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  1. Will Doctson Make the Roster?

    I’ve been Doc’s biggest supporter but good teams cut him and it be the best thing for him and us. Cut him and stop the drama after this 3rd pre season game they need to give Trent the money and then see what we have in Haskins. Run AP until he breaks down and then hammer teams with Guice after that.
  2. Josh can play the position I think it’s been obvious at times!!! But Haskins is the only QB we’ve had that isn’t affraid to throw it up so if Haskins plays I believe JD can have success but that’s about wishful thinking at this point. Because if Haskins plays it’s going to be a rollercoaster season but IMO he should start.
  3. That’s why Big Ben used to get so beat up he really didn’t understand the guys coming at him early. Hopefully Haskins can learn it quicker then Ben did.
  4. Do we at least look like a functioning football team this week? I can’t watch games I have service issues where I moved!! New house no tv it’s actually peaceful. Redskins can’t ruin the positive vibes 😂😂😂
  5. Its OKAY to lose guys.

    I think we are getting there from a roster standpoint!! Coaching idk. But our front office is poison with Bruce and a amazing draft doesn’t mask that for me because I completely think that is Kyle Smith and the draft dept have done a good job.
  6. Like I guess in the end I can’t thinknof one team that traded their franchise LT and excelled. You have a young QB!!! You have a top LT in the game. Pay him. If we have two players who have earned their money on this team it’s Trent and Ryan!! Brandon is due Reed owes us a lot of production and we have a lot of youth. Let’s try to get this guy locked up!!! This medical staff has botched a lot!! I don’t think I’d play with either situation we’ve had a ton of bad injuries just linger. Let’s get Trent locked up and the staff gone!! All pro LT’s don’t just grow on trees. And this training staff hasn’t been amazing so cut the dead weight get a quality staff and get Trent in here to compete against Sweat so this guy can practice against a all pro and grow his game to a all pro level. This is effecting Sweat get Trent back now!!!
  7. Everyone got their bags of popcorn for their 20th something year of the Snyder experience? 😂😂😂 It’s like the Vick experience without good woes 😂😂😂
  8. Because he’s a snake and snakes do political work lol. Might have to sacrifice a unicorn to do it but he will find a way to con some area into funding for this stadium
  9. Yeah I mean if I’m Snyder I’d talk to Trent I mean I know Danny thinks Bruce is getting him this stadium and I believe he will too. But if the best player in Dan Snyder’s run at owning his team as far as results on the field over time I think he deserves a listen.
  10. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    So it looks like the Nats realized they needed bullpen help!!
  11. Trent Williams for Bobby Wagner? I mean you got two guys aging who both would I think thrive for this move. I know Trent plays the more prime position but Wagner has been amazing and durable and behind our DL he could be even better. I know that does nothing for our LT hole but I mean sign Penn and go get your LT next year. You get your young LT to guard your young QB
  12. Cole Holcomb and SDH youth movement. Their both crazy fast but that’s big faith!!!! But way talented
  13. Guice ??? for camp with a hammy

    I’m not goingover the deep end but I have 0 expectations for potential anymore this guy will either ball out or he wont
  14. Let’s see if he can keep doing his thing like he has but with a guy like Sweat on the other side!!! Von, JJ, Aldon Smithall the other guys had their stunts on great defenses with good compliments Ryan Deserves his I think this is his window im not saying he’s those guys but I do believe he isn’t far off!! He’s a worker put him on a squad let’s see.
  15. Landon Collins

    Then go canes 😂😂😂 the U or Redskins I’m cool with either!! I like Clemson cause that was the coolest visit ever but I’m still a U guy lol