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  1. Well any movie with Charles Bronson in it, but honestly these two are the best, The Mechanic and Death Wish 3 are absolutely hilarious to watch. Death Wish IX
  2. And you were saying this in 2019 were you? I do not think so. Last time I checked we went through a one in a lifetime pandemic and actually are still currently in that same pandemic. So some individuals respond to certain things differently during stressful times, maybe he is having a hard time with it all like many are in this country specifically. Sure he was not at that same level in 2020 but still was the 2nd leading tackling in the entire league, odd he can accomplish that but is the worst linebacker in the NFL when it comes to shedding blocks? How the hell does
  3. Zero football information in this and basically all insult attempts, what a shocker, and I called that one. Well done.
  4. Probably the funniest scene in the film, and sure Jason Reitman is a solid director, still I hate that original movie and will forever hate it, especially to anyone that believes that is an actual romance film. Clearly you enjoying mocking people you feel threated by, and last time I checked coaching positions are at such a demand almost anyone can coach football if they just show up, and almost all coaching camps you pay to go there so anyone can attend those as well. Not sure either one makes you an expert on anything but if you believe so. It is also silly to imply
  5. The back and forth between you and I is on the 4th page, and you did in the years previous as well if I do recall. You did not come out right and say it but based on some of the players you had ranked and I questioned you about them, you had nothing really to say about it or the player exactly which to me shows you were just name picking off things you found and play it off as your own information, which you kind of admitted so good for you. Honestly was more fun talking about how The Princess Bride sucks as a movie to be honest, I might just get back to that.
  6. I would rather watch this above than some awful Princess Bride amateur hour remake, then again probably has better acting and camera work than the original.
  7. You were not specific so what do you expect...the top one originally relates and the bottom one is just flat out funny. This is the complete South Park one that you can seen, the last part is really the only funny part though. In the spirit of Halloween, The Princess Bride is what this Psycho is stabbing at.... And this vomit coming out of this dudes mouth is my opinion of The Princess Bride film in general.
  8. It is called an animated gif please....one that is funny and has some sense of pop culture, not one about poor caregivers or is a screenshot that is just husbands complaining about their wives, fake news!
  9. Agreed, it makes Red Sparrow, Atomic Blonde and Salt look like crap. Anna the movie is better than them all I feel. Off topic but Morgan is super underrated as well in terms of femme fatale movies, love that film! Sucks, that movie looks good but also looks like it is not on Netflix. Freaking blows, no way of watching it then really but looks pretty solid, Spade and Piven are pretty underrated comedic actors.
  10. I will go to my death bed knowing for a fact that The Princess Bride is a **** movie and is absolutely not a all time great Romantic film what so ever! It is a "fantasy family adventure", and a crap one at that.
  11. Whatever man, think what you want but reality is your only real focus is on the Dallas Cowboys and the players that play for them. I would not call that a well rounded perspective on anything really, I provide some perspective beyond the NFL, but continue to pretend that NCAA football means nothing to the league. And I bring up college football because if you are so educated on linebacker play in the NFL, why do you not know the best linebackers coming into the NFL in the near future? If you are Mr. know it all, why do you know know it all? They are simple questions but fact is since
  12. I do not think he is the best LB in the NFL no, but he is not the all time worst linebacker in the history of the world which many Cowboy fans react as if he is. And fact is you yourself literally steal information I provide, and who is the one that does not know anything? You consistently take players I rank in my 7 round mock draft ranking and use it for your 7 round mock drafts that you create despite not knowing anything about that specific player or why I had them listed there. So you still want to discuss and talk as if I am just some idiot hanging around and Jaylon Smith is my
  13. Or you read something on twitter and are trying to prove you are correct. Once more if he is not productive at all over the next month or so then sure maybe you have a point. By the way if you watched Jaylon on the Packers for a whopping 17 plays, what exactly did he do wrong and why was he "graded" poorly. I did not get that Packer game on TV and had the Viking game instead, I am curious how he looks but also realize such a transition is not a minor one at all. And the answer to the college football question on linebackers this week would be these guys all impressed and impro
  14. The guy is with a new organization, new defensive system and new defensive coordinator and terminology, and struggles after being with the team for 10 days and barely plays in the game. Sure hope one grades out poorly in that situation, one has a point if he is that bad a month from now. Oh and by the way, who stood out to you in college football on Saturday in terms of LB prospects? What is that, no one, because you did not watch or pay attention to anyone because they do not play for the Dallas Cowboys. Oh I see, great job.
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