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  1. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    Ummm Vince Williams is a good fit with Ryan Shazier? You do know that Shazier and Lawrence Timmons played together both ILBs and both were great. Vince Williams is an ok fit and had the best year of his career, but in no way is Lawrence Timmons good. Both Timmons and Shazier were athletic freaks at linebacker in college, Timmons showed a little more pass rush skills at FSU but still both were athletic freaks and were not ideal at getting off blocks. Timmons improved greatly at that since he got to the NFL, along with getting stronger in general. Same can be said for Karlos Dansby former safety in college and transitioned to linebacker. Guy is a damn good tackler and improved a lot at the point of attack when getting blocked compared to this thin athletic kid in college. Even Ogletree has improved in that part of his game compared to what he was in college. The fact the Rams have Ogletree who is this athletic freak in college, that does not mean teaming him up with another athletic linebacker at the opposite ILB spot is not a good idea. Or they could improve that 3/4 OLB spot and have a more solid guy at the point of attack there and allow the ILBs to flow a little more freely. But like most defenses it is multiple and it changes and guys move around. If you want this classic run stopping ILB on the Rams that is just great at shedding blocks, good luck with that one. Not many guys in this day and age fit that bill, especially with how offenses are played. Micah Kiser was wildly productive in college but is athletically limited, Tegray Scales I had high hopes for this year; still is a strong linebacker and could be a good 3/4 ILB potentially, Jack Cichy is very tough but see how he is off injury, Shaun Dion Hamilton is strong and quick but also is off injury and Kenny Young out of them all had to really get off blocks and had little to no help around him. Might be the only one who can make plays despite being blocked consistently. Then again could say if one is blocked consistently, you lack some athletic ability to get around the blocker, thus back to the Shazier comment who cares about how he sheds blocks if he is quick enough to get around them consistently. There is a reason Kenny Young for example gets blocked more often than some other linebackers, aka Roquan Smith
  2. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    I think his point might be Ryan Shazier is by far one of the best linebackers in the NFL and he is not huge in size either, and was never great at getting off blocks and handling offensive lineman one on one in college. Yet who gives a crap, he gets to the football with speed and has amazing athletic ability. Roquan Smith is not the same level of athlete but could arguably be just as effective as a linebacker who can get to the football with force and quickness. Some are painting him as a prospect that completely avoids contact at all times, kid is tough and can get through the wash quite well at times. You think Alec Ogletree is great at getting off blocks? Or Mark Barron is for that matter?
  3. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    Agreed, people saying Smith cannot get off blocks is just ridiculous, cannot make plays in the A and B gap, bull****. Like he is always running completely free and never gets blocked all game long. Give me a freaking break, kid is an aggressive linebacker who can really tackle and hit with power. Sure he is only 6-1 225, and kid plays and hits like he is 250+, if one did not know his weight how he looks on the field he is not small or thin out there by any means, to connect being some what light with not being able to get off blocks, come on... Of course playing for a very good Georgia defense helps, especially in that Kirby system similar to Alabama when the ILBs can make a ton of plays, but Smith was by far the best player in a crazy talented front seven for Georgia.
  4. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    Again you want to play semantics then go ahead... I would define a thumping linebacker as one who can bring power when he arrives to the ball, not how well he knocks guys back or attacks the fullback, usually that is best when defensive lineman do the 'thumping' by your definition and the linebacker gets to the ball. I believe Smith is better at getting off or around blocks and finding the ball than you think. Agree, doubt that would happen. A lot of better overall ILB prospects than Smith have not been drafted all that high. Heck Reuben Foster this past year was barely a 1st round pick, sure there are reasons for that but still. Alec Ogletree was also barely a 1st rounder and James Laurinaitis feel into the 2nd round. He is no where near Patrick Willis as an overall prospect and same with CJ Mosely. Sean Lee was freaking great in college and was a 2nd round pick. Brandon Spikes was a crazy productive college player for four years and was a late 2nd round pick and the list can go on and on. This day and age honestly only way a linebacker is drafted that high is if he can get to the passer and is basically a 3/4 OLB pass rusher.
  5. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    The SEC championship game and the National Championship game he made a ton of plays in the A and B gap either on blitzes or just during a regular play. He is not a thumper? If he is not then who is exactly in this draft? He is a great hitter and the best hitting linebacker I saw all year, especially in this draft class. So you call a player that tackles with 'violence' but is not a 'thumper', how is that the case? Again it seems to be just semantics. Roquan Smith can hit, is he Ray Lewis, yeah no but in this draft he is the hardest hitter linebacker out there. Does he have some work to do, sure, but he brings a lot of strength tackling and good solid athletic ability. He is very fast reacting and closing on the ball carrier, not sure in my eyes with that. Ideally I feel he would fit best in a 3/4 ILB spot, given a little more freedom to roam around.
  6. Roquan Smith or Tremaine Edmunds?

