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  1. Justin Fields

    It is the same in a way sure. But still none of those teams had 7 guys in the NFL potentially down the road that all play WR on one team all at the same time like last season for Ohio State. Sure Bama has four right now, same with Clemson but 7 last year for Ohio State was pretty impressive. Not to mention Ohio State has never produced a solid NFL starting QB ever which is a surprise over their long history. To me compared to Tua, Lawrence and Watson regardless of who they are throwing to, Fields has a long ways to go to be on the same level as they are. He is better than Hurts though in terms of overall upside from the improvement he has shown this year. Will see how Fields does when things get tight, he gets pressured and things are not so easy as they have been the first three weeks, and even this up coming week will be pretty easy again with Miami OH.
  2. Justin Fields

    True but Haskins was a pure passer and looked it even when he played against Michigan as a RS FR. They changed because they did what he was good at also. Barrett and Braxton were never pure passers and more obvious duel threats. Also neither one was ever a big time legit QB prospect, same with Cardale. Day was with Kelly and Kelly basically failed big time in the NFL I would say so that might keep him out of the league just based on that. But with how desperate owners are to find the next offensive Sean McVay young coach type, I would not be surprised if Day is lured away to the NFL this year or next. I believe the QB play is helped by Day's system sure but what really helps is the weapons they are throwing to do make them look potentially better than they actually are but will see if that is the case or not. For example on Ohio State last year, one might arguably have seven WRs in the NFL off that team. Campbell, McLaurin, Dixon, Victor, Olave, Hill and Mack. To say that has nothing to do with some level of the QBs success is just not accurate. Ohio State looks amazing this year but there is still a long season left, they are the clear favorites to win the Big Ten this year though especially with how improved that D is and how solid that OL has looked, not to mention Fields of course also playing well to start.
  3. Justin Fields

    Fields has looked great this year but it has been up against some bad defenses without top end talent. Will see how he looks against Michigan State and some others. Looks like a different QB compared to what he did on Georgia last year which is impressive and has all this season and next to continue that progression. Maybe that is Day's system I do not know, but my guess is Day will be in the NFL shortly, especially if this year goes well and next. If Haskins has success at Washington that will help Field's stock also. Because there might be something to that system no doubt that makes them look good but that is still up int he air, with all the WR talent they had last year which was nuts and this year which is just as loaded arguably. Tons of guys who have speed and can take a little pass and get big time yards without much QB effort made. One thing Fields does have a slower release that is a long delivery, is not super accurate at times but in the NFL of today if some top QBs go down or retire in the next two years Fields will easily be a top 15 selection in 2021. He is not Deshaun Watson though, Watson was far more accurate but sure that would be the ideal for Fields to become someone like Watson. Not sure he has the leadership ability or charisma Watson has. Just with the short happenings of the start of the NFL season, teams have already looked like they could be in big time need of a QB this year in 2020 draft or next in 2021 with the Dolphins, Steelers, Saints, Bucs, Colts and possibly Panthers. Heck even Jacksonville or the Broncos depending on how things shake out, just a backup developmental QB would be needed also with the likes of the Packers, Vikings, Jets, Eagles, Titans, Texans and Seattle. So what looked like a pretty stacked QB room in terms of starters across the NFL sure has changed quickly.
  4. Yeah that is crazy, Minkah is a total Pro Bowler in the future for potentially years I think. It was Minkah and a 4th and 6th round pick for a 1st rounder and a 5th and a 6th I think. So basically a Pro Bowl level DB who can play corner, slot or safety for pretty much a 1st round pick. That is it? That seems nuts to me and yeah the Vikings should have been all over that. But bot sure they are as needy as the Steelers were of course, Rhodes has been rough early this year but is not worth giving up on. But if Hughes does not come back healthy and good they will have to draft or CB high in the draft anyways. And a guy like Minkah would not be around where they pick regardless, same with Ramsey. Ramsey is a 1st team All Pro and Pro Bowler not potential Pro Bowl level player, so he would require a lot more than what Minkah was for. If say Cousins is bad this year they will use a 1st or 2nd rounder to get a QB. Fromm could fall to them in the 2nd and I would take him there. I would not mind Love either in the 1st or Ehlinger or even Burrow in the 2nd. Same with Eason who has super arm talent, so they have options if Cousins does indeed play like this the rest of the season. Even if Kirk does do well they need a back and or developmental QB since they got rid of Sloter. Heck I would sign Kyle Sloter off the Arizona practice squad and cut Mannion honestly, or if they want Mannion they could cut Meadors. At least then they would have a future developmental guy to build at least.
