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  1. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    Deondre Francois former RS JR Florida State QB is transferring to FAU as a walk on graduate transfer. Decent landing spot for him to play but with his baggage would be surprised to see him be a high pick. As a RS FR I thought he had tons of potential but the injury his second year hurt a ton and the off the field trouble he got in and then being kicked off the team. Will see if he can show that strong arm and poise in the pocket despite getting crushed back there, but clearly he was just overly developed as a freshman but did not progress as a passer much since he has been in college when one would assume he would. Should be able to do well at a lower competition level in a unique offense, still is probably a late round pick though. Also potential draft pick next year, JR DE Bobby Roundtree out of Illinois suffered a severe spinal injury from a swimming accident. Really awful and clearly he might never play again, hopefully he can. Kid has potential and I think he could have easily been a mid round pick if not higher, had a fine SOPH season last year and has a great build for a DE.
  2. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    Some more transfer information. *Tommy Stevens former Penn State QB/RB/WR is moving on to Mississippi State as a transfer and has a chance to potentially start I feel. Has a connection with the coach Joe Moorhead and hopefully he gets his chance to shine, only has one year left. I thought he showed flashes at times at Penn State just needed a chance to play and needs to stay healthy as well. Is a possible position change and is a long shot for the NFL but might be an interesting enough athlete to pay attention to. *Tavien Feaster is in the transfer portal, kind of a surprise but he could be a stud with another program, big physical back who is strong and had a good season last year and this will be his last season. Will see what he decides to do. *Sihiem King is in the transfer portal as well, surprising because with Snell gone he could be the man on Kentucky, is a good quick back that showed some flashes at times and might be an opportunity somewhere else. *Mark Allen former Penn State RB, never did much but flashed in spring games and is a decent athlete, he has transferred to Duquesne. *JD King former Ok State RB who was a SOPH this past year transferred to Georgia Southern but will have to sit out a year before playing but I think he has two years left to play. Similar to Hill and was thought to be the next up there at OK State but was passed on the depth chart by Hubbard last year. Should get a nice chance to shine with the Georgia Southern program either at RB or as a wild cat QB possibly. *Zech McPhearson former Penn State CB, decent athlete and potential transferred to Texas Tech and can play right away. Was a RS SOPH last year on Penn State, curious position to land, but should get a chance to start right away potentially.
  3. Giants sign RT Mike Remmers

    I would be surprised to see Mike Remmers become a starter, the guy is not good. If you think Wheeler is not good well Mike Remmers is not good either, they tried to move him to guard because tackle just was not working out and guard did not work out either. Now you feel he can start at tackle again and become a great player? They better hope so because he was simply not in Minnesota, he was barely even a starter much less a good one.
  4. Giants sign RT Mike Remmers

    Mike Remmers? Good luck with that, I thought he had some potential coming to Minnesota, had a decent career at Oregon State and a little nasty to him in the run game. But I was very disappointed in him at tackle, he got beat down and then the move to guard blew up also and he did little to nothing there either. No way was he worth the contract they gave him in Minnesota and he was a disappointment to say the least. Only thing he has going for him is experience, in college it seemed hey he has some good feet, moves well and is aggressive enough in the run game to maybe do some things, showed a little on Carolina but just has never taken that next step. My guess is Wheeler is the other starting OT not Remmers. Is crazy how bad Solder was after playing so well on the Patriots, see if Trent Brown can play well in Oakland or is it indeed the system in New England that allows them success as a OT.
  5. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    I have said it before with other mock draft listings and ask this question again. Why is Kristian Fulton a 1st round pick? He was not even that good last season I thought, Grant Delpit is never going to be drafted behind Kristian Fulton. Heck if Greedy was a 2nd rounder then Fulton would be a mid to late round draft pick if that because Greedy was way better as a cover corner. Same with Walker Little, talented as a FR but last year I thought disappointed as did that entire offensive line. Trevon Diggs a 1st rounder? He would have probably started last year if he did not get injured but it would have been close between him and Savion Smith. Diggs is good but has not proven he can stay on the field and play defense for an entire season. Great ball skills, super upside but needs to show he can be consistent especially in regards to tackling. Also with Dylan Moses, the guy was not better than Mack Wilson and he was no high 1st round pick this past year. Maybe if he improves but he has a long ways to go. Not to mention Carter and McKinney on Alabama. They are good defensive backs but would be more a mid to late round pick compared to a freaking 1st round pick. I just find it odd, is there some list you all get these guys off of then just change them around according to what team you think needs what. Have you see these guys all play because more than a few are not 1st round prospects and many 1st round prospects you do not have included on this list. Just my opinion.
  6. 2020 Prospects and beyond

