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  1. Trubisky did only have one great year, Burrows is not like that. He was very solid last year and would have been a mid to late round pick if he did not improve at all this season. But this year he is clearly awesome completing almost 80% of his passes and will win the Heisman and has beaten multiple top 10 ranked teams this year. So Burrows has had more that one great year unlike Trubisky. Burrows has at least two seasons of being a full time starting, Trubisky only had one obviously. What about Kyler Murray? He only had one great year in college, is nothing amazing on Arizona but is not awful either.
  2. Official 2020 TE Thread

    Yeah he went to the prep school I believe. I totally expect him to come out early and be the 1st TE taken honestly in this draft, big kid, runs good routes, is physical and strong. Has a lot of upside and got to love his physical style of play after the catch and on the line of scrimmage. Rare to have someone that physical at TE be that solid of a pass catcher.
  3. I don't know who you have in your top 100, but looking at the first three rounds of my mock draft ranking gives you a good idea of who I have up there currently.
  4. If tua comes out for the draft

    https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/28108718/tua-tagovailoa-resting-successful-surgery-hip I guess he have a posterior wall fracture on his hip, my bad. But... "Tua's prognosis is excellent, and we expect him to make a full recovery," Alabama orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lyle Cain said in a statement. "He will return to Tuscaloosa in the next several days to begin his rehab." He broke his nose apparently in the fall also. Still not sure this is something he can never come back from ever. A broken bone is nothing compared to ligament damage and tendon issues I feel. That hip will clearly have a tendency to come out early since he dislocated it already once but with the training they have now a days he could make a recovery hopefully.
  5. If tua comes out for the draft

    He did not break his him he dislocated it. And I did not know this but learned it today, apparently CJ Mosely dislocated his hip in the BCS title game in 2011 last game of the season, then he was named All American the next two seasons at Alabama and was a 1st round pick after fours years in college, injury happened the end of his SOPH year. So maybe this is no big deal long term and a team will get a flat out steal if Tua drops beyond the first three selections of the draft.
  6. 2020 Draft Talk

