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  1. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    I think this is going to be the future of a feature strength unit in this devision
  2. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    He reminded me of a much faster Brandon Marshall coming out of UCF. Physical and good at running after the catch. Can make great catches and drop passes off his hands right at the numbers. Not a lot of drops but when he had them to me they were concentration drops. But most of the time they were easy catches to make. Marshall suffered from them for the better part of his career but he also developed and was a really good football player.

    Right use those picks because we have those same comps except the 4th. I do like Bryant a lot!!! Alexander I really wanted this year to scout because at times he looks dominant other times it could be ugly I really wanted to grade him out this year. Bryant is a really great prospect again I’m upset because he was highly rated off my holdover notes
  4. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    He was on a all pro pace before Allen got hurt. Our defense was getting pressure like never before in the 3/4 and nickel. He looked unstoppable I think he can be a beast!! Just needs alittle more consistency
  5. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    I put Clemons in every mock I did for us last year. He’s crazy athletic. Every player I scoured on his team every game he jumped out. I’m excited for this guy I hope he grows I think he has huge potential
  6. This is so awesome!!!!!! Being in this crowd outside capital one area is amazing!!!! One more caps!!!
  7. As much as I could see Bruce drooling at the idea of doing this I think every team in the league knows you don’t trust Bruce. So if they did it would have had to come from somewhere somewhat credible to catch firelike it did
  8. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    I think I’m still kinda in disbelief that after the whole offseason we got Payne to pair with Allen. Also the addition of Settle to our DL I’m really excited to see this defense especially the play of Norman. Before his injury he was playing all pro. Didn’t have any INT’s but he was simply not allowing catches. I think this is the first time we will see a defense that can hold it own for the first time since having a base 3/4.
  9. Eagles Release Mychal Kendricks, should we?

    I’d say heck yeah!!! Kendrick’s and Brown begins what could be a really good DL I’d take that all day. And him motivated to play Philly and familiar in the devision. I’d def make a call and see what he wants
  10. What’s funny is going into this draft I was so high on Guice and Payne. Of course Guice came later because I only watch a few LSU games live. Most of their games I watch after I’ve scouted every team because I struggle with that school. This guy has me very excited. This was the player this team needed along with Payne!! I was happy with either or I said my dream would be to grab both. I’m excited to watch this team!!
  11. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    I don’t want anything to do with him. We saw him ball get his money and fall off. Of course there were other things then just him but he did fall off. Also one year and whatever comp pick isn’t more important then seeing what we have in Doctson and also giving Doc the mindframe to just play his game this year. When we brought Norman I believe that put things in Brees head and he didn’t continue to assend. Bree was a mid rounder JD is a top pick. I give JD every chance one because I believe he can be much better two because he is finally in a position where we can find out what we have. Even if it’s just a good number two which I believe he is going to ball especially if Reed manages to find his way to be avalible and effective all year. I like Josh and if we didn’t invest a top pick and see flashes yet I’d say why not but we have seen moments and I believe this year he will become a household name and build moving forward.
  12. call me crazy but i want Dez now

    Not if there’s a checkdown on 3rd down!!!

    What I like is they are picking defensive players off of defenses that have been some of the most physical defenses the last 2 years. VT and Bama have a reputation for being sound and physical. I think all the guys bring something to the table and even just becoming more talented in depth along with adding talent to the starters is very important because the injuy bud we always seem to suffer from.
  14. I agree completely!! Everyone wants the sexy pick but the big guys make those sexy picks succeed
  15. It’s a young man’s game when it comes to being physical up front. Teams with young deep front 7’s on defense are generally the teams that have the most sucsess and can be the most dangerous come playoff time because that cold weather tough teams seem to be hard to break