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  1. Sam Howell is the one I want in this draft. I could be wrong but do think Josh Allen is just faster and his long strides just make a world of difference.
  2. He has plenty of speed and a lot of wiggle. He just needs to be told to stop lowering his head and playing hero ball. Slide and he’ll be fine.
  3. I was about as big a Drew Lock fan as there was but he's lost. There's not really any coming back from how far he's gone and my guess is he ends up cut anyway. I'd throw a 6th rounder there way at most but even then I'd rather just use the 11th pick on one of the young guns in the draft.
  4. I just can’t accept they spent two years, millions of dollars and dragged the fans along to roll out commanders. I mean, this is probably the most poorly ran sports franchise on the planet but even then I refuse to believe they could mess this up so badly.
  5. You've been here for a week bro. You gotta learn our patterns lol. A lot of us have been around 10+ years
  6. Commanders would easily be the worst name in all of Pro Sports. It’s god awful. All of this because a stubborn old man wouldn’t leave the team to his son. Thanks Jack.
  7. Really? I guess I never paid attention to it to know the fans picked it. Name is still terrible though lol
  8. I mean, how is that even possible? Just run the clock and go to the basket over and over and the game is essentially over. It wouldn’t even be possible to come back if you did that. I didn’t watch but my guess is Beal did his normal iso ball and turned it over repeatedly. For the love of god, do not give him a Supermax. Move him for as much as you can get.
  9. The Oilers became the Titans. The Browns became the Ravens.
  10. I don’t agree. I really can’t think of once instance where a team changed its name and took what the fans wanted into account.
  11. I mean, not saying it’s you, but I’m blown away by the amount of fans that think this is some crazy ploy by the team to roll out RedWolves at the end. It’s not the name.
  12. I'm there with you but also understand the others that wanted it. Still holding out hope for Hogs
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