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  1. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    You can believe what you want, Kamara is a very talented player with a lot of potential but he is not a Hall of Fame player and he is not Marshall Faulk, one of the best running backs in the history of the NFL. But yes in that Sean Payton offense that knows how to use backs on of the backfield he will do impressive things, but Cook played great before the injury, McCaffrey would be just as good on the Saints and is a better route runner as a RB than Kamara has been and Fournette is a flat out beast this year, not to mention Hunt. So again many rookie backs are succeeding, so to call Kamara the far out winner in that draft class at RB is just not true, especially this early. Oh and Ezekiel Elliott, David Johnson and Todd Gurley doing kind of well and are all better than Kamara by far... I do not see Kamara as a consistent Pro Bowl talent much less Hall of Famer but there is a long ways to go in his career will see, just is a little extreme prediction and comparison I would say with Faulk. Faulk was the #2 overall pick in the draft, 7 time pro bowler, 3 time All pro and Pro Football Hall of Famer and College football Hall of Famer. Oh and that was when they actually hit and could tackle aggressively in the NFL, so it makes Faulk's success even more impressive. In the pass happy cannot touch you NFL pass defense now it is not as hard to be successful and get yards. Sure the skills are better one could argue at catching and throwing but it is also made easier for the offense of course. As for college production, sure it is not the be all and end all but it does matter. It is the best minor league system in pro sports arguably. Thus LSU for example have many young defenders who I find to be far more impressive than Bituli and Warrior because they actually stop the offense from time to time. Give me White and Delpit over Bituli and Warrior all day long. Oh and only two players in NFL history have had 1000 yards rushing and receiving. Marshall Faulk did it one year and so did Roger Craig one season. That is it, now Kamara is going to do it soon? It is not that easy, even with the pass friendly rules of today....
  2. Possibly but Maurice Hurst has shown over the past two years he can consistently get to the QB from the DT spot and can break through double teams, Street has not shown that, he can barely get through single blocking let alone a double team on the interior. Might be a good switch having him as a DT in a 4/3 though, but again not a huge fan of his as a DE in a 4/3, maybe in a 3/4 might be better. If he is such this athletic freak, then why is he not making more plays would be a good question, if he is so elite physically then do something with it. Hurst has had a fine senior year this season I think and has been all over the field making plays at times, cannot say the same for Street. Street does not play or look like he is 6-2 290, honestly looks more like 6-1 or under and 275 but of course muscle weighs more than fat so that puts him up heavier. Not sure what his reach is but does not look that lengthy and is very squatty. If Street could have played DT I think that staff would have made it happen, I doubt he fought over wanting to play DE instead of DT, and on paper they could have put Street at DT opposite Hill and Darian Roseboro as the other DE which could have been a solid front. So there had to be a reason and that length could be an issue inside, will see what happens. Again sure will blow up at the combine in workouts but the tape of him is not all that great to me.
  3. Street as a DT could be very interesting but is curious why he has never played that at NC State so there might be some issue with that. Might not be able to hold up and one has to be really technically skilled to succeed at that size as a DT unless he really puts on some more muscle and weight. Which would be hard because he might be maxed out for his body type in that regard. Would be very interesting in that spot athletically but not sure it would work... At the combine he will impress a lot of people though, but there is more to football than just that, and it is not like he is not being used correctly on NC State, he is surrounded by a lot of talent and is part of a very good DL so that helps everyone.
  4. Drew Lock [QB, Missouri]

    Lock is a really talented QB but I seriously doubt he comes out early for the draft. 1st round grade? Says who, he is not better than Rosen, Darnold, Jackson, Allen or Mayfield so I doubt he is a 1st round pick and doubt he is better than Mason Rudolph either. So he will come back to school and next year hopefully then could be talking 1st round grade potentially in 2019 if he continues to improve. He has very impressive arm talent just needs more time as a starter I think and being more consistent. Missouri has had a crazy impressive turnaround, 5 losses in a row to now 5 wins in a row...
