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  1. That versatility is why I give it to Ronnie Lott. Deion's lack of run support knocks him further down the list behind Rod Woodson and Mel Blount. Feel I should give more mention of Night Train Lane, as the best pre-SB DB. Had size, extremely physical, durable, and a ballhawk who's single-season INT record hasn't had a serious challenger since 1980...he did that in 12 games.
  2. Team Need #1 If Cable survives the offseason, I'll have lost faith in Pete as our HC. Agreed for the most part. Not that gloomy on the RBs, wouldn't mind one in the 2nd-3rd unless the talents just too much in the 1st (don't know much about the upcoming class). WR, I wouldn't mind a big body early. I think Paul Richardson is gone, just too injury prone, don't want to take that risk. I think we should move on from Jimmy, we don't utilize him fully and he has had his fair share of drops this year. Brown will get his extension and I know Ifedi will get another year, although I'm not too optimistic about him developing. As for OGs, I'd love to get a RG in the 2nd or 3rd. Sheldon Richardson and Frank Clark should be extended and as mentioned, could look for another talent to add to the DE rotation early in the draft.
  3. 1 RB 1 WR 1 W/R 1 TE Marshawn Lynch @KC Samaje Perine @LAC Kenyan Drake NE C.J. Anderson NYJ Alshon Jeffery @LAR Michael Thomas @ATL Kyle Rudolph @CAR Jason Witten @NYG ty
  4. He accounts for 85.9% of the offenses yards (highest all time) as well as 96.3% of their TDs (highest since 1934).
  5. Yeah, he has really bad pocket presence and command...always been his biggest weakness.
  6. Lol, just exaggerating since he's the tallest WR in history
  7. Well, the midget version of 6'8" Carmichael
  8. Yeah, never liked the Lacy signing...and frankly, Collins had plenty of chances and didn't look good outside a handful of plays. Remember him having poor quickness and always going down on first contact.
  9. Pick 1 Russell Wilson @TEN Philip Rivers KC Pick 2 Keenan Allen KC Michael Thomas @CAR Alshon Jeffery NYG Kelvin Benjamin NO
  10. Which Def? CAR vs BUF TB vs CHI JAX vs TEN And who should I drop? Jordan Matthews Kelvin Benjamin or...just roll with MIN @PIT?
  11. 0.5 PPR 2RB / 2WR / R/W Le'Veon Bell Marshawn Lynch C.J. Anderson Derrick Henry Michael Thomas Alshon Jeffery Keenan Allen Kelvin Benjamin Jordan Matthews Seems like Tarik Cohen should be the primary target on the WW. For #2, should I be targeting Kenny Golladay or Cooper Kupp?
  12. How long will this D hold? They're going to get exhausted
  13. Was one of the earliest on this train...
  14. Why don't they do a video review before ejections? Why do they only rely on what seen on the field? I don't care if the refs didn't see anything, if something clearly is seen on video, the player should be ejected, even an entire series later.
  15. Brady and Montana are 1a 1b for me
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