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  1. Not on the bears. But look at Ryan Tannehill. He revived his career on a different team. Also see Lenard Floyd. He’s having a hell of a season on the Rams.
  2. The only game the bears win for the rest of the season is against the jags week 16
  3. I am on full on rooting for tanking the rest of the season. Bears pick 14th as on today with games against the Lions on sunday and the Vikings coming up. The bears need to lose those games and I am confident they will. I am hoping we get the 9th pick in the draft.
  4. Listening to 670 the score. It’s brutal. The bears need to clean house Nagy,Pace, Phillips need to go
  5. I turned that Sh*t show off at half time. Nagy should be fired today.
  6. Lions fired Matt Patricia and fired the GM. If the bears were serious about a change they wouldn’t wait. this also brings into question will Matt Stafford be on the Lion next year.
  7. I am operating under the assumption that there will be no change. Pace/Nagy get anther shot at QB.
  8. https://www.seniorbowl.com/the-game/accepted-invites/ Trask and Newman are invited to the 21 senior bowl. One of my favorite football games of the year.
  9. @Heinz D. Purdy is someone I would consider in the ‘SOL 1st round QB scenario’ as a 2nd rounder option. @Epyon I really don’t want Pace trading up for anything outside of Lawrence. The GMs in the NFL know 1. Pace will be desperate to keep his Job 2. They can get him to pay twice as much as the market demands. Just look at what John Lynch did in the Trubisky trade.
  10. Scenario: the top 5 QBs are off the board. 1 jets ~ Lawrence; 2 Jags ~ Fields; 4 Washington ~ Wilson; 10 Panther ~ Lance; 12 49ers ~ Trask You drafting Mac Jones? Or you taking OL and going QB in round 2 or 3?
  11. I was on sportrac. How is the salary cap going down year over year? 2020 212 million 2021. 183million. You think they adjust it up?
  12. JJ wants to play for a contender. Bears are going into another rebuild.
  13. So the bears lied about the extent of Mitch’s injury a few weeks ago? Was he even hurt in the first place? How do you go from having structural damage to play a few weeks later? Anyone else find this not believable? Personally I’m starting think the management made up the injury to shield Foles poor play and more importantly Pace/Nagy’s poor poor decision making.
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