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  1. #FireBruceAllen

    You sir wrote a very well very amazing post and I agree. I like Trent the player!!! I agree these players can do better while NBA players are killing it. I also understand less mouths to feed on each team in the NBA but I can feel for the players in the league on some counts even though as we all know their making more in 3 years on the known level status of players then most of us do in a life. But if it gets Bruce out amazing!!!! If it leads to a improved training staff amazing!!!! But let them trade you!!! I shut any conversation or even entertaining anything race due to the fact that people’s good is inside and has nothing to do with anything physically!!! People either suck or they don’t it’s simple it’s not a physical issue it’s internal. Sorry to even comment on that I know you said not too but that’s my outlook when it’s ever even mentioned. I love and respect what Trent has already done for us!!! He put his body on the line for this team through bad bad years even played hurt during bad seasons!!! He’s a warrior and has been a heck of a player and I am proud of what he’s done. But we’re also talking about a guy who can be suspended at any point for drugs and his injuries have piled up. The person with a heart in me says pay the man while I feel he has earned it. But do I feel like he brings a winning culture to this team? No. Do I feel like he’s a player the young guys look up too? Yes!!! Is he a hard worker? Yes. But I’d he a leader? In his way he stands up for his guys as most lineman should. But Haskins and this youth I feel has really started to inject some new belief in this locker room. I am kinda upset Trent wasn’t here to help Sweat develop. I think we can all agree Sweat going against Pro level players has helped him. Going against Trent in training camp maybe we have the Defensive ROY. Sweat went against guys in camp I’ve never heard of so while he flashed his level of compitition was lower. Penn didn’t sign until almost the regular season so basically Sweat has learned the tricks of the trade since the season. I know this is about Trent but this is another move that has hurt this team. Trent has missed multiple games multiple times for drugs. While I don’t agree weed should be cause to miss games as a athlete that’s my opinion and I don’t make the rules so it cost us. Trent is aging and he has to know his time is running out as well. So he wants to cash in. I understand getting away from being every old players retirement plan. So logically how did our last guaranteed deal work out with a aging player? And that was without a injury history. Injuries happen. But until the CBA finds a better way for injuries not to disrupt a players salary or collecting their deals, while also not crushing a team as we’ve been the poster child for these last 2 years with Reed, Smith, now Trent. We’re at a huge disadvantage with the cap space allocated to not playing this year. You add in Norman on the bench our money not only doesn’t contribute but they all have been cheaply replaced with almost as good production as of late. So Fire Bruce, Fix the staff and get a pick and all the winning off the field might actually result in wins on the field.
  2. Reserved for my staff. 1st as I think most agree is FIRE BRUCE. The rest I’ll have later president Ozzie Newsome. I’m kinda stealing this from E but my plan was promoting Kyle Smith to GM and bringing in a President to guide him I was thinking Pioli as someone said but I love the Newsome idea. President- Newsome GM- Kyle Smith HC- Kevin O’Connell and get yourself a experienced DC with head coaching experience. I really only want this if he continues the harder more game oriented practices Callahan has brought in. So far injuries are down and I believe it’s because one youth and better shape. DC- Dan Quinn run their hybrid 4-3/3-4 and I think your talking about a staff that has young bright potential with good football minds around to reach off of mentally.
  3. What moves would you make do you keep anyone and who is the new GM and Coach and what do you want their staff to look like? We’re getting to the end of the season now we have two coaches fired and we have an idea who the top candidates now will be from the college and pro ranks. The playoffs will change some things as always if a wildcard team can make a run. But who you got?
  4. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    They just did this to get ticket prices over 10$ 😂😂😂
  5. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    We have too much bright talent to let this staff tarnish!!!!
  6. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    They had a wide open WR out wide he missed him big
  7. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    We can not win I can not do Bruce Allen
  8. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Please chase Young we still prayin for you bud!!!!!
  9. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Their playing hard for Callahan but they can not keep Bruce!!!!!!!
  10. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    I have been waiting to see that bull run this rock like this what a run and what good runs before that!!!!
  11. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    It’s really looking like a ILB or Grant Delpit kinda range for us. Could still be in range for Thomas from Georgia.
  12. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Sweat has really come on the last few weeks as far as causing pressures.
  13. Bruce Allen's Future ACTUALLY in Doubt

    We’re over here competing you know Bruce is sending smoke signals to Snyder saying see we can do this Danny just give me 10 more years
  14. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Him or the Penn St TE. Just don’t have my notes for his name and I’m being lazy but he’s a heck of a football player
  15. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Terry is out here doing work today. Seen him open a few times either breaking open after the pass or just missed and it’s okay but I’d love to see Terry get a score today