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  1. Working on him. I have 4 games of theirs I’m gonna cram this week and hopefully focus on him. I’ll table my response for later this week.
  2. The knock for me on Willis will be answered against Ole Miss. will he elevate or is he just the best player beating up on lower level talent because growing as a passer takes time ex; Josh Allen and Lamar. He is gifted on their levels!!! His growth will require a level of dedication he will show he can reach to keep up with Ole Miss and Coral. He either elevates or he just relays on his gifts. We will see in a few weeks
  3. He’s electric. The thing that worry’s me is while I don’t like the coaches play calling with Willis because they could do so much more with him. That said he has top pick traits. But he is behind Lamar as a passer and that’s a hard thing your really taking a gamble on because that really requires a plan for when to start him and how to use him to keep his confidence but also give him things to allow his development. a Good staff in this league should take one look at Willis and say with this plan we have we can win year 3-5 with this guys skill set. He’s electric and very patient for a posi
  4. Well yes and no. Developing talent and them flashing is improving. The best case for this team is to build a roster develop it and when it’s ready make the move. We eventually have to identify our guy in the next year or two fits best to address the players you want here around them to compete with. If Ron was promised 5 he has to make the move really by the 4th haul. That’s looking like the Bryce young class. I wish it was the Caleb Williams year. The class coming up we would do very well to identify one of the two most important positions and dive into the strength of this class which is DB
  5. I mean the defense had moments where they seemed to play as a unit. But they aren’t playing consistent
  6. No I think he is better though in college they both check down a ton!!! But the comp is really just in the mechanical dept. when I see him Miss it starts in his base and his feet are never squared he’s always off balance from the ground up for his mechanics. Haskins had a cannon and forced a lot more then Ridder. But when they miss it’s a similar glitch in where their feet are to when they start to wind up and release their off platform almost. That Cincy team is loaded. I worry Ridder leads them very well but he isn’t carrying the load he’s riding with the pieces. I like what I see I thi
  7. His accuracy is very similar to Haskins it’s always where are his feet in sync with his throw. He doesn’t have the cannon so when his feet aren’t right his accuracy def suffers. I love the traits. I think he’s a gamer. I’d take him over Howell and Willis today. Luckily it’s still early
  8. That’s what I’m saying they can’t outrun the past like there’s clearly something not right going on and that’s why these things continue to happen. Eventually Snyder has to be held responsible because names and faces keep changing but the story literally keeps getting worse
  9. Have we ever won the alumni game? I honestly think we’ve been blown out every time. The chaos around this team with this owner and everything when does someone say okay this is enough? Sean taylor played every snap like it was his last!!! But these players have no chance because we can’t go 3 weeks without something off the field keeping this organization focused on actually playing on the field. As Allen always said like everything else he lied about. We are winning off the field 🤣🤣🤣
  10. There might not be hope but we will all suffer together 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Love him mentally!!! Love him athletically. I want to see him in the playoffs to get the best tape I can. I don’t think he’s elite. But he is super smart and that team plays for him and the threat of his legs really opens up the run. He makes the OL look good with his decision making. I know Corral has the hype but Ridder is the one quietly doing his thing and I bet when he gets into interviews some team will fall in love. If Ridder was picked here I’d be excited.
  12. I feel you buddy just know that we’re are here for you and each other!!! I think we should call this the Washington rehab forum🤣🤣🤣 we’re here for all of our breakdowns 🤣🤣🤣
  13. Say whatever you want about culture or whatever. Good coaches maximize their players. Even our run last year chase young isn’t a 7-1/2 sack a year player. Sweat is better then 9. This staff isn’t yielding results. The players aren’t playing with urgency fire or together. That speaks to the behind the doors culture. No Ron couldn’t fix 10 plus years of what Allen and Snyder have done this quick. But they either force Snyder out or were in serious trouble because we couldn’t even honor a player here correctly. This place is a dumpster fire. And sadly so many others will lose their positions but
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