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  1. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    If one is not including the rookies this up coming year the Patriots are in not way even in this discussion in my view, no way. Michel, Mason and Jackson are good but no where near top level elite players I feel but will see. Lucky for them their rookie class could be great with Harry, Damien Harris, Cajuste, Froholdt,Stidham, Joejuan Williams and Winovich. Not to mention if Bill can tap into the untapped talented Obi Melifonwu as a 2nd year guy. Guess they also have Duke Dawson as a 2nd year guy, but the current rookie class could be awesome that is what they have going for them.
  2. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    Yeah the Colts have one heck of a roster regardless of age. That OL is very solid across the board, great signing with Doyle at TE and Ross Travis has a ton of upside as a TE or big body WR. Hines is a great backup RB and Mack is a solid starter who can grind. Not a huge fan of Funchess but they got Paris Campbell and he should do very well there. On D adding Justin Houston will be huge, if he can stay healthy should really help the pass rush, and Banogu I like as a rookie. Okereke is talented also not to mention Ski Moore. The corners are solid and underrated with Moore and Desir. Then you have Rock who could be good, Jalen Collins as a backup and Quincy Wilson. In terms of Leonard, I would be a little shocked if he keeps up the production he had as a rookie. I doubt he will consistently be that great throughout his career even if the defensive is designed for the LBs to make tackles, teams will figure it out as they did late in the playoffs last year. Runs to the ball, is athletic but again will be super hard to keep that production up like a Luke Kuechly, a player he is just simply not as good as. Talented roster for sure and should be a lock playoff team.
  3. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    Could include Ryan Anderson along with Ross Pierschbacher and Adonnis Alexander they turn out. But yeah throw Haskins into that mix if he is good and that is a fine group but right now Guice is a question mark and so is Haskins, will see how he does. Landon Collins is a baller so they got a steal there and Sweat should be great and will open things up even more for Payne and Allen. Dang they have 5 Alabama defensive players and all play a good amount outside of Hamilton but that could change. Saints and Cowboys have it currently though outside of incoming rookies. Both groups could easily have four Pro Bowl players, no other two teams could say that potentially. That does depend on if Davenport turns out and I imagine he will or if Dak can develop and that might not happen based on he probably has already peaked but will see.
  4. Best Movies I have seen All Time

    Aguirre, the Wrath of God I have on my original list, amazing movie no question and a amazing villain that carries it no doubt. It is a must watch for any film fan, Klaus Kinski was good in Fitzcarraldo as well. Sadly Klaus Kinski is a great villain but is apparently a drop dead awful human being in real life so that is a negative to why his films do not get more love over the years most likely. Guess it was not all acting up on screen and was kind of a villain in real life as well so that is a hit on the actor part of things. If only looking at the film though, yeah great movie. The Godfather is one of the best films ever made, The Godfather II is awesome as well, sure the third is not very good but to me that does not take anything away from the 1st or the 2nd. Not all the Star Wars are good, especially these new crap ones, that does not take away from the un edited original three when they were made. Sure hurts the brand overall and does with The Godfather but The Godfather can stand alone as being easily one of the best 'mob' crime movies ever and again makes Goodfellas look like a absolute piece of trash. I always thought this was a funny scene on Clerks 2. But yeah LOTR does have a solid three movies I thought Birdman was quite overrated and not very good. There is little to nothing notable about it when I look back at it to be honest, and I would not be that concerned if I never watch it again. Great movies you watch to watch again, that one does not fit into that category to me. If it was on cable maybe I would watch it just based on the ton of fine actors in the movie, but outside of that there is not much that makes it stand out.
  5. Best Movies I have seen All Time

    Great call on Upgrade, just watched that and that is a damn good movie for sure. Little cheesy at times with the one liners during the fight scenes, but overall cool villains, cool story and cool ending. Nice interesting Sci Fi movie and there are not many around that are worth a damn, especially considering there is zero in terms of name actors in it yet it is still interesting, shows the writing was great as was the story overall. Sadly I bet few to anyone saw it, made $16 million box office, cost $3 so that is good but that box office number for now a days is crazy low.
  6. 25 and Younger: Who ya got?

