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  1. Well anything can happen I guess, Josh Metellus maybe can develop into a decent player. Just personally I had other safeties higher rated than him especially who were around in the 7th round, JR Reed being one. Nevelle Clarke was cut from the practice squad after they signed him as a UDFA. Guess they did not like him, because could have brought him back when all the corners went down, maybe they did not like his lack of foot speed but even he could maybe transition to safety, Metellus is move proven than him at the position though. Still if one thinks oh Anthony Harris was a UDFA and they developed him.... Well I had Anthony Harris as a top 4 safety in the class coming out, actually I think I might have had him as the #1 safety coming out but would have to double check that. So to me he was an elite level talent regardless of where he was picked. Josh Metellus I never had that high in college, had a good final two seasons but to me was never elite at anything, smart back there but not a great tackler and played on a stacked defense usually that greatly helped him. Metellus has done little to nothing also on the field during defense, special teams is great but making plays in the secondary is another thing, especially when they have the safeties do so much because the corners are so young and inexperienced. Say Anthony Harris goes down and Metellus is in the rest of this season, it would be really really bad is my guess. But who knows maybe he could develop but again I would have more faith in Dorn who made more plays to me and was more impactful when playing around less talent on UNC. Even more faith in the safeties in this up coming class, a few of which are top notch.
  2. Josh Freeman had a 15 INT season and a 11 INT season then a 8 INT season, 34 total in college and is physically 6-6 240. Not a good comp for Trey Lance who arguably if he played thee years in college would probably not even throw 4 INTs total. Dak Prescott is a better comparison I feel, Lance is not quite as charismatic but physically they are similar and both are more on the developmental side coming into the league, Dak way more proven though obviously based on being a SR coming into the draft, Trey Lance has only played one season of college football as a RS SOPH. Or maybe Ryan Tannehill, super athletic but still raw as a passer coming into the league and needs time to develop. Yeah he will, if Tommy Stevens, Trace McSorley and Ben DiNucci can get drafted then Sam Ehlinger will absolutely be drafted. He is way better than any of those players, and if teams can use Taysom Hill as a gaget player Ehlinger could do the same worse case scenario. Is physically a lot more stable than Hill was coming out of college, less of a injury history, very tough, durable and plays with not much talent on Texas honestly, but is very productive still. Trevor Lawrence is a hard one with his build and his arm talent. Maybe as a more athletic Carson Palmer. Lawrence has a more live arm and is clearly more athletic and willing to run so it is a hard one. Or Josh Allen on Buffalo, Lawrence does not have quite the rocket Allen does but both are super tall, athletic and have a cannon for an arm and willing to run when needed. Lawrence being far more developed and proven coming into the league that Josh was obviously.
  3. Too bad in terms of the draft, the safety group is very strong and very deep. Does not value safeties? In what world? No way in hell is Metellus a starting safety for the Vikings next year, no freaking way. If that is the case they are in very deep trouble. Waiting for a corner sure makes some sense but value of a player comes into play as well and who is available. I could see Harrison Hand transitioning to safety instead of Metellus being a fixture there. As prospects I would even taken Dorn over Metellus arguably but that is basically it in terms of safeties on the roster. They should have kept Marcus Epps, he at least had some potential in the future at the safety position, and not to mention Devante Downs who they could sure use at times this year. I would take him over Smith or Gedeon honestly all day then and now. They did cut Gedeon because he failed his physical though recently and Cam Smith I guess hopefully he can come back strong next year. Still if Anthony Harris is gone at safety that is priority #1 all day long.
  4. Very true I would take OL as of right now specifically the OG spot. But CB has to be addressed, they will not bring back Holton Hill most likely, and Gladney has shown some things and so has Boyd, Dantzler and Hand are still developmental guys as of now and who knows if Mike Hughes can ever stay healthy for any length of time. So another CB would be nice, and even more so another safety if they do not sign Anthony Harris. That would take priority over anything if they do not bring him back because Harrison is it back there then. Sucks Myles Dorn has been hurt would be curious what he looks like, and Metellus I do not have long term faith with. They would like Jevon Holland or Richard LeCounte no doubt about it and both would be higher 1st round picks and could start instantly. Sterns and Cisco or more late 1st rounders to early 2nd. Then 2nd rounders or 3rd rounders could be Bubba Bolden or Paris Ford and best yet Elijah Molden who can also play slot corner. JR Pace and Richie Grant could be good later round picks like 4rd through the 5th. Still if Trey Lance is sitting there, it would be very hard for them to pass up on an athletic QB for the future, especially if they end up picking around the middle of the 1st round, not sure they could pass that up.
