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  1. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Stir fear and push agenda? What Agenda is that? You think COVID 19 is not that serious and all these countries are shutting things down for no reason? That is correct, the misinformation out there is awful, honestly CNN and Fox News should be both blocked, neither one are doing any good and are just ripping the nation right in two honestly. Both have their side and they stick right to it and insult each other back and forth as they go, then again they are just reporting the circus they see in politices. Great model for the youth of the country, watching narcissistic ******* lead the country and argue back and forth with anyone he disagrees with. Exactly, if the CBA guarantees certain percentage of revenue, then less revenue, which there will absolutely be, then that equals less pay does it not? Last time I checked NFL contracts are crap compared to say NBA contracts unlike many NFL contracts where guys can be cut easily without many repercussions for the organization. Hell the Pacers are still paying Monta Ellis and he has not played in the NBA since 2016-17 season, and he will be paid around $2.2 million a year till 2022. That does not really happen in the NFL it seems. Either way those dudes will be lucky to even have a season to play in potentially.
  2. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Very true. Still going through all this, anyone in the entertainment industry is damn lucky to even have a job to be quite honest. People pay money to watch you play a game, sing a song or act in a film. That is a blessing because in all reality it is not escentual, it is just entertainment. If I were them, I would take anything I could get because clearly if the **** hits the fan again, they do not have a job. And some money is better than no money if it comes down to one or the other. Granted it does allow an escape and a release for people that do have some crap *** hard physical and or emotional jobs. So in that regard sports, acting and singing is really quite great because it at least offers something great than money, when on paper it really offers little to nothing other than entertainment and dollars spent. But looking deeper especially in terms of more artistic things it offers hope. To zone out to a great song you bought for a dollar is clearly worth more than that dollar it costs, and it can be a feeling that will last just like watching a great athletic performance that brought hope and inspired those who watched it.
  3. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Exactly, the flu never caused the type of complete societal change. Just think, a year ago about seeing the flu shut down all sports, all restaurants, all movie theaters, large concerts any major flight and basically any large gathering. The measures taken with COVID 19 to me proves it is not just some flu and will run the course. The NBA alone lost well over $1 billion dollars because of the virus, not to mention the financial world impact on the virus. It is not something to be taken lightly. Remember a few months ago when some argued the Swine flu is worse than COVID 19. Yeah right. Not arguing with you @Cearbhall you are a math dude in the medical community and maybe have more insight on it then me. PS apparently 50% of the ICU bed availability in Florida is at 100% capacity, I am no expert but that type of thing when it gets worse like in NY literally can shut down a society. That being said, if the players are asked to take less pay why would they not do it? If the alternative is getting zero pay. You would rather get zero than say $500,000 of a $1 million contract in a season with less work, less games and less advertising revenue for the organization? They get paid that because people pay money to go to the game, eat food, park, buy merchandise not to mention flying to the game, staying at a hotel and eating out. If all of that is gone they then do not deserve to get paid that much because the league itself is not making as much potentially. Maybe that is not accurate completely I never looked at the numbers, but a stadium empty of fans is obviously not making as much as when it is full. And if the alternative is zero dollars, I doubt many would take it. If anything players might not play without full pay because of the risks involved in playing and potentially getting infected and having to stay away from family for months. The NBA attempt at restarting will show a lot of what football will or will not be this fall. If players do not play it is not a pay thing it is a risk thing. Bet even the special teams guys would play for less because they are not the big time contract guys, sure someone getting $20 mil a year for 10 years can say I am not playing for less because he already has tons.
  4. It is a gorgeous movie though, who knew a kid riding a trike could look so freaking awesome.
  5. 2021 NFL Draft 7 Round ranking:

    In 2018 they had Bryon Murphy, Taylor Rapp, JoJo McIntosh, Jordan Miller, Austin Joyner, Myles Bryant etc. To me that is a DB unit to talk about. Murphy is better than any DB on the 2020 roster and it is not even close, same with Taylor Rapp. I like Keith Taylor but to me right now he is a 2nd or 3rd rounder at best, Molden probably a 3rd or 4th rounder and is not near the top of the better safeties out there, I doubt he could play CB in the NFL but maybe some type of hybrid slot safety position. Maybe I am not familiar enough with McDuffie, I probably need to watch him some more. Lake is a heck of a DB coach. And maybe I am underrated some of them but to me they are not as solid from a preseason standpoint compared to some years in the past. And maybe I overrated Washington DBs, I loved Myles Bryant and had him high to mid round selection and he was a UDFA, but would not be surprised if he gets on the roster at New England even in a absolutely stacked DB unit they have, might be a safety even though he is probably best in the slot. Limiting big plays on D is great but 30+ yard plays, more telling would be a stat like 25 or 20 yard plays might be a little more representative. As an overall unit no way Washington last year was a better defense then Utah or Oregon. Heck USC as well has more youth at all levels and talent arguably, and absolutely no way is Washington's DB core better than Oregon's this up coming season.
  6. Top 10 Safeties

    Very true, but not many teams ask that of a safety now a days quite honestly. And guys like Phillips, Baker, Neal play almost a slot corner position or edge OLB/S position so they are around the action more. What would be interesting would be that speed metric to the ball regardless if it is a receiver or a running back. Then again that is different because not all safeties are close to the action thus is harder to run faster for longer.
  7. Top 10 Safeties

