen. I think we’re in good hands with Morris, and I don’t see why we can’t closely replicate last seasons success. He’s turned pass defenses into top units in the past, he’s got the experience, and he’s less stubborn than Phillips.
  6. I understand where you’re coming from with that, but I find it a little unfair that fans want to tear McVay a new one about STs, even though the STs coach is responsible for the actual execution of that aspect of the game, but struggle to give positive praise for the defense….I’m getting a vibe that some Rams fans are a little….bitter with McVay in some way shape or form… it kinda feels like the same old story when it comes to HC; blame them for when things hit the fan, but pat everyone else on the back but the HC when things go smooth
  7. Like you said, coaching is collaborative, so why is giving McVay a little credit so ridiculous? Not all of the credit, not most of the credit, but a little??? I mean he is the HC…. Why did the special teams stink so much? The STs coach sucked. The PR/KR was pathetic. McVay hired someone with prior experience who he thought he could trust and the man was a dumpster fire. McVay is responsible for that catastrophe. He could’ve stepped in and taken a more aggressive role on STs, but he didn’t do Jack. McVay deserves major scrutiny for a horrible STs and an underwhelming offense, as
  8. So you think Staley, a man who’s never coordinated a professional football team, single handedly turned this defense into a top unit all by himself, with no guidance or involvement from McVay, or any of the other defensive coaches in the building? I find that extremely hard to believe. Staley definitely had some negatives, every coach does; but he was able to do what Phillips wasn’t able to, and that was make adjustments.
  9. I wouldn’t call it being dismissive, I acknowledge what he’s done for the team, he did what every DC would like to achieve with their team, and that’s to have the best defense in football, but with every rookie DC, he had his negatives as well, and I know McVay had to oversee the defense more than he’s used to. Personally I would’ve liked for Staley to stay for another two seasons,it would’ve been interesting to watch him develop, but who in there right mind would turn down a HC job. I have enormous respect for Wade Phillips, but it was obvious when he got here that he was too stubborn and ove
  10. Staley did a great job with half time adjustments, but he had a lot of help from McVay, more than an experienced DC would need from his HC. I’ll miss JJIII, but we’ve been preparing for his departure for a while now, and I see more potential in Fuller than JJ. Same for Troy Hill, he had a career year and exceeded the expectations of a lot of Rams fans ,including myself, but unfortunately they weren’t very high to begin with. We’ve got Long and recently drafted Rochelle, both have higher ceilings than Hill. Morgan Fox??? He’s a little trickier, because he offered pass
  11. I don’t see why this defense can’t be a top 5 unit this season. The guys we’ve lost were replaceable, and we’re getting guys back from injuries who were predicted to either start right out of the gate ( Travin Howard ) or receive a significant amount of reps ( Taylor Rapp ) Staley did a good job last season, but because of his inexperience, McVay had to be more involved in the defense than he would’ve liked, which is why I believe he brought Raheem Morris; he can now turn his attention to the offense, which should be far better than last year. My only concern is that o-line.
  12. Higbee disappeared for the rest of the season after the Philly game and Everett still couldn’t carve out a place for himself. Higbee scored more TDs and averaged more yards with less targets. Everett had his shot
  13. He’s had opportunities, especially when Higbee was having his struggles, but didn’t execute consistently, if at all.
  14. Besides the Atwell pick, I liked the guys we picked up considering teams who were picking ahead of us were snatching our guys. To make it short and sweet, we replaced the guys we lost in FA with those who possess similar skill sets, but are younger and cheaper, and some even have more potential. I’m a little concerned we didn’t take anyone to play on the o line, but I’ve heard numerous times that the coaches are pleased with what’s already here, so whatever. This defense could be borderline supernatural if we can get Lewis healthy. The secondary is going to be eli
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