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  1. Yeah, this is a bit ridiculous. You chiefs fans have gone off the rails with this stuff.
  2. Oh come on lol. I watched several plays where he just looked totally lost and the play went by him. One play he ran right into the line and just got stuck there behind the DT. I’m all for having a stud MLB but there is absolutely no way he was the best defender on the field when Allen was basically destroying every play.
  3. Yeah but you can’t trash an entire performance because of one bad throw. Not to mention the drive to get us in field goal range was one good throw after another. Look, I know this ride is most likely going to come to and end in flaming disaster where the whole thing burns down but when he’s playing like this they need to at least give him his due. Not use some arbitrary statistic they made up.
  4. Howell threw 5 TD passes and rushed for over 100 yards today. I think it’s safe to say he’s pretty good.
  5. I do think the defense starts to play better and then comes on as an elite group about midway through the season. There’s just far too much talent on the front and in the secondary to continue like this. I suspect Sweat and Young start dominating as well. I just don’t think the poor play will continue.
  6. But a 35.8? Lol. My lord that makes no sense.
  7. 336 yards, 2 TDs, 73.9% completions and a 99 passer rating would’ve been 15th best? Week 1 QB play must’ve been insane. Not only that but ESPN QBR gave his Giant game performance a 35.8 which is horrible. I just don’t get it? What more was he supposed to do lol
  8. But they still have their franchise guy. So now they have a top 5 defensive player in the league and a franchise QB. I mean, I don’t know dude? We were never taking Herbert. Even if we passed on Young we weren’t taking Herbert.
  9. I would say the terrible LB corp is the reason why this defense sucks. If you’re going to run a nickel set 90% of the time then Bostic cannot be one of the two LBs out there. Holcomb is good. Davis is basically nothing right now and we have no idea what Hudson is because they won’t play him. I still cannot believe McKinney hasn’t been signed yet.
  10. Hasn’t Howell gone off since the Hokie game? Strong has balled out too
  11. To add to my post @Woz. It would be similar to Saturn Myles Garrett is a bust because of Mahomes and Watson. I just don’t think it’s a good way to frame someone as a bust.
  12. I understand you’re being a contrarian simply to be a contrarian but at this moment Hebert is better than everyone else in that entire draft regardless of position. Going by your logic, unless I’m mistaken here Woz, everyone picked before Hebert is a bust.
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