    With the Browns you could take Chubb out and put Kareem Hunt in, that is if he can get his S together. Across the board talent would have to go with the Cowboys, they got it at almost all the positions. Could add Collins at OT and Awuzie as well to that list. But looking at it more outside of QB the Saints are by far the deepest in terms of overall youth depth, and Michael Thomas is 26 would be case closed if he made that age cut. Saints: Alvin Kamara, M. Davenport, R. Ramczyk, M. Lattimore, Marcus Williams, Eli Apple, Anzalone Bucs have Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, OJ Howard, Chris Godwin, Vita Vea, Hargreaves, Carlton Davis, Jordan Whitehead that is pretty good especially those first three on offense. Jaguars have Jalen Ramsey, Fournette, Yannick Ngakoue, Myles Jack, Ronnie Harrison, Cam Robinson, Dede Westbrook. That is pretty damn good especially the first four. The Chiefs would have Mahomes, Chris Jones, Kendall Fuller and Tyreek Hill but Hill's career might be over because of his off the field stuff will see. The Vikings oddly enough have D. Hunter, S. Diggs, D. Cook, P. Elflein, and M. Hughes. Did not think Diggs was that young actually. Ravens Lamar Jackson, R. Stanley, L. Humphrey, Orlando Brown Jr and Mark Andrews 49ers George Kittle, Buckner, F. Warner, K. Alexander, Armstead, Witherspoon, Solomon Thomas Hard list to do because of course people will look at the QB and put more importance on having a good young one. And usually teams will have a few guys that young and decent, ultimately all that matters is does that win. A strong young corner does not always mean success as a team of course in the future.
  7. Best Movies I have seen All Time

    I have To Kill a Mocking Bird on my original list, and I agree that movie is great, arguably is one of the top 10-15 films ever made. Sure the book is amazing but I feel arguably the characters come more to life in the film especially with Atticus and Scout. Lawrence of Arabia I did not have on there and forgot that one, good call. However I must say outside of it being amazing visually it is pretty long and not sure it holds ones attention all that well throughout but visually there is a ton to like about it especially considering the age in which it was made. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is awesome, I have that on my original list as well. However one could argue Awakenings might be possibly better, but both are good and the ending is outstanding in that and Jack Nicholson is great as well. Goodfellas I purposefully did not include, to me it is not one of my favorite movies and I do not consider it one of the best all time. Compared to The Godfather it is absolute trash and Liotta is annoying in it more often than not, same with Joe. Just seems very cliche and done before for when it was made. There are no strong or good female characters in it and the plot overall is a little uninteresting at times. Just my opinion on it.
  8. 2020 NFL Draft 7 round Mock ranking

