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  1. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 3 9/16/2017)

    You do not know if Deontay Burnett is a next level player? What? Kid is absolutely trending straight up, had an awesome Bowl game against Penn State and has had three great games in a row to start this season. Makes insane diving catches look ordinary, especially on Daronld's inaccurate passes, but he still catches them. Kid is totally rising up the draft boards and is playing right now like a 1st round pick if he decides to come out early. Sure that could change but the upside and potential he has been showing is really great I think, big time playmaker with great speed and hands. And Malik Jefferson, he has been extremely productive from the word go as a freshman player. Big time prospect and is a 1st round talent. Outstanding athlete, sure at times he does not make all the plays he should but he has star potential. Easily is one of the most talented linebackers in the entire country with how well he moves on the football field, and there is not many soild outside linebackers in the nation I feel, especially guys who are not just 3/4 OLB pass rushers only. He did have a great game as did Wheeler who impressed me a lot as well. Nwosu I like, was all over the place I agree but he will not be a 3/4 OLB in the NFL at that size. He is best as a undersized speed rusher and that could be a problem, needs to show more ability to take on blocks and not just be a quick penetration guy. Is having a really great year though and is really standout out thought I agree. I liked what Ford showed that is for sure, was part of a very impressive run defense overall for Texas. USC ran all over Stanford a typically good front 7, Texas stood their ground and played great inside. Charles Omenihu was a super star in that game as well I thought, always loved his size and potential and he played big time in that game for sure on the edge. There is a reason Tristan Nickelson did not get tons of playing time. Really unique size for a offensive tackle but gets beat a lot in pass protector for sure, see how he does with more time now that Williams is out. Ehlinger really impressed how he could stand in there despite tons of pressure on him from the edges. Overall though great game, nice to see a big time game when it is not just trading freaking touchdowns and the other team can stop the offense from time to time. Makes for a much more exciting and intense game when yards are fought for not just given seemingly. Texas did deserve to win the game in the end but ultimately that fight they showed was very impressive on the road against a team like USC and that offense, especially after what they did to Stanford the week before.
  2. True but they also won 5 games and he is the best QB to arguably ever play at that school which honestly is not saying much but still. In terms of this year I am going to wait and see what they do especially offensively against teams with DBs who do not suck. Be very curious how they play against Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma State, TCU and West Virginia. A win against any of those teams would be solid but not sure that will happen, will see.... A win against Arizona State might seem solid but really Arizona State is not in that great of spot as a program, have a few prospects like Harry and Crump but overall the team is not really that great.
  3. I did not get a chance to watch that game fully, was tuned into other games at that time. Will be interesting to watch Texas Tech against Oklahoma State, West Virginia, Oklahoma, Kansas State, TCU and Texas. See what they can do against those solid teams. Arizona State cannot play defense and I am always a little weary of Texas Tech players to begin with because of that QB history in that system through the entire coaching tree. Texas Tech I think will have a hard time because many teams are using a up tempo fast paced passing offense, and they can actually play defense as well which allows them to win games. Unless they change their identity and start to get better defensive players Texas Tech are always going to struggle to win and compete in the Big 12 and Nationally. Kingsbury's record over the past three years has been not great, and that was with arguably their best QB to ever play at that school from a talent standpoint. If you cannot stop anyone on defense it does not really matter all the offensive statistics that are put up, and it especially does not matter in terms of NFL development necessarily just because one has good college statistics on offense. Will see what they do against the better competition on that schedule... Manny Wilkins is a very boarderline NFL talent, not really sure he is even a real true QB prospect just yet. Harry is a great receiver, one of the best in the nation by far. JoJo I liked at times last year, has decent quick twitch off the edge. Crump is a good speed rusher for them as well and DJ Calhoun has some toughness at linebacker. Was a O-lineman I liked on Texas Tech just quickly seeing him a little, need to watch him play more though.
