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  1. The Colts CB group is very interesting. The safety spot opposite Hooker is a question mark potentially but those corners, that is a hell of a lot of depth. Rock Ya-Sin Kenny Moore Xavier Rhodes Marvell Tell Quincy Wilson TJ Carrie Wilson has good size and upside, Tell a safety at USC had some good moments at CB last year. Xavier Rhodes is former Pro bowl corner and if he can improve his overall conditioning level he will be a good player again in the league potentially. Moore is promising in the slot and Ya-Sin has upside as well. Sure it is not the Patriots in terms of overall CB depth but it is pretty solid, especially with Carrie who also has experience at the position obviously.
  2. 2020 Draft Talk

    There is no risk from him, if he does not work out who cares. They have Bisi Johnson who achieved wild success last year, Tajae Sharpe is solid, Alexander Hollins has some potential and Thielen is a Pro bowler. So if they can get some production from those first three Beebe would just be added to it. If Sharpe and Thielen can be the starters then Johnson as the 3rd and Beebe and or Hollins as the 4th. It should really not be bad but that is only if Sharpe can become a decent 2nd receiver and Thielen can be healthy all season. Only negative about the entire WR core is that none of those receivers are good at special teams returning and if they do draft a WR 2nd or 3rd round they better be able to punt and kick return. DE, OG CB and maybe OT are the absolute biggest needs for the team. If a great WR drops they take them but I doubt it any drop.
  3. Compared to the 90s the 70s sucks outside of a few films and even those are nothing if ranked against the all time great comedies. PS it is pretty shocking how the Life of Brian was so much worse than the Holy Grail, they really crapped the bed on that one. Monty Python and the Holy Grail Blazing Saddles Animal House
  4. Bengals release CB Dre Kirkpatrick

    True, but I would not be surprised he if rebounds this year and gets in better shape aka physically runs better and is in better condition to do so consistently. Rhodes has been an All Pro and Pro bowler, Kirkpatrick has never been even close to that good, so if one is talking same pay for both players no way I would take Kirkpatrick over him. And again Rhodes is one year younger, has played more ball at a higher level and is clearly more experienced at the position. Can Kirkpatrick really cover that well? Trae Waynes has been a disappointment overall in his career, never really took his game to that next level and basically the Bengals go him and cut Kirkpatrick because one is better than the other. I am saying if the Vikings to sign Kirkpatrick which I doubt, he is not better than what they got rid of in Rhodes. Heck could argue overall in their total careers, Rhodes and Waynes are both better than Kirkpatrick now and in the future. That Bengals secondary is pretty interesting, Von Bell is a damn stud at safety and a great improvement, be curious what they do with Shawn Williams who is decent also. Jessie Bates I have always liked especially coming out of Wake Forest. Alexander has a lot of promise in the slot if he can stay healthy, Waynes is better than Kirkpatrick was and Jackson has his moments.
  5. Bengals release CB Dre Kirkpatrick

    He was really bad, he is also a great worker though and if he was in better shape in terms of his deep speed he would not have gotten beat as often. Clearly the rules currently in the NFL do not allow him to hand fight as much as he used to and that hurts his game overall. But he is experienced in the system and for currently gets $5 million only, that is pretty cheap. Doubt we could even get Dre Kirkpatrick for that amount but who knows. Basically saying not sure Kirkpatrick is an upgrade honestly and he is older and fare less experienced and accomplished at the position.
  6. Paper Moon is a really great movie no question about it, very entertaining but I would not call it a great comedy. And Willy Wonka I would call a fantasy film and should do great in the 70s time period, but must say for a kids movie is pretty freaky. To the correct audience though yes at times it is pretty funny, but as a kid watching, yeah it was not always a pleasing movie to view.
  7. Bengals release CB Dre Kirkpatrick

    What? Dre Kirkpatrick started 3 games for Mike Zimmer out of 32 potential games in two years he was the DC there. Sure they drafted Dre when Zimmer was the DC. That is about it. Dre Kirkpatrick I would not mind bringing in at a cheap rate, he has length for sure but clearly has been a disappointment in the NFL honestly. What Rhodes deal was 1 year for $5 for the Colts, I know Rhodes had a bad season last year but is far more experienced in Zimmer's system and honestly is a better player all around than Dre Kirkpatrick. So in that regard, yeah I doubt it happens.
  8. 1980s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Agreed, sure it was not every time but there was one sub and that was his go to and literally asked which one of the two movies wanted to be watched for say the last 30 minutes of class or whatever often.... it was hell. But clearly both are PG enough to show, but the far superior comedy Caddyshack could obviously not be shown in schools. I remember on a trip once we brought the Best of Chris Farley to watch, and the one of first few skits was the Schmitts Gay skit, and they made us shut it off right after that sadly.
  9. 1980s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Then you were saved the horror of having a substitute teacher and watching either one of those movies over and over and over again.
  10. 1980s Comedy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    I assume you did not go to middle school or high school in the late 90s and early 2000s.
  11. 2020 Draft Talk

