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  1. Great, you got ahead and take Kirk Cousins over the next five years, I would take Stafford and especially Carson Wentz. If what you say is correct there would be a line of NFL teams willing to trade for Kirk, fact is there is absolutely no line of teams wanting him and that contract at all. Who are the teams that would bite off on that? No one would. I say again, the Lions in terms of who they have right now, is a more talented roster in multiple positions compared to the Vikings, especially at WR, CB and possibly even on the OL. If you cannot see that, well then obviously you do not follow college prospects very closely. Defend Kirk all you want, his lack of inspiring play the first two games, there is no defense for that. He has absolutely sucked and has inspired no one with his play, actions or words. Granted Bisi is his #2 WR so no many QBs could do great things with that, but great ones could. He is not great and I never thought of him as a top 5 QB in the league, and with the decrease in receiving talent this year has helped show he cannot win games by himself offensively based on how he throws the football. I was happy the Vikings beat the Saints as well, but then getting their *** kicked by the 49ers was not great, mind you Cousins commentary about the pandemic I did not care for, and now he sucks as much as any QB in the NFL the first two games. So yeah one can forget about a single playoff win quickly, especially considering the team just lost a majority of their defensive leaders and the team that used to be able to play defense is struggled big time on that side of the ball. And fact is Cousins cannot win the game unless the defense plays great and the team can run the ball. Great QBs do not always need perfect defense and a great running game to win, Kirk does. They beat the Saints because of how great the defense played with only four DBs available, not how Kirk played, the defense constantly gave the offense chances and kept a more powerful offense at bay and held when given bad field position as well and kept it close. Not to mention get after the passer against a fine Saints OL. No it was Kirk Cousins? Sure he made some good throws but do that when the Vikings team defense sucks how about, wait he has throw the ball well but they still have lost plenty of times because the defense was playing poorly.
  2. I would take Stafford or Wentz all day over Kirk Cousins now and long term. Think the Vikings would not do that? Especially for Wentz who is bigger, younger, more athletic and is a better teammate and leader. I could care less what has happened in the past, as if Kirk Cousins is this proven leader and winner... which he is not and has not proven much at all honestly outside of getting a bunch of passing yards.... where in the NFL of today most QBs worth a damn can do that. What is happening right now is the Vikings are an awful team and Cousins provides little to no leadership or motivation from what I have seen. He won a playoff game, where is that great leadership now from him outside of sitting on the bench looking at a tablet? Oddly enough Diggs clearly was a massive part in the passing game success the past few years and without that deep threat they are nothing to be afraid with Kirk Cousins throwing the ball. The Lions have a better offensive line long term than the Vikings, Vaitai has long term potential and Jackson is promising at OG and if not Crosby could be a decent OG or OT, and Ragnow I would take over Bradbury, when healthy he can play. They have a deep overall DB group especially at CB, Okudah and Trufant are better than any CB on the Vikings roster and Coleman is damn good too and Oruwariye has potential as well. They have a deeper RB core than the Vikings arguably with the addition of Peterson, they have a deeper WR core as well, those top three are all day better than the Vikings top three WRs. They seem to at least have a plan and are building positively towards the future, not sure one can say that about the Vikings right now, maybe that will all change in the next few weeks but doubt it.
  3. Still think if they did not sign that extension and he would be gone and Vikings are contract free of him after this season! That is what they would of had, sure saved a little having to pay him $10 this year under the new extension and was due $29.5 under his original deal but has more guaranteed money though now. Still would have loved to see him gone after this season. But even with Cousins the Vikings QB room is really suspect and they have zero hope for the future long term. Stanley is not an awful QB prospect but bad enough to not beat out Mannion who could be one of the worst backup QBs in the NFL. Still wish they could have kept Sloter because at least he had upside and some potential athletically, no clue how Sloter cannot be a practice squad guy but Browning can. Sure Browning has mental aspects of the game to like but physically he is lacking a lot. Back to the OL Cleveland has to start over Samia or at least get a chance and seen if he can swing into guard. Would love to rotate Udoh in also as either a guard or a RT from time to time, move O'Neill around back over to LT at times and possibly work Cleveland at LT when O'Neill is at RT. Thought even before the season to sit Udoh, Cleveland and Samia is stupid. At least one will get a chance now that Elflein is hurt but they have to see who can play and who cannot. But wow did Samia look awful against Indy. Buckner threw him around like a doll at times.