  5. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    For being down 21 nothing after the 1st quarter I think the Vikings played great honestly considering the situation. Not sure how they did it, I think they went with more pressure defense, less zone type coverage and challenged the receivers. Whatever it was it worked and they obviously shut out the Packers the entire rest of the game. Sadly they did give up some in the run game but they also allowed it I felt and took away things they could not cover since Alexander and Hughes were out as the slot corner. Thought they would be eaten alive the rest of the game by Adams in the slot. Tried Meadors for a little bit out there which was just stupid, then Kearse did settle in and look more comfortable. Again terrible to give up rush yards and maybe there Packers were just fine with it but still the defense turned it around and that was nice to see. Cousins was awful, everyone knows it and so what they at least ran the football and got back into the game some how and without the INTs from Cousin's they probably would have won the game. Sucks having a two TE set when your TEs are nothing special. Rudolph has not made big plays, Conklin has done nothing and Smith has done little outside of blocking in space from time to time. Beebe had the one big play which was nice to see but the lack of a 3rd WR is hurting them a lot I think. At least Ameer had that great hit on special teams, probably the best tackle any Viking had all game. They will have to use the backs more in the passing game for sure, especially if the TEs cannot start being more productive. LOVE that Vikings pass rush later in the game, that was impressive and was a sight to see. Barr all over the place coming at Rodgers, Hunter doing great, Giffen doing well, Joseph getting in on the action. Hopefully they can keep that going and become a force as a pass rush team, 9 hits on the QB, 7 TFL and 2 sacks. Pretty solid after getting absolutely rocked to start the game in every which way.
  6. Week 3: Prospect Standouts *Isaiah Simmons RS JR LB/S Clemson: What a freak show, my goodness, can play safety and is currently, along with OLB. Love that speed and athletic ability, such a great athlete and if he can legit play safety and roam around like he is on Clemson he could be a great player in the NFL. Made some big time plays against Syracuse especially in the backfield and as a blitzing safety. Is looking more and more like a 1st round pick lock, and is probably a top 10 pick with the upside he has shown and versatility. *Ahmad Wagner SR WR/TE Kentucky: Big time sleeper prospect with this kid, former basketball player at Iowa now playing football and smart choice for him to make. Apparently has been interfered with 8 out of 15 targets this year. Is a big strong kid playing out wide and ideally he would become a stretch TE in the NFL at that frame but not sure he could make the transition as a great blocker. Looks the part though and if he keeps playing this well no question will be a sleeper pick as a stretch athletic TE with potential in the up coming draft. *Logan Stenberg RS SR OG Kentucky: I need to watch him more but looks like a great guard who can really hold his own inside. Strong and controls the defensive tackle easily and can move them backward at will. Is a must watch later in the season, is part of a surprising solid Offensive line on Kentucky. Big strong kid though and despite losing some leaders on offense least year looks like they just reloaded. *Dillon Gabriel FR QB UCF: Looks like another star QB for years to come for them again, and from Hawaii. More than looks the part, is quick, smart, gets rid of the football, has an accurate arm and good timing and sense of the game. Competitive and athletic, looks just like Milton did early in his career, maybe not quite as athletic but has a better arm and seems to be a better pocket passer possibly. Looks great and UCF in general is worth watching because of the talented OL play and defense, I thought they might take a step back this year but obviously not, they look great out there and could go undefeated the rest of the season possibly. *Carlos Basham Jr. RS JR DE Wake Forest: Good looking rush end, has been around for awhile and has had production but this year he has taken it to another level I feel. Good spin move on the edge and knows how to free himself and get after the QB. Is a little doughy and could put on some more muscle but overall has good size and athletic ability for a end and is a nice rush prospect on the edge. Has already equaled his sack total for last year and could easily get to 10 on this pace. *Myles Dorn SR S UNC: Liked him last year and looked smooth out there this season in coverage making that one big interception showing great hands. Nice looking athlete, has some length to him, is willing to tackle and plays aggressively. Could be a nice mid to late round pickup as a safety and is having a great start to his season. One of the more consistent and proven senior safeties in the nation no question. *Anthony Gordon RS SR QB Washington State: I need to watch him more but based on seeing him for the first time he looks like he can play. So they might have done it again, a RS SR type player comes in, and this guy basically is playing first time in legit action D1 and has looked great. Really like how he throws the football, has a nice smooth release and gets great height on the football and arch, can drop it down into tight windows as well. Nice looking player and if puts together a good