  4. Texas OT Connor Williams out indefinitely!!!

    Add him to the list.... WR Deebo Samuel - leg out for season QB Deondre Francois Florida State - knee out for season WR Nick Westbrook Indiana - knee out for season LB Christian Miller Alabama - Bicep out for season LB Terrell Lewis Alabama - Elbow out of the season CB Ryan Pulley Arkansas - shoulder out for the season LB Darrin Kirkland Jr. Tennessee - knee out for season WR Jauan Jennings - wrist out for season TE Miller Forristall - knee out for season LB Jack Cichy Wisconsin - ACL out for season S Marcell Harris - achilles out for season CB Jordan Parker OU - knee out for season LB Jackson Dillion - Head out for season QB Tyrell Pigrome - knee out for season LB Peyton Pelluer - foot out for season S Justin Tranquill - ACL out for season QB Jacob Eason Georgia - ankle out indefinitely OT Connor Williams - knee out indefinitely CB John Reid - knee out indefinitely RB Terence Williams Baylor - shoulder out indefinitely LB E. J. Levenberry UCONN - knee out indefinitely Alabama has been hit the hardest with injuries, their starting 5 linebackers are all out.... That is too bad for Williams, especially considering he has not gotten off to the best start, did have some struggles in pass pro early this season. Be very curious what he does around draft time.
  5. Maybe I am wrong. I have never met the guy in person, but just watching on TV that is what I see in how he acts around other players and what his body language reads. If leadership is not a big deal to you for a starting QB in the NFL then yeah might not be a problem at all. If you want a true leader and outgoing personality as a QB on your NFL team, a real alpha male, yeah might be a problem. He cannot even be the lead personality or influence on a team with very few outstanding stars or or known elite football players. Think about him on an NFL roster? He is like it for real elite level talent on UCLA outside of a few talented young guys, and he still acts like he is the backup QB some of the time sitting over there by himself.
  6. Week 3: *Deontay Burnett JR WR USC: Wow that kid can play, amazing catches laying out to get the football, made his QB look good more than once. Very strong athlete, super fast and super quick as well. Is playing like a potential 1st round pick I feel, great prospect and really becoming an big time receiving talent. Has outstanding hands and really catches the football well, made multiple diving catches in that game alone. *Collin Johnson SOPH WR Texas: Played a big time football game that is for sure, really physical at the line of scrimmage and did very well against good solid corner play. Great athlete for a big man, really liked him in the spring and is now showing that on the field, super star talent, should be a great one. *Anthony Miller RS SR WR Memphis: What a game, really was motivated in that football game but really is always motivated and into the game. Plays with great passion and made some crazy catches, was a fine prospect last year and should round out to be a really solid player this year, potential 2nd round pick, 3rd at the latest. Very solid pass catching talent with speed and great hands, tough competitive player. *Poona Ford SR DT Texas: Very interesting defensive tackle talent, not an elite pass rusher but as a run stopper he is elite. Very low to the ground and is hard to get a hold of, has great power and strength. Very interesting talent and could easily be a 2nd round pick come draft day if not higher with good workouts. *Jeffery Simmons SOPH DE/DT Miss State: Very interesting talent from the interior line position, gives great effort and his motor is always going. Could be potentially a 4/3 DT or 3/4 DE I think. Need to watch him more but looks like a big time prospect, also was part of a great performance by that Miss State defense, totally shut down LSU in that game and played more physical than a hyped up and talented offensive line. *Anthony Wheeler JR LB Texas: Awesome game by him, was all over the field making plays. Very tough physical linebacker who tackles well in the box and has decent enough athletic ability. Could play inside in a 3/4 or 4/3 I feel, or even strong side as well. Had a really great game in a dominating Texas defensive performance. *Malik Jefferson JR LB Texas: Had one of his best games at Texas, kid physically is a 1st round talent at linebacker and has been from the get go. So athletic and smooth, really played hard in this game though, super quick penetrator and is outstanding in open space. Would be surprised if he does not come out early for the draft and again is a 1st round talent. *Charles Omenihu JR DE Texas: I liked him a ton last year in terms of potential, really showed up in a huge way this game. Love his length and size, got great pressure off the edge as a big body who can win just with leverage and power, does not need speed always. Great big body DE prospect and could come out early for the draft this year if he keeps up this level of play. *Andrew Ford JR QB UMASS: I was very impressed with him as a QB, very nice throwing arm and good athlete, can move around in the pocket and make throws down field. Good technically as well, with another year in school he could be a rising QB prospect I think, a good sleeper talent, will