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  1. Alex Smith

    I think Alex Smith sucks. Me thinking Alex Smith sucks has nothing to do with Kirk Cousins, Tom Brady or Joe Montana’s grandma. So stop bringing up other QBs when trying to make a point and then deflecting when your point goes backwards.
  2. Alex Smith

    Tom Brady is 41 and has 7 more TDs, 700 more yards, higher passer rating and higher completion percentage. So if you think that’s rough for Brady what the hell does that mean for Smith?
  3. Derek Carr

    Good god, a first round pick for Carr?
  4. Redskins Waive Holsey

    I just don’t understand what the deal is with Perine? I think the kid is loaded with talent but they simply won’t play him and it doesn’t make sense to keep him.
  5. Tannehil as a qb to challenge smith next year

    That sounds like an idea that I would dislike very much.
  6. If the Giants cut him from their OL then he sucks bad.
  7. Norman: Feels like our true fans are on the road

    The team has been a joke for nearly 30 years. Dan Snyder made a giant mess of everything and then expected fans to pay an exorbitant price to come watch said mess. Fans got fed up and now they’re feeling the wrath of that. Its like if you were going to a restaurant and they kept serving you crappy food. Why would you keep going back? You wouldn’t so this is no different. Redskins fans have just gotten tired of eating the S Sandwich that Snyder has served.
  8. So I assume we’ll be cutting Perine?
  9. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Jason Campbell sucked and we were never winning with him. We only won when they brought in Collins.
  10. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Yeah, no. There’s no way in hell the Bucs have better weapons than the Falcons. Jones, Ridley, Sanu, Hooper and Coleman are way better than Evans, Jackson, Godwin, Howard and Barber.
  11. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Basically how I feel as well.
  12. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Omg really! That’s what they called lol
  13. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Manusky has learned nothing lol
  14. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    He sucks. We got fleeced. Just the way it goes.
  15. Week 10: Tampa Bay Buccaneers GDT

    Alex Smith. Sigh