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  1. OTAs

    🤣🤣🤣 you the man Doc😂😂😂
  2. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    We need a love button for posts like this!!
  3. OTAs

    Scouting him like I’m a huge believer in feet god this guys feet are frustrating and then he’d still wow you!!! Or you’d be like please just fix that. This guy has a huge tool box it seems but those feet bother me!! But Terry is going to be fun to watch here I think Harmon shines too. I’m not talking early but I think these guys both shine
  4. Swearinger was playing on the more talented defense. And I think our scheme allows our box safety to thrive I think Collins has a shot at being a All Pro here I believe that
  5. OTAs

    Redskins post to back to relevance!!! It’s a bold strategy cotton let’s see how it pays off for them😂😂😂
  6. Things other than Redskins

    D-Hall is going to be on NFL Network. Good for him I believe he played his best football here and was actually a pretty well rounded player once he honed in here. I think he lasted because he really understood the game as he got into his higher years he had good matchups against premier guys and had really good matchups with them. Good for DHall I’m excited to see him on the show
  7. OTAs

    This topic was all turtle for two pages in a month 10 and going for Ryan Anderson and not even a mention of Sweat 😂😂😂
  8. Put a name to it!!!

    I could see Doc. He is the most talented. If Haskins isn’t afraid to put the ball up or throw back shoulders and let’s Doc use his bod control to box out defenders then he very well could break out
  9. Put a name to it!!!

    I’d say McLaurin. I think this guy could blow up if Haskins starts and Reed is healthy and good slot production
  10. Put a name to it!!!

    So let’s just say the gods shine down and one of these WR’s stand out and have not only a breakout season but a top 5 to 7 in the league production at WR. Who would be the name you’d say did it if it happened?
  11. I mean idk if there’s actually a discussion to this. He’s our best offensive player. I def lock him up he is a all pro talent. He isn’t like the guys who have left and got big money this guy is a man pay him!!!
  12. The Leader We Need

    I love this guy!!! I don’t think he’s our best DL player because I think Payne is. But Allen and Collins are awesome leaders
  13. All this guy did was shine during the senior bowl week and game. I’m always in search of a good CB!!!! And this guy was a really fun player to scout!!! He is smaller but he’s a gamer
  14. I’ll worry when I hear the news. Hopefully it’s just a scare and a few weeks. Fingers crossed you never know right
  15. Around the NFC East

    I mean I know Watt and Mack and Von do most of their damage against RT or RG. So you want a good OL side doesn’t matter but Lane isn’t better then Trent or Tyron yet!!!