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  1. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Imagine all 4 OT gone and 2-3 QB, giving us Okudah, Brown, or Simmons (Young will obviously be gone), not to mention maybe a team barely behind us wanting to overpay for one of those guys and we still get a premier player.
  2. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Malfatron for the last time, I don’t have a killing move. I’m not immortal either. R-E-L-A-X
  3. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    found this one too lol Outing yourself only to one/two of the twins and memeing only to him/them while masquerading as Town is an art.
  4. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    I’ve been 1-5 almost every other game. It’s probably an outlier...that or completely random.
  5. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Oh yeah, the "lone" was a big part of that. I knew it had something to do about 75%...at least it's flipped as of late. I used to be 1/4...now it's closer to 3/4, but that crash and burn in spectacular fashion factor still looms large, huh?
  6. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    LOL, no, I wouldn't do that. That's his DC Character profile. Pay no attention to the "immortal" part, that's pretty irrelevant. Same with Angelic Scream, I don't have that either. I'd have hollered at Orca for sure otherwise.
  7. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    I was going to respond with a gif from my movie, and now I forgot what I gave myself... *Facepalm*
  8. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Because I already named you. I felt as though that was obvious.
  9. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Hahahaha!!!! I'm still laughing too!
  10. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Not by me! I would have strolled into postgame thumping my chest and taking my D1 policy lynch next game like a man. I cannot express how hard I was laughing this entire afternoon making that case and imagining SwAg believing that I was serious. His reaction wasn't scummy to me at all so much as: "Are you ****** serious?! This knuckle dragging neanderthal is really going to ****** get me on a proper noun, that scroungy little ****! **** that little ***** I'm going to nuc this game!"
  11. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    I'd actually use Superman to kill Batman. That's a script that sells. My biggest Town reads are: Touch You Counselor KSJ SwAg Josh Whicker My biggest scum reads are: BCB Forge Finn He's still tied to The Presence Well, to review, I claimed Zauriel via picture, reaffirmed Zauriel with a like on you and SwAg's posts, and then claimed him again after I was caught...but my fake claim was censor, and the thought of me having to use a censor as a fake claim in a game where I'm using it and have faked it before, along with Whicker, and essentially the sheer mayhem that it caused December through February, that was one I was completely unwilling to use. LOL
  12. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    No I'm not. I promise. Lie detect that.
  13. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Maybe ...and I was SO hoping that I could get SwAg lynched on a capital J. It wouldn't have even mattered if he was scum or not. That would have made my year.
  14. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    I'd save you for close to last. You know that. I would NEVER leave you.
  15. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Not letting you sacrifice yourself to the lynch wagon ineptitude of your lazy town brethren. They're an embarrassment. It's unfortunate that you, SwAg, Ragnarok, and Touch seem to be the only ones genuinely interested in reading, much less game solving...and Whicker too if he's Town.
  16. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    If I were unlynchable, memeing would be fun.
  17. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Zauriel will unfortunately not be culting anyone this game. Besides, if I were cult, my first recruit would have been Ragnarok to make SwAg extra paranoid and he's Superman, followed by Forge, because, well, it's Forge, followed by Touch so that I could get out of that awkward 3-4 day window where he's always watched/tracked/invested as an alignment cop/compare.
  18. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    DUDE, are you trying to get me killed? I did you a favor last night. A little reciprocation would kill you, wouldn't it?
  19. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Unfortunately not. If I were the Joker I'd have burned this game down in the two/three days that I was here and just been content to die early. He should detect all of that. Like I said, you guys shouldn't waste a hit on me. You should just lynch me tomorrow.
  20. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    Ugh I wish I were town so badly so that I could gamesolve. I think that the roleblocker that wasn't Orca could very well have been the Green Lantern or the Flash, and if it was actually Counselor and he's the Flash, that mom joke he made to Dome is even better than the first time I made it now.
  21. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    That's what makes it fun. Or you could use your lie detector and find out.
  22. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    I believe that Lex Luthor has to be in the Legion of Doom, making Purple a faction. I believe that Dome is Mafia, therefore a separate faction. I believe that Green is likely the cult. I'm alone.
  23. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    I deserve a tug on the legs to make sure my neck breaks if it doesn't when the boom drops the first time. It's the honorable thing for a gentleman.
  24. JLA Mafia Game Thread NIGHT 3

    The fact that I was DOUBLE ROLEBLOCKED last night is actually the biggest compliment that I've received D1/N1 ever in this game.