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  1. 2010s Fantasy - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    Not one of my five nominations got in? Pass on all of these honestly. Sadly even the five I nominated were all 3 stars maybe one 4 star but probably not, and all of these are 2-3 star movies. I guess will go Harry Potter out of these suspect selections.
  2. Pan's Labyrinth The Fall The Cell Hero Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Ok first off how has no one else nominated The Fall? That is visually one of the most gorgeous movies ever made and is fantasy all the way. I mean honestly, it is a wonderful story and is absolutely standout and wonderful in almost every way. Most have maybe not seen it I hope, because it is well worth a nomination here. Pan's Labyrinth at least is getting some attention which is nice, Hero is visually amazing as well and is well worth a nomination. The Fall and The Cell both made by the same director, The Fall is the better film but The Cell is visually pretty sweet as well. Missed the cut: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - (has a better villain than The Two Towers so was very tempted to put it in there instead)Troy - (awesome movie and is pretty underrated overall) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - (The best Harry Potter film arguably, the rest are good but never quite get the wonder of the first one)
  3. Nah, I feel the 2000s and the 1990s will be better. Arguably either Conan movie is better than Willow, those Conan films were badass, and Stalker is arguably the best of them all in the 1980s. So creative and magical I thought.
  4. I would not call it a horror movie, I say it is fantasy because of the mythology in the story mostly about the sea, mermaids, Poseidon etc. A lot of it is one person going crazy not really two. It was interesting but was some very odd scenes away from being good, sadly a lot of it was just odd to be odd it seemed and was a little overly disturbing but not in a good way. Yeah it is a bad group and nothing is really amazing in any way. Could argue some time periods in the 1950's and 1940/30s were pretty rough though, I mean when a poll only has two nominations that is pretty sad and shows to the lack of quality in that category and that has happened a lot it seems in those later time spans. Will be interesting what 2000 and 1990s bring because I feel each has 3 or 4 standout fantasy films.
  5. True there was some odd stuff in this that kind of muddled the overall message of it and went into a weird realm. But this scene, starting mostly a 1:50 is freaking outstanding and is crazy well shot I thought. But yeah I will not want to go out and own this movie for all time either but had potential to be something just sadly was not. Then again Parasite won best picture this past year that that is weird as hell so sadly films will follow that and the crazier the better which is honestly not always better. To me The Chaser is a far superior film to damn Parasite and that was made over 10 years ago.
  6. Yeah it seemed boring early on but I liked the camera work, the lighting, and the story did get more interested throughout, however did take a very odd and weird turn about mid way through. Not the first film to use I go crazy motives then have a bunch of crazy imagery following that hallucinations. Still to me it is a fantasy film not specifically a comic book or Sci Fi film which is what is mostly being nominated here it seems. Regardless all the films nominated here are at best a 3 star film and just ok, nothing really stands out at all but that should change in the 2000s where there is multiple standout films in the fantasy category. Even the ones I nominated I do not really have any of them on my list of best films I have seen all time unless they really fit a category and even then I still left some of them off because all underwhelmed.
  7. The Lighthouse Snow White and the Huntsman Alice in Wonderland Immortals The Dark Tower The 2000's will be the most stacked decade in this genre, it is loaded absolutely. 2010+ was pretty weak, most of these movies I would give three stars only if that, The Lighthouse is barely fantasy and is pretty odd and strange but is interesting and very unique and really well shot and has a great overall look. Snow White and the Huntsman could have been amazing and visually has some great parts but fell a little short of expectations, same with Alice in Wonderland and The Dark Tower but all worth a nomination. No thanks on the putting comic book films and Sci Fi movies into this category but whatever. PS The Shape of Water sucks, fits the category but wow that movie is lame, too bad Pan's Labyrinth could not be nominated with it in the 2010's, because it is 100% a far superior film in almost every single way.
  8. Wizard of Oz? I thought that was more a fantasy film, its lack of action is a big negative to nominate it here I feel. One of the best films ever made though visually, awesome film. Honestly I have no nominations for this category in this time span.
  9. The Ten Commandments, I never thought of that one. Good call I would nominate that as well. Still not sure I would vote it over Seven Samurai however, it is an amazing movie though no question. The Ten Commandments
  10. I was tempted to do that, voted for Sundance Kid just because it is a quality movie but all are really suspect. Odd how Westerns and super hero movies are just throw into this because they do not fit any other category. If that happens here cannot imagine what drama will be like, that will be all over the place because almost every single film has drama in it one way or another.
  11. Seven Samurai Discussion over really for the 1950s, nothing even comes close.
  12. No clue honestly, no movie I really liked fits this category. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid I liked but not sure that it is action, maybe adventure but even that is a so so, was a western crime drama most so to me.
  13. Enter the Dragon all the way on this one. That mirror fight scene is one of the best action fight scenes in any film, sure is some cheesy parts in it but arguably none of the other nominees have much action in them at all.
