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  1. Easy there Lyndon B. Johnson. It's not 1966 anymore.
  2. Because I refuse to believe after your back to back nights of vote fiascos that you are town. That's also why I'm pushing guys that I firmly believe are scum locks and willing to let things go to LYLO in a double coinflip situation...it would just be nice to even get there. That was why I didn't push Orca the last two nights and started a fake push on him to see who would climb on.
  3. @ramssuperbowl99 is this the Texas equivalent of "I know you are but what am I?"
  4. If Counselor and SwAg are Town, we've already lost...unless the SK hits one of my Town reads and they flip scum tonight.
  5. I would take Superman, Batman, and the Flash against ALL of the Avengers. FACT. #Truthhurts I would also take the 3 Blue Chips over all 5 of the Hoosiers.
  6. Counselor and Whicker (Team) Touch and Forge/Swag (Team) Forge/Swag (SK) I'm choosing to believe Nacho and Squire because I have to at this point.
  7. Smart man He can run on the water in superspeed and go back in time. It's a no brainer. When I need a fish translator, then I'll call Aquaman. How dare you disparage the U.S. Coast Guard When Aquaman goes 8 for 8 in the Olympics, give me a ring. Do you live in the ocean? I'm taking the Goblet of Fire kid over him. FACT.
  8. I'm strictly speaking of your whole "you fell for my D1 trap" bit and code talking. Anything to actually get you to contribute with a vote or push/get any positive Town push going whatsoever. That said, it's likely that you're scum, but I stand by my statement that with 3 scum/aggressive indy factions, especially without a scum hit (unless you're the SK), you still will provide positive Town results up until Lylo.
  9. Yes, but in all honesty, we have to hit a GF today or tomorrow, hope that the SK kills scum today, or hit the SK today and a GF tomorrow.
  10. LOL My only true Town reads for sure were Rack and Vikeman. Now I gotta figure out whether or not to believe Squire and Nacho, who have done next to nothing the last few days, or Whicker and Counselor who have been so outright bad at voting, switching, and forcing lynches that they're either incompetent Town this game or scum (I think scum). Throw in SwAg and his clear inability to read Rack, willingness to vote Touch, and him parking his vote on Forge without getting any traction...and it's chaos.
  11. People I'd call first in any water related emergency: 1. Superman 2. The Flash 3. The U.S. Coast Guard 4. Michael Phelps 5. King Triton from the Little Mermaid 6. The kid from Harry Potter who turns himself into a shark 7. Aquaman @ramssuperbowl99 am I forgetting anyone?
  12. Looking to enter a trade

    I was going to recommend an electrician or welder. Plumbing is miserable in my opinion, but my grandpa was a plumber for 40 years and enjoyed it.
  13. We're Fine!

    Growing pains are a thing. *2nd year QB *Rookie HC *New coordinators on both sides of the ball *Our best players are in their 2nd/3rd seasons aside from OBJ, who is adjusting to a new system, QB, timing after being hurt, etc. *Depth is a problem throughout still due to the Farmer/pre-Dorsey years, especially with a suspended RB and WR, a hurt WR, a hurt backup RB, a hurt TE, and a hurt S or two, not to mention our already sub par OL *Throw in two very good/underrated DC's, 1 of which who knows this team inside and out, and it explains a mediocre start to the season
  14. Why RACK???? Those who piled on Orca have serious issues. He wasn't even most people's top scum read. Funny how most of those people also helped force OT the night before or blatantly threw their vote away by voting "their best read" that wasn't even close to a leading vote getter.