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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 120+

    I agree Vaughns was one of the most impressive freshman WRs last year, but he is a Redshirt prospect and seriously doubt he comes out early for the draft. Really came on late last year I thought but things could be totally different with Darnold not throwing the football, see if he can become more of a #1 option. Same can be said with Pittman at WR and Imatorbhebhe at TE. That other Buffalo QB Anderson transferred to Murray State so not a great sign but will see how he does, Jackson was by far the more talented player I think and even he still has a lot to improve on. As for Christian Alexander what are you basing that off of, just his ability in high school because he has done little to nothing in college so far, if the FIU QB is who you are talking about.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 120+

    True but that is more scheme to deal with Pac-10 spread offenses potentially and also depends on the current depth on that Utah roster and what position they have needs at. Harrison Smith played linebacker at Notre Dame, obviously does not mean he is a linebacker and is not one in the NFL. Of course depends on how he times out or how well he does at linebacker but still the kid is physically impressive and has a higher upside at safety with this combo size and athletic ability I feel. Drue Tranquill made similar switch this past year for Notre Dame from S to OLB and played great and should be even better this year. Will see how Hansen does but still to me he has more intrigue as a safety and cannot be totally ruled out as a safety prospect.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 120+

    To me Chase Hansen is the only other safety who could compete with Johnson for the top safety spot in next years draft. Sure Johnson is not a big body but the kid is a damn good safety and I expect him to be ever better this year. Hansen is more the big body type, can play in the box and cover but Johnson to me is way better and more versatile in coverage than Hansen has been. And especially last year Johnson was way more of an impact playmaker than Hansen who was in and out of the lineup with injuries. Hopefully Hansen can stay healthy on the field this year and improve a little in coverage.
  4. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 120+

    Sure maybe he is a little on the slight side but I think he could add some muscle weight to that frame. In terms of athletic ability and a combination of tackling and coverage ability he is the best safety in next years draft. Kid has great athletic ability, is very explosive as a tackler for his size, can really bring it and is quick in coverage as well. Could time very well and again with being able to lay the wood and still cover with speed that could be very interesting. Potentially he showed a lot last year and with improvement and more to come potentially this year I think top 10-15 in the draft is not out the the question for him. Sure Budda Baker was not this huge safety either in terms of size, and arguably is a much better slot corner in terms of versatility than Johnson but still was an athletic playmaker who could make plays in coverage and hit aggressively like Johnson. Yeah Baker dropped into the 2nd round but should have no doubt been a 1st round pick I think. As for Deondre Francois, the kid really impressed me as a freshman with his ability to stare down the gun barrel and take shot after shot yet still deliver fine throws in the pocket despite being so young. Kid got killed as a freshman back there yet showed great leadership and pocket passing ability I thought. Sure a lot is projection and assumed improvement because he had such a great freshman year and since the injury last year maybe he has not progressed that much, will see. Would be a lot more clear if he played last season. And his trouble with the law most recently is not a good sign either. So sure it is projection having him in the 1st round but honestly no QB out there right now is some lock 1st rounder either because many have a lot to prove before they can become 1st round QBs.
  5. Do Tua Tagovailoa's Comments Raise a Red Flag?

    I do not see how those comments are an issue. The kids family literally moved to Alabama because he went to school there, maybe he felt a little guilty for that since he did not play all season long. Especially considering Hurts is a flat out bad passing QB and that he will be around another two season potentially. I doubt he dislikes a challenge, but only so much one can do as a QB if there is already a starter out there like Hurts on the team who is a fine leader. That comment might mean more to a position like OL or DL where guys are in constant competition against other top competition on the team all the time. However Hurts is a great leader and does some small things that win games, also is a better pure runner and more of a slow down possession QB. Arguably with Tua they would be more up tempo, pass more and thus potentially make more mistakes on offense yet make more big plays as well. Will be very curious who ends up being the starter next year, no way in hell they win that National Title unless Tua went in so that does mean something. These comments are honest and who would not consider what he thought of, especially with Hurts only being a JR this up coming season, so he has two full years left. My guess is Tua is the starter hopefully and if anyone should transfer it should be Hurts unless he is an outstanding teammate and sticks around, which he is so that might be the case. Would be terrible to see Tua go, especially after that story book game he had last year, would be odd for him to just go, again if anyone goes it is Hurts.
  6. Who do you not want your division rivals to get?