    Its been done already But yeah he is a very interesting prospect, not sure I am ready to put him as a sure fire top 10 pick but with those weight room numbers he has put up will be interesting to see how well he can translate that power to the field. Has been ok in his previous two years but nothing amazing I would not say, see if he can take it to the next level.
  7. Just wait for Lawrence to have similar moments either this year or next year. The expectations put on him now, I seriously doubt he will match them. They are so high honestly there is nothing he can do but be a little bit disappointing. He has a better arm than Tua, is bigger and stronger no doubt but there will be things about his game that come up this year and next that could be issues. Great player and arguably the best true freshman season by a QB ever in college football, only one that comes close would be Mike Vick and he was a RS FR so that does not really count. Will be very interesting how he handles the pressure. And Tua I expect to bounce back, the injury issues with his foot were a big time problem and hurt him a lot, as did the expectations that every game he plays in they should be up by 20 points or more in the 4th so he can sit and not play. They never were challenged at all, and you could say Trevor Lawrence was never challenged in the close game either last year. Maybe the Syracuse game which he got injured in and was taken out and they really should have lost, but all those other games were blow outs and no contests early on. Every person he knows or comes in contact with thinks of him as the next John Elway or Peyton Manning of the NFL and for sure future #1 pick. That is a lot to live up to for anyone, and go ask Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen how all that hype and pressure played out their sophomore years.
  8. So his expectation is what for next season. Throw for 4200+ yards, 40+ TDs, under 5 INTs and win every game by what 15-20 points and win the National Title by a big margin. That sounds about right, good luck with that bar. A 69% completion percentage, 3966 yards, 43 TDs, 6 INTs and 199.5 Rating. And that is Tua last year, and many consider him to be not a great player anymore and a disappointment after that season. Especially with how he played late in the year. When in September people talked about him being the best QB prospect ever. Yeah playing QB is a lot easier than back just 10-15 years ago, that is a fact. But longevity means something even if it is crazy easy to put up big numbers in college and now even in the NFL it seems.
  9. 2020 2 Round Mock (No Trades)

    You can dislike my opinion, not a problem. I have heard this from you before though, protecting or defending Colorado players specifically Shenault. I brought him up last year, he is good and showed some flashes this past season. You commented on it and whatever, but sorry I do not believe he is this super high top 5 pick in the NFL draft at this time right now. Potential yes he has but he faded last year, call it injuries or call it teams game planning more for what he does on the field. I feel your opinion is biased because I do not see you discussing any other players and or WRs across the country much. The kid has to work on his route running big time and show he is more than just a big WR, this past draft is proof that big receivers are not as wanted as years previous. And if a guy like AJ Brown drops down to a 2nd round pick, good luck with Shenault being a top 5 pick in the draft. AJ Brown is a better route runner, has better hands and is arguably stronger than Shenault. So will see what happens this year with him, but again watch more players and gain a little perspective would be a plus.
  10. Better chill on that, it was only his FR year on a senior dominated team with a ton of quality leaders and experience not to mention a great defense. Will see how he does this year and next year with about as much expectations as any QB prospect in years. He has a chance to be one of the greats but need to wait and see a little on that one. Peyton Manning was pretty damn great coming out of college and played in a much more difficult era for QBs. I agree he is probably ahead of Andrew Luck at this point in time no doubt but will see if he can live up to those crazy high expectations first. The more one plays the more issues people will find in his game. Just look at Watson on Clemson from his SOPH to JR year, was a little different that is for sure. Does help he has the best SOPH WR in the nation with Justyn Ross and one of the best JR WRs in the nation with Higgins and Rodgers should be pretty good as well not to mention a great RB in Etienne.
  11. I agree, really if DK Metcalf did not basically fall into their laps they would never be this high. Collier as a 1st round pick to me is a big time question mark. Barton is a good pickup but is probably drafted higher than he should be. They got some good players but nothing amazing I would not say. At least they got good system fit guys for what they are looking for and that alone might make them a top 15 draft in the NFL.
  12. Spring Wookie Camp (in honor of Mayhew...)