conference season I could see him being a late round draft pick. Is already leading the nation in passing yards this early into the season. *Tyler Johnson SR WR Minnesota: Despite pretty poor QB play and OL play Johnson just made the play when it counted and was huge in that game especially late. Runs good routes and hung onto the football in key situations. Has been consistent for awhile and was massive come from behind this win for the team. Great to see his play on the field despite pretty poorly throw balls half the time. *Joseph Ngata FR WR Clemson: They got another one, is apparently a great kid that works hard and physically is built like a house already. Very strong and long, good athletic ability and should just be another super star in that offense and Lawrence will be able to get him the ball where he can go up and get it. Awesome looking player and physically already looks the part. *Sage Surratt RS SOPH WR Wake Forest: Great game by him, big physical WR with some speed and made huge plays in that football game. Will be one to watch in a much improved Wake offense this season. I do not think he will be a early entry guy but in 2020 he could be a factor especially if Newman comes back as the QB next year. *Scotty Washington RS SR WR Wake Forest: I like how he has played this year, so far even being early in the season it is easily his best season of his career. Always loved his physical size and look as a receiver, very tall and big with good fundamental play. Good hands and runs decent routes, could be a late round flyer I feel as a receiver and has some toughness to his game as well and plays with some passion. *Justin Strnad RS SR LB Wake Forest: I need to watch him more but looks like a very interesting linebacker prospect who can stop the run and cover in space. Nice looking athlete with good size and speed, had a great game and was all over the field for a much improved Wake defense. Will be one to watch the rest of the year, looks like a player who could play ILB or OLB and be pretty effective with how good he is in space. *Justin Fields SOPH QB Ohio State: He has looked like a different player this year passing the football. A little bit erratic in this game in terms of his control but overall he is so much improved and still has this year and next year to keep working on his passing skills. Really has been great in that offense and I would be surprised if Day is not off to the NFL with how effective they have been and how good Fields has looked at times. Great duel threat QB and his progression this season from last year is impressive, will see if he can keep it up. *D'Eriq King SR QB/RB/WR Houston: Not an amazing game by him as a QB but athletically there is a ton there with him, so quick and agile as a runner. I think he could be a possible position change guy potentially to RB or WR in the NFL. May be able to make it at QB, is similar to Murray in size but does not have his big time arm talent however. Is a great looking athlete though and for sure if QB does not work out something else might, is worth a mid to late round pick possibly. *Shawn Davis JR S Florida: Great game by him covering deep down field and making big time interceptions and getting ahead of the pass and taking it. Liked him against Miami and looked even better against UK. Still need to see more from him as a tackler and striker but in coverage he looks ready and able to cover deep middle and those guys are wanted in the NFL. *Caleb Jones RS SOPH OT Indiana: Mountain of a man and looks good out there at times for Indiana. Clearly Young beat him a few times but he is dominating out there on about everyone he goes up against. Jones looks to have potential though, love his big wide body and length, is going to have to improve in the run game and use that size a little more but he has time to develop which is nice. *JK Dobbins JR RB Ohio State: Great game by him no question about it, physically there is a ton to like about him but the kid is a big strong versatile back and any team in need of a RB will be interested in him next year. Love his size and speed combo and he is having a great year behind that solid OL. Will be interesting to see how he does against some better defenses down the road. Could sneak into the 1st round I feel if he keeps playing this well, might over take Harris from Alabama but will see. *Jonah Jackson SR OG Ohio State: Another great game by him I think, impressive play no doubt and looks to be potentially one of the better second tear mid round guards in the up coming draft. Part of a surprisingly solid Ohio State offensive line, Jackson has good size, good length and can pass protect and run block pretty well. Great move to transfer over from Rutgers and that should help his draft stock quite a bit. *Josh Myers RS SOPH C Ohio State: Looks like another potential star center for Ohio State, really blocks well and can block on the move and create holes and angles for the running backs. Super solid center prospect and could even come out early as a RS SOPH but if he comes back as a RS JR next year could really become something special. Love his size as well, is a very big center and with his athletic ability watch out, kid can play. *Chris Olave SOPH WR Ohio State: Super smooth natural receiver and is so quick and agile. Liked what he showed last year and with his speed and good footwork he is a very legit receiver prospect who is hard to handle especially in the slot. Surprisingly tough also and willing to play special teams as well. Having a great season and should only get