    *Dylan Moses Alabama JR ILB: Dude is super compact and super powerful as a ILB. His upper body strength is very impressive and he can just stone guys out there and drop them. Might have underrated him a little, seems more like a 1st rounder or 2nd rounded than a 3rd rounder. Limited a little in coverage but in a 3/4 could do a great job. Will be curious how he does without Q ahead of him keeping him clean to attack. *Jared Pinkney Vandy SR TE: Might have underrated him a little, very versatile TE, I need to watch him more but the fact he is complete and can block a little and be moved around really helps his stock. Is in line, out wide, split off the line everything you can do and be placed as a TE he is or at least can be. Love how athletic he is going up and getting the football, compact build and could have a great year. Will be interesting how he does with a different less talented QB throwing him the ball, but if he can improve off his production from last year could end up being a 2nd round pick or 1st rounder, just not sold on him being a high 1st round pick at all though but will see. *CJ Henderson Florida JR CB: Is a tough and confident corner, good reaction time and knows how to break on the football. I need to watch him more not sure what his ceiling is but this year should tell a lot. Kid can hit at times when he gets the chance but his pure coverage skills are solid. He will be one to watch this year, could become a 2nd round pick potentially or 3rd rounder but will see how he does first. *Javon Kinlaw South Carolina SR DT: Possibly might have underrated him a little bit, dude is so thick and strong. Very powerful man and is solid, good build and had a good productive season last year and should be even better this year. Could potentially play his way into being one of the top end DTs in the up coming 2020 draft. He is one to watch for no question, kid is a strong player who can just throw guards out of the way at times and use his power. *Pooka Williams Jr Kansas SOPH RB: Loved the kid last year and hopefully he can move on and improve from his off the field issues this past half year. Kid has lighting quickness and can cut on a dime, really knows how to make people miss, press the line and make huge running plays. Is small but runs very hard and aggressively. Plays against awful Big 12 defense but he is productive without a lot of talent around him. With Miles as the HC he should get the ball even more and if he can keep his off the field stuff clean kid could be a star. *Leki Fotu Utah SR DT: I need to watch him play some more but the kid is a massive DT, long and big and knows how to get upfield. His lack of consistently being on the field is an issues, needs to get in better shape and be more consistent but I expect a good year out of him this season. Can beat the guard at attack up the middle, could play outside 3/4 DE as well if asked I feel. *Jedrick Willis Alabama JR OT: Will be interesting how he plays this season, kid can be a mauler at times but does get knocked back and off balance more than he should. If he can work on his base, become more solid there and use that great size and strength he could easily develop into a 1st round pick. I have him as a 2nd rounder right now but could improve on that, he is one to watch no doubt and will be curious how the hyped freshman Neal does for Bama potentially on the other OT spot. *Tanner Muse Clemson SR S/OLB: He will be one to watch, I am just not sold on him as a safety at all. In coverage I think he is a little stiff, can get to the ball but is usually late and being a physical safety is not as important in the NFL today because you cannot hit players like you used to. So the intimidation factor does not really apply as much. Kid could be a standout OLB though with above average coverage skills of course. Will be curious how he plays this year being one of the leaders of a defense that lost so much talent and leadership. *Markus Bailey Purdue SR LB: He is physical and aggressive at linebacker and could be a great 3/4 ILB, has pass rush skills and could play 3/4 OLB as well with his ability to hold the point of attack. He is a good open field tacker, plays with great passion and is one of the better linebacker prospects potentially in the draft. He is super versatile, could argue he is one of the more versatile linebackers in the up coming draft, he is tough and athletic. *Mekhi Sargent Iowa SOPH RB: Has a decent build, can sneak around defenders and make plays down field. Is a gliding runner and is smooth, will be curious how he does for Iowa this year. Their track record of RBs is not great at all, usually one year wonders or guys who bust in the NFL, not sure Sargent has that high of a ceiling but will be curious how he does this season, is a decent prospect. *D'Eriq King Houston SR QB: I have to watch him more but hard to know like his arm strength and production and should be even better this year. Obviously not sold on his overall size and is potentially a product of a system there at Houston and he should be even better with Dana being the HC. As a SR QB could maybe be a late round pick for someone with a strong year this season no question, will have to see how he does. *McKenzie Milton UCF SR QB: I did take him out of the 2020 draft because I am not totally sure but I assume he will not play this up coming season and might take a RS year. Will see, kid is a mid round talent and with how he can manage a game and make plays outside the pocket does have a chance in the NFL if healthy. Most likely he comes back another year after a medical redshirt though, will see if that indeed happens or not this year.
  9. Adrian Peterson

    This is a question? Adrian Peterson will be in the Hall of Fame there is zero chance he is not.
  10. Top Ten Viking Receivers

    Crazy to say but out of 286 players listed Adrian Peterson is 26th all time for the Minnesota Vikings in receiving yards... Sidney Rice should have been on this list but his career never really turned out and he got injured constantly, talented player though. Percy Harvin should possibly be on the list but he is probably outside of the top 10, is more a return man and just a RB playing WR who could make big plays and get yards after the catch, was not a pure WR in terms of route running overall.
  11. Jonathan Cooper & Chance Warmack?

