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  1. He won’t be there. He’s going at pick 3. Chris Cooley, who as far as I know is pretty good friends with Kyle, says it has to be Jones with the third pick. Not only because he’s everything Mike and Kyle looked for in a QB but simply because he’s the third best QB in the draft. Chris Simms has been spot-on with his QB rankings has Jones third as well.
  2. You could be completely right and I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s our pick in the second round but anytime I’ve watched him play I see late round/undrafted type QB. He’s not an explosive passer or runner. He isn’t overly accurate and I just don’t see him developing beyond what he is. He’s started a ton of games so we have a really good idea of what he’s going to become at this point. If we do pick him I’ll back him and want him to succeed but at this point I just don’t see it.
  3. I don’t see him making the team. It’s one thing to be a great athlete but even Derek Carrier was a great athlete. It’s a totally different deal to be a TE and learn to block, run routes, catch with your hands etc. I enjoy the no-stone unturned approach but cutting Thaddeus Moss and then signing this guy was pretty silly. Also, if you were going to do something like this why not just transition Steven Montez to TE? He has the size and he’s pretty fast. Let Logan Thomas work with him and help speed up his potential development. His background as a QB probably would help matters. Seemed
  4. JOK is a big-time hitter. He’s a tweener but he’s an enforcer as well. If we can’t get Lance or Fields that’s who I want.
  5. Just don’t leave it Football Team. We’ve been embarrassed enough as a fanbase.
  6. Man I really wish I saw what you guys saw in Mond. I think he’s a career back up/potentially out of the league in 4-5 years QB. Same way I feel about Davis Mills who I hope we stay far away from. Don’t want Trask either. If we can’t get Fields or Lance I’d prefer not even to waste the pick.
  7. Just name the damn team the Warriors already and be done with it. This whole thing is silly.
  8. The Cowboys projection is pretty hilarious.
  9. I guess I would assume if they aren’t willing to move up to get Lance/Fields/Jones then they never saw them as potential franchise guys. Also, if they saw Allen/Heinecke as potential franchise options they wouldn’t have spent all off-season trying to find someone better. Ultimately I think we end up with Lance if the 49ers pass on him and we’ll stay at 19 if they do take him. There’s just too much smoke around Lance and Washington.
  10. I just don’t see how one of these QBs doesn’t potentially fall to us or in range for us to trade... 1-3 all QBs 4. Falcons aren’t taking a QB. They have one of the best in the league and he doesn’t rely on arm strength or athleticism so even though he’s 36 hes another that could play into his 40s. 5-6. Already have their QBs 7. The Lions basically wouldn’t take better offers for Stafford because they wanted Goff. Not taking a QB. 8. Trades multiple picks for Darnold. Not taking a QB. 9. Broncos refused to include Lock in a trade for Stafford in whi
  11. One of these QBs is going to fall in a comfortable trade up range. Hell, one might fall all the way.
  12. I was actually thinking about this the other day.
  13. Im not sure what you want me to say? You can keep harping on what I said about draft picks but it’s true. We can draft LBs and LTs and TEs and WRs and we still aren’t going anywhere because we don’t have a QB. There’s already a solid foundation here and the salary cap does not allow you to build complete teams. Once you have close to an elite defense it’s time to go for it. I mean, what’s the alternative? This idea that we can continue building and building is just silly. The only thing that keeps a team competitive during the super bowl era is an elite defense or a franchise QB. You
  14. Heinecke is kind of a mystery but there has to be a reason he was a back up in the XFL. I’m all for giving him a shot but I’d rather go up and get the QB they want. If they even want one of them at all?
  15. Where did I say I’d give up three first round picks? I said this year and next year which is essentially one first because you’re swapping firsts this year. I’ve never said I’d give up three first round picks. I didn’t even want to give that up for Watson. What I’m trying to say is this. This defense is going to get expensive very fast. It’s, most likely, only going to get better so we aren’t going to be picking much closer to the top 10 then we are now. So we can do what the Vikings did and waste years and years of a good defense plugging in stop-gap QBs or we can go out and get the one
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