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  1. That was the play I realized this guy is going to be okay if he can get the mental!!!! That was the most crazy display of arm across the body crazy play
  2. I loved watching London live 2012!!!! He was amazing!!! He looked like a young man that year.
  3. Growing up it was Green. I was short and fast and I liked playing CB and Safety. Then when I was in high school I loved watching Sean at Miami. Now I’d have to say my favorite current Redskin is Would be Chase and not just because who he is. But because when I started going to live local HS games he and Haskins were some of the local guys I’ve been watching who just happened to come here. A lot of local roots on this roster. Monk was my moms favorite and it’s why I probably loved watching Terry just pluck passes out the air last year. My pops always talked about Sonny and Riggo. The Hogs are a huge part of the legends of my childhood. I didn’t get too see the great days but I got to hear about them every day. I’m actually excited because so many prospects in recent drafts I’ve been high on. If Haskins takes the leap we could be heading into a really fun time as fans. It’s up to the rest of these home grown and leaders but Haskins could potentially spark a window if he was to mature past expectation
  4. Any Ideas for New Unis?

    A matte helmet is a must for me whatever we do. Just a much cooler look IMO. But I’ve always been a matte not shiney type lol
  5. Any Ideas for New Unis?

    I’m actually really really okay with this!!!!
  6. And imagine our FO handles them properly on their contract so we’re just a thriving football team building with a QB 👀👀👀
  7. Rivera: It takes 3-5 years to build a culture

    I forgot Guice is only 22 and we’re talking about a guy being injury prone when he legit could be right for the next 8 seasons and be talking about a 3rd deal if he legit takes care of his body. That’s crazy I really hope these guys pan out they had very good tape coming out of good programs.
  8. Any Ideas for New Unis?

    I did like that jersey!!! But I love the numbers on 12 better. If the blended the sleeves with the 75 year that be 💰💰💰💰💰
  9. Any Ideas for New Unis?

    Just do the throwback like make it old school!!! Nothing we tried to reinvent worked. Just go with the 2012 throwback with the leather lid🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
  10. Well let’s all hope we have a bunch of guys that can pass a bunch of greats!!! But we need this defense to be a generational defense. There’s almost no way to even warrant all the picks on the DL if over the next 5 years were not stonewalling teams where their literally struggling just to move the ball in a game based on flash. We will see what the rest of the roster can do but when you have a team with a DL unit with a rotation with the caliber of players these guys are expected and should be then there’s no excuse Payne or one of the DT’s doesn’t shred the production numbers of Butz. If we aren’t breaking franchise totals on the DL and edges honestly this unit and coaches failed IMO
  11. That’s where he jumps routes because he mirrors his guy and keeps eyes on the QB he’s really well at jumping off his guy he just always is around the ball because he plays inside and he is a really aware player. He can play outside. If we want him where he’s going to shine I put him in the role he played here before he left because he shined his brightest there.
  12. Who you got at WR?

    I was about to say Wright is a really talented player!!! Im completely with you young but crazy talented and diverse they all can run jump catch I mean that’s a really crazy group
  13. Gonna be the best DT this team has had!!! I have never fallen in love with a DT prospect since maybe Wilfork but He was a Miami guy so it’s not fair. But Payne’s first step is like a edge rusher and his power is nuts!!! The fact him and Chase and Sweat and Allen are going to be lining up together in sets is crazy and exciting at the same time. This should be fun!!!
  14. He should be mainly inside but he’s not coming off the field I think they will play him where he best matches up against for the opposite team he’s not going to be a player in one spot for games in a row. He’s our Swiss Army knife for the back end. I actually think Jimmy Mo ends up outside kinda more in the Sherman side of the field how Norman was playing in Carolina.
  15. I don’t feel like Payne took a step back outside of numbers. He was constantly getting the brunt of the doubles and focus as he constantly was blowing one guy back into the backfield. I think he just got the focus due to him putting guys on skates in 1-1 constantly against Philly and week 2. After that it seemed like the rest of the year Payne didn’t have many one hat matchups. But Payne is my favorite player on this DL and man his first step for his size and his power and how he gets those gloves into guys chests and leans and pushes is crazy. This def is about to Chase a lot of QB’s and cause a lot of Payne for a while I’m excited. To the original post any DL player could be in line for career years. The size/power/speed on our front is like nothing I can comp too.