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  1. 2019 Returners

    Josh Jacobs? Not sure I would call him an elite return man, he is just an all around back but not sure he will be a special teams star, will see. Hardman is good no doubt and has return potential but is not the best. I would say these guys in this order, it would have been clear but Turpin 100% but he had the legal trouble this year with some domestic stuff and was kicked off the team, but kid was having a great year and has been the most consistent return man I feel over a long period of time. Thompkins is just a kick return man really, and Dortch is the best combo return guy and WR I feel. Johnson has big time speed also and is a pretty legit 3rd WR option potentially. Biggest sleeper would be Adderley, need to see more of him but has apparently really good return skills and athletic ability especially as a safety, not sure he could do it in the NFL though will see. Greg Dortch Wake Forest KaVontae Turpin TCU Diontae Johnson Toledo MeCole Hardman Georgia Ryan Davis Auburn Nasir Adderley Delaware DeAndre Thompkins Penn State These guys have return potential as a kick return man maybe, Brown just on speed alone could be really good. And especially Isabella based on speed also but not sure he has the make you miss ability. And Deebo is so injury prone not sure one puts him back there either. Marquise Brown Oklahoma Parris Campbell Ohio State Deebo Samuel South Carolina Andy Isabella UMASS TJ Rahming Duke
  2. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    True, and yeah like I said if he times well he could easily be a 3rd rounder I agree. I had him up there before but now with other backs coming out as well I have him knocked down a little. Is very talented for sure just question his make you miss ability and his ability to take contact and break tackles. Has always been in a pass happy system where rarely is the defense focusing on the run game. With Homer I agree, he is not some great back but has flashes at times of big play ability but should have came back to school no doubt I think.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft - Running Backs

    I have Darrin Hall and Ollison in that conversation for sure, Ollison could be a steal late no doubt. Corbin did not delcare but I agree I like him as well, he is a quick back with some big play ability and make you miss in him combined with toughness. Colburn I like but currently have him as a UDFA. Devine Ozigbo I agree with another poster he could be in the mix and would be of a great value, could go in the 4th though. Jordan Scarlett Florida RB SR - could be around and has good toughness and power Justice Hill Ok State RB JR - Might drop unless he times out well, has big play ability but is alittle of what have you done lately Alexander Mattison Boise State RB JR - Would be a steal and a half, surprised he came out early but is a damn good back with power and speed Darwin Thompson Utah State RB JR - Another surprise he came out but could be an awesome pickup late, is a big time athlete despite being a small guy AJ Ouellette Ohio RB RS SR - Love his all around ability as a blocker and pass catcher, tough runner with power could be a FB convert also James Williams Washington State RB JR - Surprised he came out but is one of the best pass catching RBs in the draft no question, has some ability for sure Dexter Williams Notre Dame RB SR - Good speed guy but is kind of a one year wonder Travis Homer Miami FL RB JR - Not a huge fan of him coming out, wish he would have returned but has show some upside at times Jacques Patrick Florida State FB SR - Another possible FB convert, tough kid who is a thick strong athlete Then I have these guys being UDFA possibly. Might move LJ Scott back in and take one of those other guys out potentially. He has been really consistent over a long period of time but this past year sucked after literally carrying that team to huge wins earlier in his career, injuries had to deal with that though. He is basically a SR and I have always considered him that, no clue how he is considered a underclassman unless they considered this past year a RS year, because he lead the team in rushing from 2015-2017. Patrick Laird Cal RB RS SR LJ Scott Michigan State RB SR Bruce Anderson NDSU RB SR Alex Barnes Kansas State RB JR Ty Johnson Maryland RB SR Soso Jamabo UCLA RB SR Nick Brossette LSU RB SR
  4. 2019 NFL Draft - Quarterbacks

    Ummm no. Steve McNair was a ridiculously impressive athlete with a rocket arm. Haskins does not have Steve McNair's type of arm strength in terms of deep passes. Haskins is more accurate and polished as a passer at this age though arguably. But McNair was physical superior in every way, sure injuries caught up to him later in his career but he was a damn good athlete! I would never call Dwayne Haskins this great athlete at QB or something what so ever. Sure he is not some statue but again he is far from being Steve McNair in terms of his athletic ability and or arm talent.
  5. Alliance of American Football