    Hard to say who is better between those two, depends on what you want. Edmunds is more versatile and could play a variety of positions, could play OLB in a 3/4 or OLB in a 4/3 or ILB in a 3/4. Kid is long and super athletic, Smith is more compact and powerful but has really come on and played as good as any linebacker in the nation arguably this past year. The people that say Roquan Smith cannot play downhill are nuts, the guy is a missile out there and is very hard to handle, arrives to the ball with a lot of power and force. Could say he is arguably the most aggressive tackling linebacker in the draft and that explosion is what makes him a very interesting prospect. So if one wants length and overall athletic ability in at linebacker go with Edmunds, if one wants more force and power from the ILB spot most likely in a 3/4 got with Smith. Smith did play with by far more talent on Georgia, was surrounded by a lot of linebacker talent and a talented DL. Edmunds on the other hand was not, did not play with super great linebackers and the DL is not that elite, solid but not elite. Heck Georgia I had before the year having the most deep linebacker core in the nation. That does matter, who one plays with in terms of production. Just ask Alabama ILBs, everyone was in love with Foster last year, I said Evans was going to do similar things and arguably did this past season even with a few injuries here and there. Edmunds did a ton for that VT defense in the front seven, was by far the most impactful defender there almost every single game, that says something.
  7. 2018 Draft Eligible Safety Thread

    So you feel Fitzpatrick cannot play FS, yet cannot play boundary corner either? Ok sure. He is not a big physical hitter, sure one can play semantics and say he was never a deep safety in college but that was because he played more as a combo slot corner than a SS in college, sure was around the line of scrimmage but that was to cover the slot and crossing routes not to be a big time hitter in the box and a physical force which is what most SS are for in my view. His coverage abilities and versatility is Fitzpatrick's best ability, and James tackling is his best ability I feel, so makes sense to call one more of a FS and one more a SS. Yes Fitzpatrick can make plays behind the line but that is because they are open blitzes off the corner that are not picked up and he comes in free, not sure you put him in the box as a safety he comes out hitting and super physical like a linebacker down there like some strong safeties in the NFL. Also, what was most disappointing about James this year was his lack of leadership on the field. He did not really get into his teammates much emotionally as the best player on the team. He allowed things defensively where other great defensive players would not, they would inspire their teammates with their words, actions and their play. James I felt did not do much of that, compared to say Jamal Adams who is a far better leader on the field and more passionate player. Heck could argue would one really take Derwin James or Jamal Adams, not sure it is that big of a difference unless Derwin blows up at the combine. Heck I had Budda Baker as a 1st round pick last year as well, and could say he had better college tape overall than James did, and Budda is more of a slot corner/safety type similar potentially to Fitzpatrick. Just again overall Derwin James I had super high expectations of him as a prospect potentially, and he clearly did not meet those this year with his play. When things got hard in the year and they were losing one could see if affect his play and his emotions where it really should not. Did not bring the same intensity or passion as he did as a freshman, but maybe it was a mental thing or a physical thing after the injury, which again will be told at the combine.
  8. Who is the best prospect you've ever scouted?