see how he does the rest of the year. *Uchenna Nwosu SR OLB USC: Just keeps showing up and making massive plays in the football game. Be curious what kind of player he is at the next level, really doubt he is a 3/4 OLB at all, could play in a 4/3 maybe but not sure he would be as effective if he is not asked to rush the passer as a speed rusher like he does in college. Really interesting talent though, needs to show he can play in coverage and take on blocks, as a playmaker has really shown up thought that is for sure. *Martinas Rankin SR OT Miss State: Interesting talent, gets a lot of hype from some but athletically he is interesting and he can hold his own on the outside. That athletic ability and length make his pass protection ability very promising at the next level, will see if he can keep it up. Is part of a much improved Miss State offense, very impressive with that overall OL and the push they got against a good LSU front. *Adam Breneman RS JR TE UMASS: Great pass catching tight end, with his injury history I would be shocked if he does not come out early for the draft. Really smooth route runner and a better blocker than people thick, can do enough to get by there. Could be a nice mid round selection with his hands and route running as a big body tight end. *D'Ernest Johnson SR RB USF: Really like how tough he runs the football, will go after contact and not be afraid of it at all. Good between the tackles and has good enough speed to make big plays as well. Will be curious where he goes in the draft, I think he is a good enough talent to be picked in the mid to late rounds potentially. *Leighton Vander Esch JR LB Boise State: Really like how he played in that football game, was very aggressive going after the ball and really productive as a tackler. He is a nice looking athlete as well and is quick to go after and find the football, if he can keep this production up he could develop into a nice mid round draft pick by next season potentially. *Jonathan Cook SR S Memphis: I liked him last year as well, very physical and tough safety. Willing to go up and make a big hit, aggressive player, did have some issues in coverage but I do not think that will be a huge concern moving forward. As a tackler in the box he is very impressive for a defensive back and could be a nice late round draft pick I think. *DeAndre Pierce SOPH CB Boise State: Love how he tackled at his corner spot, tackled like a safety would and made some plays in the slot as well. For his size that is extremely impressive, really liked his production tackling, could be a star corner for them in the next few years, a player to keep an eye on for sure with a rare skill set. *Sam Ehlinger FR QB Texas: Super impressive for a young player, very tough kid. They lost their best offensive lineman in that game as well and he still hung in there and made plays despite intense pressure. Has a nice strong arm, good athlete as well and can move around, be interesting if he is the man for sure as the year goes on with Shane back, this performance puts a huge feather in his cap though. *John Kelly JR RB Tennessee: Had a great game and was very productive once again, just keeps getting yards and is a very reliable pass catcher out of the backfield. Very nice looking talent and is a solid second tear running back prospect I feel, runs hard and can do a lot of things on the field. *Robert Foster RS SR WR Alabama: That one catch was more yards than he had all last season. Nice to see him make a play, hopefully he can continue to develop and stay healthy. Very talented kid but his production is close to nothing so far in his overall career, hope he can become a solid 2nd option for Alabama this season and at least possibly sneak into the very late rounds of the draft. *Riley Ferguson SR QB Memphis: Had a great game, I really like how well he throws the football on the run. Made some awesome throws on the move down field that were very accurate. Really interesting talent at QB and as a mid to late round guy could be a steal, is a little less of a system QB potentially than Paxton Lynch was who relied a lot more on his running than Ferguson does. *Marquez Callaway SOPH WR Tennessee: Could be a potential star for them at receiver. Like how he went up and got the football a few times. Nice looking athlete, not sure he has great speed but could develop down the road and become a very solid receiver prospect. *DeShon Elliott JR S Texas: Had an absolute tall on Darnold for USC, was all over him on multiple routes and when he had the chance to get the interception he did exactly that. Will see if he can keep up that kind of production, because one can never have enough ball hawking safeties and he looked like one in that game, great performance on a huge stage. *Larry Boyd FR OT Illinois: Must watch as the season and his career moves forward. Physically he is super impressive, such a giant man, moves outstanding considering his monster size, still has a long ways to go but very promising young player at the offensive tackle spot for sure. *Jalen Starks SOPH RB UCLA: Was a real tank in that game, really impressive physical running style. Big bowling ball out there, will see if he can get some more time and production as a player. Nice looking talent and a rare build at this size