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  1. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    In his defense, he may not remember much of college either.
  2. Brent Jones for the 49ers was a truly underrated TE. He was a very solid blocker and solid receiving TE too. The same could be said for Jay Novacek for the Cowboys.
  3. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    I preferred the Macho Man Tommy Savage.
  4. Browns sign G Bryan Witzmann

    Right. I more or less meant perhaps down the road. This year it doesn't make sense.
  5. Buying a House

    Long story short: He's in the process of doing so. He was very apologetic and has been very gracious, admitting his fault. The problem/issue is, right now, he's just kind of "organizing his junk" instead of cleaning it up. We are going on vacation, so he told me to share his phone number with my realtor. I'm going to do so here soon and just give her some specific things out front/on the side and within eye shot of our deck that can be hid relatively easily. It won't look great, but right now it's a complete abomination, and I'm not exaggerating. I'd link you to the Zillow drone pictures but I think that's against the forum rules unfortunately.
  6. Browns sign G Bryan Witzmann

    Maybe a sign that Hubbard is going to go eventually?
  7. Buying a House

    I had to have a very uncomfortable series of conversations with my neighbor about cleaning up his yard. Another said that he thought it was priced too high, but he's out of touch with the market. I'd bet he will be back.
  8. Buying a House

    We put our house on the market a shade under a week ago. We've had 5-7 people go through the house and a lot of people have saved it, like it, and the feedback is good, but still no offers. I'm a little frustrated and stressed LOL. Come on...sell baby sell! I haven't even had an offer yet.
  9. Ravens re-sign QB Robert Griffin III

    I bet John Harbaugh "felt the earth move" watching him everyday in practice last year...at least that's what great coaches and the self proclaimed "QB whisperer" like Hue Jackson observe.
  10. Yeah absolutely. There have been a few times where we have had one and been able to split him out, throw him Red Zone targets/get the exact matchup we want, isolate him in a 1 on 1 situation, cause chaos in the running game...you name it.
  11. To be honest, having a solid TE is my biggest nightmare as a defensive/LB coach for so many reasons: 1. You can't automatically sub in another DB for one of our LB. 2. It presents an extra gap responsibility close to the LOS for a run fit on a LB/S 3. It adds another dimension of "who is covering him" whether it be match, man, or zone 4. You can't have your DE just pin his ears back. Sometimes you need him to JAM, sometimes you have him as a 5 or 9 (depending on down and distance, scheme, etc.), and sometimes he will stay in and block, block and release, etc. JMHO
  12. I'd love Simmons. I also love Love, but I'd be surprised if he dropped to the late 3rd. Anything can happen though!
  13. Got to have them (2nd round types): Whoever falls out of the 8-10 1st round DL guys, whether it's Tillery, Simmons, or one of the "flawed" EDGE guys with concerns about bend, size, etc. Julian Love: Average to slightly above average athlete who is very fundamentally sound and has great feet. He'd be a solid CB#2 IMO Irv Smith/Fant: I like both of these TE prospects personally. I fear Njoku isn't ever going to be a "true TE" and block, albeit he's very young. Njoku will still be effective in the slot or even split out in the Red Zone/on 3rd downs, but either of these guys will contribute immediately as blockers and in some other double TE situations, and be ready to roll in 2020 and beyond.