better over time. *Rashod Bateman SOPH WR Minnesota: Amazing game by him again, very key to the success of that offense with his big play ability. Catches the football with his hands so well, has good speed and despite bad QB play still makes big time catches and big time plays. Should be a fine prospect as a JR and potential early entry guy even if he keeps up this level of progression. *Micah Parsons SOPH OLB Penn State: Love him in coverage as a linebacker, has good feet and is good in space which makes him pretty interesting as a player. Still wish he was stronger at the point of attack and a little more physical but is a promising prospect and could be a high pick as a JR no question. Good speed and fine athletic ability, is a great student as well and there is a ton to like about him as overall prospect. *Jesse Luketa SOPH ILB Penn State: Was nice to see him out there and being active, did not do a ton but at least he got some play. Love him physically, is strong and tough, will see if he can keep carving out some time on the field and makes some plays. *DJ Dale FR DT Alabama: Has out played a ton of more highly rated recruits on the DL for Bama. Dale is tough, quick off the ball and could really be something next year and beyond. Is so good already and a productive player they need inside, great start to his career. *Mike Rose SOPH ILB Iowa State: Love his athletic ability and quickness, agile linebacker who is fast and can hit. Plays a key part of that defense and is a fine looking player and with his athletic ability and toughness tackling teams will want him. Nice ILB prospect who could also play SLB I think as well. *Ryan Hilinski FR QB South Carolina: Amazing story and great to hear he is doing well, is the brother of the QB that committed suicide on Washington State a little while back. Tragic story but this kid looks like an inspirational leader and knows how to throw the football. The offense is using the fine WR weapons they have now and they are making plays, looks like Carolina has their QB for the future. Great to see and he has ability and plays with passion and desire, is a committed player and did some good things against Bama in that game no question about it. *Gabriel Davis JR WR UCF: I need to watch him more but looks like a big time receiver threat. Has the size, good thick build, nice height and has speed to burn. Beat a talented Stanford CB Adebo multiple times and had a great game overall. Need to watch him and that UCF team more because they look to have some players especially on the offensive side of the football. *Tyler Bass RS SR K Georgia Southern: I liked him last year as a kicker, is accurate and clutch and did well in this game also. Might be worth a late round pick potentially next year in a draft not full of a ton of quality kickers. He will get a shot in the league most likely I think as a place kicker. *Reynard Ellis SOPH ILB Georgia Southern: Like him at linebacker, blocked a field goal in that game, got some pressure on the QB. Is athletic and compact, can run and would be a solid 3/4 ILB I feel. One to watch in the future, still has time to develop and grow on a solid program at Georgia Southern that could be on the rise. * Nasir Greer SOPH S Wake Forest: I need to watch him more but physically he is awesome at tackling, very firm solid tackling fundamentals he showed in that game I think. Tough and quick to the football, great game by him and one to watch, is a surprisingly decent Wake defense after struggling a little bit last season they look to have a few players who could make it in the NFL possibly. Others who impressed: Jamie Newman RS JR QB Wake Forest Shaun Wade RS SOPH CB Ohio State Raymond Johnson III JR DE Georgia Southern Kavosiey Smoke FR RB Kentucky CJ Wright SOPH NT Georgia Southern Gleson Sprewell JR S Houston Journey Brown RS SOPH RB Penn State Kash Daniel SR ILB Kentucky Thayer Munford JR OT Ohio State Tre Nixon RS JR WR UCF Chase Young JR DE Ohio State Master Teague III RS FR RB Ohio State Michael Carter JR RB UNC Asim Rose JR RB Kentucky Josh Jones RS SR OT Houston Evan Neal FR OG Alabama Disappointed: Paulson Abedo RS SOPH CB Stanford - Got beat bad a few times and really disappointed. Was not totally sold on him as being this big time prospect just yet and he showed that lack of potentially elite ability in this game. Still is one to watch as a RS SOPH but still has some work to do no question. KJ Costello RS JR QB Stanford - Very disappointing game by him no question. Might be still a hang over from the head injury against Northwestern but he did not look good out there that is for sure. Missed a lot of throws but mind you he does not have much in terms of weapons to throw to or great RBs either. Is a disappointing offense in general for them and defense and Little will be out for awhile also at OT. Daniel Faalele SOPH OT Minnesota - Gave up a sack and a few pressures in that game, disappointing by him I feel but that Minnesota OL on the opposite side of Faalele is even worse. Disappointing they cannot just run behind him but in this game they did have a few backs who were injured, three if I remember, two during the game and one before the game. Still I expected a lot more out of this true sophomore after such a fine season his first year and really improving that run game because of his play. He is a big dude so do something out there as one, and at least hit or push someone. If he can get a little more nasty and aggressive he could be a monster to deal with. AJ Epenesa JR DE Iowa - Did have a decent game but