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  1. Good buddy How about you? It’s great to see you back here posting regularly because I know that about six months ago you were going through a tough time and it’s good to see that you are doing well from outward appearances. High school football season is winding down for us. If we win next week then we are probably in the playoffs but if we lose then we are done. This group of seniors is an amazing group of young men and we are really going to miss them and about every way possible. That said, it will be nice to get some time with my family again on a more regular basis after pulling about 65 to 70 hours a week.
  2. I asked that as a legitimate question. That's my whole point. If it DID include that, it means he basically played a PERFECT first 5 games, and the only hit he gave up was to an All Pro. Sorry that you can't follow my logic.
  3. I can't be the only person who's ever thought of this. Who comes to mind when you see them post based upon style, personality, or other factors? I'll start with a couple that instantly come to mind: @DaWg_LB. @sdrawkcab321
  4. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    @Aztec Hammer, who did you used to be????? I'm getting old and forgetful.
  5. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Was this GIF I posted too much/mean? Be honest guys, I can take it...
  6. Sometimes "Rock Bottom" can actually lay a foundation going forward. I actually wished this on him in 2014, so hopefully he's there. For Shawn Michaels (HBK), his came when his 2 year old daughter had to try to wake him up when he was passed out high on the couch. He turned his life completely around. Hopefully the same will be the case for Gordon.
  7. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    So true! Sorry @Bonanza23 and @candyman93! In my excitement and haste I forgot! LOL
  8. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Guys, stuff is getting real in the NFL Draft forum. A mod called out Mel Kiper Jr. for belittling a poster and he's threatened to stay on Twitter and no longer post here. @LETSGOBROWNIES @Aztec Hammer @NateDawg
  9. Does that 1 pressure include the hit on Smith yesterday that he gave up 1 on 1 to one Khalil Mach, who bull rushed him and put him on his back? But yes, ridiculously stupid decision not to resign or tag him.
  10. 2017's parity. Why?

    More major stars injured=more parity in my opinion.
  11. Hue Jackson thread.

    Not to be a jerk here BTC, but I don't see any. Our WRs are hot garbage, our RB is a joke who has zero vision, and our QB situation is an even bigger joke. We have a great OL, but zero skill position strengths. Crow sucks. You could probably pick names out of a hat. They're all horrible. We don't have any other options, period. That's what happens when you neglect to address the position for 10+ years aside from Coleman, who is hurt. You can't do this with an ineffective running game. I'm hoping for 3, and that seems WAY too high. I 100% agree here. Our front 7 looks legit and we can't address everything in 1 offseason. The secondary is a huge problem and we desperately need new CBs, but that may not happen for a bit. They're about 4th/5th on the priority list, behind QB, RB, WR for sure. We took one of the best box players in the nation and have him playing literally 30 yards off the ball. It's idiotic. And if he's not, we should NEVER have drafted him, let alone in the 1st round. Agreed.
  12. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Even though I quoted you, my passion wasn't meant to be directed at you specifically. It was meant to be directed towards the Browns and what they've done for the last 15 years, which is to blatantly ignore the QB position, undervalue it, not draft clear cut great QB prospects, and to try to take shortcuts by drafting them in the late 1st when superior prospects are available (see: Quinn, Manziel, Weeded) or in the 2nd round and later. See: Frye, McCoy, McCown, Kizer, the list goes on. I understand. So long as that guy IS the best is all I'm saying. I don't want any more of this "well we had the top 3-5 guys all graded close, so the difference was negligible so we decided to draft _________ or trade back for ____________. Exactly. I'd be ok with this, but the cost will be too steep and there's almost 0 chance that this happens. I'm perfectly calm. And have been bad for since 1999 with the exception of 2 years. And 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015...pardon me for running out of patience. Like I said, none of this is geared towards you and all of it is geared towards this organization. 100% agreed. Which is why watching a team that's gone 4-43 over the past 47 games is unacceptable and frustrating. We're talking about paid professionals playing in a tax payer funded stadium.
  13. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Like I said, I haven't hitched my wagon/or NOT hitched my wagon to him yet. You mean the game where he threw for over 450 yards and 4 TD while completing over 60% of his passes? UCLA isn't a great team. Disagree. Rosen is a 3 year starter that plays in a Pro Style offense, unlike Kizer who played for less than 2 years in a spread system. And Deshawn Watson was a turnover machine (as was Winston, Manning, Roethlisberger, and Ryan) in college that looks great this year. We'll agree to disagree here. I have to watch more of him, but there's a lot to like so far. Already addressed this. I don't like Rudolph at all. I 100% agree with you. I'm not the biggest Jackson fan, but he's shown major improvement this year and is an intriguing prospect. Yeah, not the biggest Allen fan either. I agree. The last time that there wasn't a legitimate NFL QB prospect was Jimmy Clausen's year. I don't buy this statement at all.