    Possibly David Carr was hurt more by what was around him. However I was not a big fan of his in college, found it kind of ridiculous how impressed everyone was by his bench press, think he could bench like 400 pounds or something and it is like so what. I thought he was pretty stiff and quite overrated, hated his throwing motion, but sure maybe being around better talent could have helped him, same with Tim Couch. I did connect the failure of David to his brother Derek, who I was not a huge fan of in college either, has had a ok start to his career but will see what happens, is not the savior some made him out to be two years ago but will see. Couch in college was very impressive but to not call him a system guy, I think he sure was. Yeah now a day in the NFL he would do great potentially because it is much harder to play pass defense and players cannot hit like they did before, and you cannot even come close to touching a WR like they did back in the day. Would have fit better to Couch's skill set a limited arm strength. Put him back there with a bad O-Line a few targets to throw to, and have him make long throws down field, not going to succeed doing that. Bailey sure was fun to watch, especially in his transition from WR to corner. Always like the corners with ball skills and return ability, they can be the special ones for sure and Woodson/Bailey were the best I have seen.
  9. 2018 Draft Eligible Safety Thread

    Fitzpatrick sure will probably end up being a safety in the NFL. But he could play corner potentially in the slot or on the outside. There is no way Derwin James plays corner in the NFL, that is the point. And to call him a linebacker, not sure about that one either, if he plays linebacker that means he is extremely lacking in his coverage abilities. Fitzpatrick is more versatile as a defensive back and it is not even close to me. To call James fantastic in coverage, not so sure about that one, to me his ball skills are quite lacking. In terms of pure ball skills and reaction time in pass coverage Fitzpatrick is better for sure. James is a better athlete and is bigger yes, but in coverage Fitzpatrick has much better skills. I see Fitz more as a FS as well not so much a SS, why put a guy so good in coverage around the line of scrimmage instead of in coverage? Only way he is that close to the line is as a slot corner which could also be the case, I would not call Fitzpatrick a in the box SS at all. Will be very interesting how Derwin James times at the combine though, and those back peddle drills will tell a lot in his coverage skills.
  10. 2018 Draft Eligible Safety Thread

    Sure maybe he took too much of the blame for FSU having such a down year. But he is the best player on that team and before the season was arguably the #1 prospect in the nation, only second to maybe Key or Barkley. Sure things change, just like they have for Key but there has to be a reason why he did not make as many big plays this year compared to years past. Maybe it was because he was asked to play more deep in coverage, but still when he arrived to the ball he did not look quite the same. Possibly the injury took a little out of his game, will see how he does at the combine because he seems a little slower and less quick to react than as a freshman. With his highlight tape most of his big plays were that freshman year I bet, especially in terms of his big impressive hits and tackling ability. Did not make many impact plays in key moments this year for sure and that was disappointing. Sure got tackles but those tackles were rarely for a loss or to stop a player before the first down. For example Quin Blanding, who also played on a team that underachieved a little, he was far more impactful in the games I saw than James was. Is not as good of a prospect in terms of upside but when he made plays this year and years past you knew it, James got lost in the shuffle a lot this past year for sure I think. Nice to find a safety with his kind of upside though, and sure maybe will go ahead of Fitzpatrick but is not a better player. Fitzpatrick is far better in coverage and is more versatile overall being able to play slot corner, safety and boundary corner as well. James will only stay high in the draft if he like you said blows up at the combine, if not he will fall for sure.
  11. Who is the best prospect you've ever scouted?

    Champ Bailey was outstanding, so fun to watch, just a little behind Woodson in terms of his overall abilities but not by much. Both are such rare talents are corner. LaVar Arrington oddly enough I did not like in college at all. I thought he had oddly skinny legs for a linebacker and made awesome plays like jumping over guys but overall was not that physically tough and was not great at getting off blocks. Not very instinctive either and did get injured more than one would like and that continued in college. Awesome big play linebacker but in college I thought he was quite overrated as a prospect in general. Orlando Pace was a little before my time following prospects but the tape I have seen he was such a great athlete for his size, obvious superstar tackle. And Ricky Williams sure was fun to watch in college, got plenty of opportunities with more of an old school run game like that back in the day. Very hard to bring down when he got rolling, was like a bowling ball out there at times with his thick legs and power he brought. Peyton Manning I agree, one thinks of a QB prospect you think Peyton Manning and compare him to that. Best QB prospect since I have been watching, such a good frame, good mentality, good build, good character, good background, good arm, everything.
  12. Who is the best prospect you've ever scouted?