and runs hard. *Andy Isabella JR WR UMASS: Not an elite talent but will see where he is in another year, love his open field speed and he looks to be a sharp route runner. Quick kid who can get open, needs to improve his hands a little, had some easy drops in that game but physically he is a interesting player because of his speed and route running. *Nick Fitzgerald JR QB Miss State: Had a great game but in no way do I view him as an elite NFL prospect at QB. He is a Tim Tebow type to a T, if anything might not be able to throw the ball as well as Tebow and Tebow could not even throw that well. Could develop as a passer down the road though, needs to come back to school, but not sure he will make the progress passing that Dak did, will see. Right now he is a big athletic kid who runs and is very hard to handle in that offense, great win by Miss State last night. *Quinton Flowers SR RB/QB USF: Is a non QB prospect I feel, decent running back prospect though potentially. Very good athlete, nice ability to make cuts and create plays, could maybe move to receiver also but my guess is running back might be his only option at the next level. *Deatrick Nichols SR CB USF: Impressed with his physical play in that game, came up very aggressively almost like a safety. Like his tackling for a smaller player, nice tough kid and interesting potential slot corner man. Could be a nice late round draft pickup possibly, will see how he does the rest of the year. Others who impressed: Marquez Valdes-Scantling SR WR USF Christian Rector SOPH DE USC Johnathan Adram JR S Miss State Porter Gustin JR DE USC K'Lavon Chaisson FR OLB LSU Kadarius Toney FR WR Florida Joseph Noteboom SR OT TCU Genard Avery SR ILB Memphis Darrell Henderson SOPH RB Memphis Patrick Taylor Jr SOPH RB Memphis Cedrick Wilson SR WR Boise State Deion Calhoun JR OG Miss State Jake Roh SR TE Boise State Joey Magnifico SOPH TE Memphis Tony Adams FR CB Illinois Darren Andrews SR WR UCLA Travis Etienne FR RB Clemson Disappointed: Josh Rosen JR QB UCLA - In many ways he impressed that game, very robotic in his production, things came very easy for him and he made a lot of good plays. However he also made some huge mistakes late and was over confident in his abilities. Even when he is going out of his way to cheer on his teammates and be one of the guys he looks awkward doing it. Just has such a meh personality, does not get up or too down but does not seem like an alpha dog like I said before. Sure that is fine but if he is supposed to be one of the next true great NFL QBs, all of them are alpha dogs out there and charaismatic leaders or competitors, he is neither. Will probably be a top 5 pick though, a lot of people will fall in love his ability to make pro style throws which is indeed impressive. Lamar Jackson JR QB Louisville - At least he competed in that football game and showed some life and or energy. Did not have a good game though, played pretty bad but not everything was on him I feel. What an athlete though, and throws so easily that is the problem, he is so athletic and can throw so effortlessly he does not focus on fundamentals and then struggles when things get hard. A lot could of had to do with the young receivers but he was off on some throws and that pressure did get to him. Iman Marshall JR CB USC - Very rough game for him, got beat many times in coverage. Has a lot of potential but not sure he is playing up to that, especially did not in his game, got beat bad and out played for the football. Will see how he does as the season goes on. Caleb Wilson SOPH TE UCLA - Still a very impressive talent but was taken out of that game until late. Give him a little pressure and a little attention, is hard to catch the football when one does not have a completely free release and is actually covered a majority of the game. Love his hands though at TE but physically he has to show he can take a hit and be more physical. Sam Darnold RS SOPH QB USC - A ton to like about his game for sure, his confidence and his ability to create and how he can throw darts on the run. But did make some mistakes and that safety had a total tell on him because he jumped multiple routes. Yes he does make some great throws but Burnett makes some insane catches because the throws are indeed off the mark, might look a lot different without the talent around him. Still if you put his confidence and swagger in Rosen's ability to throw the football in the pocket then you might really have something. Regardless the kid is probably going to be a top 10 pick because of the QB need in the league, might not live up to those expectations however, will see.
  7. Maybe but the college is the environment the player is developed in. Some college football program cultures go beyond who is currently the head coach, and there are also cultures that are clearly brought alone by the head coach themselves and their system. So one should pay a little attention to that in some regard and not completely write it off. Miami FL, Florida State, LSU and Alabama have the most professional football players in the league from each specific college for a reason. To say that prospect environment is the exact same in terms of development, what they went through and who they competed against to a player on Texas Tech... yeah right....
