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  1. Preseason Week 1 - Gameday Thread

    What’s the word on Guice I didn’t see it stepped away with family for a min
  2. Preseason Week 1 - Gameday Thread

    Davis looks pretty good so far too
  3. Preseason Week 1 - Gameday Thread

    Harris is gonna show up this year I’m excited to see Davis grow too!!
  4. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    I love to hear the players say this but as you are Turtle to the guys you expect the most out of im a huge Doc guy I pounded the table pre draft for he, Thomas, Joseph and Neal. And I know I miss like everyone who even takes the time to try and evaluate players!!! But it’s put up or shut up for me!! This guy has all pro talent IMO but I’m tired of even hearing about injuries!!! I need to see 18 turn his game around after a rough start to his career like that guy who wore the 8 and 1 and show why this team drafted him. I’m done with the camp talk and camp videos!! I need to see it click for this guy because he has it!!! Go do it. Again I love Doc!!! I want to see why I loved him in but in the Redskins Jersey now!!
  5. Ryan Anderson Trent Murphy someone not like Guice Collins or all the other great 2nd round guys we’ve not made priorities because the desire to trade back. I like extra picks as much as al of us!!! But for a Guice Landon Collins whatever I’m in the quality over quantity state of mind. Im glad Guice fell but I personally would have traded up for Landon because he was a top 10 guy on my board I remember getting crucified for thinking. As I did with Neal from Atlanta
  6. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    That dude needs to see the field!! He’s doesn’t seperate with speed much like Doc. But the guy can play and he needs a shot
  7. Doctson underego's MRI

    Well that escalated quickly lol
  8. Doctson underego's MRI

    Knight I usually agree with you wisdom but I must say if we dropped every player we had and only picked up Eagles,Cowboys, and Giants players and they were all the ones we as fans dislike the most and we won a SB I must say I’d be cool with that lol As long as Eli isn’t the QB because I’d be done I’d be beyond done!!!
  9. Doctson underego's MRI

    I really like the tuxedo T-shirt lol
  10. Doctson underego's MRI

    Thank you sweet baby Jesus lol👼👼👼👼👼
  11. Is there a double like button? I’m gonna take it even further just like the caps Redskins fans are due!!!!! Lol
  12. Da’Ron Payne out 2-3 weeks w/ ankle injury

    I’ll take a sprain over the typical season ending lingering injury. Get him right and get him back out there. It sucks but I think this guy is ready to go. Get settle reps and keep building. Injuries happen thankful it’s not worse let’s keep building.
  13. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    He might look like EC but nothing he did at penn state resembles EC. He’s very athletic but I never saw a lot of bang bang from him. Though I’m open space he’s a nightmare I’ll def give him that!!!
  14. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Oh I agree I am very excited about Moreau and Dunbar when on the field has made huge plays in big moments while also making big breakups while getting picked on. I think Moreau has the better feet and I think he wins the job but I just can’t help but think Alexander isn’t going to push them because he and Norman both tackle very well and since we don’t move Norman I do think he and Norman are by far the best cover 3 over the top CB’s wehave that can go up and make plays on the deep passes. I think he needs more time as well I just think he can push. But I do like the guys ahead of him as well. I’m comfortable with the youth even though unproven still
  15. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Guice might not look like a carved statue like Barkley but he looks like a football player he’s pretty solid himself!!!