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  1. I’m just messing with you bud. Collins is almost to the point where we’re probably about to let him be our WLB because Curl is showing he can cover the TE’s and he can tackle and lurks well in the box. I know Collins costs a lot but man your literally one of the smartest posters here; bud you know saying he does absolutely nothing isn’t true. He’s just a box player. He maybe doesn’t fit the passing style league but I promise he is going to earn his keep here when this defense gels you can already see from week one too week two their moving guys and seeing where they are making plays and where their struggling. he’s never going to look good in the deep or outside flats. But man whatever is in front look out because he’s constantly around the ball. I think having Fuller back who has a nose for the ball will be huge
  2. Well hopefully MKnight can finally maybe agree we need to draft a FS before the 8th round because it’s actually hurting this amazing out of world front 7. You know your my guy knight but that 38 is hurting this defense a lot for not being important
  3. Maybe they put Charles at RG. It wouldn’t be the first time we moved a tackle to guard I think his best fit is tackle but I think he will do just fine at guard
  4. No I feel like I’m in the majority but I’m not breaking down every play on our center. But he’s always needed work in the passing game and he pulls well. But I have heard a lot of people digging him on plays because of up the gut pressure while he’s anchored on somebody else and a guard was actually the guy who missed and I’ve heard and broken plays down and they usually aren’t his fault. I won’t say we can’t upgrade because we can but OL has been a issue. I think it has to be a priority because I feel like we have 2 guys who belong in a power scheme and we have 3 who belong in a zone. Moses is much better in zone and it’s shown this season he’s lighter and he has less penalties and he looks like the guy we paid for the most part. I expect this staff to prioritize this in the offseason. TE OL FS are what I’m really coming away with for PON right now
  5. Have you seen Roullier pull? I think he gets knocked more because what our OG’s are missing and people blame him but this guy time and time I hear he sucks and I don’t agree. He isn’t a premier OC but he is a good player. The rest I completely agree with. We’re throwing darts but I think we need to maybe start doubling up one early one late. That has seemed to be a winning strategy for us. Terry and Harmon Terry pans out. Payne and Settle both IMO look very well. AGG and Antonio Gibson. Yes this isn’t really about position but I think we can see one already showing and I believe the other isn’t far behind. This would be a great class to double up on the OL. I fact I could see us using to OL picks and a TE as 3 of our first 5 selections.
  6. I think Turner has very much kept the plays to try and see what we do have instead of maybe simplifying things to just keep Dwayne confident. He’s not the only evaluation and I think to not call those types of plays would hurt us. I was happy to see them focus on Terry as well because I feel like they’ve maybe respected Patrick P and Slay more then they needed too. I get giving them guys their due but Terry should get a volume of attempts more so then I think he had through the first 7 quarters. But Dwayne has shown he isn’t really going to force too many passes so I get not trying to lock in when there’s a premier guy lined up against Terry. But the fact I see Terry winning against these guys is huge because he is showing he can win against a defensive scheme even if the ball isn’t coming his way.
  7. Your not crazy!!!! I’ve been saying for years a game changing TE is just as important as the #1 WR. Without them two you just can’t compete late in the playoffs. TE is a huge hole on this team and luckily there are about 7 this year that all have talent. I’m going to break that position down hard this year. I was all over last years class but outside of Trautman I didn’t like much. Albert O has ability but what is his mental makeup idk. This year man I love what I’ve already seen from guys that weren’t even on my radar in live action that are jumping off the screen. I gotta say the way these last few drafts have fallen I believe this year could be our best overall draft haul for filling PON with BPA come draft time. I mean my dream round one is micha Parsons. He make this defense that complete unit. I pick him because there is one of the deepest OL groups in memory. Just like with Chase. You have bigger needs elsewhere but we will get a high caliber OL throughout. Along with TE so you go with that dude with your top pick which makes our defense what we all want it to become. Then just go out and get value on OL and TE and the pass catchers again this year. We’re in a great spot. we lose Smiths contract after this year if we’re smart and we can really make the moves around the guys I believe are showing they earned their keep and next year we really field a unit. But I am excited to see which OL do show we can play and win with. Personally I think C is good and between Charles and the SDST kid we will have a interior guy maybe two if lucky. We will see. As much as I want Parsons though if Sewell is there I pick him only because positional impact. Ultimately I think the player Sewell becomes here is slightly less then what Parsons would. But it’s close enough that Sewell should be the pick if we are indeed that high. I think with what we are showing with in season growth we’re probably 5-11 which puts us 7-11. Could be 5 or 6 and only 4 wins but I just I think we can have a real shot at Parsons where Sewell is realistically long gone
  8. I think saying we need a whole new OL in kinda extreme. We lost a top 3 LT this offseason so there was a hole. Schreff hurt again so I mean can we rely on him? Would I let him just walk? No. Would I give him high guarantees? No. But I resign him hopefully he can come back and just hold up to finish this year out. Moses has seemed to found more drive this year. Hopefully that continues he has the talent and he’s I’m much better shape. Charles I believe will be our LG of the future and our Center has actually looked very well outside of I’d say 6 reps I’ve noticed this year. Yes a Sewell or Jaylon Mayfield, would be amazing here. I think we just ran into a buzz saw this week I think we put plenty on tape for the coaches to work with guys on this week. I expect improvements up front against Cleveland.
