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  1. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Will see what happens, if Patterson does leave just because he thinks he cannot beat out McCaffrey that is kind of sad, but would be sweet because McCaffrey should play ASAP. Honestly though not that many teams are in complete total need or desperate want of a QB. Giants Jacksonville Miami Everyone else either has a young guy in the works or has a accomplished starter to some degree. I guess you could throw the Bills on there but they have Josh Allen of course so they would not want another young rookie but who knows. And the Bucs have a situation but they have two accomplished starters and I am sure will pick one at some point. But for these guys to leave because of being scared about Tua? Tua will be the #1 pick overall most likely in 2020 regardless, after that it is up in the air and Fromm being this lock star high pick is a question mark as well, especially if Eason plays well on Washington or if Ehlinger keeps progressing like he has. And Haskins has a much better chance at being a super high pick to me in 2020 anyway but who knows. Still I would say there is proven talent out there that is higher than the incoming QB group even with Haskins or Patterson.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Where did you see that? If Patterson declares I would be shocked, he has not even had that great of a season. As for Haskins I think he is still crazy raw and needs more work on his game, he is a product of being surrounded by the best WR core in the nation. I would take Grier, Herbert or Finley over both of those two at this point. Possibly even Lock as well. Top 5? Honestly no QB right now eligible for the draft deserves a top 5 selection based on talent alone. These guys below are all more proven prospects I feel at this point then any QB who can declare for the draft. Grier I like over any QB available for the draft, and even with him I would not taken him over these guys, especial those in the top 10. Ed Oliver Houston DT JRNick Bosa Ohio State DE JRQuinnen Williams Alabama DT/DE RS SOPHDexter Lawrence Clemson DT JR Jonah Williams Alabama OT JR Raekwon Davis Alabama DE/DT JR Andraez Williams LSU CB RS SOPH Devin White LSU ILB JRGreg Little Ole Miss OT JR Christian Wilkins Clemson DT SR Rashan Gary Michigan DE JR Deandre Baker Georgia CB JR Clelin Ferrell Clemson DE RS JR Josh Allen Kentucky OLB SRDerrick Brown Auburn NT JRZach Allen Boston College DE SR Jeffery Simmons Miss State DT JRDevin Bush Michigan ILB JR Brian Burns Florida State OLB JR
  3. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    As for Oliver being upset about what them losing and takes that out on the 'incompetent' coach? He was not playing in the game of course and at the time of the event they were winning pretty easily as well. Ripping on the coach for the teams failures? I doubt that was the case, I took it as he was confronted and openly complained because he did not want to be cold. You think he was the only guy on the sideline that worn a jacket and should not have? I bet a few other players did it as well, or he was just brash enough to ignore the rule, completely knew it and did it anyway because he is the big time player. This is what Ed Oliver said most recently about the event and did the only logical thing he could, apologize. Yet still he created a crap storm for himself that he will have to deal with all the way up to Draft day and beyond. Everyone ripping on coach Applewhite for having a rule, give me a break. Seems some are just taking out their frustrations for Houston's lack of national greatness and getting a chance to insult the coach when the coach is not the problem. To me it is a little window into a possible issue Oliver with a blatant lack of respect for any authority. But maybe like he said that is not who I am, I sure freaking hope so. Ed Oliver: "Last night is not who I am," Oliver said in a statement released through the school. "I'm very passionate about the game of football and last night there was a misunderstanding. I was caught in an emotional moment. I have the utmost respect for Coach Applewhite and I appreciate the support of Coach Applewhite and my teammates during this time. I love my brothers, my team and my city and I'm looking forward to moving forward with them together. Go Coogs!" Major Applewhite: "Ed is a passionate human being, and that is why he is the best player in the country," Applewhite said in a statement. "Last night was not indicative of his character and it was a passionate moment within our program. We can, and we will, both learn from this situation as we move forward together." It is an embarrassing moment for Ed Oliver and the entire team and program, and at least Oliver kind of tried to correct it with these statements. Still that reaction he had is insane, sure it is not a big deal, yeah it is not. It is also not a big deal to be asked to take a coat of when you are about to go into half time in a few minutes. But some have different opinions on the issue of course, just is a crap storm for him the last home game he will ever be at for Houston.
