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  1. 2019 Team Needs

    Addition is a disease! Freaking hate that guy, in terms of team needs yeah Minnesota Vikings need OL help and that is pretty clear. OG or OT would work either one, heck C if Elflein cannot stay healthy.
  2. I agree, Gallimore is very impressive, will be curious what he decides to do. I think he should come back to school because he will not get picked over other NTs in Derrick Brown or Dexter Lawrence, and if he comes back as a RS SR has a chance then to be a 1st rounder. Could maybe be a first rounder this year but like you said probably day two. Yes Dre'Mont Jones could have been included this past week, especially with that impressive pick six, he has played well. He is an athletic DT no question, but similar to Gallimore I think he should wait till 2020 to come out, could greatly increase his draft stock. Same with a guy like Rashard Lawrence, be curious if he comes out early, is a great 3/4 DE and could play DT as well in a 4/3, has more versatility and power arguably than Jones but also might fall out of the 1st round, instead if he returned could be a 1st rounder in 2020. A lot of DLs will have to decide that because the group is so loaded, might not be the best idea for all to join such a loaded class and drop in the draft. Sadly those DLs on Wyoming have kind of disappointed this year, I expected a lot more out of them that what they have produced. Outside of that 1st game they have been so so.
  3. It will be interesting how Robinson does that is for sure. Yes he is more accomplished as a pass catcher than Coley but Coley is a new player and has never been on the active roster much. Heck Kendall Wright we cut earlier and he never made the team and he had almost more receiving yards in the NFL in one season than Robinson has had in his entire career. Beebe I like, hopefully he gets a chance if some other guys go down at the position.
  4. I agree, that was a mistake big time especially when they got King and Wright who they brought in out of free agency who I assume got paid or were going to get paid similar to what Wright got. With this Robinson I am just surprised you got with him when honestly is he even that good at all? I do not know much about him especially when he was in college, never noticed him much. Will see, I guess technically he is more proven in the regular season than Coley is. I thought Coley flashed in the preseason and was about ready to perform in the regular season, I guess they thought otherwise. Will be curious how that WR position goes, they better hope no one gets injured and that Treadwell does not get freaked like Carlson and psych himself with the drops in the last game.
  5. Freaking awesome job getting Tom Johnson back, always provided a good pass rush and is a nice combo with Parry more the run defender but did get after Rodgers pretty good last week. But why in the world do we keep Aldrick Robinson and sign him out of no where and cut Coley, I have no idea and that seems odd. Brandon Zylstra better be a great player because outside of the starting three WRs we have basically no one.
  6. Thanks man, sometimes I wonder if it is worth all the effort. But I would be doing it anyways myself, and nice to write stuff down to finalize some thoughts once in awhile. I like to be ahead of things and on the ball in terms of prospects, if not I would be a little like....
  7. Will see for sure, do not forget. In the mean time follow draft prospects closely, it is kind of fun I find to watch the progress and try to predict potential successful players.
  8. Many of them will be in the league 2 years from now, that would not be a surprise if over half are still in the league 2 years from now. Like I said JK Scott is a standout punter and should be in the NFL on the freaking Packers for 10-15 years potentially. Sure you might not know who they are, but someone who follows draft prospects very closely (myself) knows exactly who these guys are.
  9. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    True maybe I am too hard on the defense, but last time I checked we should be better than last year based on the talented we added to the roster. Personally give me an aggressive D that makes plays and is hard on the offense than a bend do not break defense. There is a time and place for that sure, it should not be the philosophy all game. Defenses that do that type of game planning usually are units which do not have much talent or playmaking ability, I would think the Vikings are not in that boat....
  10. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Good point, maybe it happens more than I remember. Still two games into the season like this, very odd to me, hope he gets another chance somewhere else. Jake Elliott was a awesome kicker on Memphis, big time leg I thought and sure just like any other position draft a guy based on their leg talent. In terms of kicking talents is arguably better than Carlson I feel but Carlson had a longer more consistent career in college at a bigger more pressure packed program. The Vikings have a recent history of kicking issues and guys missing easy kicks on 3-4 years. Will see if Bailey can break that trend. My guess is could be the environment/special teams coaching... Mason Crosby was drafted in the 6th round by the Packers, was a real standout kicker at Colorado and had a super big time kicking leg, fine talent. It would be flat out stupid for them to cut him I feel as a 6th round pick. Sure Carlson is not near the type of talent he was, but still in terms of the draft alone, does seem stupid to draft a kicker then later cut them that same season or even before the season starts. But is about the same when a players is picked mid to late in the draft and are cut as well... Nice to get value but like Zimmer said just get UDFA that make the roster and maybe it will all balance out.
  11. Week 2: VIKINGS (1-0) at Packers (1-0)