  4. 2017 Defensively, #1 in total yards given up per game, #1 in points given up per game, #2 in passing yards given up per game, #2 in rushing yards given up per game. Starting QB was Case Keenum after Sam Bradford got hurt. So yeah would be nice to not completely depend on the damn QB for once and is crazy that was not that long ago and they were such a great defense. DE Griffen DT Joseph/ Stephen DT T. Johnson DE Hunter, B, Robison OLB Barr ILB Kendricks OLB Gedeon CB Rhodes/ Alexander CB Waynes/ Newman SS H. Smith/ Kearse FS Sendejo/ Harris Griffen, Smith were starting Pro bowlers, Rhodes was a backup Pro Bowler and Joseph and Barr were alternates. Wish they could get back to that honestly, would that defense been as good with Bradford? I doubt it but who knows. They ran the ball well with three different backs and Case did enough as a QB but was limited of course. Crazy how much they have fallen defensively. I guess you lose all they lost, they clearly lost more than just play on the field but all those guys, Joseph, Griffen, Rhodes, Waynes were all on the decline, Kearse and Alexander were not however, would be nice to have those dudes at DB with how they have looked back there this season. Without a great D the team cannot succeed. Last year they got some wins when Cousins played bad, that is not happening this season if the defense plays that poorly. Pretend the Texans are in the same situation at QB the Vikings are in with Cousins. Yeah give me Watson and an 0-2 record all day long. Sure they got to figure some things out but still they got Watson so it will be just fine I am sure. Same with the Eagles as well and even the Lions, at least one of the games they played extremely well in and should have won.
  5. It could be a 2-3 year death sentence for the organization if he keeps playing this bad and the team keeps playing this bad. He is the 6th highest paid player in the league for 2020. Sure Carson Wentz has not done great to start the season, and Matt Ryan is 0-2 as well and both of them are 7th and 9th in the league in highest paid contracts 2020. But yeah give me Matt Ryan or Carson Wentz all day long over Kirk Cousins, because both of them are elite players and great quarterbacks with way more upside and potential long term than Kirk Cousins not to mention more leadership and intangibles as well. Even Dak, I once though oh Kirk Cousins is better than Dak the 8th highest paid player in the league. But fact is Dak is a better leader, better athlete and is younger so is absolutely a better QB long term than Kirk as well. Maybe it is just par for the course, the Redskins are paying Alex Smith a ton of money to just sit this year behind Haskins. Maybe all QBs get ridiculously overpaid to some degree. But at least they have a future and a young QB in Washington and a young roster, and Alex Smith not playing has to do with his injury not his play. It is just a bad situation the Vikings are in. Crazy to think, they moved on from Teddy after most thought his career was over and there Teddy is now back in the NFL with a pretty big contract, playing well and getting paid as well. Good for him, sucks for the Vikings. Teddy was crazy frail and has suspect arm strength and overall build, but shows how much leadership and personality can do for a QB, guys love him and play for him and he is a great teammate and leader. Not sure one can say that about Kirk Cousins.
  6. Maybe but even if Zimmer and Spielman are gone, they still have Kirk Cousins and that contract. But yes potentially if things do not get turned around quickly, they have to fire the coach and GM because you cannot fire all the players obviously. That is usually how it goes.
