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  1. Ahh I doubt it. I can’t see how we win more than two more games? We did just lose to the giants. I think he’ll be available when we pick.
  2. He played a little in 2018. Started all last season and will start again this entire season barring injury. I’m not sure how much more you want dude? Two full seasons as a starter is pretty good.
  3. They have to see what it will cost to get Njoku. Not just for this season but obviously for the next young QB we inevitably ruin. Let’s get some talent to put around him and build that way. So yes, if we could somehow come out of the trade deadline with Njoku and Will Fuller I’d be stoked. If we can get both while managing to keep our second round pick then I’d do it.
  4. Josh Allen will do just fine backing up Justin Fields. This team is not going into next season with him as the starter.
  5. He’s decent. He’s too slow to ever be more than what we’ve seen but he’s making plays and seemingly catching everything so it’s hard to complain. Im not sure about his blocking but I’ll see what kinda grade Cooley gives him this week. We still need a #1 TE badly.
  6. If we take a RB I want Etienne. That dude is incredible.
  7. Yes they were and if you go back to the threads about Josh Allen, 95% of this board thought he was going to suck. Nobody here wanted anything to do with Jackson. Watson was considered a reach. I don’t remember what any of us said about Mahomes? So maybe Trey Lance is that guy or maybe it’s Fields? I just want to keep drafting QBs until we get it right. I personally don’t care how many we draft because you only need to get it right once and then you’re set for 15-20 years.
  8. Because we’ve tried the patchwork crap for years. It doesn’t work and we’ve been lacking one thing for 35 years, a franchise QB. You can’t keep picking up scrap heap QBs and expecting to turn things around. Yes, I’d love to tank for Lawrence or draft Fields because winning a couple games in a throw away season means nothing to me. I want Super Bowls. That’s not remotely attainable without a franchise QB. Kyle Allen is going to play us out of position for one and that irritates me.
  9. That Dallas win has really clouded your judgement bro.
  10. Also, they have to try to get Njoku. I don’t care if it costs one of our thirds.
  11. Michael Thomas is basically the best receiver in the league. He’s not going for anything less than a first. And they aren’t trading Thomas over just cutting Jenkins.
  12. We won’t pick 9th. People have to realize what just happened. We beat a badly beat up team missing their best player being poorly coached. We just lost to the giants for crying out loud. This is the only team we could run against, the only team we weren’t turning the ball over to multiple times. We still suck. We still won’t win more than 4 games at most. We will still pick top 5.
  13. Another thing this team has to start considering is getting a deal done with Rouillier. He’s a free agent in the off-season and he’s developed into one of the leagues better centers. Also, name Kyle Smith GM for crying out loud. The guy just has an eye for talent in the draft. This past draft has produced some good players and I’d like to see Hudson actually get on the field. Also, they have to see what Bryce Love can do. When he returns from IR he needs to be out there splitting carries with Gibson and McKissic needs to move to WR. I think McKissic could be dynamic in the slot.
  14. I really hope this win doesn’t turn Rivera into a buyer at the deadline. I mean, if you can get Will Fuller or Njoku then fine but don’t go all in. We still suck really badly.
  15. I still want Fields, Sewell or Parsons if we pick in the top 5. Which, come on, we’re absolutely going too. It’s kinda funny to think if Rivera just kicks an extra point against the Giants we’re probably 3-0 against the division right now.
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