  5. Street I do not like all that much, I like bigger taller DEs in a 3/4 or 4/3. Not sure he has the ability to get to the QB consistently, gets good push and is a nuts weight room guy but on the field is some what limited I think and not that elite. Lucky for him the DE class is not super deep and he could be drafted 3rd or 4th round maybe just because of that. Could be really interesting in a 3/4 with that power and ability to hold the edge, but if you want a pass rusher he might not be the guy for that.
  6. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    Ok so you think Alvin Kamara is a Hall of Fame caliber player? What? The kid is good, having a fine year but he is with one of the best QBs to ever play the game and really knows how to pass to the running back and keep the defense off balance with his ability to throw the ball. Kamara is having a good year but so are many rookie running backs so it is not exactly rare this year especially. Also there are many good pass catching running backs this year and will be some more next year. Oh and kind of helps having Mark Ingram on your team as well, Kamara is in a perfect situation really for his talents. And Derek Barnett is a fine pass rusher and sure started out slow but is becoming a very productive rookie, one year does not tell much, both are solid players but cannot ever throw around Hall of Fame talk this early for anyone. As for Warrior and Bituli, not sure I have seen much consider them locks for NFL elite level talent. Sure Bituli had that great first game and awesome production but Reeves-Maybin looked like a tackling machine before the injury issues and was putting up crazy numbers. Again not hard to get production tackling when you defense gets consistently walked up and down the field game in and game out. I am more impressed with defenders actually stopping offensive players and producing results getting off the field, rather than just stats and tackles down field not stopping the ball carrier. Have not see much stopping and slowing down the offense from either guy but will see how they develop. If they were that elite as prospects Tennessee would have put up much more of a fight defensively than they have, again will see how they do.
  7. Week 12 *RJ McIntosh JR DT Miami FL: Played some amazing football and has been for awhile this year. Very interesting prospect with his ability to get pressure from the DT spot, could play in a 3/4 as a DE as well. Very promising looking player with big time potential having a great year. Never thought he was a early entry guy with the talent at DT potentially coming out, but even with that talent he could maybe sneak into the 1st round but for sure would be a 2nd rounder if he came out early. Be curious what he does after this season, is playing absolutely great in pass rush situations and creating tons of issues in protection. *Patrick Laird RS JR RB Cal: Who is this guy? Has come out of nowhere and is such a physical strong runner. Always moving forward and has speed when he gets in the open and runs extremely hard, uses great leg drive and is a very tough player. Is totally a next level prospect, could be one to really watch for next season assuming he does not come out early. But as a running back with what he has shown this year he would be drafted if he does come out early, he has a lot of ability I think. *TJ Edwards RS JR ILB Wisconsin: Played an outstanding tough football game, was all over the field. Mentioned him before, very strong physical stout inside linebacker with great toughness. Could be an outstanding 3/4 ILB at the next level I think, has a nose for the football and is part of that insane Wisconsin LB core who are always productive regardless of who is in there. They have such a solid program and regardless of coaches it seems, they just have outstanding production from that LB. *Kurt Benkert SR QB Virginia: Played out of his mind early in that game. Did come back to earth a little later with the turnovers in the 2nd half, but still was crazy productive against a very talented Miami defense. Has great touch on his passes and good mobility in the pocket, come draft time when people watch his game tape it will get him drafted at the next level I think, it was quite a performance. *Josh Rosen JR QB UCLA: Played arguably the best game of his career in potentially the biggest game of his career, even though USC is a disappointing defense and is not all that good overall on that side of the ball. Still was a big stage on the road and he did very well, made a lot of not very talented pass catchers look really good and a lot better than they are. Is missing his best weapons and still is productive and puts the ball where it needs to be. I think this game possibly put him ahead of Darnold as as the #1 QB coming out if he declares. Still do have questions but was impressed with points in this game. *Kolton Miller RS JR UCLA: I was impressed by his play and ability to stay infront of a speedy edge