    True but we are supposed to have a great secondary, one if the best in the NFL in terms of each position and depth. So why not pressure Rodgers and have the secondary hold up. Playing that soft is like they do not believe the secondary could hold up... That is an issue and it is not playing defense confidently, and in that game they did not play confidently and that is not a good thing. Still hang over from getting butt kicked by the Saints and Phili it seems....
  12. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    True, and maybe it is drafting kickers out of big time programs but they do that because they assume that they are in pressure situations constantly. And yes they are in the SEC but yes Blair Walsh kind of dipped as a senior in percentage and so did Carlson at Auburn. Both were big time SEC kickers and maybe that is the issue, assuming they deal with pressure well just because they went to a big school and had success. But to say Carlson did not have a good career is wrong and he should get more of a shot to succeed than just two games. Sure maybe not for this Vikings team but for some team would not be surprised if he got a shot if a team needs it. Regardless the Vikings needed a kicker and drafted basically the only one they could get come draft time. Yes Aguayo was drafted very high and was a really good kicker in college, yet mentally was missing in the NFL and that got in his head. But to say a majority of kicking of it is psychological is wrong I feel. It is about mechanics sure but if mentally you think you will miss before you even attempt it, guess what.... Thus maybe the coaching they are getting is not exactly proper. Back a few years Priefer was accused a calling Kluwe a homosexual or whatever it was.... so yeah is not the easiest guy to get along with and is hard on his kickers and special teams guys. Yeah they have not had much success at those positions yet had a good return game with Patterson so he gets that credit I suppose. Thus I question it. Will see what happens, but to me it is not all Carlson's fault completely, he was not mentally prepared and no players do not know how to automatically mentally prepare themselves for pressure situations... I love being harsh on players and getting rid of them if needed, but again it seems super odd this happened and pretty sure it has never happened in the NFL before. Sucks for that kid, no doubt, but does not mean the next kicker will be great when this happened to the guy ahead of him...
  13. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Daniel Carlson was 198 for 198 in kicking extra points in his four year starting career in the SEC at Auburn. Was 92 for 114 kicking field goals so 80% and scored 474 points in his career and leads the SEC all time in scoring. Sure he was not great as a senior but starting at a big time program for four years in a row is impressive and those statistics are impressive. Oh and he punted even as a freshman 8 times for 40 yards a punt which I find pretty impressive in itself as a true freshman for a big time program. You go ahead and try and figure out what kicker is mentally tough after two games in the NFL. Freaking kidding me, they wanted a kicker and they drafted the best one possible in the draft and he was easily the best place kicker in the draft. Great no but best available and beat out Forbath for the job. Oh no he is mentally weak and they are picking the wrong guys, he was the only one to pick in the draft and was one of freaking two placekickers drafted this year. Yeah get him because he was the only option, sure helps a guy like Bailey is just sitting around to take. Will see how his superior mental toughness works, oh wait they cut him on Dallas because he missed field goals at his highest rate of his career last year. It is not as simple of an issue as you make it out to be.
  14. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Vikings missing important field goals, what Gary Anderson and? The potential future Hall of Famer and possible top 10 kicker all time in the NFL. He was mentally weak also? There is nothing wrong with being tough on a player but it is kicking and clearly they are doing something wrong with players at that position in this organization especially of late. Oh no they are just all mentally weak, maybe or maybe not.
  15. Can Bailey Bail Us Out?

    Ummm no. Name me another team in the NFL that has had this many issues with kickers missing extra points or short field goals in key situations over the past what 3-4 years. There is something to be said about just simply bad coaching and mentally making your player even more mentally fragile based on your own actions and coaching of that player, that falls on the special teams coach I would say. Oh no they are just mentally weak from the get go? I do not think so, Blair Walsh was a pro bowl kicker at points in his career, then that changed the longer he was on the Vikings and lost it after he missed that key kick in the Playoffs then followed that with missing extra points and short field goals the next year. To say that is not a pattern is simply wrong I feel.