  4. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    Yeah it is crazy how little Williams is doubled, would be very interesting how productive he would be with less talent around him. Really though Davis and Buggs are playing great, and the two ILBs on Bama are lights out, flying around making plays and the two edge backers Jennings and Miller have stayed healthy and consistent all year long. Now either Williams is allowing guys like the two ILBs to be that successful with his play or just in general everyone is rounding into form and playing quite well. Odd to say but that pass rush with just three guys is a terror and few can even handle them much less when they bring linebackers as well.
  5. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    Um no, I am a fan of Sean Taylor, thank you. He is probably my most favorite football prospect I have ever watched. You might have some misplaced expectations for your football team, assuming you are a Houston Cougars fan of course. That team sure has had some good times but they will never be an elite program. Heck look at the fan support and that is for a some what good team and still no one goes to the games even with the new stadium. At least in that conference, it will be hard to get any growth there or recruits period. Sure blame Applewhite but Ed Oliver is the one that embarrassed himself last night. Acting like if his precious jacket was taken away he would die or something, grow a pair and maybe experience real cold weather once in your life, and no real cold weather is not freaking 30 degrees....
  6. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    I did not see his pre-game routine, but if it is an impressive vertical catch show he puts on. That provides some information that yeah maybe your knee really isn't all that injured. Thus if he actually played in the game, he could have worn this jacket of magic that is so important to him.
  7. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    Did you not see Oliver totally ripping on the strength coach for saying the same thing and disrespecting what he said as well? That is why Applewhite had to come over. You think if Nick Saban did this anyone would care? Sure Applewhite has not accomplished much in terms of coaching but in a similar situation I think other coaches might have done the same. His reaction was amazing, not many coaches could completely ignore this playing freaking the hell out looking like he is going to beat you down or something... And secondly, if you think 30 degrees is cold out, well you have simply have never been cold in your life, period. NEGATIVE 30 degrees is cold, not freaking 30 degrees, that is boarderline shorts weather without any wind. As for having enough jackets, they are Houston, of course they are not totally stocked with freaking winter wear. Thus only players PLAYING in the game worn them because they matter in the contest, not the privileged injured sitting on the sidelines. Sure people can get upset about Major taking his jacket off, but Oliver's reaction has not justification at all. He was wrong to react that way, you are not a baby so stop throwing a tantrum. At least usually when one sees something like this it has to do with frustration and losing or something in the competition itself. Not about something completely unrelated to the football game.
  8. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    Maybe, but in one way on earth was Oliver's reaction proper the good thing to do. Especially this late in the season, and yeah he just created a little hell storm he will have to deal with for the next few months, he will be asked about it constantly unless he flat out apologizes completely for it and says he was in the wrong. And I doubt he does that. It is one thing to get pissed at a coach for something on the field whatever, but for a freaking jacket on the sidelines. Yeah Applewhite was being fair to the entire team which is what he should have done, and sure Oliver is their best player but not lately and has not played for awhile now. This is college football, no pro, so the treatment of stars is a little different. If he was so tough and such a team player he would have been playing in the game regardless not complaining about being potentially cold without a coat. Maybe it is just me but in no way am I like, hey that is a great reaction of this event by the potential #1 pick. Again he created a hell storm for himself when he could have just taken it off, sure complain about it to you teammates or in the locker room, not freak your S on national TV. That scene was insane, if that coach did not stop him what he would have hit Applewhite? Then what... Because it such looked like he wanted to hit him down and then think of the consequences of that! Seems like someone has trouble with authority potentially, again with the father analogy, if my dad asked me to take it off and explained why in the same situation, I maybe would have not liked it, but no way would I react to him the way Oliver did. That is just flat out incorrect.
