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  1. Since I pulled that image off of Google with a smirk on my face
  2. @Blue can vouch for me that I certainly did no such thing.
  3. @Ragnarok was so impressed that he's completely speechless.
  4. You're all dead to me https://www.espn.com/nfl/game?gameId=401220166
  5. Kind of...more or less down in the Red Zone, I thought we'd go ahead and run 2 defenders off the field and then run 3 defenders on, then doing the reverse the next play, then back to doing that again so that we could play 12 on 11 every other play without anyone noticing.
  6. I just submitted this week's gameplan. My nostalgia level was through the roof. I like what we came up with, so hopefully it works out against a very tough opponent.
  7. I guess we'll see who the better team is. Personally, I think it's coming down to the Chiefs, Steelers, and Titans in the AFC in that order. After that, I think it's Buffalo, then Cleveland, then the Colts. If Baltimore figures it out in any semblance, I think they're better than the Colts and Browns. The Colts have several key matchups against the Texans twice, the Raiders, and the Steelers. I think that they probably lose at least 2 of those games. How the Colts do against those teams, as well as how the Browns do against the Titans this week and the Steelers and Ravens down the stretch after getting throttled and embarrassed the first time around will be telling. I just don't buy into the Colts at all this year.
  8. The joke's on you, I don't have a Facebook. However, we have discussed the very close to you being discovered IRL because of our network of friends from Columbus who likely studied with you. Let's see how many Wisconsin guys they knew...
  9. Ah, I don't wanna hear that excuse at all. The Browns were out Larry Ogunjobi and Karl Joseph at S, not to mention Greedy Williams at CB. The injury excuse is a wash at best. If you want to argue more impressive wins, I'll hear that. The Browns haven't beaten anyone good at all, because I don't even think the Colts are good. Phillip Rivers has a noodle for an arm, is still as a statue, their running game is mediocre, but I do love their Head Coach. He's done an excellent job considering what he's had to work with from a personnel standpoint on offense. The Browns won by 9 points, and quite frankly, dominated the game more than the score indicated.
  10. Something historic, probably will go/do. *Checks log of last 22 years +/- 3 years of Browns games* This checks out
  11. I changed my mind. Now I'm not getting one. I've also decided to stop wearing a mask, effective *Now*. Whew! I feel so much better and can actually BREATHE! The curve has been flat for 9 months. BRB, gotta go plan a huge Christmas get together with a bunch of fellow coworkers who I've also just convinced not to wear masks or get the vaccine, since we don't know for certain how it's going to work and can therefore assume is innately dangerous and an attempt by the government to pull my kids out of their classrooms and vaccinate them without my consent, which is an infringement of my constitutional rights.
  12. In all seriousness, for the most part I'm with you on the "crowd experience" thing. I hate big cities, and now that I have kids I basically avoid crowds or anything where I can't have a clean line of sight. We do make exceptions for festivals, or at least the Pumpkin Festival I should say.
  13. No rant? No sarcastic response? I feel cheated to the point of where I'm going to intentionally provoke you in another thread when you least expect it.
  14. In all fairness, this is where I'm at too. Each year my employer offers a free flu shot that they come on site, you schedule a 5 minute window in the building, and during your free period, you stop by and get it. My kids get it at their wellness visit, and my wife gets hers at her yearly OBGYN appointment.
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