rusher in Nwosu, then again he is not a true DE more of a 3/4 OLB and Miller is much bigger and stronger than him. But I was impressed with Miller's quickness and ability to move his feet, improved from early in the year and potentially could really be interesting at the next level with his size and pass pro ability. Be curious if he comes out early, if so might sneak into late 2nd round maybe but if he returns for his final year could really climb into the 1st round with more time to develop. *Donovan People-Jones FR WR Michigan: Played very well and made a lot of big plays in that game. Showed promise in the return game with his hands and ability to make people miss. Kind of surprised he was not more productive this year but is starting to round into form, tough kid who was one of the few dangerous weapons out there for that Michigan offense outside of the TE spot. *Billy Price SR C Ohio State: Is getting a lot of attention and rightfully so with the increase success of the Ohio State run game. Wish Price was a little bigger and has gotten manhandled a few times when he was a younger player. But curious how he does next week against Hurt and Michigan next week, but Price this week was all over the place blocking very well. Very athletic and really tough, still not sure how elite he is but physically he is really solid and could be a nice center at the next level, not a guard where he played earlier in his career. *Quin Blanding SR S Virginia: Have brought him up a few times, played a fine game I think and is really more of a in the box safety potentially at the next level. On Virginia he rarely is around the line of scrimmage yet still makes the tackles. Is more of a deep safety and rarely is brought on blitzes in college, still the kid is a real man out there and has been a man as a tackler since he was a freshman. In terms of a career he is a 1st round talent, only thing that could keep him out is a slow 40 time. But as a football player kid can play and is insanely consistent. *Ryan Connelly RS JR ILB Wisconsin: Another very solid Wisconsin linebacker and had a great football game, showed really good anticipation and quickness to the football I thought. Very solid inside backer with fine quickness and instincts, should be one of the top rated inside backers next year if he decides to come back to school. Good looking athlete with fine speed to the football. *Malik Rosier RS JR QB Miami FL: Has grown a lot since the start of the year, basically an unproven player but has became a solid in the pocket passer who is thick and strong. Can make hard throws as well, good arm strength and is a moderate QB prospect down the road I think, he should come back of course and continue to work on his game though, needs another year as a starter. *Jaquan Johnson JR S Miami FL: Is so quick and athletic out there, as a coverage safety he is crazy interesting and could maybe come out early for the draft, like I said before if he keeps this up. Really athletic and active, wish he could bring the wood a little more as a hitter or be a little bigger, but with football today that is not as important as coverage and he can cover and make plays on the football. Having just a great year especially of late, what a roll that Miami defense has been on in terms of making big plays. *Essang Bassey SOPH CB Wake Forest: Was only able to watch a little of him but kid looks like a baller. Active in pass coverage and able to read and jump routes, getting his hands on the football. Surprisingly good tackler as well, had a very good effort against a super talented NC State receiving core and Wake had their best DB out of the game as well. Bassey is one to watch down the road for sure, kid could be a player. *Trent Harris SR DE/OLB Miami FL: Has been impressive this year, liked the toughness he showed as a some what undersized DE last year. Has brought it this year and I think he could be a potential 3/4 OLB at the next level or situational DE pass rusher. Gets nice push, can hold the edge and maximizes his ability for sure, decent late round prospect this year. *Tyler Biadasz RS FR C Wisconsin: Crazy athletic at center, really impressed with his play and ability to pull out and make key blocks. Is part of arguably the best OL in college football and none of them are seniors, really solid looking talent who is one of the keys to that run game for sure. One to watch as the years go on that is for sure. *Michael Jackson JR CB Miami FL: Still has a lot of work to do on his game but physically he is impressive with that length and athletic ability. Really interesting talent with a ton of upside but has work to do with his technique and tackling still. Love that length and quickness at corner though, could make a lot of plays with the ball in the air. *Garret Dooley RS SR OLB Wisconsin: Another Wisconsin backer who can be a terror off the edge with his effort, was able to get some good pressure during that game and create issues. Is probably a mid to late round