  5. The Vikings could take Christian Barmore Alabama RS SOPH if he comes out but that is a big if, kid has elite level ability and can really collapse the pocket. Marvin Wilson I am not sold on, he has kind of disappointed this year but if he drops he could be a decent value. Twyman has not played this year so he is a little bit of a question mark. I would be fine with any of these defensive ends, Roche is not really a scheme fit though and is not strong enough at the point of attack but all the rest are and have high level ability. Gregory Rousseau Miami FL RS SOPH Carlos Basham Jr. Wake Forest RS Patrick Jones II Pitt RS SR Kwity Paye Michigan SR Quincy Roche Miami FL SR Jaelan Phillips Miami FL RS JR Aidan Hutchinson Michigan JR All would be gone by the 1st and 2nd round. Wyatt Davis would be great to get but if Rousseau or Basham fall I would not mind them either, the rest might be a reach where the Vikings pick but will see. DT is not that strong of a group overall. Could get a big strong dude like Khyiris Tonga or Lorenzo Neal but we do have Pierce still so signing a big guy like that might be a mistake. Jay Tufele is an elite DT but he also is not playing this year so no current tape on him. Overall the DL has done quite well this year considering, if they sign Odenigbo long term DL is not as big of an issue. Johnson has improved inside this year, Watts is ok and Lynch has some promise as a interior guy, again Pierce will be back. Wonnum has done great as a rookie and could be a bookend next to Hunter and Willekes has potential, Hercules has done well this year also as a edge rusher surprisingly. Holmes as a starter has not been awful either but doubt they keep him. Another CB or S might be a better value than getting DL again but who knows. There are a lot more good corners and safeties than defensive tackles so maybe that could wait till later on in the draft.
  6. Trevor Lawrence will be picked by the Jets if they have the #1 pick, Sewell is the only other option at all and maybe could work but I doubt it will happen. Chicago, Washington and to a lesser extent Carolina or Denver maybe might be interested in a trade to get Sam Darnold. Or they could just keep him one more season just in case for a backup and do not sign him the following season. Not sure what team would be that desperate to trade for that #1 pick, maybe Chicago but they do not have the picks to make that move, much less have not had a 1st round pick in 2 years anyway. Sure other teams want a QB but not sure how desperate they are to get one unless some big name guys all retire.
  7. It was one game against a team without great defensive tackle play, Woods is a below average pro and Gallimore has a lot of talent but is still a rookie. So will see what Brett Jones does next week against Derrick Brown, Kerr and Roy, Derrick Brown who will most likely crush him. Would love for Jones to be a long time starter but I doubt he has that type of ability, he is a backup center at best. Sure Dozier needs to be replaced but Jones is not the guy to do it and should be done in the draft, unless he greatly improves but he has been in the league for five years already and has been a pro for seven, started in the CFL. So how much better can he really get? Cleveland is awesome at OG and it showed that he was not in there, they were limited in the downfield explosive runs because Jones is not the same as Cleveland athletically. Great for Jones they kept him and cut Elflein that says something but he is forever a backup I feel. They resigned him and released him then put on the practice squad two years in a row now and no one picked him up when he was released, so that says something. They need a backup to Bradbury and Jones could be that guy the next few years, even more if he shows he can be a backup guard which he did in this game at least but again not the best DTs in the world he went up against. When Samia looked so back, he went up against the likes of Buckner inside, Simmons and Grady Jarrett etc in a few games, looked bad because of it and sure Jones would look bad also against them.
  8. Rodney Smith former Gopher played last week for them and got 8 carries for 29 yards so good for him, I did not know he was on an active NFL roster, has played the last two weeks for them apparently. Panthers got a much improved D, good edge rushers with speed in Burns and Haynes. Gross-Matos is a promising rookie as well on the edge, then got the big man in the middle Derrick Brown as a rookie who is a big time talent and a good rookie backup to him in Roy. Jeremy Chinn is an interesting player, they have big time range at linebacker with him and Shaq Thompson both former college safeties at one point and they move them around. The secondary could be taken advantage of, Boston is ok at safety and Douglas has size a corner along with Pride being good in the slot and Jackson the best corner for them. Will be fun to watch them on D. Offensively they are multiple with tons of receivers who played running back in college or are physically very similar to a RB, not to mention McCaffrey who is a WR playing RB half the time, if he is in the game they are a totally different team though obviously. Hopefully Teddy can play, see what he can do out there.