  14. Aguirre, the Wrath of God is a cool movie and absolutely is an adventure, would not call it super action packed though but is a very cool film and has one of the best villains ever in any film. Klaus Kinski is very good in Fitzcarraldo which could have been nominated in the 1980s action potentially, it is a interesting film with some very impressive shots in it and more action arguably than Aguirre but is not as good of a film or as interesting. Too bad that Klaus Kinski is such a dirtbag human being, which ultimately takes him down a few notches in terms of his professional work he has done.
  15. Enter the Dragon Aguirre, the Wrath of God How is Enter the Dragon not on here? Best action film of this decade potentially. Some other nominations do not fit the category, including Deliverance which is a thriller to me semi horror, not very action packed and not some great adventure either, same with French Connection. Apocalypse Now is an awesome film but might be more of a mystery and drama than thriller adventure but hard to call.
  16. Nah these are crappy Star Wars films, Return of the Jedi is better than any of these. Could argue that beginning scene at Jabba's Palace is one of the coolest environments in the first three original films. Episode I – The Phantom Menace Episode II – Attack of the Clones Episode III – Revenge of the Sith Episode VII – The Force Awakens Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Solo: A Star Wars Story Episode VIII – The Last Jedi Not including The Rise of Skywalker in the above list which I have not seen yet, sure it is as crappy as The Last Jedi was though.
  17. It will be a close one but yeah I agree. To me it is clearly the best action/adventure film in this group no question, and honestly a historic movie for the time it was made. Absolutely outstanding! Personal choice but to me a robot dinosaur looks far more realistic than a 100% CGI one. Jurassic Park looks so good and is very well done, funny, entertaining, exciting, interesting, unique, thought provoking, it has it all for an action/adventure for being made in 1993 which is crazy impressive. Looks like it will be a close call, I do not get the Saving Private Ryan as an action/adventure film at all though, no clue where that is coming from.
  18. My apologies, totally blitzed that one. And wow nominated #2 overall seed under Thriller? Die Hard to me is way more action/adventure than thriller but is a close call. I would nominate The Terminator in my five then if possible.
  19. It is one of the best films ever made, but I would not call it an action adventure film. Drama all the way, great war movie like you said and is arguably one of the best ones ever made. Does not mean it is a great action adventure film, too much drama in it honestly for me to call it that. The Hurt Locker is up there in war movies and one should not be calling that an action adventure film, Glory is also arguably better than Saving Private Ryan.
  20. Predator Aliens Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Die Hard Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (sure it is a Sci Fi film but it is really outstanding and absolutely is action packed and a really great adventure film, fantasy possibly as well if it does not make it here) Missed the cut: Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome (if the 2nd half was as good as the first half it would have been in there) The Hitcher The Terminator Tempted to put Scarface in there but only big time action is near the end of the film, as a drama it is right up there and is visually beautiful. Tough call with Back to the Future as well, might be more a fantasy film but is a hell of an adventure film also. Got Indiana Jones and the Rambo movies but not a giant fan of those. After this decade it will fall off a cliff in terms of quality nominations for the 60s, 50s, and 40s beyond.
  21. 2021 early watching list

    Yeah he did show some toughness for them last year, and having a true freshman QB did not help but Nix could be much improved down the road. Schwartz is a track guy though and still has a lot of work to do, kind of like Devon Allen on Oregon a few years back. Great first season, track guy but then never really took his game to another level. Those smaller slot guys need to really standout or they will just be lost in the shuffle. Jalen McCleskey showed promise on Ok State, had a 800+ yard 7 TD season on Ok State as a sophomore, then even last year did well on Tulane after he transferred to there, but never quite elite enough and went as a UDFA this past draft.
  22. 2021 early watching list

    Seth Williams I really like, he has amazing hands and is a big body receiver that can make very difficult catches. Great jump ball receiver that has been elite for awhile. Schwartz has potential no doubt and that track background but needs to progress a lot more and be more than just a gimmick receiver that makes plays with specific plays created for him. Williams has 1st round talent if he reaches his potential, Schwartz is just a speed guy that has a long ways to go I feel to be considered elite. Either way, with this entire class it will just be hard for all of them to progress like they should because of the situation. Who knows if there even is a season and is what 100 days or so till the season is supposed to start. I just doubt they will all be wildly improved as players but will see even if one gets that chance to see them play this year.
  23. What a comeback, was down 7 to 10 when I looked, lets bring it home now. As for The Dark Knight, it is a great film but I agree is not super action packed. Take Heath out of it as the Joker and it is not even that memorable. Still Hero is it for me in the 2000s but whatever. The lack of Kill Bill love is pretty sad, PS Once Upon a Time in Hollywood sucked, the dude that said it was Quentin's best film must have been freaking high or something when he said that, absolute bull**** on that one.
  24. Jurassic Park Speed Mission Impossible Terminator 2 Braveheart Missed the cut: The Fugitive Breakdown Robin Hood Prince of Thieves Leon The Professional Blade Waterworld State of Grace Breakdown is very underrated film, freaking sweet action scenes in it but missed the cut of top 5. No clue how Jurassic Park does not win this, has a lot of competition but Jurassic Park is an epic film and is absolutely an action/adventure film. Could win it all honestly in this category. I love Last of the Mohicans but I would call that more of a drama, has some cool action scenes but really might be more a romance in many ways honestly.