    I think with both they had issues staying healthy and dealing with conditioning and weight overall. Both were very good in college and moved guys around easily and could lean on them. In the NFL it is not as easy to do that and you have to be quicker with your feet and be able to move and be in great condition. They did not have that and could be beaten in pass pro easily because of it. In the right system with the right coach as a rookie things could have easily been different for them. It is not that easy to stay motivated and compete on a bad football team and both were on them early in their career. Especially with Warmack coming from a dominating and winning culture at Alabama to losing pretty consistent especially his 2nd and 3rd year. There also is a reason why some of the best guards in the NFL used to be tackles in college, Zach Martin, Brandon Scherff, Marshal Yanda, Rodger Saffold, Kelechi Osemele, Andrus Peat etc
  12. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    Amos is the best rated safety in football by PFF, well that is proof no to go on the book with those ratings. Glad you do not use them because many do especially in terms of argument sake. As for what they do in college, that is what I do. I actually watch players in college and try to project them to the next level. You have apparently have no clue how good a player was in college or what they have been or what they become before they got to the NFL. How they progressed and improved in college means apparently nothing to you which provides a slightly odd perspective to their ceiling or potential from you point of view. But it is a different perspective I provide. You just want to go off of rookie performance as fact of greatness go ahead. But fact is he did play before he got to the NFL and what he did in college does show something about what he can become long term at times. In terms of Non-offensive touchdowns, Eddie Jackson has a lot of them because he was a punt return man in college his last year and took two back to the house in college. Clearly has return skills and more often than not defensive backs with return ability return INTs for TDs. Just as Ed Reed, Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, DeAngelo Hall, Nate Clements etc. Being in the right place and returning picks for TDs early in your career is not proof of greatness. RW McQuarters had 7 non offensive TDs and I do not view him as this all time great CB, and yeah he was a return man as well at times. Ask Charles Tillman how at times the TDs just stop coming from those turnovers and interceptions. He was great at it for a few years on good defenses but is hard to keep that up long term. In a two year span he had 5 TDs from interceptions and the other 11 years he had a total of 3. The fact you do not comment on his tackling what so ever because why? I view that as a weakness of his, to you it means nothing apparently because you never address it. One on one with a ball carrier to tackle you think Jackson is the same as Landon Collins, Jamal Adams or Derwin James? Because he is not, he is a coverage man and yes Ed Reed could take better than Eddie Jackson can. Did I underrate Jackson a little in this original list, sure I did looking at it now but I say his tackling does need to improve. Reshad Jones has made two pro bowls as a safety but I do not view him as this super elite safety talent, good player sure but nothing to build a team around. It is a weak time for safeties and some more have to develop, but does help players get into Pro Bowls. Think Eddie Jackson would have got to the NFC East Pro bowl starter with John Lynch and Brian Dawkins around, no. Or AFC with Rod Woodson, Rodney Harrison and Lawyer Milloy. Eddie Jackson was a CB at Alabama his first two years and did get injured multiple times in his Alabama career. Did splash and made big time returns in special teams for TDs and returns of INTs for TDs. Good range, playmaker and active in coverage no doubt but is limited tackling and does have a injury history that is a cause or concern. Is a CB playing safety and has taken advantage of it for sure, was some what limited as a CB but fits right in at safety and helps he is on the Bears defense. Will see if he can keep up this and become this all world safety Hall of Famer you make him out to be.
  13. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    Did you watch Eddie Jackson in college? Did you have him ranked that highly coming out of Alabama? Again the pre draft stuff hurt him because he did get injured before he came out but in college he made some plays but I did not view him as having that high of a ceiling. Kyle Fuller was a high 1st round pick and an elite CB prospect coming out of Virginia Tech, you think he would have never been good without Eddie Jackson? Please. Amos that I agree with you on, he is not that good and not worth that contract he got. Did you have this glowing opinion of him at Alabama or are you just a Bears fan that takes PFF as the bible on everything? In terms of PFF, I do not rank players according to what others say. Sounds like you are using that as proof of everything but PFF rankings are not the be all and end all. Sure if one wanted to go off that doing a top 100 list like this would be easy but I feel those rankings are grades but do not grade everything that goes into being a fine football player. Sure technical grades are fine but will see how that goes into ones long term upside and potential. Lucky for Eddie Jackson it is a some what down time for safeties, Earl Thomas and Weddle almost ready to retire, will see if Eric Berry can get back to normal but my guess is he will be about to retire as well. Ed Reed, Kam Chancellor, Brian Dawkins, Polamalu and the late Sean Taylor are already done with playing and to me Eddie Jackson will never reach their level of play and being able to be a great tackler and fine in coverage outside of maybe Chancellor. I still feel Jackson tackling is an issue, but since safeties cannot tackle or hit like Brian Dawkins did lucky for him that is not a factor in the game of today, all that matters is getting to the spot and closing on the widows in coverage and he can do that for sure. There is a lack of top level safeties in the league but they cannot do what they have always done for years so it is an odd time to be a safety and one does need a different set of skills. I just simply would not put him top 10, you feel he is as good of a tackler as Adams or James? No way that is the case, sure if one is only looking at deep coverage and range but tackling he is no where near as good as Adams or James or Collins or Neal. Reed, Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Dawkins, Polamalu and Sean Taylor were all great tackles and great hitters. Eddie Jackson to me is not that right now thus still needs to work on some things.
  14. Favorite cover songs