    I like Odenigbo but he is more of a situational pass rush DT and run stopping DE. He is not the pass rusher opposite Hunter that we need long term. I would like a pass rusher at DE but honestly DT might be more important. Either way the DL has to be address in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. If the Vikings could get a guy like Javon Kinlaw DT or Curtis Weaver DE 1st round I would take it. Or get a guy like Raekwon Davis DT late 1st or 2nd round or pure 2nd round Leki Fotu DT or Marlon Davidson DT or Kenny Willekes DE I would take that as well. Or get a guy like Jonathan Garvin DE or Joe Gaziano DE 2nd round I would like that as well if we went OL in the 1st round then QB in the 3rd possibly.
  7. Week 12: Prospect Standouts *AJ Epenesa JR DE Iowa: What a game by him, I have been hard on him this year for his lack of production but this game he brought it. Was awesome off the edge using his great burst and quickness off the ball. Was big late with that sack to basically seal the game and it was from a inside rush position. Curious where this has been all year but this week and last he has been playing better and getting more of an impact on the game. Is athletic enough I think to be a 3/4 OLB in the right system, 1st round prospect all the way just a matter of where. Still think he needs more variety to his game but athletically there is a ton to like at that massive size. *Jalen Hurts SR QB Oklahoma: I have been hard on Hurts for awhile especially this year, but on a big stage and being down a ton of points he showed great leadership ability to lead that team back. Down what 25 points, what a comeback and what mental toughness he showed. From the neck up in terms of his mental strength and leadership ability, he is a NFL QB. I question his arm and his footwork in the pocket though but as a possible backup QB he could do some things, if a team takes him in the 1st round as a possible franchise QB they will be disappointed, if a developmental backup in the middle rounds different story. Real statement game by Hurts though, especially with the super star CeeDee Lamb out, for Hurts to still play this well is impressive because Lamb is probably a top 5 pick in the draft. *Chris Miller SR S Baylor: By the looks of it it was his best game of the season, honestly I have not noticed him before this game or any other games, then again Baylor has not been relevant till this year recently. But wow that kid can hit, apparently has had multiple targeting fouls this year and been kicked out of games. Still in this game at least, when he hit the player went down hard. Showed outstanding effort and crazy strength in his hands and the force he was able to generate. Such a striker, I will have to watch him more because if he can hit like that consistently he will be a next level player on that ability alone even if it is only special teams. What a game by him, part of a disappointing loss especially for that D second half, but the kid brought it physically and consistently made some of the biggest most forceful hits I have seen all season. *Derrick Brown SR NT Auburn: Another amazing game by him, disappointing he is getting over looked this year because Auburn is not a top 10 team despite a solid defense. The kid is dominating out there and just throwing guys around in this game, and that is against one of the top 3 offensive lines in college football. Gets great force up the middle and should be a next level player for years potentially. Was great last year and is even better this season in terms of his playmaking ability. *Dedrick Mills JR RB Nebraska: Looked like a Nebraska back from back in the day, thought he would run like that a lot more often this season. Kid was a beast and ran aggressively and with great power like he did a few years back on Georgia Tech. By far the best game of the season for him so far against a solid defensive unit. Real standout game too bad for the program they still lost, that D is long ways away from being anything close to Black shirt quality. Mills showed up though see if he can keep it up. *James Lynch JR DE Baylor: Love his play, is so strong with his hands and quick. Could be a 3/4 DE or 4/3 DE. Gets a good consistent edge rush and can get after the passer. Tough guy for sure and will be one to watch especially if he returns for another year at Baylor which I hope he does. *Najee Harris JR RB Alabama: Another great game by him showing awesome power and agility in the open field. Low carry rate in college so a lot of tread on the tires still. Could be a better pro than college player no doubt but he has helped his stock greatly by showing he can catch the ball out of the backfield in recent weeks. Good footwork in the hole and obvious size power combo, 1st round prospect and if he drops to the 2nd a team could get a huge steal with him. *Ronnie Bell SOPH WR Michigan: Brought him up already a few times, awesome game again by him. Super quick and agile, great hands and overall fluid athletic ability. Part of a upstart Michigan passing game and he is key to it and oddly enough has become arguably the best receiver prospect on the team now. Super hand eye coordinator that is for sure. *Joe Burrow RS SR QB LSU: Just based on his on the field persona at the moment, kid is a dude and a hell of a leader. Is super confident and it shows by his play and by how he acts on the sidelines. With the Tua injury Burrow will easily be the 1st QB drafted with how amazing he has played. The hype around him will continue to grow and might get to be a little much in terms of expectations but hey he is playing great. Probably the Heisman Trophy winner and kid is a pro in how he prepares already. *John Rhys Plumlee FR QB Ole Miss: What an athlete he is, super impressed with his open field speed and toughness. In that Rich Rod offense he could rip teams apart for the next two to three years, awesome quickness and open field speed. Is a position change at this point till he proves he can be a solid passer but as an athlete at QB he is one of the best in the nation. Very impressive game by him and has been solid for a few weeks now. *Tyler Goodson FR RB Iowa: Huge game by him, was really the reason they won the game honestly I feel. Such a quick burst athletically and was quick to the hole. Really promising looking athlete and will be curious if he can keep this up and become the guy for Iowa the rest of this year and beyond. They have had a hard time keeping consistent backs who flash early to stay good for a long time, will see if Goodson can become that guy. *Marlon Davidson SR DE/DT Auburn: I might underrate him a little, kid could be a great 4/3 DT and has had a great season on Auburn as a DE on the edge. Beat a great tackle in Thomas in this game for a sack and is a good consistent edge rusher with athletic ability and can get around the corner. Big man that can move, could play himself into being a 2nd round pick and could be a monster in a 4/3 defense as a DT. *Tyrone Tracy Jr RS FR WR Iowa: Great game by him and showed some awesome