pick but still a very valuable talent for a 3/4 defense at the next level. Splashed last year and has continued to improve this year, is a solid hard working rush backer. *Devery Hamilton RS FR OT Stanford: Really nice looking talent at OT, is very long and strong at tackle. I like his athletic ability for sure, strong at the point of attack and needs to be paid attention to as time goes on. *David Long SOPH CB Michigan: Was really smooth in coverage I thought and showed some nice technique as well. Still has a lot to work on but looks like he has nice potential down the road. Needs to keep improving on his tackling and overall ball skills though. *Bryce Hall SOPH CB Virginia: Still has a long ways to go but got to love that length and size from the cornerback spot. Missed a huge play in that game which could have been a pick six. Good lengthy athlete though and could become a nice prospect in the future, will see. *Armani Rogers FR QB UNLV: Brought him up already, impressed again in a big win for UNLV. Kid is a really exciting athlete, so big and fast, not sure he stays at the QB position at the next level but as an athlete he is well worth paying attention to, exciting runner at that size for sure. Could do some big time things in the years to come. *JJ Arcega-Whiteside RS SOPH WR Stanford: Continues to impress, very big kid but has such good feet and quickness for his size. Good hands and physically he is a really interesting talent, given the chance he can make some big plays down field, has developed nicely this year as a WR. Early on I thought he would be more of a position change guy to TE but might have the speed to stick at the position. *Rick Wade SOPH DE UCLA: Mentioned him earlier in the year, really like how passionate he plays the game and how active he is. Really nice size as a DE and could play in a 4/3 or 3/4 potentially. With continued improvement he is a nice looking mid round prospect and possibly higher if he gets better at getting to the QB. *David Edwards RS SOPH OT Wisconsin: Another offensive lineman to pay attention to on Wisconsin. Is a more natural OT than the other OT on Wisconsin who is more of a guard, has good size but does need to improve in pass pro however. Has time to grow though and has become a very solid player this year for them, solid prospect. *Byron Pringle JR WR Kansas State: Very surprised he has not had a better year but good to see him breakout and be the playmaker he should be. Was super impressive last year, nice to see him back making big plays and showing that speed in the open field. Still is a project but shows in this game he has tons of upside and potential, does need to improve his hands and route running though. *Sony Michel SR RB Georgia: Very easy to forget how good he is. Is not the feature back by any means but can make big time plays and play on third down and easily catch the ball out of the backfield. Is probably a stronger runner than people give him credit for, is a huge part of the success that team and nice to see him end his career with a win at home. *Nick Chubb SR RB Georgia: Impressive game for his senior day, has had a nice college career but overall I think his next level potential is limited some what. I doubt he will become a feature back at the next level but he sure does run hard and is a tough football player that is hard to bring down. Will see if he can stay healthy and keep the injury issues behind him, still feel he is a mid round prospect that is limited athletically but absolutely gets the most out of what he has. *KJ Costello RS FR QB Stanford: Might have found their QB for the future, has a good quick release and is a tall strong kid. Still needs to improve his mechanics and overall pocket awareness but nice looking RS freshman talent. The offense has looked a lot better with him as the starter. *Jordan Lasley JR WR UCLA: Another played that really had a great game, again I think he benefits a lot from perfect ball placement and QB play, but kid did show out against a talented corner and made he look really bad. Be curious to see how he does next year if he returns to school with a different QB throwing the ball, has speed that is for sure. Others who impressed: Beau Benzschawel RS JR OG Wisconsin Isaiah Wynn SR OG Georgia James Looney RS SR DE Cal De'Andre Swift FR RB Georgia Charlie Woerner SOPH TE Georgia Chuma Edoga JR OT USC Theo Howard SOPH WR UCLA Trajan Bandy FR CB Miami FL Olamide Zaccheaus JR WR Virginia Andrew Brown SR DE Virginia Charles Snowden FR LB Virginia Montez Sweat JR DE Miss State Zander Neuville RS JR TE Wisconsin Austin Ramesh RS SR FB Wisconsin Alex Hornibrook RS SOPH QB Wisconsin Daniel Imatorbhebhe SOPH TE USC Prince Tega Wanogho RS SOPH OG Auburn Leon Jacobs RS SR OLB Wisconsin Disappointed: Jack Jones SOPH CB USC - Was just abused in that game, got beat constantly over and over again. Was not aware when the ball was in the air and was not in position to make a play on the ball either. Is a very talented player