honestly I expected a lot more out of him as a player. Pretty limited in his pass rush moves, just goes straight up field and gets stuck on the tackle more than once and cannot get off, does not have a counter move either it seems. Cannot get inside the tackle and always goes out wide which is a problem. Great athlete, great upside and showed some ability to drop in coverage but seems the lack of top line talent on the DL for Iowa like last year has hurt his production at least early in the season. Najee Harris JR RB Alabama - Made some great catches and that one huge run after catch which did impress a lot. But with the poor OL play in the run game on Bama, Harris has struggled and has not ran well or looked comfortable running the football. His teammate Robinson looks more decisive and quick to the hole. Harris is super talented but yeah expected more out of him considering how talented he is. Still has time to turn it around and it is Bama with Tua, so they will be passing a ton which limits his chances. Will see if he can do some more in the pass game and I am sure they will use that more and more this season. Stevie Scott III SOPH RB Indiana - Did not get a ton of chances but for a guy that rushed for over 1000 yards as a true FR he has disappointed early this season and in this game. Not given many chances but did little with those chances. Could be just poor OL play sure but I expected more out of what was arguably the best true FR RB in the nation last year. Will see if he can turn it around and that line can block a little better for him in the future.
  7. Tua has a 76% completion percentage and has thrown 0 INTs this year. Trevor has a 65% completion percentage with again a better run game, better top end WRs arguably especially in terms of catch radius/size, and a better offensive line. He has thrown 5 INTs this year. So who telegraphed passes and throws everything late? Lawrence is still the better prospect overall I feel they both came out this year but still... Tua is not nearly as bad as you make him out to be but yes does need to play better in big aka if they get to the National title game again. Only really bad game was against Clemson last year, Georgia that was more a injury situation not really a bad game by him last year.
  8. Will Jalen Hurts be a first round pick?

    He was just fine on Alabama last season, just never got the chance to play a ton with Tua around. PS getting tons of yards on Oklahoma is obviously getting less and less impressive. Heck even on Washington State a first year starter D1 RS SR is leading the nation in passing, so playing QB especially in college is almost hard to not be successful as long as you have just a little bit of skill. No way is Hurts a 1st round talent, Tua, Herbert, Love, Eason, Fromm, Ehlinger and Burrow are all better than him and no way there are that many QBs picked in the 1st round anyway. So unless all the big names in the NFL all retire all at the same time at QB next year, there will not be enough even needing QBs to begin with to draft 1st round. Hurts has increased his stock no doubt but see what he does against Texas and Iowa State the only two teams that are any good at defense they will play all regular season long.
  9. He is considered that because he had the best season any true freshman QB in college football has ever had. No one has been better and did more as a true freshman, some were close but they were all RS freshman Quarterback starters. Hell Lawrence did not ever start all season but still had crazy good production and success. That makes no sense however, you rip on Tua because he has great WRs to throw to when if you are talking pure star power Clemson has better WRs and a better RB than Alabama does and a better OL, Bama's line has sucked early this season. So then rip on Trevor for that if you rip on Tua for it. The guy is a great leader, great kid, throws a very catchable football and is athletic enough to move around, not to mention is left handed. Trevor has a better arm in terms of strength and speed, is more athletic, stronger and taller than Tua. Tua has arguably better intangibles and better touch on his passes and is harder to handle at times being left handed. They are both great and no freaking thank you taking Goff, Darnold or Mayfield over Tua, no. Don't like him all you want, he will be the 1st or 2nd pick in the draft in 2020 and Trevor will obviously be the 1st in 2021 unless either one gets greatly injured or something.
  10. Official 2020 DL/EDGE Thread

    Agreed I saw him against UNC and he looked good, looked a little doughy but gets consistent pressure and has a few moves to throw down.
  11. Top 5 Defenses

    Agreed, if Minnesota can get healthy DBs back in Hughes and Alexander they could be great with that pass rush which now greatly includes Barr into the mix with Hunter and Griffen. Looked like crap against Green Bay early but shut them out basically the entire rest of the game after that bad start without Hughes or Alexander in the slot and Kearse playing slot corner. Patriots have a great secondary with a lot of depth, Bears are a solid unit across the board no question but have been lucky with only a few injuries outside of Jackson last year if I remember right. And what happened with Chung wasn't he caught with like cocaine or something this offseason? How is he playing? Still the last thing they needed was Antonio Brown and now they got him, heck might as well give the damn Super Bowl to them right now, will be like when they had Randy Moss all over again.
