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  1. As a Wolverines fan, I love the Chris Evans pick late in the draft. He’s a very raw talent, but he’s got talent nonetheless. With Akers and Hendo we could keep him on ice for a couple of years. Good mock overall, if half of these pick ups were to happen I’d be happy.
  2. It depends which teams are making those offers. I can see a team with a bad defense shelling out 16-17 million a year, but I think with a team like the Rams he’d be willing to take a little less. I was one of the few who were hyped about the possibility of coming here, but my expectations are always managed.
  3. Isn’t he on the injury prone boat with Jackson? He’s younger than DJax yes, but what’s the point if he poses the same problems??
  4. I’d be able to deal with this. I don’t trust Jackson to stay healthy
  5. I agree....when he became a FA and left WFT I was relieved he decided to go to Tampa and stay away from LA, and I’m hoping it goes the same way this time around. I just don’t think we’d be the right fit for him.
  6. For me, a deep threat is not necessarily a WR who’s just fast, but someone who forces a secondary to back off of the LoS, keep guys from sitting on the short/intermediate routes that Kupp and Woods thrive off of. We let Cooks go without a proper replacement and the offense suffered for it. IF Van Jefferson is that guy, then that’ll be great, but I’m not completely sold just yet..
  7. Can’t go wrong with this.... I’m not well informed on this years draft class, but the positions of need are met, and grabbing Alston Smith will give offenses someone else to fear other than AD.
  8. Well, he can generate pressure/attention all on his own regardless of where he’s lined up; we could use him.
  9. True, but he’s far better than the last two edge rushers we brought in who couldn’t do squat without AD on the field.
  10. I can see Watt taking a pay cut. I get the feeling he’s in that phase where he just wants a ring.
  11. I’d love to see him play with AD99 but I doubt the Rams could afford him.
  12. There’s truth to that, a lot of truth, but we will make ourselves suspect to another divisional round performance on defense. Floyd has been good this season, but when AD went down he was no where to be found. Sooner or later teams will realize that these guys are benefitting from having AD next to them and won’t consider signing them to their team, why? Because they don’t have an AD already on the team to make this edge rusher useful. This is why I am hoping Lewis and Obo turn into something more than rotational guys, it would solve all problems short and long term.
  13. I used to like the trend, but I’d like someone who’d be willing to stick around for 2-3 years as opposed to renting a guy for one season. Someone with a little more talent and pass rush ability in case AD gets hurt again. When AD got hurt our pass rush was pitiful; we’ve got a bunch of guys who can play inside, but no one reliable to come off the edge. If we address this appropriately we’ll be much better off in the long run.
  14. Stafford has had much better options at WR/TE than Goff in Detroit, how can we expect Stafford to come here and do more with less?
  15. It’s that one track mindset that Goff is the only problem we’ve had on the team. I doubt it will matter much who’s behind center, unless we start improving in the trenches, and get weapons that can stretch the field, we’re gonna witness the same tragedy over and over. No deep threat so defenses will just sit on the short/intermediate routes. TEs aren’t doing crap so no one will fear them. Our best offensive lineman is almost 40 coming off of an injury, while the others are plain average at best or playing out of position. And that’s just the offense...
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