  9. Nick Bosa vs Ed Oliver

    Apparently coach Applewhite told other players to do the same thing, and did not want to give Oliver special treatment. If you are not playing you cannot wear the large black jacket he had on. Probably they have a limit on those and it is for the players actually using it and playing. Also Oliver did not listen to the trainer who was talking to him about removing it earlier and ignored him, so the head coach came over. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/25289552/houston-star-dt-ed-oliver-heated-incident-coach-major-applewhite I respect coach Applewhite a hell of a lot for the way he handled that, even with Oliver freaking out going at him on the sidelines. And he just acted like it was not happening. Very impressive control by him, very impressive. As for Oliver, obviously he feels entitled and sadly for him he is not playing either so yeah I could see him taking a hit from this, especially if he leaves the team and never plays a down of college football again. Will not drop far but with how Quinnen Williams is playing Bosa and Oliver might fall because the only guy doing something lately at that high of level is Williams. Happens a lot to players when expectations change but is too bad they both go injured this year. As for the reaction, just think if your father told you something like that when you lived at home. That is similar to the coach player relationship especially in college. It is a matter of respect, you do not have to agree with it but you do follow what the dad and or coach says. Not freak your **** out and complain and get in their face and want to fight over it. Be a freaking man and be cold for a little if you are so tough. Or do no wear a freaking sweatshirt to the game, I am sure the coach never told him to wear that, and he obviously knew he was not playing either... Sad showing for his last home game probably ever in Houston, be curious if he plays against Memphis or any other time, my guess is not...
  10. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    I would have the RBs for the up coming draft rated like this. Ozigbo and Ollison are potentially great pickups in the middle rounds and Gallaspy could be a steal late same with Laird. And Hurd has converted to WR but is playing some RB still and would be interesting if he would be open to playing RB in the NFL for not. Darrin Hall is probably rising up the board as much as any RB this year and same could be said for Darrell Henderson who is a legit RB and one of the best by far and could be the 1st one taken maybe as well. Benny Snell Jr Kentucky JR Darrell Henderson Memphis JR Devin Singletary FAU JR Bryce Love Stanford Rodney Anderson Oklahoma RS JR Myles Gaskin Washington Karan Higdon Michigan Darrin Hall Pitt Damien Harris Alabama Justice Hill Ok State JR Devine Ozigbo Nebraska Qadree Ollison Pitt RS LJ Scott Michigan State Jordan Scarlett Florida Reggie Gallaspy II NC State Patrick Laird Cal RS Dexter Williams Notre Dame Jalen Hurd Baylor TS Rodney Smith Minnesota Matt Colburn II Wake Forest Ty Johnson Maryland AJ Bush Illinois RS Jacques Patrick Florida State Nick Brossette LSU Soso Jamabo UCLA Terence Williams Houston Taiwan Deal Wisconsin
  11. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    Darwin Thompson is a very promising young player, I hope he comes back to school another year but is apparently crazy strong in the weight room and has been quite productive this year. Good out of the backfield catching passes as well, he should come back to school though I think, could be a much higher pick next year potentially but who knows. Justice Hill is a big play back, has kind of dipped a little this year with less talent around him but has good speed and athletic ability. Could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick maybe if he comes out early maybe but could say Karan Higdon and Darrin Hall are having better senior years than Hill, and I would potentially take Gaskin over Hill as well not to mention maybe even Damien Harris some some others. Real question is Bryce Love, I mean what the heck after having one of the best seasons in college football history last year. Not sure if it is just people are paying more attention to him and figured out his game. These are the last three years for him, his yards per carry and way down, would think it is just touches but when he gets it he is less explosive than before. 122 carries, 580 yards, 4.8 per carry 5 TDs 263 carries, 2118 yards, 8.1 per carry 19 TDs 111 carries, 783 yards, 7.0 per carry 3 TDs Not sure if it is a injury thing, or if he lost some speed or what. But when he runs he is not as aggressive and that OL has not played as strong as usual so that hurt as well. It is odd being such a high character guy and high team guy having such a sub par and disappointing year so far. Not sure what to think of that, I had huge expectations of him though coming into the year, would be shocked if he was a 1st rounder the way he played so far this year. So frail and thin legs, still a solid player but might lack that toughness and ability to gain yards when perfect blocking is not there. Where like a guy like Benny Snell is tough as hell, everyone knows he is getting the ball, has poor blocking and almost no passing game to help him yet he still gets yards. Has been more consistent and is a more powerful back who can take contact well and keep going.