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  1. I wonder if Justin Hollins is willing to play ILB alongside Earnest Jones, because I can’t take too much of Reeder anymore.. Great game. Now onto Monday night football against the Cards.
  2. McVay needs to get a little more creative with his play calling. I’ve said many times in the past and I will say it again; Hendo could rack up 10 yards per carry and our HC will find an excuse to air it out 50 times. I am growing extremely tired of this BS soft shell defense we’re running. What good is a bend but don’t break defense when the players either: Miss tackles. ILBs get smoked in the middle of the field( and are completely nonexistent in the run game, which I thought 3-4 ILBs were suppose to be good at, plugging the holes) and I’m sick of witnessing the best CB in football c
  3. I was foolish to think that I could celebrate a Michigan and Rams victory in the same weekend lmao
  4. We force the Packers to punt and what does our STs do? Give the ball back to Rodgers… this game is over….I want new ILBs and a whole new STs unit outside of the kickers.
  5. The Packers run game has 44 yards so far. If we can stifle the run game and force Rodgers to sling it, I like our chances
  6. I understand his frustrations, but this is turning out to be one of those seasons where even the best teams can get destroyed on multiple occasions. I’d rather get the growing pains out of the way before the bye week as opposed to after. The Rams bye couldn’t have come at a better time. I think we’ll get things in order and make the huge playoff push.
  7. I agree. We need to get both Hendo and Michel more touches. This team is so freakin weird, most teams stop running the ball when opposing defenses force them to pass, the Rams on the other hand, stop running the ball even though the defense can’t do anything about it. Hendo could average 12 yards a carry and McVay would still find a reason to throw the ball 50 times.
  8. Both Miller and OBJ are making their Rams debut tonight… I’m pumped
  9. Horrible night for Stafford, and a questionable night for pass protection. Let’s just move on and focus on the team we haven’t beaten in years.
  10. 40 just looks weird on him….I’m not too fond of pass rushers wearing numbers outside 50s and 90s, but times are changing.
  11. I like this move, and anyone who says all of the Rams aggressive moves won’t be good for them 4-5 years down the road said the same thing when we spent draft picks to get Goff and trade for Ramsey. Here we are years later, still a young football team winning games and staying over .500 This team has a lot of young talent ( I believe we’re still one of the youngest teams in the league, and a lot of them came from the draft ) and this staff has a good eye for talent overall. We needed a vet to help take this D to the next level, and Miller can do exactly that
  12. I’m done with this STs unit. The returners don’t know what they’re doing and the blockers are lost in the clouds. Hekker and Gay are the only guys who are worthy of a paycheck. And I agree that we need a new back up QB because Wolford is dreadful, and I never thought he was that good to begin with, but some Rams fans insisted he was the savior 😂😂😂
  13. Not too happy that a couple of our guys are nicked up, but fortunately this is the week to sit some guys because I don’t expect much from the Texans at all, BUT that does not mean we should play like an XFL team either…
  14. What did he expect when he came to LA? That he’d usurp Kupp/Woods/Jefferson/Higbee and get al of the attention? If DJax wasn’t on a snap count he’d probably be on IR right now. If he wants to leave then I wish him luck.
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