athletic ability and made some tough contested catches. Will be one to watch as the season goes on, looks like a promising receiver prospect coming into his own late this season. *Shea Patterson SR QB Michigan: Great game by him, he throws so well on the move and has such timing on his passes. Big time win and is a huge part of that passing game success. Mobility and being able to throw on the move with him is really impressive. In terms of throwing on the run as a QB he is one of the best in the class. Only major question is his arm strength overall down field but as a manager and guy who can create and make things happen he sure has done that the past few weeks. *Ronnie Perkins SOPH DE Oklahoma: Great burst off the line and was a real factor on the edge for OU getting pressures and sacks. Great game by him, athletic LB/DE type and is one to watch as the season goes on. *Jerrion Ealy FR RB Ole Miss: Apparently is a great baseball player and wants to go do that professionally but wow, is a heck of an athlete at RB and has a great burst with big play potential. In that Rich Rod offense he could be amazing over the next few years, might have a choice to make if he is indeed such a big play back over time. Regardless Ole Miss fans will love him because he could be quite good on the football field if he sticks with it. *Tyler Johnson SR WR Minnesota: Another great game by him, did have a few drops that were key but overall made some very tough physical catches. Good on the inside and on the outside, very consistent and has proven himself for years as a receiver. Should be a solid mid round prospect especially if he times out well in the 40. But really his game is not speed, it is being able to go and get the ball, he can make tough physical catches look easy. *Kary Vincent Jr JR S LSU: Have never been a huge fan of his but made some very impressive plays on the football in this game and a few good tackles. Never sold on him as a corner or safety but looked good in this game in the slot and in coverage. Will see how he looks in the next few, easily one of the best games I have ever seen him play. *Nathan Stanley SR QB Iowa: I am hard on the guy but this game was big, not quite as big as his performance at home against Ohio State a few years back but it was up there. Big time win for him and the program and he threw some nice passes and showed good toughness outside the pocket making a key run for a first down. Probably has a better arm than I give him credit for and was super accurate in this game, is not always consistent though as a passer. Mid round prospect though he is interesting, has good size obviously and has put together a decent career overall. *Bravvion Roy SR NT Baylor: Need to watch him more but really got after it on the inside, showed great power and agility for a man his size. Wish he was a younger player who could develop more, but is a must watch later in the year because the kid has a motor as a massive inside tackle it looks like. *Badara Traore SR OT LSU: I have never noticed him before, looks like he could be a replacement OT for LSU that could do some things. Wish he was a younger player, as a SR does not have much time to improve but physically he looks the part and seems pretty solid. Will see if he can stabilize that OL a little on the edges and if so could be a long shot for the NFL if he plays well the next few weeks. *Tanner Morgan RS SOPH QB Minnesota: Teams want to make him win the game and he came close to doing it again like he did against Penn State last week. To start the year he threw some bad balls and bad interceptions. This throws are much better later in the year and his passes are not nearly as wobbly. Tough kid, game manager who throws very on time and accurate passes. Sure that team needs to run the ball to win and control the clock but they are lucky Morgan can throw the football as effectively as he can, will see how he does in two more huge games the rest of this season. Others who impressed: Chauncey Golston RS JR DE Iowa Ihmir Smith-Marsette JR WR Iowa Kamal Martin SR OLB Minnesota DJ Daniel JR CB Georgia Eric Stokes RS SOPH CB Georgia Disappointed: Jamie Newman RS JR QB Wake Forest - Sure he was missing his best two receivers which was a huge loss but the kid looked like he could barely complete a forward pass. Hyped him up a few weeks back, was looking forward to this game and he did not play well. Thought maybe a few weeks ago he could come out early as a project QB but after this performance I doubt that happens. But good for him, should be able to come back and develop more and learn from this hopefully this year and next. Creed Humphrey RS SOPH C Oklahoma - Got beat bad a few times especially early in the game, did pick it up a little later on as did that entire OU team but yeah it was rough. Some big dudes on Baylor really pushed him around, I did not have him as a early entry guy as a RS SOPH and based on this play I doubt he comes out early which could be a very good thing for his development. Grant Delpit JR S LSU - Part of a very disappointing LSU defensive unit I have brought up before. Never really noticed it but yeah he has not been very good this year in the run game or pass game. Had 5 INTs and 5 sacks last year, this season has 1 INT and 0 sacks. Is not as effective blitzing, struggles tackling big time which is a surprise. If he was this all world great top 5 pick at safety no way he should be missing tackles in the open field or even allowing such big plays to constantly happen. Sure it is not all just him but he has not lived up to his potential this year but same could be said for many on that LSU D. Still have him as a 1st rounder maybe but not top 10 no way. Note Tua Tagovailoa JR QB Alabama: Awful way to end his career, I thought that right after I saw the play happen, wow his Alabama career is pretty much over now. Would be shocked if he returns to school and has one of the worst injury histories of any QB in recent memory. Both ankles and now a hip issue. Hopefully he can come back from it, and honestly a team could get a steal with him if he drops because of the health issues. High character guy and physically hopefully he can still play football at a high level but so far coming out of college he is pretty broken down as a player already.
  8. Kearse got away with some holds in that game. But did play decent coverage on Fant late, at least used his length to get in his way and quickness. Sendejo is a far superior tackler to Kearse though especially in the box. But again with how bad Rhodes has been moving him to safety makes a lot of sense especially next year. No clue why Hughes is still back returning punts, he looked rough. Surprised he did not play more CB outside with how bad Rhodes was playing. Great they got two wins but honestly with how bad the D played this past two games it seems like two losses in many ways. Hopefully this Bye week can help them square a lot of things away or think of something new to do with the talent they have.
  9. Will Jalen Hurts be a first round pick?