but has had some rough outings and this one might be the worst, really struggled in that game for sure and still has a lot to work on as a corner. Josh Allen JR OLB Kentucky - Many times in that game he was in position to make a big tackle or big play and he did not do it. Was not able to show toughness and grit finishing the tackle. Very promising long tall edge rusher from the OLB spot, but was not his best game by any means. The team overall is impressive but still needs to take some steps as does Allen, will see if he comes back for another year which he should. Sam Darnold RS SOPH QB USC - Did not play awful but did not make the big plays in the game to put it out of reach either. Never good to be at your best when the play breaks down and that is him outside the pocket finding guys after the plays is broke. Said a billion times already this year, if these two QBs Darnold and Rosen were combined with the strengths then they would be a complete player. Darnold for sure would have to be more like Rosen in the pocket with his mechanics and how he reads a defense. Curious what he does at the end of the year, still lead his team to a victory and they did enough to win but was not super impressive. Another note on Josh Rosen: So if one is all about production and likes fundamental progressions and technique he is the guy in this draft class potentially. Still mentally I think a ton of things are missing with him competitively and in terms of leadership, but there is a lot that teams will like about his game for sure. Jared Goff is slowly changing the narrative of a losing QB at the college level then succeeding in the NFL but the story is not yet written on him. Rosen has not really had a successful career at UCLA and has not taken them to any major bowl wins or any big wins in general. Has put up crazy numbers with a bunch of average receivers, makes them look like stars and that is a credit to him. Still in the end, does the team believe they can win the game just because Rosen is in their corner, I do not think so, and that will only magnify at the next level. You put a Drew Brees type and that confidence and swagger on UCLA would they have more belief they could win, I think yes totally. Peyton Manning, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Rivers are all super competitive players and great leaders, cannot say that about Rosen. But maybe all that matters is the passing academy you went as a young prospect and how developed you are as a 7 on 7 passer now a days it seems, but I think there are more intangibles to playing QB he is missing in terms of toughness, personality and leadership. In this one game USC vs UCLA he did have the upper hand though on the field, but not sure that says much at all. Ultimately though what makes Rosen different from Mike Glennon or Nick Foles? I feel Rosen is a better prospect but technically he is similar to those two players and Glennon and Foles were actually more productive their final years in college than Rosen so far. But people want a QB prodigy and want one now.
  8. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    Smith is by far the best talent on that team, the others are not elite and are not near close to the potential Trey Smith has. Marquez Callaway I think has more potential than the guys you listed, he has good toughness and playmaking ability and Rashaan Gaulden is a smooth cover corner but has to be more consistent. That secondary overall has disappointed I think with as much experience they had returning. Overall that Tennessee team is not that talented and the talent they do have underachieve big time, hard to get a read on the linebackers because that D is so bad they are constantly on the field and players do get a lot of tackles and statistics. Be curious where they go with the head coach situation.... Oh and Jeffrey Simmons is not better than Rashan Gary. Gary is just a beast on the edge and can really collapse the pocket. Has made a huge improvement from his FR year to his SOPH year, should be even better with his SOPH to a JR next year jump. Simmons is good but has to be more consistent, and is more of a 3/4 DE where Gary could play in a 4/3 DE spot or even tackle in a 4/3 pass rush situation
  9. Josh Allen [QB; Wyoming]

    Is Lynch really that bad? I never did see him play last year or in any preseason games so far. Alex Smith looked terrible coming in that rookie year from a zone read system, not sure why Lynch never is getting more of a chance this year. I mean yeah bringing in Osweiler who they let go after being the supposed air apparent is very odd... But that Denver team has way more problems than just the QB position. The DL is not nearly good enough, same with the ILB position. Does not help Shane Ray has been a bust at OLB and the corners are not getting any younger and not to even mention that Offensive line which not very good or talented. So it is way more than just get a QB and it will all be fine, but Lynch is that hopeless?