    Totally agree, I was very glad they did not get James in the draft no doubt, it was so close they were only one pick away. I was also super glad they did not get Davenport which most had him being taken by the Packers. In terms of who they did get, Alexander is a very good corner though but he has gotten injured a lot the past few years so will see how he does in that regard. Sucks they got JK Scott he is a damn good punter and his ability to not allow a return with the height he gets, that is a massive weapon most do not think about. Equanimeous St. Brown could be a real steal and a half, I really liked his size and ability to run, and if he does not work out Marquez Valdes-Scantling will who is another big tall target who is a great athlete and can really run. As UDFA, sucks they got Tyler Lancaster, I liked him as a potential DT, super strong kid and some even have him as a possible OG in the NFL. And Kyle Meadows is a solid developmental OT, I liked his run blocking at Kentucky and thought he should have been a 5th-7th round draft pick.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 120+

    I agree Paddy Fisher is a damn good player, really can get off blocks and get to the football. Love his size and plays tough aggressive football, cannot wait to see how good he is this year and of course I would not be surprised with some improvement for him to come out early, he has that kind of talent. Khaleke Hudson I view more as a potential linebacker in the future than Peppers was. I have not see Hudson do a ton in pass coverage where Peppers at times earlier in his career played corner and slot corner often. Maybe Hudson could become a safety but at Michigan in that 'viper' role he will never leave that spot till he graduates I think. Sure they could find another one for that spot which I doubt, he was so productive there last year why move him to safety? Be curious what they do, because they do need better safety play, just not sure they risk moving Hudson and that kind of production he had at the 'viper' position. DK Metcalf physically is super impressive but a lot of the Ole Miss WRs are, would be nice to see him develop some more of course but physically the guy is extremely put together. See if he can make a jump similar to what AJ Brown did last year from his FR year to his SOPH year in terms of production, see if Metcalf can make that kind of jump as a RS SOPH.
  8. Too bad about his health issues, kid was a talented prospect for sure. Now with Wynn he has to become a great player for them, if not that offensive line is going to be in huge trouble. Unless Waddle or Trent Brown can become the other OT opposite Cannon and Wynn moves into guard which I feel he would be a better fit.
  9. Oliver I feel cannot play slot corner, something the Vikings need, and Hughes can play the slot or the boundary. But like you said they could not have got Oliver anyway late 2nd unless trading up and to me Hughes is the better more talented corner prospect. As for CWood21 and the Vikings offensive line rankings from 2016 to 2017 and the improvement, well forget freaking PFF. Yes they improved, just look at these 'numbers', from one year to the next, I would say quite the difference and mind you it is with a backup QB playing a majority of the year and their best running back Dalvin Cook missing well over half the year also. 2017 Total offensive yards: 11th Rushing yards: 7th Sacks given up: 25th (27) 2016 Total offensive Yards: 28th Rushing yards: 32nd Sacks given up: 10th (38) So yeah the OL improved more than just a little from 2016 to 2017, will see if they can continue that improvement this up coming year.
  10. You are totally right if Terence Newman is a totally legit starting slot corner, that is something he is not especially considering how he played against the Saints and the Eagles in the last two games of the year. Great pro, amazing vet on the team and basically is another coach on the team but is not a starting slot man unless he was maybe injured late last year which made him look so bad. Hughes will start at slot this year and if not will still get a ton of time in the rotation, and Rhodes for one oddly gets injured quite often it seems throughout the year. Newman and Alexander are not starting boundary corners, now with Hughes they have one who I would feel far more comfortable putting there if something happened and most likely it will. I would not be shocked for them to use Newman more as a safety which he has at times as well, so if one would view Newman as a safety then they only have Sherels and Alexander as backup corners / slot corners which is a gigantic issue I feel. The Packers obviously let Damarious Randall, Casey Hayward, Micah Hyde, Sam Shields and Morgan Burnett all walk as DBs in recent years and no big surprise they have drafted some DBs in recent years quite high to take their places. The first three in Randall, Hayward and Hyde are all very good players I think yet still they let them walk. So yeah that is what I am talking about with trading contracts, all decent players, some they should have not let go but they went with getting someone new and cheaper and not paying any of these guys. Are the Vikings doing that are corner, I would believe yes they are potentially or at least letting some know the situation in the room. But sure the Vikings have not let any of their top CBs go yet but some could be in the works just like they were at Green Bay with that mass exodus of DBs. As for O'Neill, sure if he is this unplayable raw total project sure it does not make sense to draft him. But I do not view O'Neill as that type of prospect who is a total shelf all year if not for two years. Sure I would not have minded Connor Williams at that 1st round spot, but I do not mind a position need at CB and slot corner something they arguably do not have on the roster currently.