    Vikings signed Terrance Alexander from LSU former Stanford transfer, did not really play much this past season but has some ability and as a no risk late UDFA will see if he can do anything and if not no big deal. Same with Stacy Keely from UAB, huge kid 6-7 250 DE and has a lot of upside and talent, not greatly productive but has the frame, will see if they can work with him and improve his game. Pretty thin but again has some physical tools to work with. Sadly these two players have more talent and upside than a lot of the UDFA signings the Vikings did sign, which was oddly not that great compared to years past, they used to be able to get some solid players in that UDFA group. Outside of Browning and Saint-Amour, it is a pretty lack luster group, and even Browning is just ok and has a some what weak arm and had a poor senior year I felt. So nice to see they added these two guys in the mix who have some ability and upside but are still a long shot.
  13. Already brought it up a little on here, but I could argue the Vikings could have drafted Erik McCoy in the 2nd round and he could do a lot of things Bradbury can do and arguably has more upside, would of had to trade a pick maybe to go up a few spots in the 2nd to get him but no big deal. And then they could have address the DL or another position with that 1st round pick. Smith is ok at TE but like you said he is pretty small, I would rather have Kahale Warring in the 3rd or better yet CJ Conrad late in the 7th that kid can ball. But they wanted some more speed at the position, still not sure Smith will ever be as good as Kyle Rudolph has been if they do let him go next year. I do not like Watts as much as you do, sure the Patriots got Wise and Flowers from Arkansas, that does not mean all Arkansas DL are great players. Flowers was a stud in college and should have been a 2nd round pick and Wise was a long lean player who gets good bend off the edge and has developed nicely. Watts to me was just a one year guy and played on an awful defensive team that was down a lot of the time in blow out games. Hopefully he can play well but to me they should have address the DL earlier, could have got Zach Allen in the 2nd round or Khalen Saunders in the 3rd round. Mattison they could have arguably got in the 4th or 5th round I think the 3rd for him as a little high but he is a good solid back. At OL I would have not minded Froholdt in the 4th but Samia I like as well. Kelvin Harmon I would have liked at WR in the 6th over the guys they got in the 7th which are big time reaches. In the 7th round they passed a number of very good players, could have got the speedy linebacker Gary Johnson out of Texas, or Andrew Wingard the better of the two Wyoming safeties. Epps like you said tested well. He is good in coverage deep but I think Wingard is the more versatile and well rounded player. Udoh I like that pick because of his potential at OT and is more of a mauler out there which is nice to see, still is raw but talented. And I do not mind the Cameron Smith pick because it kicks Gedeon out hopefully and Kris Boyd I like as a corner, sure he got beat but he fights and goes after it. I think they could have got Jalen Jelks also at DE late 7th round as well and passed up on him. Here is the list of WRs I would rather have than Olabisi Johnson or Dillon Mitchell. I am ok with Mitchell but Johnson not as much, even Mitchell really only produced this past season at a high level. Anthony JohnsonGreg DortchDavid SillsAntoine WesleyJazz FergusonTyron JohnsonTyre BradyJamal CustisEmmanuel HallStanley Morgan Jr.Felton Davis IIIRyan DavisJohnnie DixonXavier Ubosi The Vikings did well but I would not call their draft a top 8 draft in the NFL. Maybe if Bradbury is a Pro Bowler and so is Irv Smith and Samia starts it would be great but not sure that will happen. I think they placed value in certain guys a little higher than it should be and never address the DL like they should have. Not to mention the UDFA group they got in was pretty weak.
  14. Orlando Brown Jr started 10 games for the Ravens last year and should have been a 1st or 2nd rounder but people under valued him because of his poor combine, the kid was a great talent and I had him as a 1st round prospect all that season. I had Marquise Brown a 1st round pick prospect as a SOPH and especially as a JR but the injury made that a slight question mark. Still 1st or 2nd round he is an elite talent with obvious big time speed. Mark Andrews was almost better as a true FR than Calcaterra was as a SOPH and did it at a higher level than Calcaterra has unless Calcaterra just blows up this year, will see about that. Sure they have weapons but there are two proven weapons, Lamb and Calcatarra along with Sermon and Brooks as the backs. To say that is a totally stacked offensive roster, no it is not compared to years previous. If one would have to choose the 2017 offensive roster, 2018 or 2019 roster, no one would pick the 2019 group over those other two offensive rosters I feel. Probably just an issue of semantics, I said 'weapons or talent' and I view a good offensive line as a weapon and as talent, or offensive pieces that help greatly, and the offensive line is simply not going to be as good I feel which will affect the entire offense obviously.
  15. You do know they had four linemen drafted in the NFL right just this past season? Sure they can reload but I doubt they will be at the same level, sure Humphrey is good but the rest are question marks obviously and to say that OL play is not a huge reason for that offense success, well to me it is. Lamb yes is great but the rest are still unproven players, Lamb is the star but the rest need to show what they can do. Calcaterra is good sure but again needs to prove himself a lot more as do the RBs. I do not base things off of recruiting usually. Will see if Sermon can take his play tot he next level, he has been kind of up and down so far in his career. It is a huge list of players in the NFL from Baker's last year and this past season with Kyler and most obviously are offensive lineman. Thus I said Hurts will be around less talent that Kyler or Baker had. Take some of that protection away and things could look different, but maybe they will just completely reload and be up to par with the previous years, two Heisman trophy winning years, good luck. Marquise Brown Orlando Brown Cody Ford Ben Powers Dru Samia Bobby Evans Mark Andrews Jeff Badet Erick Wren Rodney Anderson