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  1. I stay away on games it can get negative and it hard watching this team sometimes but that makes me buy into the gloom. This was a great game!!! I feel like this whole team made a play at some point and we aren’t the better team most weeks but I see fight. Teams throw so quick against us it gets frustrating but it’s nice to see this team be a tough out each week. That’s something we can build off of
  2. What a awesome way to see the process paying off. There’s some pieces here. We have holes. But what a awesome display on thanksgiving I’m going to say I’m thankful for Kyle Smith Ron and I just gotta day Alex Smith is a seriously amazing person. We are t winning a SB with him but man seeing that guy get this win is special I really am thankful that he was able to get back on the field to play this game!!! We’ve had so many bad things happen here and that injury was horrible!!! I was at the game it was just quiet there. To see him on that field even though we all want our drafted franchise QB I’m thankful for seeing this man help this team fight
  3. I mean the fact he can run this offense give the guys the freedom to really not have to force a QB selection!!! Especially when the game of the year for me tomorrow with Howell against ND man that could really cement this guys future if he was to ball out or even win. I think Howell is the best QB on tape the last 2 seasons as far as growth and NFL translating throws and vision arm mobility decision making outside of what Joe Burrow did but he’s in the league so I’m just putting out what Joe did isn’t where I’m going with that statement. Wilson has the most live arm but he has things to clean up. Sam really seems to have a great feel for that position plus Atleast one or two of the top 5 guys will return IMO to give Howell a run so I can see these next two classes being loaded at QB
  4. The only thing I’d switch is signing Dak and cutting Smith. I’d be cool with Mond learning behind Smith because he has a live arm. The mental is what I worry about for timing throws or high low options that have to come out in rythm and through windows. I think I love the Jordan pick!!!
  5. Happy thanksgiving guys!!! This is a awesome group hope everyone has a blessed day with the family’s hopefully we can keep seeing growth on the roster and these guys start shaping our heir roles. It’s a joke season for the NFCE but teams have built off winning their divisions with weaker records even if I don’t think we have a deep enough roster to do so it’s awesome seeing the team believe in itself that’s a invaluable measure for what’s being worked on behind the scenes. Hopefully we get to see that transcendent player in Chase today and maybe see these guys click on both sides.
  6. Zach is slight. No matter what he weighs at the combine he looks below 210 and I see him go head up on defenders and that’s okay against Texas St. It’s not gonna fly against Jaylon Smith. And Lance was my gem I really didn’t expect to blow up in draft talks until this year after last and then I heard DJ mention him over Lawrence and realized he was figured out. I knew his season was terrific but usually small school guys don’t get love for one year Reguardless of how good it was. But I think he has everything you want. He does miss but since the game is really going to the mobile movement I think Lance is the next hot thing teams try to find with the size legs and then his arm is plenty. Now I’ve seen him scan through progressions and levels of the defense but his interview and his coaches would be Very important for me to turn that card in. Because I don’t want him to be like Lamar where he can’t pre snap adjust to what a defense is about to do. The mental is going to be huge for Lance to clear pre draft
  7. It’s not really about the need and positional value for me is high because I value that spot. For me it’s the player and he’s the most dynamic pass catcher in college. I feel like that’s the case even if Chase played. And he can block and he’s just a freak I think he’s actually worth a top 5 pick but it is completely dependent on the QB’s. Also I doubt he gets selected that high but I get what your saying. But I almost have a hard time taking a guy who didn’t put it on the line over a guy who did so Pitts would probably be the guy I’d lean on over Parsons because it’s hard for me to pick a top 5 pick that completely didn’t play a year.
  8. Well I think tomorrow’s game is going to be the one that determines if this is even a relevant conversation. I’d say if we win 4 that probably puts us out of the top 5. But I think we all are allowed the right to change because from this point on the bigger games come and that love or pub can go up or down like crazy with every game. Ultimately I think Wilson has the most to gain or lose the rest of the way. Trask and Jones are both in that category where they really could blow up if they keep doing what their doing
  9. Sewell Pitts/ Parsons. LB or TE would be a huge upgrade with either of these guys so if I couldn’t get Sewell I could flip a coin on those two and be elated with either. I think either of them are the premier player at their position. I think Parsons would solidify our defense, and Gibson Terry MAC and Pitts. You can’t go wrong with either if Sewell isn’t there. If they interviewed good I’d be okay with Wilson or Lance. I just can’t get away from Lances size and the way QB’s get hit moving around in today’s game that size would be a huge. I think they both have the tools to be the Guy but it would depend on if their mentally the guy.
  10. The funny thing is Lawrence is the other guy in that post I’m not as high on as most. But it’s not any of the things you mentioned. It’s that I think he’s peaked. I don’t actually think he’s Joe Burrow or Andrew Luck. So when I say I’m not high on him I almost started drinking the cool aid but I really noticed something in his freshman and sophomore notes that Ive continued too see and I just don’t know how much better he’s getting similar to Watson I see very little development from him. I’d actually prefer us not to draft either of the top 2 QB’s if we had the top pick. It would be Sewell or trade if we had to do it today and I had the top pick to Fields it’s simply a feel and trusting my notes and eyes and personally it’s the gut feeling I have had that doesn’t go away watching him. He has wowed me trust me when I’m critical on these guys it’s because I’m breaking them down for me. I think he’s a super competitor!!!! If I eat every knock I would totally not be shocked because the guys tough as nails. He just doesn’t have that IT for me and to be fair not many guys I watch at that spot do
  11. No I think Trevor has what it takes. I don’t think Fields does and I know me saying that isn’t a popular opinion it’s just how I feel going off what I’ve seen from guys who I actually feel have a better skill set arm wise with similar ability. I knew you’d quote me on this I hate hes your boy because I know you like him. I’m a mobile QB guy and I’ve just been burnt one too many times watching teams build around this guy. And in this breadown you could say everything I’m saying about Fields about Lance who I love. Trust me I get it’s just a feeling and a preference. I will always respect your opinion and I promise one way or the other I’ll eat my words and give you the props if I’m wrong bud because I hope for the game he balls out in the NFL.
  12. I’d love to be wrong because the more hype surrounding him and another guy I don’t like but choose not to openly go there yet, the better chance we have at a premier player falling. That I actually had a much higher grade on Lamar coming out and he went in the bottom of the first. He is a better passer then fields and has a way bigger arm
  13. Doesn’t have the arm and he can’t read it. He went against the unit I said is NFL caliber and they baited him into 3 picks not throws of WR’s hands he cant read the coverages. I will put this one on much like I have with Wentz he can sucseed but I don’t see him as a guy you’ll win it all with outside of having a stacked roster. Not the guy I want leading this team into the playoffs. Elite athlete I don’t even know if he has a NFL arm the way he hurls the ball across his body with both hands high he just simply isn’t my guy I wouldn’t take him in the 2 rounds.
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