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  1. I do agree that the match up doesn't suit the Cardinals very well, but I entirely disagree with this. Prior to Murray's injury, the Cardinals had the most yards of any offense in the NFL (As NFL Broadcasters would say, "The best offense in the NFL"), and it's not like those yards were coming while down 10+ points. I think that if they can just limp into the playoffs they will be very dangerous playing any team. However, as for this match up, I either see it being a close game or a Rams blowout win. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Rams win by exactly 3.
  2. I've been doing the same with ttcf for a bit now, but I do see better days at some point. Also, you guys seen STPK? It's actually insane how much room there is for these clean energy/EV stocks in the market.
  3. I don't understand see this as an issue. In this past game he was targeted 7 times, and caught 5 for 55 yards. If that is getting 'shutdown', than that just shows how good of a receiver he is. I'm sure he would of done better as well if Murray had been 100%, with how much his running ability opens up the field. Going back to the speed, his use in our offense doesn't involve deep shots, that is left up to Kirk and Isabella typically. I also believe that our more horizontally based offense is actually hurting him a bit, as I would like to see him 15-25 yards downfield more often. I think the receiver is largely dependent on the scheme and other players, so different teams would probably rather have a player that fits what they are doing. (whether that is Hopkins, Hill, Metcalf, Adams, Thomas)
  4. I honestly would stay away from this game as I feel as if it entirely dependent on Kyler's health. I would think he is getting back to around 100%, but you never know. Either way, it's the Cardinals, so it should be a tight game. The -3 line is right where it should be, there is no reason take that at -3.5, and many reasons to take it at -2.5.
  5. I was watching that game hoping the Chargers would cover something like 5 points and it looked like he was trying to give the game away in the 4th, the Chargers offense just couldn't capitalize like 4 times in a row.
  6. That's what you would think...
  7. This is interesting, so a team could actually purposely get players infected to get other players back. If this game ends up not being cancelled or forfeited, then what would be stopping a team such as the Ravens from being purposely "un-cautious" about the rules given? This could maybe give a team time for somebody to recover or be no longer deemed as a close-contact, therefore helping their odds in the following games. It just doesn't seem like a practical rule at all, at least from a competitive standpoint.
  8. I still think Hopkins, although his stats have dropped off a bit with Murray's injury. He is still up there in receiving yards even with Kirk and Isabella getting the deep balls.
  9. Surprised that it's up with all of the EV stocks down.
  10. Anybody know how to calculate what the market cap of a spac will be post-merger? I'm thinking about getting into IPOB or it's warrants, but I'm not fully sure how to value it. Also sold PLTR on Friday, mostly in the mid-29s. So far it's paid off, but I can easily see it jumping right back up.
  11. Palantir AGAIN! Every single day it's crazy! Doesn't even care that EV stocks aren't up 25%.
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