    Oh ok, I did not know they did a draft. Here are a few other names that stood out to me on some of the rosters. Nothing great but a few guys I am glad to see get a chance, many are either UDFA guys or players who were cut after a little bit of time in the league. Could be a great developmental system for the NFL if it works out correctly, not clue why they are even doing the XFL BS, that is ridiculous because obviously this league is the real league based on the management of it. Sure the XFL is going to try to be more legit football but that will be hard with this league, who knows. At least gives guys a little bit of a job to play football, still no clue how they will pay the bills because I doubt a ton of people go to the games, maybe it is a TV deal where they think they will get some money from it. Arizona: Rahim Moore Scooby Wright Will Sutton Ondre Pipkins Connor Hamlett John Crockett TJ Barnes Atlanta: Denard Robinson Marcus Oliver Brandon Watts Shaq Wiggins PJ Davis Vontae Diggs Stephen Hill Birmingham: Amba Etta-Tawo Josh Frazier Brandon Greene JC Hassenauer Tyler Howell Ty Issac Trent Richardson Jamal Robinson Jack Tocho Blake Sims Memphis: Jonathan Cook Jeremy Curter Colton Jumper EJ Levenberry Toby Weathersby Zach Mettenberger Damore'ea Stringfellow Christian Hackenberg Orlando: Will Hill Tre Jackson D'Ernest Johnson Earl Okine Giorgio Newberry Brandon Washington Cody Riggs D'Joun Smith Azeem Victor Salt Lake: Branden Oliver Austin Allen Matt Asiata BJ Daniels Darius Hamilton Demetrius Monday Trevor Reilly San Antonio: Deion Barnes Arthur Brown Kurtis Drummond David Cobb Joel Lanning Jaryd Jones-Smith Speedy Noil Orion Stewart Greg Ward San Diego: Marcus Baugh Travis Feeney Bishop Sankey Shay Fields Nelson Spruce AJ Tarpley Most of the teams are quite regional with many players from the same area or college but I am sure that is a good thing.
  6. Alliance of American Football

    It will be interesting to watch especially once the rosters fill out. They have known players on them for course and a few former college super stars, I assume Johnny Manziel will be on a roster as well. Would be curious how many current NFL practice squad guys would go down. Really they need it like the NFL did in NFL Europe where NFL teams had affiliate guys go play and develop there, that is a huge need I think.
  7. Devin White is more complete and it is not even close I feel, White is the better prospect. He is better getting off blocks and stronger at the point of attack. Roquon might be a little more athletic but for his size but White is really athletic I think also. Roquon is good when he is protected by a good DL and surrounding LB talent like he is on the Bears currently. White would be good regardless, really he did not play with a great DL on LSU and he was still very productive and again can get of blocks and shed blocks better. Might have some issues in space but he has improved greatly with that I think compared to early in his career. Roquon is a little more athletically explosive in terms of quickness but not by much.
  8. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Yes I believe he did, that is a surprise but kid still has big time potential for sure. If he gets a little better at tackling he could totally be a 1st rounder next year he has awesome athletic ability as a corner. Oddly enough his teammate WR Tyron Johnson declared, he is good but never thought he had that great of a season on Oklahoma State.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Great, Simmons could be an absolute monster at OLB I feel and his upside is huge, has 1st round potential all the way I feel and is easily one of the best OLBs in the nation coming into next year. Muse I did not like to start he yeah, still question him a lot in coverage but is a big guy who can hit and will see if he can improve and play at a higher level with less talent around him next year.
  10. Stafford vs Cousins vs Trubisky

