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  1. Should probably move on from Harris and Reiff as well, and maybe Rudolph? I don't think Spielman and Zimmer would be making these trades if they felt they were on the hot seat, and that thought coincides with some scuttlebutt in an ESPN piece from a couple days ago where they speculated on Zimmer's firing but reported "There's no indication from anyone reliable that Zimmer is in any immediate trouble.".
  2. The trade seemed to be universally welcomed at the time. They tried to re-sign Everson, but he wasn't interested, and the way he has played in Dallas this year that may have been for the best. I think Spielman absolutely misevaluated how good the team was when he made the Yannick trade and that was a mistake that cost cap space and about 45-50 spots in the draft, but good on him for realizing that and not marrying himself to whatever contract Ngakoue was going to demand to try and justify the deal.
  3. Roman has shown to be a good play designer(esp on run plays) and he absolutely will design an offense to his QBs strength, but he is pretty meh as a playcaller especially in negative script situations. he is quick to abandon the principles that work and becomes extremely predictable when his team is down even one score. I still think he could be okay but would prefer someone like Brian Daboll or Eric Bienemy.
  4. I would be fine with keeping Zimmer I think, having thought about it more. Given the state of the franchise (no cap space and little flexibility, and a team seeming to be on the downturn) I don't think it would be a very appealing job for top HC candidates. It would be unlikely that we'd end up with a better coach than Zimmer. I know everyone wants a top offensive mind, but how many of those are going to sign up to work with Kirk Cousins? I think Spielman is a better candidate to be fired but it seems that he and Zimmer are married in ownerships eyes. I think it is Spielman's evaluation of Cousins that ended up being the worst decision of this regime. Extending him made little sense at the time and looks to be worse by the day. Zimmer has his faults for sure. However, re: conservative-ness, he has become more aggressive recently. last year specifically, he was 5th in Football Outsiders Aggressiveness Index. 5th in 4th down attempts this year (which may be confounded by sucking and needing to go for it more). I think his biggest weakness is how obsessed he is with the run game, but that also seems to be a necessity because of his quarterback. Cousins has historically played his best in heavy play action systems, and regularly wilts when that threat is taken away by game script. Looking around the NFL, most teams that have a QB around the Cousins tier run similar offenses. Cousins needs to be coddled by the offense and play calling, and even then he is able to put up games like yesterday. Yesterday was bad on all ends, but there isn't much anyone can do with defensive scheme when your 35 million dollar QB is handing the ball to the other team during all competitive portions of the game. Having a defensive head coach doesn't automatically mean you will have a good defense, you still need good players. and the Vikings have like 4 solidly good players on defense right now. There isn't much to work with on that end, so while yes the defense has been awful and Zimmer deserves blame for that, I don't think he deserves all of it. Giving up field position when leading the NFL in interceptions while being plagued with injury and starting rookies everywhere isn't a good recipe. Lastly, I think it is fair to say Zimmer is a good coach. Maybe not great but he is solidly good. It is no guarantee that whoever is brought in to be his replacement will be at his level. For every Shanahan and Mcvay there is also an Adam Gase and Zac Taylor. Something to keep in mind.
  5. agreed. why not at this point? Jaleel hasn't shown anything. defense honestly does not seem that far off knowing who they have coming back next year. getting Barr + Hunter + Pierce back plus a draft pick iDL (hopefully) and some more experience on the corners. there is a path to them being pretty good again next year.
  6. Pretty big feather in Zim's cap here if this holds up. Obviously it's confounded by the fact that we don't force as many third downs as we used to but still impressive nonetheless. Overall, I think Zimmer has done a decent enough job so far this year, even if I have my usual qualms related to his philosophy.
  7. might want to rest Dalvin for this game. Mattison should be enough against an abysmal falcons run defense. and now that they have a long term investment in cook, probably smarter to look at the bigger picture.
  8. just seeing this. add no I don't. I just like watching Watson and wanted to pick someone off the beaten path. I don't and didn't think Watson was better by any means lol. he has been rough so far this year even if yesterday was better. weirdly inaccurate.
