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  1. He seems suited for the PAC. He learns to "calm down" "for health reasons" and is able to take life "as it comes to him" and "escape the grind", while mercilessly poaching the entire West Coast for talent and remorselessly descending upon Pacific Time in a conference that isn't playing this year.
  2. I'd like to propose a conference that has Brian Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, Mike Gundy, Jimbo Fisher, Dabo Swinney, James Franklin, Nick Saban, and Urban Meyer whenever he comes out of retirement.
  3. @SwAg did you ever post the game setup and/or awards? Asking for a friend...
  4. The only thing preventing Joe Burrow from being a franchise QB is that pitiful OL he's behind. They'll ruin him yet.
  5. hE diED oF the COmm0N c0lD, but he "HAd aIDs"!
  6. Imagine this: You have a storied history and haven't been relevant on the national contender scale since 1988, with a couple of outlier appearances, in which you got your teeth kicked in by Clemson and Alabama, thus proving how far behind you actually were/are.
  7. They must not teach about AIDS in HS Health classes anymore to be honest.
  8. I think missing out on Training Camp/inter-squad scrimmages is the most significant. I don't buy into preseason at all, but practice/training time is a reality.
  9. SwAg, you'd like class today for my U.S. History course. I'm starting with a cold opener to acquire signatures to "End Women's Suffrage". My administrative team wants data driven formative assessments, so this should be alarming, amusing, and sufficient to show my effectiveness as a teacher.
  10. *Political voice, circa 1729* I am Jonathan Swift, and I approve of this message!
  11. Worth a like just for the reference! LOL https://www.gutenberg.org/files/1080/1080-h/1080-h.htm
  12. Me: The only town read I have is orca Orca: MWil is pushing me!!!! He’s scum! I disappeared yesterday but you didn’t read much? LOL
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