    Long term I seriously would question taking Trubisky over Cousins. Trubisky is clearly younger, cheaper and is better as an athlete and better throwing on the move. Not to mention he has more upside, Cousins I think has peaked as a player and might be on his way down, will see. If the Vikings do not get a better OL he is going to continue to struggle. Stafford it is not even a question, sure he loses a lot on the Lions but the guy has been a great pro and is very consistent, not to mention his arm talent is far and above Kirk Cousins.
  11. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    He did declare and is a RS SR, skipped the bowl game for draft prep did he not. Also I thought he was a RS SR anyway he came to SC in 2014. He gets injured way too damn much that is for sure. That takes him down big time, but when healthy can be an explosive playmaker and has good speed and good hands. Just can he stay healthy who knows but he has some ability that is for sure. Probably never reached his potential at SC though to be honest. The guy is an electric playmaker though for sure and in the right offense could be a damn good 3rd or 4th WR option if he can stay healthy.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Maybe but I would still take 10 WRs currently in the draft over him, also Deebo Samuel, Anthony Johnson and Andy Isabella I would possibly take over him as well. Johnson has really developed nicely the past few years, could take it to the next level this up coming season though, will see.
  13. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Personally I never considered Tyler Johnson an early entry guy. NFL prospect no doubt but never thought he would come out early. Was on the edge of it sure but similar to guys like Collin Johnson, Chase Claypool, Dezmon Patmon, Bryan Edwards or KJ Hill in being on that edge of coming out or not based on their ability. Johnson be one of the top rated WRs coming into next year especially in terms of the senior class of WRs but that future JR class will be brutal to go up against so it will take him down a notch some what. Jerry Jeudy Alabama CeeDee Lamb Oklahoma Tee Higgins Clemson Henry Ruggs III Alabama Laviska Shenault Jr. Colorado Tylan Wallace Ok State Lynn Bowden Jr Kentucky Donovan People-Jones Michigan Kadarius Toney Florida Damonte Coxie Memphis RS Tyler Vaughns USC RS Could say the top three or four in this group would be drafted over the current WRs in the 2019 NFL draft class possibly.
  14. Trevor Lawrence

    In a way I agree. Right now the negatives in regards to Lawrence are slim to nothing at all, especially considering he is a true freshman. Will see if he can live up to this type of hype and expectation now with the success he has had. He will basically be expected to win every game he plays for the next two years by two or more touchdowns and pass for what 300 yards a game and multiple touchdowns each game. The standard he will be held to will be quite high but why wouldn't it be, same can be said for his freshman teammate Justyn Ross. That is the only negative I see about Lawrence is if he someone cannot handle the pressure and or the fame, because otherwise there is not much to nitpick about with him at all. Yeah it is not like oh I hate how he has such a strong arm, can take hits, how he is so tall, how he is athletic and can throw on the move, oh I hate that not to mention his pocket fundamentals are too strong. Right.... The guy is the best true freshman QB I have ever seen no doubt about it. Like I said before maybe Michael Vick but he was a RS freshman and was a wow athlete instead of a QB really.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Early Declaration Thread

    Still some things could change of course but here are the guys of note coming back to me. Almost all I had coming out early or as guys who maybe could come out early. Some made the right choice for sure returning and will see how they progress, others I feel are more talented than some of the guys at the same position who declared. Biggest surprises outside of Herbert would be Bassey and AJ Green I feel. Both I had as early entry guys all the way, same with Derrick Brown on Auburn but that kid could clearly go way higher next year without Dexter Lawrence in that draft class and he being the clear cut #1 DT especially NT available. Raekwon was smart returning based on how he plays, and Corbin Kaufusi played great this past year, cannot imagine who good he could be next year. I had him as a possibly early entry guy two years ago as a RS SOPH. Collin Johnson is a surprise as well returning but good for him, he had a so so year this past season. QB Justin Herbert Oregon JR QB McKenzie Milton UCF JR WR Collin Johnson Texas JR TE Albert Okwuegbunam Missouri RS SOPH OT Trey Adams Washington RS JR DE Corbin Kaufusi BYU RS JR DE Ben Banogu TCU JR RS DT Derrick Brown Auburn JR DT Raekwon Davis Alabama JR DT Rashard Lawrence LSU JR LB Evan Weaver Cal JR LB Paddy Fisher Northwestern RS SOPH LB Isaiah Simmons Clemson RS SOPH LB Markus Bailey Purdue JR LB Joe Bachie Michigan State JR CB AJ Green Ok State JR CB Essang Bassey Wake Forest JR CB Bryce Hall Virginia JR S Alohi Gilman Notre Dame RS SOPH S JR Reed Georgia RS JR S Jalen Thompson Washington State JR