    Yeah I am not a huge fan but last night he did show a hell of a lot without Lamb in the game having that out of this world comeback after playing so poorly. Honestly I would not mind him in the late 2nd to 3rd or 4th round range. If a team drafts him as a backup guy and a team leader and developmental guy, he could be awesome, if a team thinks of him as a franchise QB they will be disappointed. Neck up though, his toughness, leadership and mental strength is really really outstanding. He can overcome a lot and has and despite mistakes still stays mentally in the game and confident.
  10. Official 2020 CB/S Thread

    I agree, and really if he is that great of a safety no way this defense looks as bad as it has but everyone has played bad for them especially in the middle of the field. Delpit last year had 5 sacks and 5 INTs. This year has zero sacks and 1 INT. Not sure what has happened to him injuries or what. Not ready to call him straight up out of the 1st round but is getting close to that point potentially. PS Ole Miss has ran the ball on everyone and made them all look bad in the SEC. A unique offense, not seen much by, Rich Rod is the OC and is similar to the days when he was back at West Virginia and they were ripping teams up. Especially with a QB who is as good of runner as they have, they are hard to handle on the ground much less for a defense not motivated because the offense has been so great and they play like it does not matter how they perform.
  11. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Mims. I love Mims and he is really coming on this year, great catch radius but CeeDee averages 22 yards per catch with 44 receptions this year. That is insane. Has 13 TDs this year and you can see how important he is to that offense and how poor Hurts is playing without him in tonight. He is great after the catch and breaking tackles, a lot stronger than most realize and if they kept YAC stats in college he would be up there in terms of receivers.
  12. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    I have Young and Tua 1 and 2 but after today and basically Tua most likely having his Alabama career now over based on that injured potentially no way he goes #1 to the Bengals or whoever picks 1st or even 2nd for that matter. Depends on the teams of course but if it goes like this I would say these guys go first three picked to these teams right now. 1 Bengals: Chase Young 2 Redskins: Andrew Thomas 3 Giants: CeeDee Lamb Miami, Tampa or Denver could get a steal at QB. Even Miami with Rosen they might like him long term but I doubt it so Joe Burrow I think they would love and a team could steal Tua based on his injury history. Sure that is a gamble but the guy is super talented if healthy but that is the big question, will be curious how much he drops. Before he got hurt today, even with injured lower body he was throwing darts and looked good despite his lack of mobility.
  13. Official 2020 QB Thread

    True, but if he drops a little come draft time a team could get a total steal with him, especially if it is to an already solid organization in the NFL. But yeah cannot remember a QB with this many injury issues, those two ankles are one thing a potential hip problem is another. Still his accuracy is crazy impressive considering the health issues he has had lower body, and he still can throw dimes.
  14. Official 2020 QB Thread

    So Tua is basically done for the season. Wow that looked bad, and they were taking him out of the game and he wanted to come back it looks like for one more series and this happened. Damn, probably the last game he plays for Alabama if it is indeed a dislocated hip.
  15. Official 2020 WR Thread

    Forget specific statistic amounts, he has to basically be better than all of these guys, every single one of them and could maybe throw Devonta Smith in there but also maybe not. CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma JR Jerry Jeudy Alabama JR Tee Higgins Clemson JR Henry Ruggs III Alabama JR Devonta Smith Alabama JR My guess is that he will run a slower 40 time than all of these guys no question. Lamb is a more physical player than him and clearly weighs less, Jeudy is a far superior route runner, Higgins is just as big as is faster, Smith has better hands and Ruggs will flat out blaze in the 40 and also runs better routes. To say Shenault has not disappointed this year is not exactly the case. Last year came onto the scene, impressed no doubt, but with an experience QB back this year (sure he sucks but still) he has been worse with more attention on him. His lack of deep feel speed is a concern and his jump ball ability is not as good as one would think not to mention his injury history. He does not even lead his own team in touchdowns, yards or receptions and he is going be a 1st round pick? Physical tools I do not see a ton of them, he does not have elite speed or strength. Sure he can play some wild cat but hell Lynn Bowden has been the freaking starting QB on Kentucky for four games and has rushed for a ton of yards, yeah that is toughness and ability to play the wild cat. Could argue it would be hard for Shenault to be better than even Bowden honestly, Bowden is quicker, faster and has more burst in the open field. I would also potentially take Bryan Edwards over Shenault and maybe Chase Claypool who has better hands and is physically much bigger. Maybe Shenault is this burner guy come combine time but on the field come he sure does not look like it at all. I would not be surprised if he runs a low 4.5 or 4.6 40.