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  1. What’s it like in Pickles mind? Squire caught Rack and you voted for Matts. Nice job “catching” him though.
  2. Self preservation. Tell Rack I said he sucks as scum and it’s embarrassing for him that he has to try on you and his cronies who can only win as ghosts:
  3. There are three people with any knowledge of MTG and SirA was dead and flipped scum, 1 is the host, and the other we have no idea if he’s making crap up or not but will blindly trust him here because he was lol cleared from Malf’s flip.
  4. You already locked your vote on me and have used your alleged “knowledge” of the game to spin things and since no one else knows what you’re saying you can go ahead and make up a bunch of BS and everyone just takes it at face value. Malf blocked you as his scum buddy for WIFOM didn’t he?
  5. It’s whatever. I had fun and love this setup despite zero knowledge of the them. I’m pushing for @Whicker to be permanent host.
  6. No offense brother but I really couldn’t care less.
  7. Agree with this. That's why I said he was dead at that point lol I voted Daboyle before anyone else and hopped off when wolf clarifies stasis and pickle and counselor hopped on.
  8. @Whicker update the VC and do your thing. Thanks for hosting! I had a blast!
  9. Everyone does including Liliana, right? Good to know you’re completely inconsistent there on that logic and just contradicted yourself. I’m just telling you what Whicker gave me and pasted the first image of him I found. I don’t know anything about this theme.
  10. Locks his vote pages before his quotes just now @bcb1213
  11. Pickle: Answer me or I lock you! Me: Answer Also Pickle: LOCK MWIL
  12. You locked before all that dude. Besides, no one cares what anyone swears on or bets about in a mafia game.
  13. Squire aside from a day kill had a very similar flavor to Orca. Assassinated.
  14. I’m willing to be on tonight’s census. Daboyle
  16. Since Josh, Dome, Gopher, and Squire were all a variation of a watcher or tracker I’m glad that half of them were scum too. ...oh, wait...
  17. LOL Pickle locked on me, was caught in an obvious lie about squire to further try and implicate me, then when called on it he tried to CC me?!?!
  18. Because it was a day hit. Way to twist that though.
  19. LOL Pickle just say you were going to lock me no matter what then. What a joke. Gee, I wonder why I didn’t claim earlier after that.