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  1. But that doesn’t excuse Latimer still being on this team. I’m fine with Guice being gone but my lord the “Ron Rivera ain’t messin around” twitter crew really looks dumb with their statements.
  2. Saying the same thing to a buddy of mine. How is Cody Latimer still on the team lol. I kinda wonder if Guice was a guy Rivera wanted gone from the get go...
  3. If he admitted it then yeah he has to go. I didn’t read that anywhere but you can’t have him on the team if that’s the case. His career is basically over.
  4. I mean, aren’t you supposed to at least wait and make sure these allegations are true? If he did them then cut his butt and move on but we’ve held onto Rueben Foster so I really don’t Understand this?
  5. He can’t lol. He was healthy for basically one season and even that season he ended up hurting his shoulder. He’s a tremendous player when healthy but the idea this guy is still in the league boggles my mind. You would think teams would avoid signing him simply for his own safety and well-being.
  6. I don’t understand this? Plenty of people are back at work. Hell, I was an essential employee and never got any kind of Covid time to stay home. If it’s done safely I fail to see the issue?
  7. Without the preseason Steven Sims most likely doesn’t make the roster last year. It’s vital for guys who need to make an impression.
  8. Not having any kind of preseason at all is just stupid. Two games would’ve been fine but none at all is just asinine. It’s totally unfair to the guys who need it to showcase what they can do.
  9. lavar703


    Just cut McKissick and Barber. It was so silly to pour this many resources into RB. And then you spend a third on Gibson as well? AP, Guice, Love and Gibson. That should be the RB room. And I personally would be transitioning Gibson to receiver.
  10. Christ. The crazies from twitter are going to start showing up here now aren’t they?
  11. Nah dude, the stadium thing. Nothing to do with the name.
  12. I still stand by what I said before. Move the whole operation to Virginia and call them the Bulldogs or the Redwolves. The Virginia Bulldogs sounds pretty dope. Virginia Redwolves sounds pretty cool too. Just be done with DC if they’re making it such a hassle.
  13. I think this dude is going to be a stud. He just seems to have it. I could totally be wrong about that but I think what we saw towards the end of the season is just the tip of the iceberg. He’s going to be special.
  14. James is an excellent player and I would’ve been happy with him as the pick but he seems to be hurt a lot. Payne is one hell of a player though. I think he takes off under River and JDR. I don’t regret the pick at all. Chase Young and Payne are foundational talents.
  15. He’ll help Haskins become a much better player. Guys a tough SOB.
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