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  1. Mustipher might have a chance to be something but his production is really going to have to increase, and with all they lost on the DL over the past few years will be interesting who steps up. Shelton was a better player last year and he transferred to Florida, curious where Shane Simmons goes. Dotson is arguably the biggest star on the team, will be curious if he can keep up that production and become an even more dominant player. That LB core could be really solid, Jesse Luketa I have always liked and he could really break out next year if he improves his overall conditioning. Ellis
  2. Not sure I agree with Wright being better than Thomas Graham in 2019 much less Lenoir or even the safety Holland was a better cover man that Wright overall and far more productive in 2019. Wright has potential granted but I have to see a lot more from him before I rank him highly. Thomas Graham Jr was a super star and made huge plays in big games, had what 32 passes deflected and 8 INTs in three seasons. Dude has legit ball skills and Holland was a ball hawk as well, 9 INTs in two seasons from that safety spot. Wright had one INT in two years so far so yeah going to have to pick up his lev
  3. It will be interesting what Clemson looks like, Frank Ladson has ability but Clemson lost a crap ton of receiving talent and RB talent. Not sure any of those RBs on Clemson will take over for what Etienne brought much less the receivers in Powell and Rogers. They better hope Ladson or Ngata become super stars because if not DJ will not have much to throw to. I would not mind the Vikings getting a TE, and Wydermyer has 1st round potential and is a huge dude. Elam not sure the Vikings would be in the range for him, he is most likely a top 10 pick. Sure hope the Vikings are not picking
  4. Great to see movies back and see people getting exciting to go see a movie in the theatre. But honestly never really thought the 1st one was great and this one I doubt would be any better. It Comes at Night is arguably is a better film with a way more interesting story and was made before the original A Quiet Place. The Wailing, It Follows, The Witch, Hereditary, Super Dark Times were better scary movies as well. Granted lucky of A Quiet Place most horror movies in the past 5 years or more have sucked so not much competition and generally people love a good scary movie eve
  5. Big news of Henry To'oTo'o is transferring to Alabama. I heard it was almost certainly Ohio State but I guess not. He could have easily started right away for them also with all they lost at LB but would be switching schemes, was in a 3/4 at Tennessee and going to Bama is a easier transition for him and will be with a better unit potentially as well. Good move for him because Bama is really stacked on the front 7 and they will keep Henry clean to make a ton of plays. Could be a top 15 pick after this season and I assume he will be wildly productive. Has great feet, really reacts well
  6. Agreed, he played decent at times last year and go pressure on the QB more than once. He is not a DT but as a DE maybe, and until on the field the other DEs beat him out he will be on the roster. But sure Robinson and Jones most likely take his place, curious how Willekes looks after the injury hopefully he can do some things as well. Either way never bad to have depth and now with Robinson and Jones being drafted they have crazy good depth at the DE spot and multiple guys who could be the starter opposite Hunter.
  7. Jack Dunn had more yards punt returning last year than Alex Erickson had in college, and Erickson is still in the NFL mostly because of his return ability. So if Dunn continues to improve overall and keep up his return skills he will have a shot maybe at the league if he shows he can be a threat as a return man. Dike is ok but I am not a fan of how he is put together physically but sure has some deep threat ability, and same with Pryor and Davis both are ok but not sure they are next level receivers and both would have to greatly improve and both seem to be constantly hurt. I
  8. True but fact is they were probably more comfortable getting a potential OG in the 3rd round than getting a LT in the 3rd round. And the fact maybe they do not view Ezra Cleveland as a long term LT so LT in Darrisaw was a bigger need than a OG in Vera-Tucker because obviously Wyatt Davis is a very solid get at OG in the 3rd. The LT in the 3rd would have been Brady Christensen or maybe Spencer Brown based on how the board fell. Both two good players but not sure they will be long time starting LTs like Darrisaw could be and probably will be.
  9. Rayshard Ashby has been the leading tackler or 2nd leading tackler on the VT team the past three years Dax has been on the team. So take Ashby out of the lineup and no reason why Dax should not have chances to show what he can do, to me he is easily the best LB on the team currently. Granted Ashby was not signed by a team was he as a UDFA? Odd he was not I thought at least he would get a shot as a UDFA, sure is undersized but knows how to play but in todays NFL most only seem to care about how a LB plays in space, can he sack the QB and how much range he has in coverage overall. Sure
  10. I could be massively overrating Benton, Chenal is very good but then again I thought the same about Chris Orr and he was a UDFA so might be greatly overrating him as well. But those two Chenal and Sanborn hard to find a better group of ILBs and Benton keeps them clean a lot so will see. The group of LBs in general is very deep especially after Herbig did so well as a FR last year. That OL I do not think there are any great players on it, they all have to improve a lot which might happen. Will be curious what Logan Brown looks like but is kind of pathetic honestly he has basically rarel
  11. Hard to do this type of thing so early but a lot of these '1st round' picks are massive reaches, not sure that many of these guys are 1st round material right now. 8.) Carolina Panthers - Drake Jackson [EDGE; USC] (Drake Jackson is good but 8th pick overall seems a bit rich for a dude that needs to really take it to another level, maybe he can do that but right now after what he did last year no way he is a top 10 draft pick.) 9.) Las Vegas Raiders - DeMarvin Leal [DT; Texas A&M] (I agree, I like Leal a lot and could be one of the best DTs in the up coming draft)
  12. Catalon I might have a bit high but I think he is a big time safety and had a great RS freshman season. He is tough, can really tackle and is solid in coverage. Size is not really that important at safety, sure it is nice but if you can cover and hit being 5-10 is not a problem at all. I like Wagner's size obviously and athletic ability but sure will have to improve. Kern I like his toughness and playmaking at TE but sure he will have to improve as well. Burks is a big time receiver and should have an outstanding season, smart to lose a few pounds potentially and increase his speed bu
  13. Awful? Ok Watson a very good receiver for NDSU dropped two possibly three balls in that game and one could have been a 55 yard TD pass that was right on the money by Lance. Sure he had that one INT but the entire game was odd. What play this game for the three pro prospects in Trey Lance, Radunz and Rochell on Central Arkasnas because they are not going to be your teammates this season and are going out for the draft before the spring season? It was just an odd game and in such a team sport was strange and sure those top prospects felt odd, especially Trey Lance who was the center of it al
  14. CB and S possibly but hard to tell right now. OLB could be kind of weak and so could RB and DT unless some guys emerge. A lot of solid TEs but not sure anyone is super elite but arguably WR could be the deepest at the top with Wilson, Olave, Burks, London and Bell etc. Some talented pass rushers but many have to take it to the next level like Drake Jackson, Tyreke Smith, Hutchinson, Gaye, Wooden, Xavier Thomas etc. Kayvon Thibodeau would be arguably the #1 pass rusher in the 2021 draft if he could have declared and Evan Neal arguably the #1 RT/OG if he could have declared in 2021. QB is s
  15. https://theathletic.com/news/justyn-ross-clemson-return/TZXIgRllUIbF He is going to play next season as far as I know, sure his injury was bad but I never heard it was career ending. Has a shot at being a good player but sure that could change quickly, and Mike Williams on Clemson came back from arguably a worse injury in the neck and is now in the NFL and doing quite well. Ross kind of disappointed in 2019 I thought after being so amazing that true freshman season late. Will see what he looks like now.
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