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  1. Loved Karl Joseph the first time around and I'm glad we signed him after he came to meet with us. Really happy about this one and we need safety help either way, but I'm mostly happy that he's back with us. I like the impact he has on our team. Probably just a little bit different than a Free safety but Karl never caused any harm to our defense. It gives us some more insurance with the draft in hand. A little bit shockingly excited lol good move.
  2. Good points. Arnette can get better the more play time he sees and the more he works on his craft. He is willing to tackle in the run game and that's a plus on this team. He's gotta take advantage of the opportunities he has on the outside in order for him and our defense to get better.
  3. I would draft for secondary at pick #17, I think we can find someone to fill the need there. RT would be a good choice but at #17 that's a bit far back, I think defense at that spot works perfect. With the secondary as it is I say a FS that can cover would be good.
  4. Great move to secure our Left Tackle. It comes after decimating the O-line but it's exciting all together, especially because he's played well and improved. I was excited when we drafted Kolton Miller, we've had average Left tackles in the past. A three year deal isn't bad either.
  5. Good news right there, got to stay flexible on the market.
  6. I like this signing for a couple of reasons. He was a 2nd round pick (ND), as a Center for the Raiders he's still pretty young (27), and this will be a sign there's some competition for who will start at center after Hudson.
  7. Denzelle Good played well last year and had been one of the bright spots on that O line, good to see him back. With him and Richie re-signed it won't look like the O line was totally blown up.
  8. That's a strong attitude. Good job Maxx.
  9. Nice move, it was the right side that was actually the problem.
  10. Nicholas Morrow !! Yes ! Good move to re-sign one of our own linebackers.
  11. I like this signing, improves the defense and brings a good player to the team. Young, talented, and made some big plays so far in his career. Nice move kudos on this one.
  12. Kwit did a pretty good job, his injury sealed the deal on our playoff chances. I don't think we'll be getting rid of him.
  13. True or they give them the "plays with a great defense" comment. It's really a point that never matters. As for Mahomes he's the best player on their team and he plays great with Tyreke Hill, there's other players who would struggle mightily without their supporting cast. Brady is a intense competitor and still has his elite go to target.
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