  11. You obviously just want to argue to argue. I called Beavers a miss, but yeah do not want to totally rule him done for until he is out of the league for good. Sure the Vikings are not great on the offensive line but to right off O'Neill as a prospect based on that, well that is just stupid. And no I do not read PFF but have your opinion or their opinion, whatever it is just do not be surprised to see Hughes wildly succeed this year and O'Neill start at some point this year as well. Sure the Packers have done great things drafting in terms of OL talent. But the Packers usually draft extremely well so the fact they hit on lineman, well they hit on more than just lineman so that is not out of the norm. But keep pretending CB was not a need for this Vikings roster, yeah right, much less a SLOT corner. And guess what teams draft players sometimes so they do not have to pay other players in the near upcoming future with their upcoming contracts. Just ask precious Green Bay about that one in regards to their defensive backfield....
  12. So the Vikings cannot develop offensive lineman? John Sullivan was a solid developed OL for the Vikings and was All Pro named at one point, now starting on the Rams. Brandon Fusco the Vikings drafted and he is a decent guard in the league now, Phil Loadholt was a damn good player before all the injuries, Joe Berger's best years were in Minnesota, Mike Harris arguably had his best years in Minnesota as well, same could be said for Charlie Johnson. Not to mention Nick Easton who obviously has had his best years in Minnesota as well and is currently still on the team. So they have developed some late round guys or brought guys other teams did not want in and they played well or to their max potential. So it is not like it is impossible for the Vikings to develop offensive lineman. Sure Willie Beavers recently was a miss but his career is not yet over, will see, and David Yankey had promise but also so far has not done much in the league and is still around. TJ Clemmings as well but was not some high 1st rounder or something. Matt Kalil was the biggest whiff recently but was a Pro Bowler early in his career, not quite sure what has happened to him. Then again not like they draft offensive lineman and spend high 1st round picks on them all that often outside of Kalil, they have taken an offensive lineman in the 1st round twice in twenty years being Kalil and Bryant McKinnie. The OL transformation from this past year and two years ago is huge, they got rid of TJ Clemmings, Andre Smith, Matt Kalil and Alex Boone and were greatly better for it and a much improved unit with Reiff, Easton, Eflein, Joe Berger, Remmers. Would not think that would work but it did, sure Berger is retired and they had injuries to that group this past year but it was an fine improvement and I would assume more improvement from them this year as well. Still like it has been said I think, Remmers is probably moving to guard, and if that is the case O'Neill will play at tackle this year I feel or if he does not that means Compton took over that guard spot or Isidora did and Remmers stayed at tackle. Still with O'Neill they are far better off with him there than having only two real tackles on the roster in Reiff and Hill and was a good value where they got him in the 2nd round. They needed a CB and OL help and they got that late in both rounds and could arguably not have gotten a better player at either of those picks at those exact positions. As for CB, well yeah they would be in huge trouble if Rhodes goes down and they are only left with Waynes and Alexander as the starters, Newman I do not feel can start at his age, sure can play some slot and maybe safety if need but but at corner based on late last year in the playoffs, he was taken huge advantage of big time. Hughes helps in the slot, and could also start out wide if asked, and not I do not think they will give up on Waynes or Alexander but one can never have too many corners I feel. It was an issue in the last two games the Vikings played and they possibly solved that issue. Sure maybe they drafted Hughes to not have to sign Waynes down the road but regardless they are both on the team now and are both potentially good players, Waynes was greatly improved last year I thought and has progressed well. Alexander still needs to make more plays but is better than Sherels at nickle who they also resigned. So for what they needed they did well on those first two picks and where they got them. Sure the middle of the draft one can have more issues with those picks. Sure getting James Daniels or Hernandez would have been ok in the 1st but instead you got one of the best corners in the draft by far who fits a big need in the slot and in the return game. Then late in the second they do get that OL help they needed in a guy who I feel had 1st round potential especially considering how big and athletic he is. Will see what happens.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Early top 120+

