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  1. Your Draft Hot Takes

    Interesting. I have Nick Nelson behind Denzel Ward and Josh Jackson in the B1G Conference, let alone draft.
  2. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    @lancerman As per usual Anyone else’s point Your head I forgot more about Browns and NFL history brushing my teeth this morning than you’ll ever know. LOL at your hot takes before you were even born.
  3. Predict the Patriots' future post-Tom Brady

    1. You mean the same BB that was Parcells Defensive Coordinator who shocked the world by shutting down the "unstoppable" Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and won another ring? 2. You mean the same BB that won a playoff game in Cleveland in 1994, was beloved by the fans, and then subsequently fired by the RAVENS after the team was announced to move after the 1995 season? So much for the "unproven failure" part. 3. You mean the same BB that was hired by the Jets and then backed out of that contract to go to the Patriots? So much for the "nobody but Kraft believed in" part. But you keep sticking to that narrative you enjoy spinning so much.
  4. GDT week 15: Browns vs. Ravens

    I'm trying to figure out whether or not I'm angry that CBS will be showing the Bengals game instead of the Browns game down here where I live.
  5. Your Draft Hot Takes

    3 guys I'm hitching my wagon to: 1. Joshua Jackson, CB Iowa: He has great length, and aside from perhaps Denzel Ward, is the best Man to Man coverage corner in the draft. He has a knack for making plays (OSU, WIsconsin) and is pretty physical. I'm not sure how he'll test, but I like his competitiveness, instincts, and the fact that he plays solid man to man coverage. If somehow he doesn't test well and falls out of the 1st round, I think a team is going to be getting a steal 2. James Washington, WR Ok State: He has nice size, the ability to win 50/50 balls, is explosive, and has great hands. Some will criticize him for being in a system that doesn't run too many routes, but he'll be fine. Worst case scenario as a rookie he'll be an immediate Red Zone threat. I think that he's also going to be pretty solid after the catch. He's my favorite WR in the draft. 3. Sam Darnold, QB USC: Some have been pretty critical of him this year, but he's gotten better as the season has gone, cleaned up his release time with his "different" throwing motion by 17% this year, and is missing his best weapons from last year. I like his size, arm strength, and he's more accurate than most give him credit for. Playing in a pro style offense is also a nice plus for him. Hopefully he declares so my Browns draft him.
  6. Draft Discussion 2.0

    Fair point. I'll concede film study to the experts. I just go off of random NCAA games that I watch in my spare time on Saturday afternoons.
  7. Sashi Brown out in Cleveland

    Wrong. We put the FUN in dysfunction. Ahhh...yes. If only I had a dollar for every single time I've uttered or heard the same phrase when talking about the Browns. They should make a GM jersey instead of a QB jersey.
  8. Draft Discussion 2.0

    Nothing absolutely EGREGIOUS, but you could tell his default/comfort in the 3rd and especially 4th quarter was to scramble outside instead of sitting/moving within the pocket. He missed a LOT of wide open crossing routes in the middle.
  9. Brown and Roethlisberger - The best duo ever?

    I'd also personally put Manning/Marvin H. ahead as well.
  10. Draft Discussion 2.0

    Has nothing to do with scrambling around and missing wide open wide receivers while leaving the pocket for no reason. And this is respectfully where I stopped reading. I watched the game, saw these things, and came away with major concerns about his ability to read defenses and win from the pocket on a regular basis without improvisation. Maybe statistically. Eh...if you say so. That defense was all over him in the 2nd half. They ate Baker for lunch in the 2nd half on a regular basis. Stats don't matter much for me when evaluating a QB, especially in the BIG TWELVE.
  11. John Dorsey named GM

    The first thing I heard when he ran his mouth and set himself up for the microscope was: "He'll fit right in here with Truckstop Jimmy and Hue." Everyone knows this has a bad breakup written all over it and we the fans are the soon to be victims.
  12. Draft Discussion 2.0

    Those that love Baker see a fiery competitor who plays with a chip on his shoulder, has major success from the pocket and improvising. Those, like me, that loathe him, see a kid who suffers from short man syndrome at under 6'1, who is a DBag frat boy who grabs his grotch, cusses out fans/other players, talks trash, hits opposing players in the head with footballs while warming up, and plays in a spread/non NFL friendly system. There's a lot of meat left on the bone against Iowa State as well, where he refused to make short/intermediate throws from the pocket because his scrambling due to pocket ghosts majorly cost him and his team down the stretch. OSU handled him in 2016 as well. We'll see how he does vs. Georgia/maybe beyond. That's not a guy I personally want to bet my future on, but plenty of teams will. He's hands down my favorite. I like his frame, arm strength, and accuracy. Throw in his Pro Style system and how he's decreased his release time by 17% this year, all without his best weapons from last year, and I think you have a very good franchise QB. The Pro Style system, quick reads, above average arm strength with solid accuracy and good pre-snap reads make me a fan. I think he's a guy who suffers from being one of/the only guy on his team who could be considered a playmaker, so he can force some passes and tries to play hero ball. I think he'll clean it up in the NFL. See: Matt Ryan I think he's a guy who will need to go somewhere else to succeed. He's a project guy with questionable accuracy who has shown gradual improvement. I still don't think he's going to be a "win from the pocket" guy in the NFL.
  13. John Dorsey named GM

    I feel like Dorsey is a WWE heel. or completely clueless like this guy.
  14. Devin Hester Announces Retirement

    He forced 13 fumbles (7 fumbles recovered) in this 7 year Pro Bowl period of time. He also recorded a safety. Did he impact it in the same way...yes and no. He flipped field position, almost completely locked down opponents on punts, and counted for at least 7 extra possessions (plus another in a safety) in opponent's territory. If you were foolish enough not to fair-catch against the Bills,' he'd make you pay. As stated above, more like "if there's any doubt, fair-catch the ball". See above for field possession argument in a converse nature. Very fair. Similarly, Tasker forced and recovered more fumbles on special teams, not to mention all of these open field tackles, limiting these return yards, etc. Let's be honest, there's only ONE WAY to solve this: 3 punts to Devin Hester with Steve Tasker on punt coverage and each gets an average punt and punt return unit. May the best man win. It's my version of Celebrity Deathmatch.