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  1. If Turner can’t fit Matt Stafford in his system then we need to find a new OC.
  2. The only move I’m against is the Watson trade. I’d pay Dak and I’d make a big trade for Stafford. I’d also trade up for Lance or Wilson. With a defense like we have, you add a LB and a FS and were ready to roll. Go get the QB.
  3. Huh? I gave him and his crew credit for the last two drafts because that’s who it’s largely attributed too. None of this has anything to do with Bruce Allen or Jay Gruden or whatever. Trying to compare someone who had a genuine GM title to a guy who had just been given authority to set the draft board two years ago is outrageous. Anybody trying to compare the two and wants to lay blame to Kyle Smith for the years he was a scout is being disingenuous
  4. If he does something dumb like give up multiple firsts or a first and Sweat. Yes, I‘ll be pissed.
  5. I would think that gets it done. I’d be cool with it. We have terrible luck in the 2nd round and we have two thirds this year. I said a 1 and a 3 in our forum but I’d have no issue adding a second next year.
  6. I’d assume Mayhew is going to go after this. I wonder what it’s going to cost us?
  7. Just make the trade. We haven’t had a good QB in forever. Don’t waste away McLaurin and this defense.
  8. Welp, Matt Stafford is now available. Give up pick 19 and our natural 3rd and be done with it. If Mayhew sells the farm and gives up players as well I’m gonna be pissed.
  9. What question is there to answer? He was never the GM nor did he have the power to make big decisions. We have two guys who actually WERE GMs in the building now with both being under .500 and having been fired from that position. One of which was fired multiple times. So it’s not an apples to apples comparison. We absolutely know what we’re getting in Mayhew and Hurney because we have years of evidence with them in total control and for the most part it was a failure. We have the last two drafts which according to most sources were spearheaded by Smith and his crew and these two draf
  10. If they gave up picks and a really good young defensive lineman for Stafford then they’ve learned nothing. The highest I’d go for Stafford is the 19th pick. He’s older now, constantly has nagging injuries and has never won a thing. Here’s a first round pick, take it or leave it.
  11. And Kyle Smith is out and apparently they’re shaking up the scouting department as of today. If this backfires and the team sucks balls from here on out and Kyle Smith goes on to succeed then I’m out. I won’t spend anymore time watching this moron screw things up. The league should’ve forced him to sell years ago.
  12. We had John Beck and Rex Grossman starting and still managed not to go 0-16. Do you have any idea how hard it is to go an entire NFL season without winning a game? The Jets just tried everything they could to do it and still failed.
  13. Actually, no. He didn’t take over an 0-16 team. He was GM of the 0–16 team.
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