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  1. <I search all of the walls, paintings, and furniture for traps and anything of use> @The Orca
  2. <I head to the torture room and carefully inspect the dead bodies for any traps/danger, and finding none, search them thoroughly> @The Orca
  3. @Counselor and @theuntouchable help me barricade this door.
  4. <I exit the room, slam the door shut, and barricade Jason in the room with the prehistoric animal> @The Orca
  5. I’m 💯 with Forge and based on thread play want to believe Touch, but forge being other makes me trust it less and Touch being red lettered is a concern. I’m great with any of Jason/Squire/Touch today and good holding off touch another day. Jason I don’t buy the newbie slip.
  6. How much are you regretting claiming pink other aligned right now?
  7. @Forge I’m tracking you big time, but would orca really give a pink aligned other? I could plausibly see a Touch being framed, but pink aligned other means orca hates touch and probably town too for that matter. <I go stand behind everyone in the ice room> @The Orca
  8. His invest came back that he’s evil alignment...bad guy
  9. My thoughts exactly. How would you recommend proceeding? Squire stops blocking Dome the night he dies and is clear scum. JWB has a slip and blocks our two most valuable players. Touch is red lettered. Pickle has a claim between KSJ/Whicker
  10. Frankly I’m not sure if that slip is a tell or not. That’s brutal though.
  11. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  12. I’m working on it. Head on in there and drop a few more torches and heat things up.
  13. Why did you block Whicker then? I’d block either squire, n4l, or pickle tonight. Just let us know after votes are due and right after night moves are locked. @Forge odds of another roleblock in the game?
  14. Lol Nacho you’re going to have @ET80 gunning for you on POETIC JUSTICE. Door 2 for life!!!!!
  15. Anyone know what this/these numbers mean?
  16. @ET80 is it my time to go?
  17. <I gesture @Forge to put down ETs bear and I walk away into the ballroom> @The Orca
  18. <I exit the door, with it still open, pick up the bowling pin from the ground by ET, and hurl it as hard as I can, hitting the bear. I retreat to a safe distance and see what happens> @The Orca
  19. @Counselor I’m trying to reanimate a monster here in the ice room!