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  1. LOL Malf this had me dying in dead chat
  2. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Here’s what my district is doing: Level 1-2: Face to face, no changes (desk sanitation between periods, face coverings on busses, no visitors, assemblies, or field trips whatsoever) Level 3: M/Th: Students last names A-L, T/F student last names M-Z, W No Students, teachers report and building sanitation Level 4: Remote learning 14-28 days We are also pretending we are going to have athletics, even though that’s obviously not happening. We will waste everyone’s time until mid August when they inevitably cancel the season after weeks of practice for everyone.
  3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    Additionally, your point on IEP’s is 100% spot on. Throw in other issues like free/reduced lunch, how staggered schedules are innately unintentionally discriminatory against those with lower SES factors for parents who have both parents working on site jobs or 2nd/3rd shift, those who have small children who can’t stay at home and care for themselves, building capacity issues/class size issues that make social distancing models impossible (we couldn’t pass a bond issue levy before this, let alone now in our community, and we are a failed renewal levy away from an Armageddon scenario), and teachers/staff who are at risk, the issue of substitute shortages...it’s a nightmare and things need to change in the DoE and specific state levels as well.
  4. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I wish I shared your optimism, but when the state cuts hundreds of millions of dollars from the education budget, adds more stipulations in the same breath, and says “Schools will figure it out, because they always find a way to do so” (exact quote), that’s not exactly inspiring confidence. We are $23 trillion in debt, haven’t been able to approach addressing healthcare and education systematic deficiencies, and our military spending is more than the next 15 countries combined. It’s comical.
  5. It's honestly a miracle I was even awake or tried to submit tbh.
  6. Yeah people love him here. HS football is a big deal here.
  7. Salmon is overrated tbh. Give me Walleiye, Perch, and Pike any day over that.
  8. Cedar planks, garlic, butter, pepper, thyme, that’s it.
  9. Patriots sign QB Cam Newton

    The Onion is just the BEST!