  9. I mean we did have a LT who simply didn’t want to be here understandably. But they wanted to completely evaluate this roster and I think they chose that approach when they realized Trent wasn’t going to be here maybe going all in on Cooper wasn’t the best idea. I think they were prepared for this and their learning what they have. Their not allowing fools gold to shine but Haskins is slowly improving. Is he close heck no but your seeing someone who can keep collected and isn’t complaining about these things. He has the upstairs part and I think we will work new players in and see what they have. For better or for worse after this year we will know what we have and what potentially develops will show. But I also think finding out who can stick as backups and who is buying in and who isn’t was the first step. Alittle conservative but this offseason will be critical to trying to really grow this roster. The draft needs to be the key focus I would work whatever we have to get as much draft capital as we can. This is another deep class at spots we have big needs. I wouldn’t have a old days Snyder FA but this would be the year I really dial into where the value of our draft is going to more then likely be and I bring in some guys that can make impacts and also draft guys that I hope push those FA’s early. I’m happy to see this group not hold their heads down they lost to a talented team. We didn’t quit we made some adjustments the little things are at least showing. We are going to lose games. But the way we’re losing when we are I can handle. We could have lost to Philly and we fought back. We lost and it was clear we were gonna lose but they kept chipping that’s something the staff is going to notice.
  10. Honestly I think we’re just gonna have to allow this team the time to gel. Their young they kept fighting it was a good sign. Chase played hard he’s got all of it upstairs and physically he’s out of world. Gibson is going to be the guy. And I think Haskins is growing these second half’s when he settles in. The Cardinals have a special QB and he’s exactly what I defended because he’s amazing. He has weapons and we need more and I think Gandy needs a few more snaps he has a skill Inman doesn’t and Haskins is giving innman those passes I hope AGG can step up as the games keep going I think he can be another saftey blanket to Haskins on this up top passes he’s trying to give Inman. But I’m excited Moreland is our best cover guy by far I think that’s obvious he played Hop the best and when manned tight instead of off he held tight. Really we have a lot of things to work on but man a Penni Sewell would be huge huge for this team. We can find a pass catcher but man we gotta either see more growth on that left side or really get him a blue chip guy to protect that side. And sadly the week 2 Schreff injury showed up on que. hopefully he’s okay havent read up yet
  11. Furrod Gardiner 7 man for Louisiana man this season this guy has been a dominant force like a man this guy has a nose for tight play at the right time this guy closes well and man will pop you great size. Hybrid Backer/saftey/ nickleCB
  12. Tulsa is flashing this defense early they are big in the front 7 with Henderson and that Mike backer Collins23 man they pursue and they come fast. OKST is getting punched in the mouth. Like Chuba Hubbard is a monster and Tulsa is just flying around the field. Both defenses are fast but Tulsa is about to put guys on the draft board that can make impacts. Henderson is a 3-4 nose. Huge push and plugs lanes for these backers to pursue.
  13. The important thing is going to be hitting Murray. 2 sacks could be a great thing as long as were hitting him I believe is more important in this one then actual sacks. We have a size disadvantage with our DB’s to their WR’s but i think this game is really key to the communication on the back end. We are asking a lot from Apke who needs to be broken down on film so he can improve week to week. He has the talent if they can coach him up week too week so he can read and react instead of getting caught flat footed this defense can only go up on the back end. This is a real chance for our young unproven DB’s to play above the rim and get some respect playing against super talented proven vets. I expect them to make mistakes but the key is as the game goes on growing up and making plays and hitting them back later. So hopefully we can atleast effect Murray with our pass rush and if we can protect the ball and our QB for more then 2 seconds if we can force a mistake or two we can be in this game. I don’t expect a W. Arizona with Murray and Simmons Hop, Fitzgerald Baker Patrick P Jones I mean I can go on they are super talented. Hopefully we’re just to young to not know what we don’t know and we atleast punch them back in the mouth and they know who we are at the end
  14. I get it and I’m very happy to throw some names if you would like. WR Johnathan Adams Jr. from Arkansas ST. Heck if we Change to the red wolves he’d be right at home no adjustment this guy balled out agains Kansas St. Every year he has improved at finding holes in zones and his hands are legit. Seperation speed will be his knock come the draft discussions but this kid has the alpha mentality when the balloon the air. Great vertical and separates vertically with excellent cuts in and out of breaks. He’s the one I was on at the end of last year so just no notes there’s a guy worth checking out. But JMU is killing it and your right with JMo and Goedart and guys that were either late round or undrafted that are earning playing time. You have reason to be excited not many smaller programs get this type of early impact from a number of prospects from this type of program. You guys are competing and really are right there too SDST who has been churning out in that level for some time. I know we’re both past rocking jerseys religiously I’m sure but I as a huge MO fan would rock his. For you there’s no way I wouldn’t have his JMU jersey at the house especially being apart of this team after his college career.
  15. All I know is week too week some of the best games I watch are FCS. You learn a lot about a really good player when he’s losing by a lot and he’s giving it his all against higher comp. as many players as I break down for the simple fact it’s how I spend my time between work and work I don’t fall in love with a lot of players but the guys that get me the most excited are these guys. Their usually never selected before round 3 late 2 if their just lights out the best in the show. But when you list team fits or coaching style fits and they go to one of those teams it’s a treat. Last week had 3 huge upsets and probably 6 guys I can really see making a impact on sundays from not high profile schools. I know there’s more then FCS, Sun Belt, WAC I mean there’s no shortage of guys who can play. There’s quality to be seen I enjoy watching SDST,JMU or JanJose St just as much as I enjoy watching Clemson or Miami or any big dog team. Memphis is and has been very exciting. UCF has been cool Boise and I mean these teams get talked about. I know FCS was the point of the topic because Thai loves JMU but their putting guys out.
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