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  1. Yeah it sucked because Portia still was amazing but he really could have been a great player in the zone scheme his whole career. It wasn’t so much the touches for me it was the style use. And he had to put on so much weight he lost most of the things that made him special.
  2. I mean I think the thing about the game being so PA and zone read and bootleg oriented these guys size really is a by case basis. Each player is different. Of course you want a Justin Herbert. But there’s two or 3 of those guys league wide. And then there are plenty of guys with those traits that can’t his the broad side of a barn. Size was something when I was younger I used to get caught up in. But as a guy who was smaller when I players padded ball of course as a DB and WR it wasn’t super critical but that was always a knock. But I know me personally being small it was always something that
  3. I don’t think it’s about being hesitant. It’s about identifying your guy that fits perfectly to what you do. Lance does that in San Fran. Mahomes does that in KC. I think we will identify and find our guy. But making sure the roster is ready to grow that guy is a smart strategy. I think Rattler actually has a ton of potential. He has wheels and a cannon. I could see him being that type of guy they say okay let’s move up for him. I could see Willis if he can improve consistency and elevate this team this year. I don’t think this is just about Ron. I think Ron wants there to be a clear cut guy f
  4. I don’t think prototypical size should ever be a determining factor. Plus nowadays prototypical size are probably 5% of the guys starting. People all want a 6’-5” guy with wheels cannon and Tom Brady’s mind. The truth is QB’s are literally the most diverse and theirs so many traits that even the perfect guy needs things you just can’t measure.
  5. I think this is almost a unfair thing as I’ve really had to go back because numbers aren’t a fair assessment for a player. Scheme and the target share is always something that factors into things. That being said when you have Kyle Pitts in your class it’s hard to get excited for the field. That said we shall see if he comes in and is a talented blocker and can do anything in the recieving game it’s a plus. The fact he’s capable good hands and he can do what most guys can’t stay on the field for because they can’t block we shall see.
  6. It is. That’s why I’m hoping they can do things to allow him to key on his strengths to be a more consistent player. I know this doesn’t look like last years class with two playoff stalwarts going into the season but there’s plenty of talent. And who knows what the veteran landscape is going to look like. Desean and Rogers could both still be moving we just don’t know yet. I’d think there’s other teams who can outbid us but there’s a lot to look forward too with the potential of this upcoming class.
  7. I’m worried as well but that’s why I’m going to the VT game. Live eyes always help with poise and situational feel of the game and body composure and I wanted that early against VT. They are always well prepared so he has huge adjustments to make to his playmakers. For me if he lights it up against VT and looks good man he may have a chance to go to a level Baker couldn’t. But I love the comp for their game. If he has the Baker mental makeup I think he’s going to just fine this year.
  8. I’m excited for the Ole Miss game this year. The other two games of his I’m going too he should look like madden easy mode. But we’re going to see him against the SEC team live so I’ll record to break him down when I get back but I want to see him live against their speed. But exactly when he’s on it’s amazing. I’m looking for him to clean some things up and hopefully Liberty puts alittle more on him as a passer this season so I can get a confident grade on this guy. I have a feeling this thread is going to be littered with Willis all year.
  9. I did the same thing E. It almost reminds me of the Terry Paris Campbell situation. Of course Paris has struggled staying on the field but Deuce grew on me as well when I was going back and rewatching the games doing individual highlights I do for my notes. Watching the games for a second time is really where I get my scouting notes in because you focus on a different player and not watching the ball and keying in on what a guy does play in and play out. Deuce is someone I’m very excited to see going forward
  10. I’m excited to see deuce out there doing his thing this year. I just see him lined up beside Terry or Curtis doing high low crosses and inside out stop go routes this combo of weapons should be exciting.
  11. This is probably the player I’m most excited about after Jamin. Was doing a ton on Ridder for this year and their CB Bryant and Forrest really stuck out. This guy is all effort and he’s got a ton of tools. Good eyes as well. We shall see I love what he said about his number!!! Just really piggybacks off what you see on film this guy is going to work his tail off and I like what Cincy is doing with that staff. I think they could be a sleeper team putting out good pros as long as that staff doesn’t leave for a powerhouse program because he does the right things teaching fundamentals. Very excite
  12. We can only hope!!! That would be an amazing find. He’s a heck of a runner. Hopefully he makes the most of this. He’s a very hard worker so I’m sure he will be a coaches dream. Excited for this haul I know you can feel that way for every class but I really love our top 2 picks. Guys I just couldnt stop watching this past season. I think Brown was a steal. And Shaka I’m still amazed he fell that far. He’s going to earn his keep
  13. Yeah idk how they were looking how they were the last month and a half then all these self inflicted things it sucks. They need to get it together
  14. Dang Turtle I didn’t know you didn’t have anyone to talk hockey with. Lol hopefully these players put it together before the playoffs. Coach sitting their goalie and Kuzy man I really like how I’ve seen this team skating so hopefully Ovi coming back and these guys get it together here.
  15. His FS tape was actually what I liked. He an Curl are very similar players. They can both cover deep zones but you don’t want them doing it all game. You can mix and have them do various things pre snap then drop one rush one and both can run with TE’s or slot guys. Both tackle very well so I’d expect maybe Reeves starts but I can see Forrest doing like Terry in camp and the ST coach that wanted him doesnt get to even keep him very long
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