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  1. I’d say good game Rack, but let’s be honest, you played like ****
  2. Hot take: I don’t find R&M funny. It’s way behind Futurama as well…and obviously King of the Hill.
  3. We are really overlooking the fact that this guy’s name is Brian. Should have been a major tell all along.
  4. Cool. It’s been a disaster here. Tbh, optional masks in my area last year would have been fine too outside of one month, but here it’s been awful. Covid everywhere and multiple teenage hospitalizations and ventilators, including teacher deaths in the area.
  5. We don't even know if Cult wins alone, with Town, or with anyone.
  6. The omission of 6 TD and 1 INT noted. I'm not sure how 5 turnovers by Pittsburgh has anything to do with Mayfield's 3 TD and 0 INT performance.
  7. Good work guys. Which one of you is the cult leader? How funny would it be if Rack claimed Red Scum knowing that he wouldn't get CC'd?!?!?!?! @Raves @rackcs @TheKillerNacho @Forge
  8. Always or throughout his career? Because the back half of 2020 on, that wasn't the case vs. the Ravens the 2nd time or the Steelers in the playoffs.
  9. Nagy could honestly be at the end of his rope, and if he continues to stick with Dalton, he could be out on his rear end. See: Hue Jackson going with Tyrod over Baker
  10. Behind Nick Chubb on the Browns roster as of now I'd say.
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