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  1. I have time to digest that presser. My thoughts are this teams chemistry is gone. If you’re devonte adams. You’re not getting that extension because the packers are paying Randal Cobb that money to appease Aaron. I can’t wait for the first time Aaron disagrees with the play calling this season. The drama is going to kill this team. They have little chance at a Super Bowl.
  2. Eddie Goldman returning will make a big difference. Excited for his return. the Robert Quinn stuff sounds like coach talk and fluff. The bears have never been straight about what his injury is/was. I don’t trust a thing the bears say because Pace messed up sign a hurt player to a big contract and management is trying to save face. He’s hurt until proven otherwise.
  3. So Karen Rodgers showed up for camp.
  4. What a total B. After all of that Rodgers is coming back. What bunch of BS. This behavior might be the reason why it’s public knowledge that Aaron’s own brother hates his guts.
  5. If I’m betting today. Rodgers will pull a Carson Palmer sit out the year and he’ll be traded the next off season. as for the packers. This management team has completely mismanaged his situation and it’s now spilling over into the devonte adams contract talks. The packers front office is weak and desperate. They are graveling and it’s a terrible position to be in. The packers front office needs to call Aaron’s bluff tell him to report to training camp or there will be fines. Also publicly state arrons on the trading block the packers front office needs some backbone a
  6. 1. 60/40 yes he’ll be a 10 year player. Just my gut feeling. 2. He’s just a guy. But a high end JAG that will do. 3. Up in the air. 4. Easiest question NO! 5. Yes in the red zone and I think that’s all the bears are going to ask of Graham and kmet is big red zone jump ball guys 6. Andy dalton injury by week 3. Fields takes over 7. Once fields gets in yes. 8. Anthony Miller balls out this season. Just my prediction.
  7. Everything about this draft feels right. The universe is at harmony with the bears for once. This doesn’t feel like we past on Watson for Mitch. This feels like we hit a home run and in a few years everyone will be saying what we’re the 49ers and Jets thinking passing on fields. If fields can play at an average level the bears will see major gains. They have a good set of skilled players. They potential at QB and a Oline that got better at blocking today. There is an buzz in the city now. A+ Ryan pace. A+
  8. Everything about these two picks couldn’t have gone better. week 1 Oline. Leno, Daniels, mustipher, Whitehair, Jenkins ? or Leno, Daniels, Whitehair, Ifedi, Jenkins?
  9. There is a very good reason why Arron’s brother hates his guts. Rodgers sucks as a person. I hope the packers call his bluff and trade him to the Jets.
  10. Pace will try his hardest but other teams can offer more than the bears can. Bears are left without a date on prom night. 1 (20) - Greg Newsome CB 2(52) - Davis Mills QB 3 (83) - Brady Christensen LT 5(164) - Jamar Johnson S 6(204) - Tommy Kraemer G 6(208) Sam Ehlinger QB. 6(221) D’Ante Smith T 6(228). Elijah Mitchell RB
  11. Did foles retire? pace and Nagy would love this. They can sign those four year extensions. if this does actually happen. John lynch and Kyle Shannahan should have their heads examined. They traded a ton for Mac Jones. Yeah.
  12. @AZBearsFan you have me interested in prop bets on the draft. I’ll have to look into it.
  13. Just googled about Mac Jones. Saw the alleged tweet. He could very well be guilty of what he accused and that could be him. Which case his career is over. This could also be another smokescreen from a league with a long history of smokescreen and disinformation to hurt players draft stock. Marino cocaine rumors and Tunsil gas mask videos comes to mind. It certainly warrants major investigations by the organizations. truthfully. I have always felt Mac Jones was incredibly overhyped. He is not physically gifted. He played with an all American team that elevated his play and stats.
  14. the bears never do what the fans want them to do. With that said. Top 5 QBs are gone. Pace reaches for the 6th QB off the board. He’ll take who he likes from Trask, Mills or Mond. My prediction is QB Stanford Davis Mills at 20. As for the title can pace draft well? It depends on the round he sure knows how to scout those mid rounders as for the top of the draft his track record speaks for itself at this point.
  15. Maybe in my lifetime the bears will have a real QB.
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