    Devin White is a great player but I feel he does have to improve his overall athletic ability a little bit and become more explosive out there. Great talent, has been productive for two straight years now and is a thick solid linebacker. With improvement this season and a great year sure could be a 1st round pick and maybe better than the likes of Roquan Smith but needs to get better athletically and Smith was more explosive and powerful on the field I thought. In terms of ILB for this up coming draft Devin Bush is a better athlete than White but not as good in the box or in terms of production, but in the right system as a blitzing ILB in a 3/4 could be great but still needs to get stronger. I also like Paddy Fisher but he is a long shot to come out as a RS SOPH, still has better size and length and just as good of toughness in the box and ability to shed blocks. To compare him to Ray Lewis is setting Devin White up to fail, honestly a Hall of Famer and one of the best inside linebackers ever, pretty high bar I would say. White to his credit has been productive without having amazing elite DL talent ahead of him. Can get through traffic and make plays despite LSU as a unit being quite down defensively especially at times last year. Will see if they can pick it up this year and get back to form. I would not say White is better than Luke Kuechly though in terms of flat out playmaking ability at linebacker, will see how he looks this year, again would be nice to see him more explosive and lose a little weight yet keep that strength. To me he is not more versatile than Hightower who played straight up defensive end with his hand in the ground on Alabama and 3/4 OLB as a standup, White does not do that. He is bigger than Mosely but Mosely is far better in coverage and and has better range arguably. Mayo is very similar to White but was arguably more productive with less talent around him. Yes is bigger than Vilma but not as quick, and is similar to DJ Williams but not a better athlete though, Williams could have been a running back on offense, doubt White could do that. Will be curious how White runs, not sure he is that elite of an athlete, will see how he looks this year. Manti Te'o was similar build and wildly productive in college but not a great athlete and that has shown up in the NFL, see if White can improve his overall athletic ability. In terms of him being the best linebacker ever at LSU, that could happen after this year but it is not a great group. Bradie James was a fine player and pro and currently Deion Jones is a tackle machine and Alexander is good but there is not a ton of great LSU linebackers. Most of their talent is on the DL and DB groups.
  14. I agree with everything you said. I do feel they are not super impressed with Alexander and Waynes has his moments but still needs some work. Hughes is a great pickup and is a giant area of need I feel, especially with how that secondary looked in the playoffs. They were one CB injury away from big trouble, when Rhodes went out they were bad and did not have guys to put into the lineup as a starter. And Hughes helps kickoffs as well as a return man. Sure the Holmes and Conklin pickup are just ok at that point, but they got two possible steals with Aruna and Downs. They already showed with Hunter what that staff can do with long athletic defensive ends and Aruna is exactly that and was arguably a 3rd round talent with his workout numbers and potential. Downs really flashes as a playmaker and would have been drafted higher without the injury, should completely take the place of Brothers soon as a backup ILB special teams guy. Not a great draft but solid, and with O'Neill he was the best option there in the 2nd round and athletically is a first round talent. Sure guard would have worked but it is easier to find a guard than a solid athletic tackle who can pass protect I think. People greatly underrate him as an athlete and just assume he is not strong as a blocker because he is such a impressive looking athlete. Aviante Collins who also was a damn good athlete at OT to potentially develop from last years draft as a UDFA. With O'Neill and Collins both are top 4 in the past 12 years for offensive lineman and their 40 time at the combine, only Lane Johnson and Terron Armstead have better times at the combine in that time span. Not to mention the 2018 Vikings UDFA group is arguably as good as any other team. So the early part of the draft this year and the end of it, combined with the UDFA saved the average selections of Holmes, Conklin and Carlson but Carlson was a need so it had to be done just for extra points alone. But sure if one is just looking at top to bottom they did not make wow picks with every selection.
  15. Yeah I thought Jones-Smith would have been drafted. Just on length alone as a offensive tackle kid is super long and rangy, decent athlete and is a steal UDFA for the Texans. Was a little raw in college but physically there is a lot to work with no question.