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  1. I must say at times the Steelers roster and guys they let go originally was like what the hell? But now looking at it losing Dupree you replace with Melvin Ingram who is not super expensive and if he does not work out they still got Highsmith. Then they lose Vince Williams today but have Bush coming back obviously and Spillane then added Buddy Johnson who has potential and as backup developmental LBs they got Watson and Roche through the draft at a very reasonable cost and both could be great fits in a 3/4. Not to mention Calvin Taylor who I think could be a steal at D
  2. Pick apart his worst game film? Those clips against DeVonta Smith were last year and the year before, it was not just one year. And to pretend that was good corner play there in those clips, no it was not and a lot of it was footwork or simply not being in position at all. Simply put the guy is not Champ Bailey or Charles Woodson because no freaking way either one of those two looked like that at any point in time in their college career against one WR, same with Patrick Peterson and other top corner prospects. Beat like a drum two years in a row against the same receiver, no that did not
  3. He is not going to blow by anyone in terms of pure quickness and speed, he is athletic in terms of his strength combined with his frame, I think he holds his own on the line of scrimmage and for sure could be a DE in a 3/4 defense with the right coach. I actually think he plays the run very well and he is probably better just holding the line of scrimmage and his position than he is at getting after the QB. But hard to say because he missed so much time last year, but the few times he played last year he dominated at times playing great on the line of scrimmage and got a lot of tackles espec
  4. Right now I have him as a possible 1st round pick, super productive when he is healthy but if he cannot stay healthy and be productive this year he will be more like a mid round pick. Like his toughness against the run and he has potential as a pass rusher has a great build and frame. Just will see if he can put it all together this year which he should be able to.
  5. Generational talent? Yeah maybe after that freshman year but last year makes me pause that commentary till he actually shows out this year if he even does. I still have him as the #1 CB and possible top 5 pick but that is just paper, his play and this bad film is a reason for a slight pause on that maybe. Here are two more clips of him against DeVonta Smith, this one in the slot and he just gets lost out there, at least comes back in later to get the tackle but still. Then I forgot about this one where he and his teammate gets confused in a switch and ge
  6. I sure hope so because he did not really look like the same type of player. Even as a FR though he got some much action and got thrown on so often eventually he made plays on the football player in the season after getting beat early on but was a true freshman. This past year he did not make those same plays on the football though. Greedy Williams also looked amazing his freshman year on LSU then that followed by a some what down season and was not the 1st round pick most projected him as, granted that was a RS FR year not a true freshman. The guy has to show out this up coming year, w
  7. There are multiple people on this board that ripped DeVonta Smith as being this suspect prospect who is going to be not so great in the pros, I thought that was complete BS all together. But yeah that is not just some dude beating him of course, but Stingley got ripped up and it was not only by DeVonta Smith. He got beat by a few other decent WRs as well. Derek Stingley Jr's performance last year was disappointing to say the least. To say he did not disappoint and was great last year, well that actually is something a "rational" person would not do if they watched him play. S
  8. Yeah sure but he did get beat last year a lot and yeah DeVonta Smith who many did not like during the draft process because of whatever reason, he freaking killed Derek Stingley Jr. Beat in the jump ball situation and Stingley seemed lost as to where the ball was. Beat with speed and missed the tackle. Did not get the ball but someone fell down on the play and would have given up a catch if the ball was thrown accurately. Beat on the release easily. Yeah Stingley has ability, but you say he was not greatly disappoi
  9. Stingley honestly sucked last year. DeVonta Smith killed him when they played, and did not get a INT all season after behind hyped as a potential Heisman favorite and a dude who was going to play both ways last year, also with special teams and make an impact that way also. He underachieved last year, sure on paper is the best corner in the nation potentially but last year was a clear disappointment for him. It will be interesting what he does next year. Granted Gardner also has a ways to go in terms of improving his overall tackling ability, technique and toughness but in terms
  10. Yeah it was an odd year, offense was outstanding, Kirk played great, they put up points but is the year they had an awful defense. Hopefully they care marry the two more this year and be something. That graph is crazy, would have never thought that they would be that far ahead of other teams, but is also over a very long period of time. Last year was awful though, they were fourth worst in the league and gave up 29.7 points per game. Think about their ranking if 2020 was out of the mix. Data stats like that are fun and easy twitter info but can be decep
  11. Yeah, but according to the graph JJ Watt faced more double teams than Smith, but again that is deceptive because what is and is not considered a double team based on those collecting the data. So there are errors potentially, not like a dude sat and counted each time it occurred every play all year. But then again that same chart says Odenigbo was doubled a lot last year which I call BS on that all day long, he was not that good last season. Also says Cam Jordan was doubled about the same rate as Trey Hendrickson, how in the world is that accurate at all, Cam saw most the doubles on that DL
  12. Shaq Barrett is a tough eval, he was arguably not even the best pass rusher on the team last year, JPP was more dominating start to finish arguably and is a more well rounded player. Also helps those edge guys greatly with Devin White ripping it up the middle and getting a ton of pressure and sacks. Then they got Suh who is hard to deal with when motivated, Vea was not even healthy all year but is a load inside and Gholston who gets a solid push as well. That front seven is as good as any in the NFL, and now they add Tryon and Britt as rookie backers they are really solid. But sure Barrett
  13. Not exactly, I mentioned that point because it shows that I am not just talking about a player because he plays for a team I follow. I actually watch prospects coming out of college a ton and I am not totally glued to NFL content only. But disregard the point all you want, still fact is all of these dudes you speak of were expected to do what they are doing based on where they were drafted, and you should get props for thinking the same because you found some unconventional stats online....ok. Rather how about a thank you when I answered my own question and found the information in regards
  14. Go ahead and predict already great plays in high school and college that are extremely high 1st round draft picks at defensive end will be great in the NFL. I had Danielle Hunter a late 1st round pick or early 2nd rounder when he came out of LSU so I did not just all of a sudden start hyping him after the fact. Did I know he was going to be this good in the NFL, no but just keep passing off what the has done as if anyone and everyone else on the list has done it, which they have not. Because all were higher ranked players and more "developed" prospects coming out of college so yeah they are
  15. Ok this is just getting a little ridiculous around here. I love Joey Bosa, easily one of the best DE prospects I have watched in 20 years no question. Has an awesome frame, uses his hands very well and is extremely productive when he is out there. Sadly his career has been a little up and down because he has been hurt so much and missed so many games, never missed a full season like Danielle last year but a lot of games here and there over his career. Mind you Joey Bosa's dad is a former NFL player not to mention Grandfather, Uncle, Grand-Uncle all played in th
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