  7. Say the Vikings get Trevor Lawrence, who in the world would not play him year one? There are very few QBs starting in the NFL right now I would not take instead of Kirk Cousins as a player or just his contract in general. Both are bad. Even Jeff Driskel, sure he is not great but at least he is cheap and has a future some what for the Broncos potentially as a backup/starter. Hell say the Vikings could just magically have Jeff Driskel as the starter the rest of the season and Cousin's contract would be gone and so would he, yeah I would take that deal and just start over. It just sucks, because if the Vikings get a great rookie QB, no way they do not play them and Cousins would have to sit and earn his millions doing nothing. Unless a ton of dudes retire, which will probably not happen, few if any teams would be interested in Kirk Cousins is my guess. Think the Panthers even would take him over Teddy? I seriously doubt it, Teddy is more likeable by everyone and guys play hard for him, they do not for Kirk, especially when things are not going well. It is just an awful position to be in for the Vikings, have a QB they over paid for because they thought they had a Super Bowl window they had to take advantage of. Clearly that is not the case at all. I know one thing, they better play the rookies they have to see what they got, because why the hell not.
  8. Ok for one Kirk Cousins inspires no one, barely communicates with anyone on the sidelines and lacks some major leadership qualities and relatability in general. Said that all when the Vikings signed him, then started to come around with him a little last year based on his play but his comments this off season about COVID-19 help show how out of touch he is with what leadership even means, not to mention his absolutely uninspiring play this season. Sure the OL is awful and gets destroyed, but so is Burrow's on the Bengals yet that kid still competes and fights and leads his team and he is a freaking inexperienced rookie. Again Cousins inspires and motivates no one and that is pretty sad coming from the highest paid player on the team and the starting QB. But how do they get rid of him? He is $66 million guaranteed and he is locked up until the 2023 season. Freaking is awful, wish they could just cut him but they cannot without losing a ton of money. Freaking sucks! Trevor Lawrence, great and based on how they have played it is a possibility. The Vikings are without question the worst team in the NFL after two games I would say based on the expectations for this season, how they played and the fact they were a Playoff team last year and won a game even in the Playoffs. But it is a season without a preseason so one can only hope for some improvement. Maybe all the trouble in the area recently the team is not completely focused, who knows. No team has played worse than the Vikings have for the first two games though on offense or defense arguably. In terms of the roster, there is no roster based on performance that is lacking more than the Vikings are. All the other 0-2 teams at least have either good young players or potential for the future, the Vikings with Cousins do not have much upside, considering they paid him because they thought they had a Super Bowl window they wanted to take advantage of. Now they cannot get rid of him and start over really with that kind of a contract. New starters have looked not so great, Samia was down right awful in his start last week. Bisi Johnson does not scare anyone at receiver, he is an ok 3rd WR but no way he is a 2nd WR in the NFL. O'Neill struggled a lot game 1 and Bradbury is just ok. Irv Smith has not played well and has made some bad drops. Cleveland has not played and neither has Udoh, hopefully that changes soon. On D Odenigbo has not been much and Ngakoue has only one or two good pressures and the rest he is pretty quiet and unproductive. The DTs Stephen and Johnson provide little to no pass rush and do not play that well against the run either, Watts has not done anything, Holmes when starting at DE has struggled and provides little, Mata'afa has done nothing either on the DL. Hughes has disappointed and Hill has also big time, both experienced and both to be the starters but have been out played at times by rookies Dantzler and Gladney arguably. At least Gladney provided some fight in this last game a little bit. Shows possibly just how great Hunter is if he made this awful DL look even remotely good, without him, wow they are bad. Harris and Smith could be one of the best safety combos in the NFL. But Smith cannot be aggressive around the line with such bad corners, and Harris also cannot be aggressive because of that. So it does not help the team at all that two of their best and most veteran players cannot really even effect the game much as a safety. Honestly they could not have played any worse, the D cannot get off the field and get driven on all game long and the offense cannot move the ball, and the time of possession.... Absolutely dead last in the NFL at 20:09 minutes a game. Absolutely awful. Oh and the #1 and #2 teams in the NFL in time of possession, Green Bay and Indy, both Vikings opponents. 38:01 and 35:45 minutes a game respectively. Tank for Trevor, sure but really they need a QB, DT, WR and CB really badly. Not to mention potentially a OG and OLB. It would be nice to see some frustration out of some of the players, or even an inkling that they care that they are getting their butt kicked. So little passion on the team and so little leadership, going to be hard to get corrected. Getting rid of Zim or Spielman is absolutely on the table as well, because obviously cannot fire all the players. I would rather keep Zim and maybe can Rick, they have drafted pretty poorly of late, especially if this last group does not turn out but maybe it is a lack of player development. From 2007 till 2017 they had 9 years where they drafted a Pro Bowl player or more in each draft class, only one season they missed out of those 10 years. Now 2018 and 2019 and obviously now 2020 have zero Pro bowl players drafted. Clearly a little down turn unless some guys greatly develop which is hard obviously in this setting. Even if the Vikings do not get Trevor, Penei Sewell would be amazing, and could move Cleveland to guard and hopefully he gets a shot at it this season with how bad Samia looked. Marvin Wilson would be amazing on the inside no question, Parsons or Ossai or Owusu- Kormoah I would love at OLB as well. Sadly the 1st round picks this past year were not as great as they could have been because it was such a need thing, instead of taking the best player there they had to take a CB and WR no choice really. Either way I am going to have to change my expectations for this team because wow, awful start says a lot about the current talent level for the team.
