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  1. This is what I thought I said and meant to say.
  2. I’m an idiot @Thomas5737 this first Mayfield was supposed to be roll the dice on Michael Thomas
  3. Look at this guy saying we should replace Baker with anyone. Look at this guy bashing Baker with an agenda Look at this guy not giving him the benefit of the doubt and continuing his agenda Look at this guy bashing Baker and saying that we should replace him with a Day 3 Pick while refusing to acknowledge his 2020 season. Look at this guy assuming that he can't improve and saying that he'd suck no matter what. Look at this guy saying that we should only upgrade if we can make an elite play that would involve only 3 potential players. Having the 3
  4. Whatever you say man. Apparently I have an agenda to...what exactly? What kind of pull do you think that I have. I have rightfully been critical of him the entire back half of this season and have said my piece about things he needs to improve upon, which I've used data to support. Expecting a #1 overall pick to be better than mediocre isn't unrealistic, nor does it somehow make me a toxic fan (as if something short for fanatic wasn't already on the nose). I don't recall posting in NFL General much at all in the last week, so I'm not exactly sure why you've been sitting on this and d
  5. But I'm glad you took time off of your 2 year hiatus to come here and say that. Hopefully it was cathartic.
  6. I'm literally saying that Michael Thomas is infinitely worse than OBJ and we shouldn't bring him in while trying to salvage Baker.
  7. I'm not baiting anyone, so I'm sorry that you think that I am. Glad to see that you can so apparently weigh my motives and intentions though. Good for you This is laughable You're entitled to your opinion. I'm personally not feeling bad for an underachieving #1 overall pick who is a multi millionaire who has the sole job of performing well and hasn't delivered. So I'm more of a believer in Baker than you since I said I'd give him 2022. Interesting.
  8. Many are. I would also say that Baker apologists who conveniently discard the entirety of 2019, the first 5 games of 2020, and all of 2021 while not admitting his inability to perform under pressure (as in against the blitz, not speaking about clutch), read a defense, sloppy footwork, and propensity to turn over the football should also take a step back and understand that there are some major problems he needs to fix. Goodness no. I'm saying that IF you thought OBJ was an issue (and he absolutely was), just wait until you get Michael Thomas, who has been nothing short of a malcon
  9. Browns fans who wanted OBJ out and want us to roll the dice on Michael Thomas, while also being Baker Mayfield apologists, are nothing short of delusional.
  10. I don't care what anyone says, Randy Johnson is the most dominant pitcher in my lifetime. What he was able to do through the age of 40 was unreal.
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