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  1. Aikman wasn’t on the same planet as the other two. His team was just absurdly loaded in a pre salary cap era.
  2. It’s more complicated than that. He’s choking his pitches. The more RPM=More velocity and command, meaning fingertips and not having to hold it further back towards your palm.
  3. IMO grip enhancers are relatively overblown unless the spin rate is outrageous. Most pitchers use them for command purposes as opposed to spin rate, meaning most hitters are fine with pitchers having relative certainty of not getting pegged with a 96+ mph fastball. Granted, a sticky substance ala pine tar is pretty egregious, but sunscreen and other similar grip enhancers aren’t generally bad, just like how blowing into your hand when it’s cold or licking your fingers to turn a page help with this.
  4. Baseball in the 90s and early 2000s: Dingers, Chicks dig the longball commercials making fun of ace pitchers and marketing sluggers, live ball allegations, record fan interest, marketing your biggest superstars everywhere Baseball now: Lets deaden the ball to have fewer homeruns, crackdown on substances that allow pitchers to have grip, debate whether or not Tatis and Vlad Jr showboating homeruns is good for the game, and look at other peripheral issues about the game instead of the obvious.
  5. @JDD thanks for the list man! Went to Mancy’s Steakhouse tonight for dinner. The wife and I loved it.
  6. To me 8 is still the perfect number. 5 conference champs, 3 at large, seeded 1-8. It’s “only” one extra game. 12 screams shameless money grab as a response to having to pay players and keeping them from opting out of “pointless” bowl games. The 5-12 home field advantage does also grab me hook, line, and sinker though. I’m a sucker for that. 😂
  7. A guy with worldwide elite grappling ability/hand usage, lateral agility, and balance (translation: elite athlete) is a great flier to take on a guy.
  8. This is absolutely garbage. Sincerely, A teacher Go fly that propaganda somewhere else.
  9. I wasn’t saying it to you Unfortunately some are super corrupt.
  10. Yeah, screw unions. 8 hour work days, the weekend, minimum wage, worker’s compensation, labor laws, safety laws, health benefits. Bring back the days of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. We need more flammable materials and teenagers locked in their shop from the inside. Those were the days.
  11. Who hates on pancakes???? I love waffles, but who messed up your entire breakfast existence?
  12. Should not have said first amendment, that’s my fault. It is however a slippery slope when private businesses and corporations can regulate what you can and can’t see or discuss openly without fear.
  13. I love it when Freaky flexes those mod muscles 💪
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