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  1. My paper account, which I started like 3 months ago and never really use, has gone from $10,000 to $140k. Idk if it’s luck but I just do random things and make like 100%... my per trade average is probably like 30%
  2. Yeah I was looking at that, I can understand why but it's a lot of money to be risking on calls as RIOT seems to follow the market when it is going down, and more Bitcoin when the market rises.
  3. tbh should've used a leaf type, could've unlocked options trading.
  4. If he is half decent could be good in Arizona, although I don't know what is expensive for a center. Would rather see the money used on defense though.
  5. Thankfully I sold some NPA and ALUS warrants this morning, I'm so tempted to literally go all in on PERI.
  6. The PERI discount is insane, the float is so low that if it gets moving down it juts keeps going. Trading at less than 1.5x 2021 revenue for an adtech/CTVish company is insane.
  7. How can everything be down 5+% AH lol
  8. Literally every stock I've owned this year did this lol, went from up 100% on NPA to barely down now.
  9. How can this even happen to the market? This is one of the craziest days I've ever seen. Looks like it wants to pop either up or down 3%, just can't decide.
  10. These last two weeks it's been either up or down 8% a day for me, it kinda seems like I'm being desensitized. I'll be up 5% on the day and be disappointed with the move if the markets are up. It's coming back though! Today I went from opening at even, to 5% up, to 15%ish percent down, and now like 7% down.
  11. I would move more money into NPAWW but I've already added all I can on dips previously. Also to be fair it's probably around my average right now.
  12. omfg the warrants... all down like 25%
  13. Imo neither one is too great depth wise, and I would say that the Packer's edge in the running game and Murray's running game about balance the scales. Obviously Packers have the superior offensive line but that isn't a huge factor for receiving stats, at least for these two.
  14. I haven't even looked at my (paper) calls but i would assume they have gone up quite a bit. I hope it keeps running but the market isn't exactly helping. Also just put the other half in at 4.00. Just sold all of it at 5.2
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