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  1. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I really like Will Grier!!!!! I think this guy is being overlooked!!! He is a gunslinger but I think this team needs that!!! I’m so tired of watching this team constantly checking down every week all game no matter the score!!! I know not having Guice has held this offense back as I truely believe we got the best offensive and defensive player in the draft. ILB would be the ideal pick. So much DL talent you can’t hate on making a rotation great. Sadly we’re probably going WR and sadly this is a need!!!!! OL I’d address but not early unless your staring at crazy value. Mice also got a lot of good notes on a lot of CB’s and Safteys throughout the draft as far as where people have them ranked I see better infield play so the value is there later
  2. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    So I wonder now that the Brees show is over can we play some defense and start executing on defense
  3. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Yeah and it’s sad because the guys talent hasn’t translated!! I hope they force him the ball throw it up and if he can’t go get it find someone that will
  4. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Oh I agree but it’s pretty much do or die for Doc!!! I’m not one to give up on a talented player but Doc has to give this team a new dimension!!! This wait for this player can’t continue or we have to find a way to get Harris reps because he can go get the ball too!!
  5. Where's the Edge Rush?

    At this point with a 4 man Nickel front id have Matt out there over Smith!!! Smith sucks and he has shown far too often he isn’t worth big money!!! He is a rotational player and nothing more!!! This would be the first year in a long time since I believe I said I’d be okay with Vic Beasley in the first I’d be okay with a edge guy in the first. Previously I wasn’t open because we needed the middle beefed before again investing about top two pick on edge guys!!! But if there isn’t a stud ILB or WR and Cristian Wilkins isn’t avalible I’d say you grab that top Edge guy but this year we have to hit on a serious game changer who will be a game wrecker!!
  6. Week 5: New Orleans Saints - MNF

    Well with Ingram back along with Kamara along with Brees and Mike Thomas who is the Anti Doctson!!! I see no way we keep up unless AP and Thompson and Reed Combine for about 275 yards of offense atleast. Also our defense is going to have to be on their toes sideline to sideline but the best start to slowing them down I believe will be finding a way to stuff their backs early!! That said unless we magically find some pass catchers not named Thompson and Reed I don’t see us winning even if the defense can keep it close. I’d love to see a statement defensive performance but you can never expect that against the saints
  7. I really hope we draft QB Drew Lock/Missouri!

    I think Grier if he’s there in the second you run to the podium!! Problem is with the QB game we’re married to smith atleast one more year of starting and can thing of transition the next because the benefit to the QB window is get the young guy on a talented team while there cheap and try and make that run. That said we need more talent for a younger guy to come in and succeed. I like Lock but I think Grier is just as good and a better value. I’m okay with picking the QB but realistically they need to play after a year and we will still have Smith eating up the cap. I think Smith is here to get these young guys a winning mindset. Once the team has that we will replace him with the younger talent and hope to make that run!! But for right now it’s fun to watch AP who should have been our selection anyways run with a QB like Smith who I see getting on guys and pushing guys. I like our direction but I think Grier is just as good as Lock but I’m not completely against the idea. But I think in this draft you have to do one of two things!! You either get that last Front 7 piece that because a Wagner type of ILB or you take Wilkins and have the best DL in Football. Those are the same point to hammer out the best young front 7 in the game or you absolutely have to find a true number 1 WR
  8. Green Bay played sloppier then we did!!! They didn’t have a good game at all big drops. Rogers played well enough to get the win but the players around him let him down IMO!!! Not to take away from our first half of dominance but the second half we didn’t play well enough to win except on that last drive where AP you could tell just had more gas then the guys trying to tackle him. The OL looked more like the colts game the second half and the first they looked like the cardinals game. They have to find some consistency!!! Our record will literally hinge on our OL performance because that’s the strength but also the Achilles heel on this team due to the fact they are always beat up due to the things they are asked to do that make this team thrive. Doc is officially a bust!!! I don’t think he isn’t a good football player he just doesn’t get the looks or whatever it is he just doesn’t work out it’s crazy!!! Our defense is starting to come around!!! Love the group I do believe they continue to improve as this front 7 gels though as long as Norman and Monte stay healthy!!! My guy Dunbar has been good but it’s early and this is usually where this team gets complacent so we will see. I’m not overly optimistic because credit will be given when it’s due and I’ve seen this team be so bipolar the last few years I’ll believe it when I see it.
  9. This week I’ll put a point on David Johnson Patrick Peterson Fitz Cristian Kirk Sam Bradford lol
  10. I’m just going to make this very simple and say NO!!!!
  11. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    Heck yeah me too lol
  12. 2018 Training Camp Thread

    So who’s playing week 2????
  13. Due to the fact my guys always get hurt I would like to adopt Elliott, Beckham, Wentz please lol
  14. Preseason Game 2- Thread

    Now we get the defense we envisioned we will just go through 13 RB’s this year he’ll just call Portis at this point!!!
  15. Preseason Game 2- Thread

    He’s sucked here since his first contract year and that hasn’t changed!!!