    Mario Williams is a little taller and heavier and had a faster 40 time and vertical. Sure comparable the two of them, but Mario was more productive his last year in college getting to the QB for sure. If Watt put up Mario's type of sack numbers sure he would have been top 10 or higher. But Watt was a late bloomer and came on late to the process, great production yes was all over the field and very active but was not a very well known name before the end of his final year in college. Mario was known for awhile at NC State as an elite talent, and had 25.5 sacks in his career, Watt had 11 and did not always play the position of course earlier at Central Michigan. Watt is a fine talent sure, but to call it racist he was drafted higher, yeah right. Why was Chris Long the 2nd pick in the draft? Because he got consistent sack numbers his final year in college not to mention who he dad is. And Joey Bosa, 3rd overall pick, kid could get to the QB and was a very well known commodity since he was a freshman. Watt falling was because at the time to some even his last year on Wisconsin was a little bit of a unknown guy and some were not sure how elite he would be at the next level. Has obviously turned out in the end especially when healthy.
  13. Who slips in this years draft?

    Vita Vea just on athletic ability at his size and upside is a top 10 pick arguably. In terms of team needs sure he could drop because some teams do not need a big guy like that in the middle. Most likely is a 3/4 NT or even 3/4 DE in some systems. Big guys like that never get a ton of stats, just look at Poe in college he did little to nothing. If Vea impresses at the combine which he should he will be fine. He is way better than Jerel Worthy as a prospect I feel, not only bigger but also far more athletic. Vea impacts the game and is a freaking mountain with a ton of athletic ability for his size, so what about his lack of getting sacks, he is a big factor in many games this year. Danny Shelton was wildly productive at Washington and got tons of statistics, had almost 100 tackles his last year and 9 sacks. But so what, not doing that at the next level. Vita is a better prospect I feel because he is a better athlete at that size and is stronger.
  14. Who slips in this years draft?

    After this freshman year I had him top 10 potentially just based on talent. I think he will have a very good 40 time so to call him not a great athlete not sure that is the case, he has some burners and can get deep quite well. Gallup is more a possession receiver who can go get the football and get open but does not have top end speed like Ridley, will be curious how Ridley runs at the combine. I do not think there is a ton of difference between him and Amari Cooper, but Cooper played with a much better QB at Alabama and thus was far more productive overall. Cooper is a little more thick but could argue Ridley might be faster and just as good of route runner in his ability to make cuts. With Kirk's return ability and if he runs as well as he should at the combine, he could go ahead of Ridley. Washington could go ahead of Ridley as well not to mention Sutton. So if he falls behind all of them that will push him down the draft for sure. And again based on his poor QB play the last two years, some times might not like his production and what he showed on the field which could cause a drop for him in the draft also.
  15. Who slips in this years draft?

    Ridley is a very interesting prospect and hard to recall a WR this good playing with a QB that bad the last two years. Hell even with Jake Coker Ridley was awesome as a freshman and played arguably his best ball of his career, showed great deep threat ability. With a QB who cannot throw the ball well short or deep that really hurt his production the past two years. Ridley is a fine route runner, has nice wiggle to him and good solid speed. Sure he could fall in the draft because of lack of great production these past two years, but it is impressive he was able to be productive at all with Hurts as the QB. Should be a high pick based on his ability but could easily fall to late 1st. As for Barkley, the NFL is obviously trending back towards respecting RBs, just look at Elliott, Gurley, Fournette etc... They were all huge key parts of their teams success. Barkley is on the same level of an Elliott or a Gurley and should be picked that high accordingly. Gurley was the 10th pick because he was coming off injury, Elliott was the 4th pick and Fournette was the 4th pick as well of late coming off a injury also. So Barkley in top 5 is not out of the question and honestly he is the best prospect in the draft and with Cleveland having two top 4 picks they should take Barkley at 1 or 4. As for guys falling Derwin James for sure if he does not work out well. Before the year was arguably the best prospect out there, but did not play well this past year, or at least as good as he should have been. Really key will be how he works out, if he does not run well and perform well could drop. Key also of course could drop if he does not work out well having a very sub par year and being injured a lot. Both him and James were arguably top 3 picks coming into the year, that will not happen come draft day though. Lamar Jackson like one said could drop as well, but I hope so, then maybe the Vikings could steal him late first.