  10. Top 10 Small School Prospects

    Nice list, does depend one what one calls a small school. Here are some others I think you are missing. *Ja'Von Rolland-Jones OLB/DE Arkansas St: Very speedy rush end, could be a potentially fine 3/4 OLB who can get to the QB, has had a great season and put up big time numbers. *Marcus Davenport DE UTSA: Love his size and athletic ability, rare athlete at that length. Is a nice mid round prospect I think with a lot of upside. *Jordan Chunn RB Troy: Love his toughness and strength as a runner, could transition to FB as well. Very thick kid and will be drafted I think, has had some big games especially on the road at LSU this year. *Roc Thomas RB Jacksonville State: Former Auburn player, great quickness and ability to make you miss. I think he will be a drafted player come that time of year, really athletic and has a toughness about him he did not show on Auburn earlier in this career. *Adam Breneman TE UMASS: Might not consider him a small school guy but is a very talented pass catching TE, only issues is his terrible injury history. His teammate WR Isabella is a junior star and potential NFL talent as well. *Reggie Hall CB Jacksonville St: Could potentially be better than his teammate Neal I think if healthy, but maybe will get another year of eligability, very long corner with a lot of upside. Why was Darius Jackson not including in the top 10? Hard to get stats on him but as of right now has 18 TFL, 6 sacks, 3 FF and 19 QBH this year and last year had 15 TFL, 10 sacks, 1 FF and 13 QBH. Kid can get to the QB and is very athletic, sure is not a down DE but could be a versatile OLB in a 3/4 for sure. Is totally a top 10 small school guy in my book. Will see how he does come FCS playoff time.
  11. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Last time I checked that happens constantly in college football because obviously you want your best players at the hardest spot which is usually OT. Zach Martin, Marshal Yanda, Brandon Scherff, Kelechi Osemele, Zane Beadles, James Carpenter and many others played tackle in college and are now a guard in the NFL. Not to mention guys currently doing that right now in college with Martez Ivey, Jon Dietzen, Dalton Risner, Chasz Wright, David Bright and Derrick Kelly etc....all who project as a guard I would say at the next level. So for Nelson to not be moved to tackle helps greatly because I would be shocked if he is a better tackle than McGlinchey is. The guy who is being made a fool of at times this year despite being a very solid overall prospect and lineman. So lucky for him, unlike most schools they did not move him out to tackle on the opposite side of McGlinchey. And again not the first highly rated tackle to look foolish his final year, Lewan had some bad games his last year on Michigan...
  12. 2018 Draft Eligible OL Thread (OT, OG, C)

    Yes McGlinchey had a rough game against that speed for sure. However I still feel he will be a 1st round pick at OT and is a very solid potential RT at the next level, maybe not LT but still the kid is very promising as a prospect. Does not help the Notre Dame QB pissed his pants mentally and that Miami D completely teed off on him, not to mention the huge lead so they could even further teed off with the lack of success running the ball and the unlikelihood of it happening with that lead. McGlinchey is still easily a top 3 OT in the draft if not top 2, only guy for sure ahead of him is Orlando Brown I would say. McGlinchey's ability to pull and block down field is outstanding, kid is very solid and a nice looking prospect on the OL. He is not the 1st highly rated OT to look a fool in college with those wide splints and linebacker types playing DE who are completely outside any reasonable split. Nelson I agree could easily be a top 5 pick with how he has played. Then again let us be honest, if you put Nelson out at tackle, which is where he would play on most programs with his ability, he would have looked just as foolish against that speed in space. That crowd was nuts and against Wimbush who basically threw 5 potential INTs and one completed INT in the first three offensive possessions of that game. He was very mentally freaked out and threw the ball like that, so yeah they teed off and made that entire offense look bad.