  8. Yeah I agree 7 round mocks are a pain, I like to go in fresh without looking at anything and see if I can get players I think are draftable guys and see if they get picked. I started with top 100, then went to 150 then just did it all to see out of curiosity. Not always right but makes more sense now because some of those guys on there I am sure I might be one of the few even paying attention to them at all. Come on thought I was looking forward to getting opinions on the draft abilities of Junior Joseph, Jesse Ertz, Michael Gallup, D.J. Calhoun and Gaelin Elmore.... But yeah that is why I did not include teams in mine that I posted on here, but I guess that is not good enough even to be a "thread" here. Though really people just want to see players and where they might go I feel. Sure some Browns fan might say I like us getting A, B and C in the draft in the first 5 rounds but it all changes so much it is really silly to do team stuff regardless especially this early without even having the correct order. I will meander back over to the draft board. Even there one rarely has indepth conversation about random prospects who are not talked about often, it is a lot of Quarterback BS like everywhere else......
  9. I must say the more I look at this the more I am extremely curious. Mind expanding on any of these players and why they would be drafted where they are? My thread and ranking mock draft has been closed on here because there are not teams listed. Yet I do greatly believe you used my original rankings posted and updated in July in the old forum to create your 7 rounds here, changed around of course and a few players added or removed.... If not that is awesome! Maybe we just really think a like! But again care to expand on information on any of these guys? Also these are just the later round guys not even including the earlier round guys.... 159. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aaron Cochran OT, Oklahoma State 162. Tennessee Titans: Charles Nelson CB, Oregon 163. Pittsburgh Steelers: Duke McGhee S, Minnesota 167. New England Patriots: Tyler Howell OT, Missouri 169. New York Jets (via DAL): Jackson Dillon DE/OLB, Memphis 174. Pittsburgh Steelers (comp): Rick Leonard DE/DT, Florida State 180. San Francisco 49ers: Alex Officer C, Pittsburgh 179. New York Jets: Richie James WR, Middle Tennessee 183. Chicago Bears: Drue Tranquill S, Notre Dame 188. Carolina Panthers: Ethan Wolfe TE, Tennessee 189. Houston Texans: Jalen Davis CB, Utah State 190. Los Angeles Chargers: Nyles Morgan ILB, Notre Dame 191. New Orleans Saints: James Hearns DE/OLB, Louisville 192. Los Angeles Rams (via BUF): DaeSean Hamilton WR, Penn State 193. Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Miller WR, Memphis 194. Indianapolis Colts: Brandon Ray OG, Western Kentucky 195. Denver Broncos: Dee Delany CB, Miami 196. New York Giants: Ian Bunting TE, Michigan 197. Philadelphia Eagles: Andrew Motuapuaka ILB, Virginia Tech 198. Oakland Raiders (via SEA): Demetrius Cooper DE, Michigan State 201. Kansas City Chiefs: Kenny Hill QB, BYU 202. Kansas City Chiefs (via ARI): Dimitir Flowers FB, Oklahoma 203. Tennessee Titans: Will Geary DE/DT, Kansas State 205. Atlanta Falcons: Nick DeLuca ILB, North Dakota State 208. New England Patriots: Wilton Speight QB, Michigan 210. Dallas Cowboys: Greg Stroman CB, Virginia Tech 211. Green Bay Packers (comp): Ed Paris CB, LSU 212. Dallas Cowboys (comp): Kyle Allen QB, Houston 213. Oakland Raiders (comp): R.J. Prince OG, North Carolina 214. Houston Texans (comp): Nathan Marcus TE, Vanderbilt 216. Houston Texans (comp): Emmanuel Porter WR, TCU 217. Green Bay Packers (comp): Jonathan Cook S, Memphis 219. Oakland Raiders (comp): Robert Foster WR, Alabama 220. Minnesota Vikings (comp): Jaylen Dunlap