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  1. Poor guy. He’s going to be another Kerrigan or Chris Samuels. Waste his career here never winning anything. He should’ve got out when he had the chance.
  2. With what our options currently are I wish we could get involved in the Watson sweepstakes. We don’t have the draft capital nor can this franchise of all franchises take this kind of thing on at the moment.
  3. Don’t you think I hope the same thing? Lol
  4. I made the determination Jamin was over drafted on draft night. I’ve made that very clear.
  5. I’d bet the Lions take Malik Willis. I still think he’s the first QB off the board because of his exciting ability.
  6. Yeah sorry, I’m definitely taking JOK and Mac Jones over Cosmi, Davis, BSJ and Dyami Brown. A stud playmaking LB and what looks to be a potential top 10 QB vs. basically two contributors and one over drafted LB.
  7. Huh? Punting the season? You really believe that’s what they were attempting to do this season?
  8. Saw it. Immediately thought the same thing. That was a bad look for Fields.
  9. This is my thought as well. I think they go all in on Ryan
  10. I agree he’s the best we have but it’s hard to keep putting you on the field if you keep fumbling.
  11. Even if he’s only lost two he’s still fumbled 4 times in 7 games. That’s not good.
  12. So what do you think they’ll do at QB? Mind you we’ve gone through two drafts now where Rivera hasn’t picked one.
  13. He’s fumbled what, four times already this year? It’s becoming an issue.
  14. As desperation sets in circumstances change. They’re going to make a run at Matt Ryan I bet. My feet is multiple first round picks being offered.
  15. Something needs to be done about Gibson. Either move him to WR or relegate him to the McKissic role. Has all-world talent but can’t quit fumbling. Jarrett Patterson needs to start getting carries. This season is over. Start playing Khaleke Hudson, call up Reaves and Harmon. Just start seeing what you have. You’re 2-5 with Brady coming up. The seasons over.
  16. The bad thing is we’re totally going to give up multiple picks for a vet QB. We can all see it coming.
  17. And the Eagles are going to end up with the first pick and three picks on the top 10. Meanwhile, we’re here signing 39-year old QBs and paying guards $18M a year and drafting 3-5th round LBs in the top 20.
  18. Can’t wait to watch Rivera desperately trade 2 or 3 first round picks for Matt Ryan.
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