  13. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    Maybe but Bosa has 18 TFL and 10 sacks in two years so far, Landers has 12 TFL and 1 sack in two years, and about 1/4th of the TFL numbers where mostly in one game freshman year for Landers. But maybe it is a playing time issue, be curious if Landers could beat a double team but he will not usually get one this year, so is always one on one it seems with that DE talent they have. Still like to see a player get home and get sacks especially on such a talented DL where he has space and single blocking he should be able to beat consistently. Do hope he gets more playing time though and he should. Ed Oliver has great production last year and this year and is consistently double teamed basically all game long and has little DL talent around him. Not near the support Landers has around him.
  14. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    I agree, Robert Landers is a very interesting DT prospect with his speed and quickness. Does need to be more productive however and get to the QB more often with that quickness. Very talented player though for sure but still needs to come into his own and be more consistently dominant. Jeffery Simmons for example is more productive as a tackler from that DT spot and also has versatility as a potential 3/4 DE, he has really stood out this year for Mississippi State I think. It is kind of strange, no freshman DT has really really stood out to me this year, odd because last year you had Oliver and Lawrence who were crazy impressive as FR DTs.
  15. 2019 Prospects to Keep An Eye Out For

    Have to also talk about the most disappointing SOPH prospects this year in terms of their development......thankfully they still have time to improve. Cam Brown Penn State: Really disappointed in his lack of production with his amazing frame and length at linebacker. Really thought he would be a major impact player with his size and speed but needs a lot more time and really has to learn how to get off blocks. Jawaan Taylor Florida: Kid is a massive human, huge arms and big strong kid. But has got beat in pass pro a lot this season, really struggles with that and is not playing at that elite level right now. Trayveon Williams Texas A&M: Had those few standout games last year but this season is not that explosive of a back. Struggles to make defenders miss and if the blocking is not there he does not show much wiggle to him at all. Binjimen Victor Ohio State: Is finally playing a little bit better of late but I thought the kid was going to blow up the Big Ten with his height and speed. Is getting a little more playmaking chances and making the most of him but still should be an elite level WR all the time. Kekoa Crawford Michigan: Got the famed #1 jersey, shows slight flashes but really has not been that good at all this season and is not consistent what so ever. Thankfully he has some more time to develop. Kendall Sheffield Ohio State: Thought he would be a lot better than he is. Still ok corner but not as elite as I was expecting him to be, still has a long ways to go. Nick McCloud NC State: Thought he was more of an elite top end level corner with that length, has done ok this year but not great considering the amazing front four he has ahead of him. Thought he would make a lot more plays on the football and get more INTs for sure. Tyrone Wheatley Michigan RS: Gets playing time but still no real improvement or development as a pass catcher. Even as a blocker he is being out played by his TE teammates who are almost all better pass catching weapons than he is. Might lack the needed athletic ability to really get separation and make big plays down field. Jon Dietzen Wisconsin RS: Is playing at OT so is way out of position I think, is a guard all the way. Has struggled in pass protection a lot I think, cannot handle rushers that well, wish they moved him back into guard but doubt that will happen. A'Shon Riggins Indiana: Thought he showed some ability and talent last year, has not played up to that talent this year. Looks pretty average at best and does not make as many plays as he did last season. Has been slowed by injured however of late. Dee Anderson LSU: Thought he could finally get some PT this year, has done little to nothing in an offense that needs new weapons at WR. Disappointing year for him. Dylan Jackson Stanford RS: With his size and athletic ability he should make far more plays than he has this season. Outside of Phillips he is part of a very disappointing Stanford front seven I think. A few players really slowed by injury this year and some are out for the season: Terrell Lewis Alabama Antonie Winfield Jr. Minnesota Miller Forristall Alabama Christian Miller Alabama RS Marcelino Ball Indiana Trevon Diggs Alabama Melquise Stovall Cal DaiShon Neal Nebraska RS Tai'yon Devers Minnesota