CB, Illinois 221. Oakland Raiders (comp): Ralph Webb RB, Vanderbilt 224. San Francisco 49ers: Nick Thurman DE, Houston 225. Jacksonville Jaguars: Junior Joseph ILB, Connecticut 226. Los Angeles Rams: Jeb Blazevich TE, Georgia 227. Washington Redskins: Jesse Ertz WR, Kansas State 228. Miami Dolphins: Michael Gallup WR, Colorado State 231. Jacksonville Jaguars (via CIN): David Bright OG, Stanford 232. Houston Texans: D.J. Calhoun ILB, Arizona State 233. Los Angeles Chargers: Jeremy Smith RB, Louisville 234. New Orleans Saints: Christian LaCouture DT, LSU 236. Minnesota Vikings: Gaelin Elmore DE, East Carolina 237. Indianapolis Colts: D’Cota Dixon S, Wisconsin 239. New York Giants: Austin Proehl WR, North Carolina 240. Seattle Seahawks (via PHI): KJ Malone OG, LSU 241. Denver Broncos: Ja’Whaun Bentley DE/OLB, Purdue 242. Seattle Seahawks: Khalid Hill FB, Michigan 243. Los Angeles Rams (via BAL): Sean Chandler CB, Temple 244. Miami Dolphins (via TB): Allen Lazard WR, Iowa State 245. San Francisco 49ers (via KC): Chase Edmonds RB, Fordham 247. Tennessee Titans: Cam Sims WR, Alabama 250. Detroit Lions: Chris Frey OLB, Michigan State 251. Green Bay Packers: Matt Linehan QB, Idaho 252. Cincinnati Bengals (via NE): Frank Herron DT, LSU 253. Oakland Raiders: Ryan Burns QB, Stanford 257. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (comp): Steven Dunbar WR, Houston
  10. Franco Harris, Curt Warner, Larry Johnson were good pros, not to mention soon to be Saquon Barkley... Blair Thomas, Curtis Enis, K-Jana Carter were all huge busts, some lower ended busts with Tony Hunt. Still half in half there, there are worse groups out there at the RB spot. As for LSU, what are you talking about? There are a lot of very good pros from that DL group. Danielle Hunter Bennie Logan Michael Brockers Drake Nevis Tyson Jackson Ricky Jean-Francois Glen Dorsey Jarvis Green Melvin Oliver Ego Ferguson Al Woods Chase Pittman Kyle Williams Marcus Spears Marquise Hill Anthony McFarland Sure the big busts were on the same team really with Mingo and Montgomery. Glen Dorsey maybe but he is still an effective pro when healthy and really has not been used right at the next level either. But overall to call LSU DLs usually busts, that is bull... Barkevious Mingo Sam Montgomery Kenny Mixon Chuck Wiley Chad Lavalais
  11. QB Nick Fitzerald, Mississippi State

    I agree, he has a long ways to go, no way he declares early this year. Especially in this potential year for QBs, in the draft class based on players who that come out early, he might not be drafted.
  12. Tedford has not really coached college football since 2012 till now recently with Fresno State, started this year. Dilfer is not a terrible QB, sure not the best but not awful, same with Joey Harrington. Harrington had no support on that OL and got really beat up physically early, could of had a different career with a different franchise. So ultimately Tedford I would not say has an awful QB history. Want to say awful QB history how about Mike Leach and his entire coaching tree of Art Briles, Sonny Dykes, Kliff Kingsbury, Greg McMackin, Ruffin McNeill, Dana Hologorsen and Lincoln Riley. Look at those QBs, maybe Mahomes could turn it around, or Webb or Goff or Mayfield. But as of right now it is absolute **** currently. Another one would be Wisconsin running backs, but that is probably currently being changed with James White and Melvin Gordon most likely. As for USC, just so happen to not include Carson Palmer of course... But they have had some busts at the skill positions that is for sure, but defensively they are very sound and have a lot of quite successful players at least. Loved watching the Florida teams coached by Steve Spurrier, but in general Florida has really never had a real successful pro QB ever.
