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  1. Ahhhh ASTS it’s happening!!!!! Probably passed PERI as my largest holding!
  2. It’s funny how the stocks that run up with AMC/GME seem to change, recently FUBO, SPCE and BB have kinda rotated into that area.
  3. Last year vs the Cardinals he fumbled two plays in a row and let us go up like 17-0, on one of the plays he wasn't even touched and just let go of the ball. I don't even see a case for him being top 10 with how the last couple seasons have gone.
  4. Why not both? Looks like it could really run today, but we'll see.
  5. 1. Patrick Mahomes2. Aaron Rodgers3. Russell Wilson4. Tom Brady5. Josh Allen6. Lamar Jackson7. Deshaun Watson8. Matthew Stafford9. Matt Ryan10. Dak Prescott11. Kyler Murray12. Justin Herbert13. Baker Mayfield14. Jameis Winston (I think he could be top 10 this year)15. Ryan Tannehill16. Trevor Lawrence17. Derek Carr18. Kirk Cousins19. Carson Wentz20. Joe Burrow21. Jimmy G22. Ryan Fitzpatrick23. Jalen Hurts24. Mitchell Trubisky25. Tua Tagavailoa26. Jared Goff27. Daniel Jones28. Zach Wilson29. Sam Darnold30. Drew Lock31. Justin Fields32. Teddy Bridgewater tbh Roethlisberger doesn't even cra
  6. Happy to report that after one year of investing I'm up about 70%. I was up 200% at one point this January but the dip really got me. Looking forward to improving upon that this coming year. Goal of 100% gain from where I am for the next 12 months. I believe that ASTS and PERI should easily accomplish this.
  7. According to my calculations, the Chiefs are going to go 15.766 - 1.233.
  8. Some of these more volatile ones like Magnite or Digital Turbine are gonna shoot up once this is over. Magnite kinda already has, up almost 20% from where it opened.
  9. MGNI stock went down 20% on TTD's good earnings report lol.
  10. Not exactly heavy hitters, but I got Perion and Zillow going into earnings on Tuesday. Especially confident in PERI.
  11. I just saw that Marco Collins is the guy that threw his cleat and then ran away during the fight when Florida was playing LSU lol
  12. No chance the Jets trade up to 14 and pick AVT with Darrisaw still on the board.
  13. You would think we'll be able to defend tight ends...
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