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  1. Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    I've got dibs on Scorpion. You're welcome.
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    Based off of the last 21 years of Browns film, with Griffith and Russell as outliers, I say no.
  3. FFMD 2020 - Cleveland Browns War Room

    ...name the last 370 pound OT who has been dominant, especially with an analytics driven F.O. and scheme that has utilized, if anything, undersized OL. That's my thought.
  4. Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    Rocky Anthology Mafia 80's Action Movie Mafia U.S. Civil War Mafia The Mighty Ducks Mafia
  5. FFMD 2020 - Cleveland Browns War Room

    I'd try to slide into the #8 spot. Let them take Wills, we'll take Thomas. Thomas is a true LT anyway with a high floor and has better potential down the road for us. He can be our Day 1 LT, and with our running game/PA pass attack, his ability to transition from a gap to zone scheme I'm not as concerned about. I think he's a solid NFL starter with higher upside. I think the dropoff from 2-3 is more significant personally than from 1-2.
  6. FFMD 2020 - Cleveland Browns War Room

    I wouldn't trade with Detroit. No way that they go OT when they have Taylor Decker already and are in "win now" mode with Patricia and company. They have to take BPA position player or go for a haul. As for Wills, I'd like either him or Thomas, but I'd settle for Wirfs. It may be better to make a preemptive deal with #7/#8 to ensure we get our #1 OT. Detroit HAS to go BPA position player, then San Diego likely gets Herbert. We are looking at #7-#9 being critical picks for us, so moving into the #8 spot makes the most sense to me if we are going to move up, thus securing one of Wills and Thomas.
  7. Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    Themes: Brady vs. Belicheck Mafia Owners vs. NFLPA Mafia Cold War Mafia Robber Baron Mafia NFL Draft Mafia (Open Draft setup) GOAT Sports Mafia (Legends in every sport vs. other legends) Mortal Kombat Mafia
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    If anyone thinks that he can bump back to FS then I'd sign him to a lower end veteran deal for a year or two with the ability to walk away in 2021.
  9. An early yet not unexpected start to mudslinging season. Vote status quo in 2020 for Pwny/Glem. It's the same garbage/rebranded top/down FF Idealogy that has led to stagnation and volatility.
  10. FFMD 2020 - Cleveland Browns War Room

    If you move up for anyone other than Wills at this point, I'm letting @NateDawg be the de facto moderator for a week. I love Okudah, but CB is about 5th on the pecking order for need right now, and we are looking at a win/win with BPA OT (Wills/Thomas) falling into our laps, or move up and swap something reasonable to ensure our #1 OT.
  11. It's time to announce the secret 3rd man and running mate of 2020: @LETSGOBROWNIES That's right! The #1 like recipient and top poster on this site and agreed to change things up. #TheBrownsWinAtSomething2020
  12. My fellow forummates, Isn't it time that you relied upon yourselves for true leadership? Why exchange the bonds of oppression, when you can have true freedom? If elected, I promise that the wealthy like recipients will pay their fair share. Having over 10,000 likes isn't just misguided, it's morally WRONG. Why should some of us have night 20,000 likes, while others are stuck under the heavy burden of anonymity? As a founding member of this beloved site, I would point to my immaculate record, receiving ZERO, I repeat, ZERO warnings of any sort, and as a passionate member of the Browns forum, we can truly point to our own forum's ability to police itself, coexist without MORE moderation, and forever cast aside the fallacy that anarchy "won't work", as my opponents would have you believe. In addition to spreading the wealth and having the top 1% pay their fair share, I pledge "warning and temporary ban forgiveness for ALL". Why should you be shackled with the shame/blemish on your records from predatory moderators, whose sole goal is to line their pockets with your brief, potentially non sober, indiscretions? Why should these "moderators" insert themselves into your lives? What business is that of the state?
  13. Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    I’m already a better host.
  14. Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    1sanchez11, @AFlaccoSeagulls, @amac, @bcb1213, @Beavis, @biggio7, @Blahstoise, @BleedTheClock, @BrettFavre004, @BringinDaPain, @buddy_z34, @buno67, @carl_sjunior, @CAS22, @coltsmanic808, @Counselor, @DawgX, @devils1854, @daboyle250, @Deadpulse, @DingoLadd, @Dome, @ET80, @FinneasGage, @Forge, @FriendlyEnemy, @Glen, @gopherwrestler, @Heimdallr, @Hockey5djh, @James, @JBURGE, @Jlash, @JMG, @JoshstraDaymus, @jrry32, @Ketchup, @kingseanjohn, @KManX89, @KOTN-93, @LuckyNumber11, @Malfatron, @Matts4313, @MD4L, @Mega Ron, @mission27, @MookieMonstah, @MWil23, @N4L, @Nazgul, @Pickle Rick, @rackcs, @RandyMossIsBoss, @Ragnarok, @RuskieTitan, @Shady Slim, @squire12, @SwAg, @SwoleXmad, @swoosh, @TedLavie, @Tk3, @TheKillerNacho, @The LBC, @The Orca, @theuntouchable, @TLO, @Tugboat, @VikeManDan, @vikesfan89, @Vindicatedxx, @Whicker, @Woz, @Wyld Stallyns
  15. I would like to announce that @Malfatron has decided to become my Chief of Staff in our campaign opposite of pwny/Glem. My running mate is a secret third man. Stay tuned for future updates and announcements.
  16. Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    Please sign me up in any spot 7-15 please.
  17. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 3rd try

    I would like to announce that @Malfatron has decided to become my Chief of Staff in our campaign opposite of pwny/Glem. My running mate is a secret third man. Stay tuned for future updates and announcements.
  18. An OT named Thomas in Cleveland. What’s there to think about?
  19. https://twitter.com/NFL_Memes/status/1245912550589399041?s=20 If Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews had a son...
  20. Sign me up any spot 7-15 please.
  21. So, who has next? We should have signups today and tomorrow, then get ready to roll out a game Sunday, as that's the start of the "new week" IMO.
  22. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    @Mind Character I'm finally ready to give you my OT synopsis/rankings: 1. Wills: He's the most polished and fundamentally sound, he's played in a hybrid Pro Style offense, and his tape is close to immaculate. My concerns with him going forward are that he's physically "maxed out" and likely won't get stronger and will likely never be a "mauler" in the run game. IMO he's gone at #10 and I think you're living in a fantasy land wanting him at #10. 2. Thomas: He's got arguably the highest floor, played in a Pro Style offense, his work ethic and "mean streak" are legendary, and his punch/strength is superb. He's solid in pass pro, and if he can figure out his balance in the run game/finishing, then he's going to be a dominant OT. He's my pick at #10 as I think he will be there 3. Wirfs: He's an elite athlete, comes for a perfect offensive system in Iowa, and even if he's a "bust" at OT, I think he's a Pro Bowl caliber OG. 4. Becton: I don't see it. His height/weight combination and build terrify me, especially at the LT position. I think that he's a poor man's Mount McKinnie. He's the one guy that I just plain DO NOT WANT us to draft, and if given the option of him or a position player, I'd go position player for sure.