  13. You do have a lot of guys I have on my mock 7 rounder, not sure if that is a coincidence though.... Here are a few thoughts... ROUND ONE 1. New York Jets: Mason Rudolph QB, Oklahoma State I like him a lot, he is super underrated but I doubt he is picked this high. Could end up being a very good pro though, will see. 3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Harold Landry DE/OLB, Boston College He is a very good player but this high of pick, I do not think so, he is not that special of an athlete to be picked this high I feel. 4. Los Angeles Rams: Derwin James S, Florida State I have him as the #1 pick right now, is very special at safety and quite rare as a prospect. 5. Cleveland Browns: Saquon Barkley RB, Penn State After this year I think it will be very hard to not have him be a top 3 pick. 8. Miami Dolphins: Arden Key DE, LSU I had him 1st overall in the summer, but him being gone and now injured / not playing is troubling, hopefully he can round back into form. 13. Los Angeles Chargers: Iman Marshall CB, USC Good player, just not sure how great he is yet, could argue Jack Jones already has more upside and potential than Marshall does. 14. Minnesota Vikings: Christian Wilkins DT, Clemson No way he drops this far, kid is a monster tackle and could play 3/4 DE and dominate or 4/3 DT and do very well, super looking prospect and top 5 pick. 16. Buffalo Bills: Lamar Jackson QB, Louisville I agree will be very hard to pass on in the 1st round if he comes out. 20. Seattle Seahawks: Jerome Baker OLB, Ohio State Agree, super star linebacker and a very impressive athlete, good in coverage as well. 25. Tennessee Titans: Josh Sweat DE/OLB, Florida State Does not show 1st round ability I do not think, Burns is a much better prospect overall and more elite than he is. 29. Green Bay Packers: Kevin Tolliver CB, LSU Might have the talent for this but right now no way he is a 1st round talent. I was honestly disappointed in his play last year and thought Jackson outplayed him multiple games. 31. Oakland Raiders: Rashaan Evans ILB, Alabama Hopefully he can get to that point but so far has not played great this year and even has got injured, needs to really pick up his production and prove his potential is not just that potential. ROUND TWO 33. New York Jets: Carlton Davis CB, Auburn Agree, could be a 1st round talent, great tackler as a corner, very physical and impressive athlete. 35. Jacksonville Jaguars: Orlando Brown OT, Oklahoma This is nuts, kid is the best offensive tackle in the country. No way he drops to the 2nd round, he is legit and is better than any other in my book in the up coming draft. 36. Buffalo Bills (via LA Rams): Quenton Meeks CB, Stanford I had him high as well but he has disappointed a little this year compared to what he did last year. 43. Cleveland Browns (via HOU): Deon Cain WR, Clemson I honestly do not think he is really that great of a receiver, a lot of questions in his game. 44. Los Angeles Chargers: Trey Adams OT, Washington I had him a lot higher but also have him drop after a rough start to the season. 46. Indianapolis Colts: Clelin Ferrell DE/OLB, Clemson Kid is a 1st round defensive end I think, really nice looking pass rusher. 55. Kansas City Chiefs: Da’Ron Payne DT, Alabama Seriously doubt he drops out of the 1st round, very special DT talent potentially. 56. Arizona Cardinals: Nick Fitzgerald QB, Mississippi State This high of pick for a very limited passer, that would be a surprise. ROUND THREE 65. New York Jets: Toby Weathersby OT, LSU I would be very surprised if he can out of school early, not sure he is ready for that at all 67. Jacksonville Jaguars: Troy Fumagalli TE, Wisconsin I have him as a 2nd round talent right now, very good route runner with great hands, is the absolute main weapon pass catching in that offense. 76. New Orleans Saints: Anthony Averett CB, Alabama Seriously doubt he is a 3rd round talent, could be drafted but not this high. 80. Indianapolis Colts: Jack Cichy ILB, Wisconsin With the injury and being gone all season, I doubt he comes out for the draft he most likely will get a medical redshirt year potentially. 89. Tennessee Titans: Josey Jewell ILB, Iowa Kid is a 1st round talent if he keeps up his current level of play, very promising inside backer and could play in a 4/3 or 3/4. 97. Arizona Cardinals (comp): Mike Gesicki TE, Penn State This is nuts, kid is a super star tight end and a outstanding athlete. Sure fire 1st round pick, no way he drops this far, oh he cannot block neither can a lot of tight ends coming out these days. 98. Houston Texans (comp): Quin Blanding S, Virginia He has first round ability all the way, could slip to the 2nd maybe but no way the 3rd. 100. Cincinnati Bengals (comp): Brock Rubie OT, Florida State Kid does not even start right, and he is a 3rd round pick? Nuts, he has been crazy disappointing in my book. ROUND FOUR 112. Cleveland Browns (via CAR): Skai Moore OLB, South Carolina Maybe if people are afraid of the injury, but talent wise he is a 2nd round if not a 1st rounder. 132. Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Goedert TE, South Dakota State Would be very surprised to see him drop this far, is a very interesting looking prospect. ROUND FIVE 138. New York Jets: Nick Linder C, Miami Left Miami, transferring to another school, believe that shows he is not going out for the draft. 148. Carolina Panthers: Donnie Miles S, North Carolina He is drafted and his teammate MJ Stewart is not? That would be a shock. 158. Baltimore Ravens: Marvin Saunders TE, Florida State Really doubt he comes out early as a RS JR, especially considering he has not done a lot on the field. 160. Cleveland Browns (via KC): Damon Webb S, Ohio State Having a very bad season I think, might not even be drafted but will see. 162. Tennessee Titans: Charles Nelson CB, Oregon Could get drafted but overall with that switch to WR his career has been disappointing, wish he would have stayed at corner all the time. 165. Detroit Lions: Deebo Samuel WR, South Carolina With how good he has started the year, no way he drops this low with the talent he has. ROUND SIX 183. Chicago Bears: Drue Tranquill S, Notre Dame Has moved to linebacker and I assume he sticks at linebacker in the NFL. Very interesting talent and should have a great year. 186. Cleveland Browns: Jester Weah WR, Pittsburgh I would be very surprised if he is not drafted, great talent, I agree and interesting later round prospect. 187. Cincinnati Bengals: Baker Mayfield QB, Oklahoma This is crazy low for him, especially considering what he might end up doing this senior year, at worst he is a 3rd or 2nd round pick, could play himself into being a 1st rounder though. 212. Dallas Cowboys (comp): Kyle Allen QB, Houston I had him come out to but he is a redshirt junior and really should not come out for the draft this year. ROUND SEVEN 236. Minnesota Vikings: Gaelin Elmore DE, East Carolina You have this as well? Surprised I had this listed on mine, he is a big talent and super long, will see if he will be drafted. 253. Oakland Raiders: Ryan Burns QB, Stanford Doubt he is drafted, does not even start on Stanford, nice talent but most likely a undrafted guy. Guys missing...... Tried to include just seniors or more elite players, not sure which juniors you assume declare but usually all the best ones declare all the time. *Darius Jackson Jacksonville SR OLB - Probably a 2nd round pick if not 1st with a great year, one of the best 3/4 OLB prospects around. *Jaylen Samuels NC State WR/RB SR - Super talented and potentially elite third down back in the NFL with WR skills, or could play WR as well. *Corbin Kaufusi BYU DE RS SOPH - Freak show athlete, really like his potential and he is a giant. *Equanimeous St. Brown Notre Dame WR JR - Not sure you have him declare but kid is arguably one of the most skilled receivers in the nation, great fundamentals and size. *DJ Reed Kansas State JR - Super star corner, one of the best in the nation easily. *Koron Crump Arizona State OLB SR - Quick twitch athlete, be surprised if he is not drafted. *Marcus Davenport UTSA OLB SR - Love his length, has a ton of upside. *Marcus Baugh Ohio State TE SR - Physically really like his strength and power for a tight end. *Shamire Devine Georgia Tech OG RS SR - Guy should be drafted, massive man and playing well so far this season. *Wyatt Teller Virginia Tech OG RS SR - Good tough guard, be surprised to not see him picked. Kudos doing the team selections, then again did not look to see how exact you followed that team selection. It is more important where players go anyway in terms of projecting rounds...
  14. I am not so sure he cleaned up his tackling, his anticipation is a little better on some plays and for example that safety tackle was a big meaningful play, not a tackle 10 yards down field. He has been good at tackling for a long time, again the coverage abilities are a question and ball skills. But if the kid can get players to the ground and if he can prove he has athletic ability to run deep in coverage he should be fine. I would say he is like Tony Jefferson on Oklahoma a few years back but Jefferson was a better athlete and had better ball skills, even played slot corner. Allen is probably not a 1st round guy but real solid 2nd round prospect and could become a very good pro considering there are not a ton of great tacklers out there.
  15. 7 Round ranking Mock draft

    I have a thread in that forum and it is posted there as well, just not the up to date list, it was the one from the summer. Sure some "purists" might not like it but if I arbitrarily put teams in it in a made up draft order then it is fine? Come on, it is all based on player rankings anyways, sure team needs are important but top tear players are top tear players.