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  1. The football nerds have been buzzing about how well Franklin-Myers has been playing. Wonder if it's related.
  2. I wonder if this is a little skewed. There have been a quite a few plays missed where Darnold didn't see guys 20+ yards downfield, especially a few when he escaped pressure and guys where open like 20+ yards downfield. Either way, Crowder is active, Cager is up, and we're getting some speed back in Jeff Smith (4.34) who seemed to be doing well in training camp prior to injury. Next week Perriman (4.25), Mims (4.38), and Vyncint Smith (4.36) return. According to Cimini, Gase is touting Mims as a "mini-savior" behind the scenes, which is both exciting and concerning. It's only a matt
  3. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-all-32-offensive-lines-week-3-2020-nfl-season Jets have allowed 42 pressures. 3rd most in the NFL. Goes to show that even if the unit looks improved, there is still a lot more that needs to happen. Small sample but pretty crazy: The top 16 teams with the least amount of pressure allowed: 34-14 combined record Miami and Atlanta are the only teams in the top 16 who have losing records. The bottom 16 teams with the most amount of pressure allowed: 14-32-2 combined record Seattle, Buffalo, and Arizona are the only teams in the bo
  4. Comes from the Belichick/Saban tree so I'm guessing he adapts his scheme to his players
  5. And on top of that, Gase turned out being a bad fit for Darnold. Darnold is best in chaos on the run. Gase's flaw is pretty clear at this point: he's unwilling to adjust his system to accommadate his talent. There's not nearly enough play-action roll out, mainly because Gase doesn't believe in having the QB's back to the defense. It's also why he calls for so much shotgun. I know people want Bieniemy or Roman but hear me out. Chiefs and Ravens offenses are both West Coast/Air Raid offenses like Gase's, but they implement a lot more RPO and are better play-callers. They led the leag
  6. Gase is a weird, weird coach man. Look at these stats that circulated in my fantasy league chat... Since 2016, Adam Gase leads the NFL with losses 10+ points by a wide margin. Adam Gase (30-37): 29 Hue Jackson (3-36-1): 21 Todd Bowles (14-34): 17 Jay Gruden (22-30-1): 17 Jon Gruden (13-22): 16 Doug Marrone (23-30): 16 In games where they are determined by 9 points or less, ranked by win percentage... Adam Gase (30-8): 0.789 Jon Gruden (13-6): 0.684 Jay Gruden (22-13-1): 0.625 Doug Marrone (23-14): 0.622 Todd
  7. Ideal scenario for the Jets: fire Gase and promote Jim Bob Cooter to OC or passing game coordinator and see what he can do. If he's successful, leave the door open to bring him back. JBC is only 36 years old, has a good reputation, and other high profile candidates that have worked with him are Nick Sirianni and Brian Daboll. If they were hired who knows maybe they would keep him on the staff and it would at least provide some level of continuity for Sam... Sirianni has never called plays, so it would be an ideal match. Hell I'm at the point where I wouldn't even mind if the Jets stalled
  8. I'm so torn on this game. On one side, we have looked so bad that any team should be able to beat us, and if losing meant we are going to be rid of Gase I'm all for it. If Gase is relieved of his duties I really don't care who the HC becomes as long as Jim Bob Cooter takes over play-calling. At the very least, the final 12 games of the season would be fun to watch with Bell, Crowder, Perriman, Mims, and Vyinct Smith all becoming available starting week 5. But as far as this game, you never know with Vic Fangio. On the other side, rationale tells me this is a game where the Je
  9. Through 3 games: 30 attempts, 139 rushing yards, 2 TDs --- 6 receptions, 59 yards, 1 TDs (currently 40.8 points; RB17 in 0.5PPR) 16 game projection: 160 attempts, 741 yards, 11 TDs --- 32 receptions, 315 yards, 5 TDs (217.6 points) Obviously his 16-game projection is not sustainable, but slowly proving to be that high-floor flex/RB-3 with RB2 upside. 😌
  10. As a 3rd year QB, I don't think it's in his best interest to go nuclear and disregard what the coaches tell him to do. He doesn't have the same kind of power that Aaron Rodgers did, and even then it was frowned upon.
  11. His seat is already in flames. I understand why Christopher Johnson said what he said, but he's shown that he's more fluff and hyperbole than anything. His vote of confidence in Maccagnan became "one of his biggest regrets" within the span of a year. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever say this, but Woody may be the "savior" as it relates to Gase. Regardless if Trump gets re-elected, there's rumors Woody won't seek to stick around in the UK. My worry is he would come back, fire Gase, and look to make the splash hire. Just let Douglas pick a coach and move forward.
  12. He has. But he alluded in his press conference that he wasn't given that freedom yesterday
  13. Last week wasn't on Gase, but this week is, and it was a disaster. The result of the game had nothing to do with that assessment. Trying to not be emotional and provide an unbiased viewpoint, and here’s what it comes down to: The good: Gase’s schemes are good on paper. His concepts are good on paper. He has a good understanding of player capabilities. He has an analytical, big-picture mindset and doesn’t get bogged down by the anomalies (i.e. a player who significantly out-produces his capabilities on game day). He's has a "process over results" philosophy, which is typically the most su
  14. I was using hyperbole, but point I'm making is we can literally draft a player at any position because we still have needs at every position. I think we're here because the past few administrations totally ignored the offense. If we had hit on offensive talent while still drafting DL, no one would have noticed. All those players turned out to be good. I think this year we saw change as it came to navigating the draft. Last time the Jets went offense with back-to-back picks was forever ago. 5 of their 9 picks were offensive players and all 5 came in the first 4 rounds. Can't expect them to
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