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  1. Interior vs Outside

    Interior. Helps much more in the run game and gives a pocket for the QB to step up into in the pass game.
  2. NFL predicts wrong schedule for Seahawks

    Thats NFLN playing the wrong footage, which was shot last year. Its not them predicting the wrong schedule
  3. Best QB's Ever

    1a. Montana 1b. Brady 3. Unitas
  4. Kam Chancellor Agrees to Contract Extension

    http://www.hawkblogger.com/2017/08/breaking-kam-chancellor-extension.html Its a great contract, opening a little room this year, and leaving room to cut him after 2018 if need be.
  5. Positional Importance Rankings

    I'd put interior pass rusher at #2 behind QB. Its much more disruptive IMO and much harder to find. The 2012 Seahawks defense was good, but lacked a pass rush. Our only good pass rusher was Chris Clemons and I watched him beat his man only for the QB to easily step up into a clean pocket way too often. Its harder to counter interior preasure as the edge only needs to get up the field to make escaping the pocket a lot harder. I'd much rather have an Aaron Donald than a Von Miller at their peak.
  6. Rams: Aaron Donald for Ahtyba Rubin Cardinals: David Johnson for Thomas Rawls 49ers: Joe Staley for George Fant