  12. My mistake I thought you said #1 pick overall in the draft, not just a 1st rounder. I agree with that, he will be a 1st rounder if he keeps up this level of play no question about it, LBs are hard to get much less guys who can cover and run like him. Still think he needs to get more physical and strong at the point of attack to become really elite and adding some pass rush ability would help also. Luketa looks the part physically and nice to see him getting a little more play as well.
  13. That is almost impossible in this day and age of football unless he shows to be this amazing pass rusher and really he is not that. Love his coverage at LB though, that is elite and special, good in space but he needs to get stronger and be a little more physical at the point of attack I feel. Ok so Trevor Lawrence is what bad? And so is Tua? Ummm ok, both have looked great this season, sure Trevor has made mistakes but he more than passes the eye test and has a rocket for an arm. Will face adversity this year and next because of the expectation level but he is so far and away the best QB prospect in college especially in his class and same could be said for Tua. I would take either one over Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Goff, Trubisky and possibly even Wentz as highly drafted QBs. If Lawrence and Tua do not look like elite QB prospects then who the hell does?
  14. Official 2020 QB Thread

    UCLA is an awful defense so ripping them apart is nothing special at all. The game that will show a lot is the Texas one and the Iowa State one, those two are arguably the only good defensive teams they play all season long in the regular season. Hurts is a great kid but he is not a 1st round NFL prospect just because he plays in a pass happy college system. Clearly college football no defense has really figured out how to stop these zone read/up tempo/RPO/slant route offenses. Interesting note I never noticed, an announcer brought up that in college the OL can go 3 yards down field still be legal even if it is a pass play. OL in the NFL it is only 1 yard. So just on that alone, if the offensive line blocks like it is a run play going down field, everyone goes up to tackle, the QB fakes to the RB well enough, then pulls and just throws a simple slant then huge plays can happen all day long and basically does. Clemson rips people apart, Alabama is, Ohio State is, LSU has gotten on board. Only team that is not really doing a ton of that is Georgia but they have the best OL in the nation possibly and run it all over people so they do not have too. They do it to some degree though but not as much. So yeah it is a system that has not been figured out, does not mean they are an all world QB but will see. Obviously playing QB is getting easier and easier to do based on the offenses out there and the rules in place. Is Hurts improved as a passer? Yes, he was last year on Alabama and is even better this year on OU, but could argue if Tua was hurt all season and Hurts was the starter on Alabama this year he would be basically doing the same with because Alabama if not better because Alabama has better WRs from top to bottom.
  15. 2020 4 Round Mock Draft

    Etienne provides something the other two do not, big play threat with speed and if they do indeed want to run the ball and do it a ton, why not get another back if they like him? And they could still get a potential star safety in McKinney 2nd round, potential star TE in Ferguson (if he comes out) and a fine WR in Victor even though 3rd round might be a little low for him. I would like that draft for Seattle if it did happen. Sure they could go safety 1st round but no real safety is there that would be worth a pick at that mid 1st round area, CB maybe but depends on how those guys play, and even CB not many in that mid round range, Henderson is a reach even as a 1st rounder and Terrell and Hall should be both gone also. That is pretty much what I was thinking exactly. Need a backup to develop and wait for the future, Tim Boyle is just a guy not a future and they had to address that backup QB spot because if not and Rodgers goes down it will not be good. I do not like Hundley a great deal but he looks amazing compared to Tim Boyle. Guess he did beat out Kizer and surprised Kizer did not take advantage of that opportunity but clearly never made the roster which was a surprise. Why teams all of a sudden want only two QBs I do not know, hard to develop properly on the practice squad without being taken away by a team in need of a QB, and being on the roster around the action helps. But a lot of teams are going only two QBs and that is it which is surprising. Based on how the OL looked early this season yes I agree OT is possibly a much more likely 2nd round pick now and the defense might be much less of an issue potentially but will see how they look against better offenses than the Bears. Savage looked great in that first game at safety and that could solve the issue in the middle but was only one game though. WR there would not be many there to take I feel, OT might be a possibility depending on who declares for the draft. RB might also be an option, the ones they have are ok but if Swift or Etienne are around they would be hard to pass up. Much less someone like McFarland if he declares or Dobbins also in the 2nd or late 1st.