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  1. Kipnis is due about $14.5 million next year, and thankfully has a $2.5 million buyout in 2020, which I assume they use if they can't deal him.
  2. WCF: Warriors vs Rockets Thread- The Real NBA Finals

    ...without LeBron James. As if the Cavs offense wasn't bad enough.
  3. The Official Recruiting Thread

    He's a pretty accurate QB with good but not great athleticism. He should be a tremendous upgrade over anyone that LSU has had since Matt Flynn IMO. He was the odd man out at OSU. He was/is less athletic than Tate Martell and not as good of a passer as Dwayne Haskins, so kind of a "tweener" in Myer's system.
  4. Right next to the Johnson Rod. Apologies if you aren't familiar with the Seinfeld scene.
  5. Jim Thome: He's one of my favorite all time players. Junior high me was so upset when I couldn't get #25 just like Thome. Manny Ramirez: I cannot express how upset I was when he left for Boston. Omar Vizquel: Nostalgia, the unreal defense, the underrated stick Justin Masterson (Have to mention a friend and former HS teammate or you should get a lifetime ban to be honest)
  6. Financial Experts say...

    I told my wife that if I live to be 75-80, I'm having ice cream every single day. You sir, have taken it to the next level entirely.
  7. What do you call a football game?

    Going to the game. Usually going to the "ball game" is referring to baseball. Usually going to the soccer game is received by a slight head nod, a "have fun", and subsequently getting made fun of as soon as you leave the room.
  8. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Sorry, I was in the process of grading my kids' 2nd semester US History exam...we studied the Cold War extensively.
  9. Tattoos

    LOL I saw that. No Ragrets!!!!!
  10. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Or as I like to call it, the Gulag/Siberia circa USSR 1952
  11. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    I more or less just hate all things Boston. I despise their fan base and they've had PLENTY of positive things to last a few lifetimes in that wretched city in all 3 sports...over the last 15 freaking years for crying out loud. I mean, share the wealth here, Buffalo, or San Diego for crying out loud. #Notmysportstown
  12. Your Team: What are you most looking forward to?

    Honestly, assuming that he stays healthy, I'm excited to see just plain old competent QB play from Tyrod Taylor. He's decent. We haven't seen decent in a LONG time here in Cleveland at that position.
  13. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Plus, bonus for LeBron, but that "no income tax" thing in Houston for him would be HUGE.
  14. Tattoos

    Very cool! Thanks for the thoughts/suggestions. I'm definitely going to use some of this!