  9. (man that was a gut punch of a loss. fun game but jeeeeeeeeeeeeez can the vikings find ways to lose. reminds me of a Phil Jackson clip talking about a Doc Rivers team where he said "they know how to lose, we just have to guide them there" some thoughts: I really liked the coaching in this game both from Zimmer and Kubiak. Kubiak has really seemed to find a groove in the past couple weeks. and I loved the aggression from Zimmer down to the last 4th down. play to win and that's what he did. up and down play from the corners continues. Gladney and Hughes were both pretty good imo. but that 4th and 10 ball Dantzler on DK was maybe the worst ball tracking I've seen from a DB since the minny miracle lmao. and smith was yelling at him after the last play as well so that might have been on him as well. dline looked good against a Seahawks line that was improved. young guys flashed a bit on the interior (watts and Lynch). Jaleel Johnson continues to be awful. LBS have been solid. Kendricks is back to all-pro level play and I thought Wilson was great (helped that Seahawks didn't run that much). offense was mostly good. nice to see irv have a good game. Kirk was mostly good except for that two minute stretch he spent pooping his pants and like, you can't really have that from your 35 million dollar qb lol. that pick he threw to KJ wright was simply awful. and dru samia.......................he might be the worst OL I have seen in my entire vikings fandom (since like 2012ish). he is shockingly awful. I never would have thought I'd be begging for Elflein back. overall fun game I guess even though they ripped my heart out at the end. nice to see them competing on the road. I don't think this team is bad enough to tank. might have an outside chance at 9-7.
  10. Rhodes probably isn't this good (small sample size and all). But man this stings. I always felt he was still a serviceable corner, who was treated like he was still the shutdown guy from 3 years ago, and thus not put in the proper place to succeed the past couple years. Glad to see him doing well.
  11. There are some things that have remained consistent through Zimmer's tenure that you absolutely cannot do if you are going to be a defensive first team and try and be in that upper echelon. The most glaring to me is how Zimmer/the offense routinely (I know Zimmer is not calling the plays but this has remained so consistent through his tenure I think he deserves some blame) forfeit(s) the possession at the end of the half. The entire part of deferring is to try and double-dip score wise before the half, yet the Vikings have consistently thrown that away.
  12. I very much agree with this second point. I think he is a very good coach, for what he is, but his offensive mindset is not conducive to success in what the NFL is now. He also seems too stubborn to change this much, which is somewhat understandable given where he is in his career.
  13. GGs. Fun game and showed some signs of life. Would be fine with a bunch of games like this one on the road to a 4 win season. Some thoughts: - Nice to see the offense string some solid drives together non-garbage time variety. Thank goodness they freed Jefferson. He was fantastic. Should remain a big part of this offense the rest of the season. Was encouraging to see Kirk give him some chances to come down with contested balls, a sign he has trust in him. - Cousins has flashed more mobility so far this season than he ever did before, at least in his Vikings tenure. Kudos to him for seemingly working on that. Not the biggest fan of him but credit where credit is due. - Last two drives were an absolute disgrace by everyone involved. Coaching and player failure. Inexcusable for Bradbury to send that snap out of there with no crowd especially. - Front seven looked good! Better than I thought they would against this team. Were getting a lot of pressure on Tannehill and Ngakoue is flashing a ton. If we can retain him, he and Hunter should be a fun combo for years to come (fingers crossed). Eric Wilson also had a very good game. - Secondary continues to be an abomination, especially (duh) cornerbacks. Gladney has looked rough both weeks and looks like there was a reason he started the year where he did on the depth chart. Hill was up and down as usual. Looked a bit like Rhodes out there last year not getting his head around. Did have a very nice PD late in the game though. I think Dantzler and Hughes are probably our best two corners, but that might just be because I don't have images of them being burnt to a crisp as present in my brain. - Would be nice if a kicker one time missed against the Vikings. One time! also have had some pretty sh*t fumble luck so far this year.
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