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  1. Well we will if he signs with Atlanta next year lol
  2. Yeah I don’t see a reason to cut Boston outside of giving him the respect to go start elsewhere like we did AP. But that said the best thing for the team is him to be here this year to help Davis and spell him and be quality depth.
  3. Happy Father’s Day fellas to all the dad posters
  4. It’s grown because while we weren’t good we finally tasted the first bit of food. They could call us the toilets if we start winning nobody will care
  5. Turtle you just moved up another notch in my book!!! That’s my movie and that’s my favorite part 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Idky but for some reason I just have this feeling that our rags off the street nobody QB from last year is going to make himself a brand this season. He just has something about him. I really think at some point this guys going to get his shot and he may make it really difficult for this staff to keep him off the field. This team and it’s nobody backup out of nowhere cast off QB’s. The fact Terry endorsed him after the playoff game and he clearly took this offseason like a vet trying to improve and build himself up man as much as I want that long term answer I think this guys going to put us i
  7. Haskins was probably the other 25 allowed sacks for processing issues lol
  8. 🤣🤣🤣 the clash of the titans 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Weirder things have happened. But I agree but if it is a competition I think Taylor is in it.
  10. He’s a special human. I pray we get the QB to take him to the level I believe he’s worked to be talked about at. This guy has all pro ability work ethic and class. I hope he just continues and gets his guy soon enough to blossom his career where his journey reflects his work and team first approach.
  11. When you come in 15 pounds heavier and from what I here he looks like he’s pushing it. So im sure that speaks volumes to Ron seeing a guy put that type of work in. I love the fact they gave Taylor a shot. It’s a heck of a story to go from OD to taking classes and here he is pushing. No matter what happens with this guy im pulling for him. This guy isn’t just riding some sideshow moment showing up in a playoff game he took a chance and put everything he’s had into this. I believe if he gets a chance he could make this staff atleast take notice. If he stays healthy who knows.
  12. My biggest concern would be the staff marrying itself to Boston when I think Hudson can actually preform better with reps. Really hoping at some point it’s Hudson, Davis and Holecomb owning the starting spots.
  13. This was my concern watching his workout videos last year after the draft. The ones I’ve seen this offseason are more predicated on building then tearing. Weights are of course important for these guys but they tear you down. But last year he was going hard because he’s a freak. This offseason he seems to be doing more resistance and moving which is going to help him stay healthier IMO. The workout warriors always seem to break. The guys who work on simulating motions are the ones who really flash improvement in health. So hopefully we get 99 at 100 this year. Because I think there’s no doubt
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  15. Yeah I hope for him he puts it together upstairs mentally. But the thing that bothers me is working out isn’t a transfer to progressing the mental aspects of the game. Playing QB isn’t about yards and numbers even moreso then any other position. It’s about situations and decision making. I don’t think he has what it takes when it comes to any of that. Because even with his arm it’s not like he uses it or even knows how to drop back in rythm and throw a ouy to a spot before the WR breaks. Anticipation and processing are way to slow. You can’t be on the field thinking. It’s something you just ha
  16. I mean Strong isn’t my guy yet. None of these guys have earned that but I do love Howell. He isn’t special in anything but he just pushes the ball complete confidence and he just seems to get it done. He’s a guy I’m hoping answers the questions I have left he’s a heck of a football player. Everything I’ve seen is ride with him. As far as Strong or Mond I haven’t been able to watch interviews and read up on him off the field. Also I haven’t seen spikes in improvements from year to year like I had with Mond. Mond was 4 years of notes I haven’t had a much deeper insight on a QB then I’ve had
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    What dropping pick 6’s? Lol
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    I mean people do things for money idk if he did or didn’t but I do know people do crazy things for money. I’m not saying he’s a saint or even innocent I just think the timing is very funny. That said I have 0 horse in the race I just hope for him as a fan of football he didn’t and can continue his career
  19. Before I go ham on Carson Strong I just want to comp a few guys. Romeo Doubs And Cole Turner and Justin Lockhart. These 3 pass catchers from Nevada. Doubs just screams UCF BMarsh. Concentration drops but just man will make amazing catches and just doesn’t have that last gear burst but is so big and smooth in stride he is a beast. You’ll take the drop here and there. Justin Lockhart just big guy who works and sells his routes this guy is going to have high end Number 2 potential and then just remember Cole Turner. 6’6” TE this guy after the seniorbowl is going to be that late riser pre draft ne
  20. As a guy who swears counciling and educating myself after 10 serious level head injuries I was thankful he finally hung them up. I love this game but these horrors are real!!! I’ve missed work and the amount of time they take to get back from and the different side effects and how long they last I just pray this guy has a great team/ family support system because I want to see this guy thrive outside of football. Sadly injuries derailed his gifts but he has generational wrath and I hope he heals and has an amazing life after football and grows and rebuilds himself from the trauma these injurie
  21. I just hope if he doesn’t the coaching staff can admit Taylor is worth a look if Fitz looks more tragic then magic the first few weeks because our schedule within the division gives up that opportunity.
  22. Man I am watching UNC’s spring game and here are a few takes. That OL first and second team are seriously amazing. Howell was making it rain slinging it great placement. I hate that he pats the ball but throws off balance with accuracy. He even threw balls away which is something I needed to see more. And their RB’s just do such a great job because the lanes that OL create. There’s a reason Williams was so hard to bring down when you have guys like that have a 4 yard runway before the first defender you can just bull or cut and it really is why UNC is in the games they are. If Howell protects
  23. I feel like Taylor and his mobility and just his instincts make him the best fit. He can move and that’s something defense’s have to account for. He can sling it. Glad to see Golden doing his work. Def a player I thought would come ready this season with a normal offseason.
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    Or maybe call the ones who don’t press charges 🤣🤣 I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself hopefully Watson is on a new squad on the field this year he’s a heck of a player. But hopefully this is moreso just an attack then true wrongdoing. Watson is such a beast I wish the price to add him wasn’t what it was being rumored because he would be pretty special here.
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