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  1. I think Marshall or Smith would be the best players for this team. Smith and Terry would be insane two fast quick twitch guys with amazing hands feet and routes would be crazy. Marshall I love too because he’s big fast seperates huge hands while also soft and the guy has pretty tight route breakdowns for a guy his size. I think he’s actually going to be a special player. Toney man honestly he and Pitts are special. Toney is just the type of guy your going to have to make sure gets his touches because he does so many things very well. Need a 9 Toney. Jet sweep Toney. Screen Toney. Good routes h
  2. That’s exactly where I was and he never jumped out this year as well. Johnson is a dog and Bateman yes is a talented guy and we could be wrong but I just don’t want to burn a high selection on his tape.
  3. Idc what he ran he doesn’t seperate well. He had plenty of time to train for a .10th of a second and I’m pretty sure that’s a track school so I’d assume they have a fast surface. He’s very good after the catch QB play was bad but I’m not sold on him for the range he goes. I have terrace Marshall above this guy and Toney as well. Bateman in the 3rd would be a steal he’s a 2nd round guy for me and he could go round one. I wouldn’t want to be that team
  4. I know we have a draft and FA thread but that’s more for discussion I feel like we should have a visit thread if anyone can get a tracker or list of players from the Seniorbowl or the pro days this would be a good place to post so we keep the other threads for discussion
  5. Hashtag winning off the field🤣🤣🤣
  6. please sweet baby Jesus please allow the nice Amazon Man buy this lovely team so it’s fans can heal from the little tyrant power hungry owner so they can enjoy sweet victory again. Thank you sweet 6 pound tiny precious baby Jesus. Amen 😇😇😇
  7. Love Alex the person but let’s be real the last two years we paid this guy about 50 mil to rehab and even make a comeback in a cutthroat business. So while I believe they didn’t want to be liable if Arron Donald’s piggyback ride ended like the last one he gave to JJ’s did dude you got paid generational wealth to rehab and you got your chance which I’m sorry I believe if we cut him which was a option this man never sees the field again. So he can say what he wants but we kept him in the building when we didn’t have too and I don’t think any other team goes through what we did for him to even ge
  8. He was my number two player for us on my board before the season started behind Trey Lance. Sadly neither got to play so while players have moved up some have fallen I still think Parsons and Lance would be amazing here.
  9. This teams FO especially with all the ( experience) needs to understand they give Brandon a deal at a number or they walk away you do not franchise this guy twice!!! But the last experienced FO we had did similar dumb moves. You either want a guy and you pay the market value or you walk don’t Franchise him and just keep raising the floor numbers to negotiate against yourself with on other players. Maybe they should just call this team the Washington Mismanagement. Catchy ring and completely accurate. If Brandon is a guy you value on this roster to get this team over the hump you pay him. If yo
  10. Same I’d draft a RB before I’d pay one
  11. I like Fields a lot!!! I maybe change a name or two in the mock as if prefer Paris Ford because I’d anticipate us getting a WR in FA especially in this scenario. But I like Fields. I really really do think he Lance ot Mond are the best options for us going forward. Maybe not next years results but I think going forward those are the 3 best players for this team. They handle the pressure the best and they are mobile but all 3 have shown growth in their game and I know people say how with Lance but this guy clearly from game one to his last game showed more patience inside the passing game. But
  12. Thanks guys for the votes I’m def honored to share a award!!! Especially with those two very awesome guys I have a ton of respect for along with everyone else here!!! This is a great forum you all are def my football family I’m seriously greatful for all of y’all and the topics and Snyder bashing’s 🤣🤣🤣
  13. He’s going to be a really good player in the league. I like a lot of the USC guys
  14. I actually think theres a lot of untapped play from this guy. They basically just let him play Oregon one read in Tennessee. He looked good in his game last year with Vagas and honestly if you trade a mid rounder and he shines great. If he doesn’t then it’s a lot less costly then trading multiple picks for a guy that could come and get hurt and leave us in a bad spot. It allows you to keep building the roster and maybe we get lucky in the draft and if that happens then your not married to the guy in that scenario next year or beyond
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