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  1. True but it is not like that cannot be done, the Chiefs paid Wylie $750,000 this year and he has played on the team for 3 seasons, started 35 games, played multiple positions and they got him for another teams practice squad as a UDFA. So lower round picks can be found just clearly the Vikings do not seem to develop OL well especially if they are later round picks or UDFAs. Oh take Remmers for example who was pretty decent for the Chiefs as a backup and played a key role for them, and on Minnesota he was awful be it at OT or OG. And the Vikings barely have money as it is, not sure I w
  2. He played only 4 snaps as a rookie for a reason, and that was with Lewan injured so they needed someone and still did not play him. He attended an off campus party at Tennessee University at training camp where he almost jumped off a balcony to escape, received a trespassing warning. Then in September he got a DUI when he lost control of his vehicle and hit a concrete wall. Sure everyone loved how he looked at the combine, so big, powerful and athletic but fact is on Georgia he was not that good and probably was more a 2nd or better yet 3rd round pick. Also is not exactly a zone
  3. He is a standout 3/4 OLB type, had a great season in 2019 and in a some what weak class of top end 3/4 OLBs Tryon is arguably the 2nd best in the group of 3/4 backers at getting after the QB. Might not have the upside that Azeez has but is a fine player. Yeah Washington is a loaded defense but obviously their two best players sat out and did not play, would have been amazing if they were all on the same unit Tryon and Levi Onwuzurike with Molden, Ulofoshio, Keith Taylor, McDuffie, Tupuola-Fetui and Turner.
  4. You have compensatory picks in this thing? Where you get those from, I thought they did not come out yet.
  5. Is Mac Jones better than Spencer Rattler or Sam Howell? No but for the Patriots to get them they would have to be picking in the top 3 picks in the draft next year, so what a 3 win season or something for that? Is Mac Jones better than Kedon Slovis? With Slovis and how erratic he was last year and his injury issues, yeah probably especially right now. Is Mac Jones better than Brock Purdy, yeah, JT Daniels, yeah, Phil Jurkovec, yeah, Desmond Ridder, yeah, and Matt Corral? Probably yeah. Corral is the only maybe not because his arm talent but still has to prove it again this ne
  6. What I have currently that could go down. Moved safety up in the need category so went after Ford, would be fine with Jamar Johnson also. And filled the DT spot instead of the DE spot. Surratt I would like in the 4th, could not be there but has such athletic ability and upside as more of a coverage type speed linebacker assuming they lose Wilson and Surratt could maybe help in the pass rush, so raw at linebacker only played it two seasons after being a QB but got 12 sacks in those two years. Rodgers I think could fit great in the slot and would take Bisi out which would be a good thing, he
  7. I agree Hamsah is not a safety at all in the NFL and will most likely move to linebacker, he does not have the coverage skills no way. And the Vikings want Harrison Smith around the line of scrimmage and able to move around, so they need a safety that can play back deep in coverage and Hamsah is not that guy unless they are switching how they play defense and play 5 DBs and he would be the 3rd safety and or OLB type. Richie Grant would be ideal but doubt he is there in the 3rd for the Vikings. Yeah in my more up to date version I have the Vikings taking him 3rd round.
  8. The Heisman trophy argument with DeVonta Smith is BS He is not a QB and when was the last WR to win one over the past 20 years? Exactly. All I know is DeVonta played in a season where he did not have a promised super star QB, was playing an all SEC schedule to start, and his family and or friends could get COVID-19 from him just like Chase's situation. Chase decided to sit out, DeVonta did not and clearly did something and out played any receiver in college over the past what 20 years arguably. In less games with a worse QB than Chase had, DeVonta had more yards, more touchdowns and more
  9. Yeah he should be a 1st round pick all the way, might not be but talent wise he is a 1st round talent no doubt about it. Especially in the NFL of today where he could absolutely dominate from the slot position, had an amazing year on Ole Miss no question.
  10. Robey-Coleman I assume they cannot sign so who plays slot for them. Wade is best in the slot arguably, was not great as a boundary but was considered at times a top 20 pick before the season, did not have a great year but has ability and could be a steal in the 2nd round. Who is their CB opposite Slay, I assume Maddox, maybe Maddox could be the slot arguably but if not Wade could be a good signing but then again Mills could be gone also and they have no safety either. So safety could be a good move unless they like Epps. WR makes sense also but DeVonta could be a steal if
  11. I expect him to be gone by the 3rd or 4th for sure. Maybe Vikings could sneak and get him. Really though they should start talking with the Chicago Bears. Would be odd but Mac Jones could be trade bait to get out of that 14th pick if the Bears think that the Patriots will be getting Mac Jones. I think Mac would be great for the Patriots and if the Bears need a QB which they do, Mitchell is probably out and most all the other good QBs are signed already unless they get Dak and everyone knows that is not happening. So if the Bears really want a QB and like Mac Jones, V
  12. Rousseau is better than Paye I feel, Paye people hype up but I would be shocked if he is actually as athletic as some rumors show. If he does indeed run that fast and jump that high than yeah he could be an option but I will wait till I see it actually. He looked great against Minnesota with Faalele and Dunlap out of the game and new starters on the edges, Paye and Hutchinson both looked like 1st round picks in that game, but the games previous Paye did not do as much and then got hurt which is also not a 1st time for that either. Is odd though why did he have zero sacks against Michigan St
  13. Yeah I agree, if he slides for whatever reason they should take him and run. Could make the case for Mac Jones as well but he does not have as much upside as Lance does arguably and is not as athletic and is not a local kid like Lance is. Mac Jones is ready to play this year or next, Trey Lance might not be so again would be perfect for the Vikings but is not realistic true.
  14. At least this dude has been fun to watch from time to time. Too bad Saunders was let go but really had to be done, like all sports cannot fire all the players obviously and change has to come from somewhere. Sure the Finch dude has a history of player development which is what they need.
  15. CJ Beathard I would be down with if he is cheap enough. He has some upside and ability, and I like him more than Mannion. Still wish we would have kept Sloter but clearly they did not like how he prepared. Stanley has some potential but hard not to be better than Browning who has a weak arm. Still if Trey Lance falls to the 14th pick, would be very damn hard not to take him I feel. Could sit him two years, then have your future starter who had time to learn. Doubt he gets past Carolina anyway or 49ers for that matter.
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