    Interesting graph and nice work making it. But what section is the impressive mark to be at? The closest to the upper right hand side or the bottom right hand side? So based on this the fastest safety coming down hill is Edmunds on the Steelers? 2nd by Baker on the Cardinals and Heath? Honestly it is an odd combination of statistics. Distance from the RB and speed. Clearly those farther away are clocked slower as this graph indicates. Earl Thomas is slow to the RB, no he is just playing deeper safety. Chung is a surprise though he is that close to the LOS, thought he moved around more than say Neal on the Falcons or Phillips on the Chargers does.
  8. A few projections, for Drama The Thing will be beat by Gladiator 1st round. And oddly enough then it might beat To Kill a Mocking Bird 2nd round then goes up against Shawshank or The Godfather for the win. Freaking sucks considering all the great movies not even nominated in that category but should get a solid winner Wizard of Oz should be Lord of the Rings for the win there but doubt it happens for Fantasy. Mad Max Fury Road vs Jurassic Park for the final in Action/adventure possibly Jurassic Park should take it. Casablanca vs Breakfast at Tiffany's for the final ideally but that probably will not happen for romance. Still that is another joke of a category considering the #1 seed is not even a romance. Thriller could be Jaws vs No Country for Old men for the win and Jaws should take it. Under Sci Fi A New Hope vs The Matrix ideally but not sure it will go like that, odd final but it is a different bracket. Comedy is a big who knows, Caddyshack vs The Big Lebowski even though I do not think The Big Lebowski should get that far but Roman Holiday is a suspect comedy at best, if anything it is more a romance, and In Burges, yeah not much comp to get to the final for The Big Lebowski. Honestly the only real quality bracket is horror. Will be curious how it all goes, should be total domination by a lot of films considering some of the crap it is up against.
  9. Who has the best roster?

    True, the Chargers 3rd WR is a massive question mark but KJ Hill could maybe fill that role, they got a steal with him. The QB of course is a huge question along with the LT. The defense will be very good but Linval is on the decline so that hurts, that DL did not improve nearly like the Ravens did. Did get Murray who will be great at ILB but then what do they do with White and Nwosu? Sure they will move them around and can do the same with Tranquill as well and Vigil is a solid backer as well. If Herbert turns out that is very important, obviously no team with a suspect QB can considered the most talented rosters in the NFL. They are up there though no doubt.
  10. Seems like a lot of people are like Miss Hoover in The Simpsons when it comes to The Grapes of Wrath. The movie is absolutely outstanding!
  11. Who has the best roster?

    Not sure but I remember last summer the thing was which team had the most talent of players 25 or under. To me the clear winner of that was the New Orleans Saints by far. Now granted for the team overall lost Von Bell, Eli Apple, Bridgewater, AJ Klein but they did add Emmanuel Sanders, Jameis Winston, Malcolm Jenkins, DJ Swearinger, Margus Hunt, and signed Andrus Peat. Will be tricky this up coming off season in 2021 but they are near the top of the list I think in terms of overall talent. The 49ers are way the hell up there as well, especially with the addition of Trent Williams and Aiyuk in the draft and Jalen Hurd could be back healthy along with McKinnon. And if Kinlaw is as good as he was in college he should fill the void of Buckner pretty well, not to mention all three of those linebackers can fly and that secondary is rock solid. Moseley is a potential star, same with Williams and both are backups. Then at RB would not be surprised to see Ahmed or Hasty turn into productive backs for them. Ravens are way the heck up there as well, especially if Fluker fan fill in at OG and the D should be great with Wolfe, Calais, Queen, even have Malik Harrison and no clue how they got him or why he dropped that far. If Earl Thomas can stay healthy that D will be something.
  12. 1950s Drama - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Yeah, I have no problem if 12 Angry Men wins but to not even nominate the others is a freaking joke. Clearly some are getting worn down on the process, and last one is coming up so it is all pretty close to over in the nomination part. Speaking of 12 Angry Men, one of the best comedy parodies in recent memory, really damn good honestly. http://www.cc.com/episodes/d6vl24/inside-amy-schumer-12-angry-men-inside-amy-schumer-season-3-ep-303
  13. The Grapes of Wrath Gone with the WindThe Bicycle ThiefKey Largo The Grapes of Wrath should win this easily no question about it, but probably will not even get nominated based on the 1950s results.
  14. 1950s Drama - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    No On the Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, or The Ten Commandments? What a **** show. Two of the best movies ever made are in that group and do not even get a freaking nomination? Wow. 12 Angry Men then no question if there are only TWO to pick from.
  15. Top 10 Safeties

    The best safety duo in the league is Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris based on last years performance. Bills would be up there sure but no way is say Jordan Poyer as good as Anthony Harris was last year and Harrison is far better than Micah. Chargers could be up there safety wise but only if King is played there and or Adderely becomes a baller which is possible. Rookies Winfield Jr, Jeremy Chinn and Kyle Dugger could become great players but will see. Same with Delpit if he can get healthy if apparently he was injured last year which could have something to do with his poor play late. Tons of young safeties in the 2021 draft as well who can ball, Jevon Holland, Talanoa Hufanga, Caden Sterns, Andre Cisco, Hamsah Nasirildeen, Paris Ford, Brady Breeze, Greg Eisworth and Richard LeCounte III.