  9. Yes it was the booing that I have issue with. Think what you wish about kneeling, but last time I checked kneeling is more respectful than standing. There is a reason almost every religion has the congregation kneel. Even the dictionary definition is "to kneel....as when praying or showing submission" So basically certain Chief fans were booing unity and support of those who are oppressed. Again if that is even a minority of football fans, well than they should just simply not play because that is a disgrace to this society. They are going to watch a game being played, when a majority or at least half of the members playing have or know individuals that live in said suppressed communities, and to boo the reality of that, yeah things need to change, like now. Does that have anything to do with football, no. But obviously sports is just a distraction and entertainment, and to not allow the very athletes than play that sport to not have an opinion, well that simply does not sound very American, does it. And one cannot pretend the people playing it are not people living in the same society everyone else is living in. So thus, such unrest in the country makes any sporting event a lot less entertaining and or meaningful. But I will get back to football, that game was lame disregarding the fans because the Texans clearly stink without Hopkins who was a massive player for them an a massive leader. Defensively they were weak in the pass rush, nothing great, that CB group is questionable, nice to see Murray playing though honestly for them. They have little to no edge rushers at all, Omenihu was out or did not do much it seemed. Also did not see much of Blacklock on the inside for them who they will greatly depend on. Looks like PJ Hall played for them and got a few tackles, sure the lack of preseason does not help Blacklock. Offensively Cobb is nothing, he should retire really, Cooks disappointed in him big time as well for the Texans. No clue how they do not use those massive TEs anymore and the OL on paper looks ok but they did not look great in that game. Kelechi Osemele looked great, they got him for nothing I think, wasn't he released. Took the place of Duvernay-Tardif who is helping out as a doctor during the Pandemic and decided to sit out the season. Would have been a huge hole for the team on the OL but Osemele looks like he could have rejuvenated his career if he keeps playing like that. The rook from LSU did great but anyone in that system would do great at RB with Mahomes getting all the attention. The Texans did not seem into the game though and no shocker why that was the case.
  10. If this is the representation of most NFL football fans, then yes I also feel quite meh about the NFL season. For one, little to no fans for any sporting event instantly makes the sporting event less interesting to watch. There is far less drama, less player reaction and pandering which can be a good thing and a bad thing at times. No home field advantage and no hard road victories just makes everything simply different. The NFL does not have much in terms of traditions or pageantry compared to college football, or bands for that matter but yeah lack of fans make everything a little worse and less interesting to view on TV, cannot imagine the difference in person. I have watched all the NBA playoffs, still enjoy it but obviously a win is not the same when it is in the bubble. But yeah if this display by only a few Chiefs fans is an example of the society today, with the fan reactions to the players sign of unity between teams, yeah maybe none should be allowed to watch in person. I would not be surprised to see the players boycott like the NBA if that keeps up. I mean honestly so people want to keep suppressing others to boost yourself up? If so the society sucks then. PS bull**** NBC did not pipe up the crowd noise in that game, no way that crowd was just as load as any crowd is, which is what it came off as listening to it TV. Al Michaels even said it in the broadcast that the crowd noise was real, no way. Going to a local event recently outside, I had a mask on, did not want to wear it and do not like wearing it, but I had it on to protect others for possibly getting it from me out of respect for them. Then you see others without it on potentially infecting myself when I have this on to protect them form me! So why should I care about them when they do not care about me? That is the crap reality of all of this, and ones political opinions is usually exactly why one has a mask or does not. Yeah America could be in deep ****, so of course football is not a main focus right now and should not be.