    These guys were awesome from freshman year and beyond as far as I can remember from the 2019 Pro bowl roster. Luke Kuechly, Jamal Adams, Julio Jones, Maurkice Pouncey, Saquon Barkley, Myles Garrett, Todd Gurley, DeAndre Hopkins, Stephon Gilmore, Patrick Peterson, CJ Mosely, Jadeveon Clowney, Derwin James, Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, Trent Williams, Max Unger, Alex Mack, Malcolm Jenkins, Andrus Peat, Cameron Heyward, James Conner, Russell Wilson These guys were awesome their sophomore or RS Freshman year going forward from that same Pro bowl roster. Drew Brees, Aaron Donald, Landon Collins, Zek Elliott, Mike Pouncey, David DeCastro, Andrew Luck, Deshaun Watson, Jared Cook, Taylor Lewan, Austin Hooper, Tyron Smith, Zach Martin, Kyle Fuller, Cameron Jordan, That does not even include them all either because I am sure I missed some. Not even mentioning players that were before these guys. Just because a player is less know does not instantly mean they have greater upside. Upside is not all of a sudden playing well, upside can be see FR year or SR year, does not really matter I guess. But honestly I would rather see it early which shows potentially a more elite level talent as seen above. You do not think that, great don't think it, and disregard years before the actual draft as if those years of development and production do not matter. Maybe Josh Jones is better than Biadasz in the pros, that is not really the point, point is ones entire career should be taken into account not just what you have done most recently. Consistency matters, yes not all players develop at the same rate, but great players are usually great players from the get go.
  12. 2020 Draft Talk

    I am saying did you personally follow Josh Jones entire career? That is a no I assume. Did you know who he was as a freshman in college? That is a no I assume. Tyler Biadasz as a RS FR in college, if you paid attention you knew exactly who he was because he was the best at his position for his class. Josh Jones never got that kind of hype outside of this past season, where he played his best he has of his career. I noticed him JR year just based on his physical size and length but he also got beat an odd number of times, that changed a little this past year. Being a good football player for a long time matters compared to peaking now. Sure that is not always true but usually players that are outstanding from their FR or RS FR year onward is a good thing. Sure some are late bloomers but more often than not a great player is great from the get go and Biadasz was. Now maybe he is physically destroyed, I do not think that is true but if that happens then sure he will not be the same type of player at the next level. Same happened with Ed Oliver last year, people just got sick of him, used to him or whatever and seemed to have forgot how consistently great he was even if his last JR year in college was not as dominating, kid was a dynamic talent from his true FR season onward. That should matter when talking about a prospect, how great they were and for how long.
  13. 2020 Draft Talk

    Jonah Jackson was an absolute super star on Ohio State this past season. Is he better than his teammate Wyatt Davis? Probably not, I would take Davis in the 1st round next year as a OG, I would not take Jonah Jackson in the 1st round this year but absolutely would in the 2nd but doubt he lasts to when the Vikings pick. But Ohio State had an amazing OL last year, their center was great, clearly both guards were great and the tackles were solid. Sure Billy Price I was not a huge fan of an Elflein was trash of course but I don't think Jackson would be like Elflein but who knows, I did not know much of him on Rutgers before the transfered. John Simpson I love at OG and he has the mobility to play in a zone read system, has pulled often at Clemson. And Biadasz if healthy is a solid player and can play OG arguably and C. But yeah none are 1st round picks really like Myers on Ohio State could be next year at center and Creed Humphrey if he gets stronger. Does kind of suck Alex Leatherwood and Alaric Jackson both returned to school, both can play OT and OG, and Leatherwood especially, he could be an awesome selection for the Vikings if he was available this year. Trey Smith is another, if healthy could be a beast RT or better yet a solid guard if healthy. Ruiz is really interesting but not sure he would be that good at OG, Cushenberry I think could be better at OG than C but he also is probably gone by 2nd round and I would not take him 1st round. Only good thing about Josh Jones is yeah at least he is worth a 1st round pick unlike arguably any interior OL. Biadasz however I have had that high all season, but apparently his health is not great but that might be BS also. Kid has been a top line center and is not a flash in the pan like some others kind of are. Two to three years ago one knew who Tyler Biadasz was, don't think that can be said for Josh Jones on Houston.
  14. That sure was a great movie, should win the 1960s but Dr. Stranglelove is also quite hilarious. Mel Brooks most underrated movie is arguably Robin Hood: Men in Tights, that was very solid with consistent laughs and jokes throughout the entire thing, was a great parody.