  9. Landon Dickerson Alabama RS SR C 6-6 325 I think the Vikings should target him 3rd or 4th round. Guy plays nasty, is versatile enough to play OG and might end up there at the next level. Has done great things on Alabama this year for arguably the best offensive line in college football. He is key to it with his attitude and his athletic ability. Can block well down field, is strong at the point of attack and could be a good OG get for the Vikings possibly. Might even rise up to the 2nd round with how well he has played this year, arguably the 2nd best OC prospect in the draft, and honestly Meyers looked so so against Indiana last week which was a surprise. Few have done it as well as Dickerson has this year. Sure Wyatt Davis, Alex Leatherwood or Alijah Vera-Tucker would be the ideal guys at OG but they might not be around, especially Davis and Leatherwood. Ver-Tucker is a more high level prospect than Dickerson because he can play OT as well. But if Dickerson falls he could be a hell of a get and a nice OG potentially in this system.
  10. Oh cool the hell down here..... and don't offend the original Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein with such a crappy gif. Team got a little full of themselves especially on D, so kind of good to go get back to work instead of thinking the rest of the year they have it made in the shade.
  11. When did I say Ohio State has less talent than Indiana's defense? Ohio State has four possibly five first round picks right now, Indiana maybe Mullen with another good junior season could be a 1st rounder but that is probably it. So even more impressive what Indiana did to Fields at times in the game, something no other defense has been able to do in his career, especially in terms of confusing him and making him turn the ball over. But last time I checked, I would take as a unit that Indiana secondary over the Ohio State secondary right now. Sure they got Wade but the rest are pretty suspect, Indiana on the other hand have many up and coming players especially at defensive back. And watch around the nation, not many schools have multiple defensive backs who can play, few even have two who can play much less five. They are a great unit defensively in college and with continued progression many have a chance I feel at the next level.
  12. Tiawan Mullen SOPH CB Jamar Johnson JR S Micah McFadden JR ILB Cam Jones JR LB Jerome Johnson RS SR DT Marcelino Ball RS SR OLB/S (injured all season) Devon Matthews JR S Reese Taylor JR CB Jaylin Williams Did not include Stanford transfer Jovan Swann because he has not played much this year but he showed some ability at Stanford playing in a 3/4 and could possibly do so at the next level. Sure most could be UDFA types and still have to develop, who knows if Ball will even play with his injury history but at times showed potential as a S/LB type if he can stay healthy. Mullen is a great slot corner prospect and has potential to be a high pick, Jamar has played as good as any safety I have seen this year, McFadden can run at linebacker and make plays, so can Cam Jones and Jerome can get pressure as a DT but is more a late round guy to a UDFA guy. Matthews has potential and Reese has flashed at times this year, same with Jaylin. Long shot guys? Maybe but as a unit they are as deep as any defensive backfield in the country in terms of bodies and production out there, again if that DL was better and they had better pass rushers they would be a lot more productive though like any defense would. What they did against one of the best offenses in Ohio State is impressive, sure gave up a ton of yards but did hurt they could not run or control the ball offensively without Caleb Jones in to block the 6-8 360 OT. Any defense needs a run game and a guy like Stevie Scott to control the clock, did not happen in that game but they also affected Justin Fields one of the most productive QBs in the nation more than any defense has arguably. And Ohio State has multiple defensive players who will play in the NFL, and they got rocked also, that mean Werner or Browning did not play great games? Wade is a 1st round pick also and got beat but also made that great pick six. Around the nation Oregon is arguably the best secondary in the nation but Graham, Holland and Breeze all opted out so they are out for being that elite, Pickett and Lenoir are the only two that played this year out of that high level group so that is disappointing. Georgia is a great secondary with three good corners but LeCounte is huge for them and without him this past week or two they have not looked the same back there, shows how good LeCounte is. LSU is obviously greatly overrated at DB and with the guys sitting out hurts them also, Stingley has just been ok nothing great but Ricks is an up and coming corner opposite him, Flott is bad though and so is Harris at safety and some other guys. USC has some ability at all levels in the defensive backfield especially at safety but have been so so this year as a unit. Florida is up there because Elam is absolutely elite level, Wilson is just ok, Dean is good and so are the safeties who can run, they are up there. Florida State on paper is good but Nasirildeen has not played for the entire season, Dotson has kind of disappointed as a transfer, Lars-Woodbey has been nothing great, same with Dent but Samuel Jr has been one of the