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  1. My garage/gym is completely WFT’d/ skined out lol
  2. Nobody missed their assignment chase appeared to crash too the back and shirts saw that and kept it but Chase saw and reacted because his angle allowed him to just adjust and attack Hurts. The play is designed to react to the DE. The DE made a heck of a move and adjustment. The more you see the read option the more these guys will learn how to play it. Chase just put on a clinic on how to crash twards the ball carrier but not over commit so the QB can’t keep it and run free out the back door because the guy who has to make the right play makes it.
  3. I think we should start trading all our picks for 3rd rounders at this point 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I think the fact he’s not just changing the product on the field but actually giving his team a real shot off of it I think is what makes me the most excited about going forward. I love these last two hauls after the really calculated direction. I’m excited. Cautiously like always with this team but I’m actually thankful for Ron!!! Hopefully this team is ready to go and continue to grow moving forward
  5. Right on time for the holiday weekend to sweep under the rug
  6. I wonder is now that’s she’s officially co CEO if she devorced Snyder in the ultimate power play maybe just maybe we say bye bye Dan 🤣🤣🤣
  7. When RG got hurt in Baltimore I was in the corner of the end zone when Kirk threw the fade before we went for 2 and got it. But that was the Shanahans not Jay
  8. I think she has as much input on football things as Ron has probably given Dan at this point. But she has always been apart of things with her women of Washington things and such so I mean this is really just her being officially involved when it was clear she’s been doing a ton of work for cancer and women in our community for a while. This isn’t a football move I think it’s exactly what it looks like. More of us trying to move past the outdated and just bad looks of the brand we carried for the last 20 or so years. For once it is just nice to just not read about weekly dysfunction. I’ll
  9. Well we will if he signs with Atlanta next year lol
  10. Yeah I don’t see a reason to cut Boston outside of giving him the respect to go start elsewhere like we did AP. But that said the best thing for the team is him to be here this year to help Davis and spell him and be quality depth.
  11. Happy Father’s Day fellas to all the dad posters
  12. It’s grown because while we weren’t good we finally tasted the first bit of food. They could call us the toilets if we start winning nobody will care
  13. Turtle you just moved up another notch in my book!!! That’s my movie and that’s my favorite part 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Idky but for some reason I just have this feeling that our rags off the street nobody QB from last year is going to make himself a brand this season. He just has something about him. I really think at some point this guys going to get his shot and he may make it really difficult for this staff to keep him off the field. This team and it’s nobody backup out of nowhere cast off QB’s. The fact Terry endorsed him after the playoff game and he clearly took this offseason like a vet trying to improve and build himself up man as much as I want that long term answer I think this guys going to put us i
  15. Haskins was probably the other 25 allowed sacks for processing issues lol
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