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    That is possible some are being inflated a little bit I agree, but I do not feel Williams or Little are considered 1st round prospects because they are just the best of the group in the up coming year. But sure at times the best of the group gets selected higher because it is the best of the group, and if that is a position of need then teams will go what way. Again I would take Williams especially or Little over any of those guys I listed before, some it would be a close call but most it would be easily taking them over the others. Thus they are arguably the best OT prospects to come into the NFL in 5 or so years I feel, that was my point. I would take Little over Tunsil and Tunsil was a great prospect coming out and I would take Williams over Stanley as well. But looking at all the classes FR, SOPH, JR and SR class groups of OT, Jonah Williams and Greg Little are by far and away the best regardless of the class across the board. Is it a bad group of offensive lineman in general across the nation, sure maybe but I feel Williams and Little are quite legit. I have them now as both top 10 picks potentially but that could change will see.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    I do not agree with that. These are the guys in the past six draft classes as first round picks at OT. I would take Jonah Williams over all of them arguably and possibly even Greg Little but not as clear cut on that. Ronnie Stanley and Conklin were very solid coming into the league no doubt, and Taylor Lewan had potential but did give up some sacks in his college career. But again I feel Williams and Little are as good as any of these 1st rounders were no doubt. Kolton Miller was a great project this past year and could be a fine player but needs some work and is not as finished of a prospect as say Williams is. Mike McGlinchey Kolton Miller Isaiah Wynn Garrett Bolles Ryan Ramczyk Ronnie Stanley Jack Conklin Taylor Decker Germain Ifedi Brandon Scherff Ereck Flowers Andrus Peat Cedric Ogbuehi DJ Humphries Greg Robinson Taylor Lewan Jake Matthews Ja'Wuan James Eric Fisher Luke Joeckel Lane Johnson DJ Fluker Justin Pugh Coming out of college I would take these guys over Williams and Little but had to go back farther for that. Matt Kalil sure has not totally worked out in the NFL but was a great prospect and a hell of a player in college, injuries have hurt him a lot. And Tyron Smith is similar to Greg Little in the fact both are so large and athletic. Matt Kalil Tyron Smith Russell Okung Trent Williams
  14. 2019 NFL Draft - Offensive Line

    Jonah matched up against Sweat a few times but not that often, of course why would they put Sweat on the best offensive lineman for Alabama when you could just move him to the other side. Jonah did give up against a sack against Rivers who is a talented DL for Miss State, but really that was Tua holding the ball for too long and he made an odd turn. In general Jonah is really strong at the point of attack and has a good punch to him, athletic enough in pass protection and nasty enough in the run game. As for Greg Little, who are these other LTs in the up coming draft that are so great? Heck who are these great OTs in college football in general right now who you are wildly comfortable with in pass protection? The fact is not many, not many OTs at all would I be totally firm and comfortable with in pass pro at all times. Andre Dillard of Washington State is growing on me as potentially another one of those guys but guys solid in pass pro but guys like like Risner and Ivey I feel are guards at the next level and Trey Adams has been injured all year and might not declare. Jonah Williams is one of them however and Greg Little is the other. Little is extremely sound in pass protection, sure he probably has to get a little stronger and or nasty in the run game but in the NFL today few teams even run the ball that often. The kid is a star in pass protection and has great feet. I have not see many OTs coming out of college this sound in pass protection, even against Alabama and that great front earlier in the year, he did not get dominated by any means and handled himself really well. Kid has good technique and a good pass pro set, fundamental and technically sound. He is only a junior and has played since he was a freshman, kid has a lot of skills and ton of talent and upside I feel.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    Yeah that injury history Anderson has is awful. 2015 played 2 games then missed the season with a leg injury 2016 Missed the season due to neck injury in the August camp 2017 played the full season 2018 played 2 games then missed the season with a knee injury Out of 56 possible games played in a four year career including bowls, he has played what 17 of them and missed the rest due to injury... Will be very interesting to see where he goes, because just looking at that laid out over time, would be a massive risk even drafting him. Three major injuries in a four year career.