  11. Nothing to do with what you said? No I just said four other teams with three if not four better corners on their roster than the Steelers do. If that has nothing to do with what you said, well then clearly you just disliked the answer.
  12. Sorry, I just thought about The Bridge on the River Kwai beating these moves in the 1950 drama category. On the Waterfront A Streetcar Named Desire Cat on a Hot Tin Roof12 Angry Men The Ten Commandments I am fine with To Kill a Mocking Bird losing here because a bunch of dudes need action and fighting to pay any attention to anything. At least Gladiator is a great movie and worth the nod. Shawshank is kind of getting a bad rap here but The Godfather is a great film, but Shawshank has way more moral value and meaning than The Godfather ever did. Still great film and if it beats Shawshank should easily win it all.
  13. The best post ever on here. Back to Shaquem. Surprising he was not able to hang around more there, especially in Seattle, he can shoot gaps and make plays in the backfield and has speed to cover not to mention on special teams. But them drafting Brooks where they did clearly says a lot, still not sure he is worth a 1st round pick but will see. Them also drafting Barton and Burr-Kirven years previous also said a lot as well. Curious if Atlanta takes a run at him, they need linebackers and like speed at the position, Bills could take a run at him as well possibly. This little setback will not stop him and he will be on a team again. Guess he just signed with the Seahawks practice squad, so at least he still gets a chance to develop, but another team could sign him if they want him on the active roster.
  14. You think so? Ok first off I could give a **** what PFF says, those stats are usually either deceptive or just flat not that accurate and do not always tell the entire story. Was Joe Haden really that good last year? I thought overall he has kind of disappointed in his entire career based on what he should be. But hopefully he finds a new life in Pittsburgh and continues to improve. I like Mike Hilton a lot no question about it, he is very good. Cameron Sutton I think has ability and so does Layne as well so hopefully one of them can take the spot of Nelson who I am not a huge fan of. Fact is do they have CB depth than the Patriots, Bills, 49ers or Ravens have? Answer I would say to that is no. Patriots all day with Gilmore, McCourty, Jackson, Jones and Williams. That is not even a conversation, I would take the Bills guys with White who is better than any CB on Pittsburgh, Wallace was decent last year and they got Josh Norman as well and Neal but that is the closest one to Pittsburgh out of those four. 49ers have Sherman, Moseley, Witherspoon and Williams so yeah that is a better overall group as well. And Ravens with Humphrey, Peters, Jimmy Smith and Young, especially with those first three corners, that is rock solid. Steelers are easily one of the best defensive in the NFL, just not the best and again I think corner they need to be great to become a great defense. Like I said another year with Minkah and they could be great but CB play will have to continue to improve and maybe Sutton or Layne will take that next step.
  15. Its a damn shame all the way around. Sewell and Parsons are two of the best players at their position in years, especially Sewell, and to not be able to see him one more year sucks. Camryn Bynum is sitting out for Cal as well and not playing the year and going out for the draft. Will be curious if they can finish the season, say they do hopefully and it all goes well and nothing has to be canceled, yeah right these guys might not be regretting that choice. Even the best high school football recruit in the nation, he is sitting out his high school season as well. And the Big Ten and Pac-10 might move up to November start date, but fact is all of the conversation is pointless if they end up shutting it down and not finishing. Then all of them made the absolute right choice sitting out. Same thing in the NFL for any young guy trying to make the roster, is a lot harder with no preseason game action to judge players on. Some look great in practice and do not turn it on during the game and vice versa.
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