better corners in the nation. South Carolina had two good corners in Mukuamu and Horn, have not played amazing as a unit but does not matter now since they both opted out since Will got fired. Notre Dame is right up there and has been as good as any with Hamilton and Crawford at safety, McCloud has been good at corner and Pryor has been good at times also and Bracey at the other corner. Northwestern arguably could be the best secondary in terms of results and overall play. Newsome has been great, Pace is a damn good all around safety, Joseph has been amazing as a freshman, Hampton has been solid also and Ruiz. But arguably the best guys on that D are the linebackers so they help a ton with the range they have. Indiana is easily up there with any of those groups no doubt about it looking just at the defensive backs and the number of them that can play. At the top or right up there next to the top. Sure no one is in the stands but that makes it actually hard to play defense not easier, so the guys who have done well with few or no one at the games should be commended for it based on how many units gets absolutely destroyed out there defensively in this day and age. Especially with no crowd to help and or motivate the unit. So to play off as oh Indiana is awful, again maybe you have not been paying close attention, they have been a scrappy defensive unit for the last few years, now they got some players who have developed nicely and are playing high level football in this odd time. Sure all for Florida mind you, almost all of them outside of two from Tennessee and one from Mississippi and one from Georgia. But Mullen, Jamar, McFadden and Matthews are all from Florida though.
  13. If you do not realize that Indiana has multiple NFL prospects on defense and many in the secondary, you are obviously not paying attention at all. They are easily one of the better defensive back groups in the nation. But no he is the best QB prospect on earth, just like KJ Costello was to many week 1. Context does mean something though. And is a question in terms of how Zach Wilson has looked this season, so will see when the bowl comes around. Little harder when you play a D that can actually move and run. Taysom Hill for example his RS SR year on BYU played Boise State, Mississippi State, Michigan State, West Virginia, UCLA and Utah all in one season. Think that was a little harder to go up against?
  14. Line up Zach Wilson against a defense that plays with pro level concepts, changes coverage post snap, has 2 or potentially 4 NFL defensive back prospects, combined with linebackers who have range and can run and are also NFL prospects. Oh and bring a blitz up the middle multiple times bringing three different defenders right in his face. Yeah Zach Wilson will look pretty bad too. Not hard to look good against North Alabama. Justin Fields disappointed no doubt about it but of course he did, the coverage was top level and the defenses were changing and moving around making it difficult to know what they were doing and when. Lucky for them the run game was going well and Fields could use his legs but clearly it will not always be as easy as it has been at times for him this season. Too bad Indiana does not have a very good front four to get after the passer. If they had a legit edge rusher they could really be something, Jamar has played arguably better than any safety in the nation. Mullen is great in the slot but cannot play there because he is the best corner on the team so has to be outside. Reese is continuing to get better but missed some plays against Ohio State. Matthews did not do much and Jaylin did not make many plays either, still as a unit and a group they clearly affected the QB and made him make mistakes he does not make much in that offense. Would love to see Zach Wilson against that level of competition. Was really not the same type of player last year to this year, but last year played Utah in a 30-12 loss and threw 2 INTs, then played Washington in a 45-19 loss, did have decent games against Tennessee and USC. This year they played a Boise State team that lost a lot of defensive talent off last years team and is not the Boise State of old defensively. Do play San Diego State to end the season in December 12th but they are nothing great, hope for a good bowl game matchup for BYU.
  15. The move to put Martin at OT was really good for them. McGovern is a damn good OG prospect coming out of Penn State so no surprised he played well, Looney at center, Williams at the other OG is solid and Erving was good at OT. That really helped that OL not having Steele and Knight as the bookend tackles. Basically changed the game for that offense that looked much better than they have before. The defense for the Vikings though, no corner made any real play on the football or real meaningful tackle all game. And I cannot wait till Chris Jones can get out of that lineup. Dantzler did little to nothing, Gladney was close on some plays but not quick enough to get a hand on the ball. Tough game for the secondary, Harrison made some mistakes as well. That Dallas offense at WR great though and if any NFC East team so get into the playoffs it is them if one is talking overall talent. Their DL played well, the LBs played well and the secondary at times made key plays when they had to.
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