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  1. NFL Expansion Draft 2018 - Redskins

    No it can’t. Spaight isn’t even remotely close to as good as Foster. Spaight is decent depth that should never be your starter.
  2. Just what we need. More sucky players to plug in at LG.
  3. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    EG is such a disaster. Don’t even care about this team anymore. He’s ruined it all for me.
  4. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    I fully expect Bryce to sign a long term deal here. I never thought he would leave though. I think it will be somewhere in the $220M range. I just can’t see contracts ever going back to the Stanton range.
  5. I never said it was easy to win a championship but I dont think they are losing much by letting Trotz walk. Them winning the Stanley cup doesn’t erase all the stupid decisions he’s made. He’s a decent coach but I can completely understand not wanting to pay him $5M a year. This really isn’t s big deal.
  6. He’s been a coach for how many years in the NHL and this was his first time past the second round? His team caught fire and he was along for the ride. Good for him that he’ll get a huge pay day but I don’t think the caps will miss him.
  7. Ahh whatever. I still think he’s a pretty overrated coach. They’ll be fine without him.
  8. Yeah and that was ridiculous. They lost some role players and a dude who sucked here after a mid-season trade. The core of the group was still here. The idea the Caps weren't going to be good was absurd.
  9. I’m pretty sure we won’t have to worry about a parade any time soon...
  10. Look how happy he is! God he's awesome. The Great 8 deserved this one and he worked his butt off for it. So cool.
  11. Burakovsky’s reaction to the chick with her boobs out was awesome lol
  12. How do you just not call holding? The guy has no stick and yet somehow he still couldn’t get away from him lol
  13. Normally I don't care. I didn't care when John Wall wore a cowboys jersey but it's the Stanley Cup Finals. We've suffered so long in this town. You don't have to root for the Caps just don't wear Vegas crap to the game lol
  14. Things other than Redskins

    Pretty bummed they did this. I don’t understand the decision at all? Chick is awesome.