    Sucks Avril passed on this one she wrote because it did not match with the album vibe but still. Was a great cover by Clarkson and got her a lot of attention, still feel the Avril Lavigne version is better though. Also hard to argue that this Chris Cornell cover is not the best version of this song.
  15. Top 50 Prospects Currently in the NFL

    Maybe I do underrate him, where you would put him top 100 players in the NFL since the 2015-2018 draft classes? I just do not think he is no Earl Thomas and again it is because of the tackling or lack of great high level hitting and tackling. He plays on a defense with Hicks who is an elite DL and a Pro bowl level player, then they have Mack who is a Pro bowl and All Pro 1st team type player. Surround that with Kyle Fuller who is one of the best CBs in the game and a Pro bowler, have Roquan Smith who had a fine rookie year and a lot of range as a ILB, Trevathan who is wildly productive in a 3/4 defense and Leonard Floyd who is one of the best athletes in the NFL at LB. Goldman holding down the middle at NT, they had Callahan in the slot who is now gone but did a great job at that position, will see if McManis can take his place and if not Skrine or Duke Shelley might be able to do that slot spot. Then you have Prince at the other CB spot and he is tough and physical and can press receivers very well, loved him out of Nebraska. Has kind of underachieved as a pro but might have found a home in Chicago. And Ha Ha will add even more to that defense and again is better than Amos anyway. So the guy is surrounded by a crap ton of defensive talent which allows him to just play the football and make plays because most of all the other bases are covered. Put him on the worst defense in the NFL would he be just as successful? Not quite sure he would, Sean Taylor is a guy who I view as an elite high level safety, Ed Reed, Brian Dawkins, Troy Polamalu, Earl Thomas etc. Not sure Eddie Jackson is in that group thus I do not rank him that high in it because not sure his ceiling is as high. Has been playing great early in his career, will see if he and that Bears defense can keep that up this year and for years beyond. Shaq Mason I like a lot, has played great and was drafted a lot lower than he should have been. But also helps where he is, look at the drastic drop in what Nate Solder was on New England to what he was on the Giants last year. I loved Trenton Brown on the Patriots this past season but will be very curious how he is on the Raiders this year, I think the same goes for Mason. That system and that offense does not expose offensive lineman and if you are steady and smart you can play for awhile and Mason is that, sound at the point of attack and a good player, just not sure how elite he is if one was building a team and ranking what best players to build around. Same with David Andrews and to a less degree Cannon, just solid dang players who are consistent and perform well in that system.