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  1. Does it feel like Justine Fields is about to have a draft day slide. If he does slide out of the top 10. Does George let pace make a trade?
  2. I am hoping Pace gets teddy bridgewater so we can three washed up QBs on the roster.
  3. I’ve been seeing Mac Jones #3 to 49ers
  4. I am a big Kyle Trask fan. Truthfully he’s better than Mac Jones
  5. Donte Smith is a bust. This kid might be good. But there in no way he’s going to stay healthy. Just too dang skinny
  6. @dll2000 Other than Pitts which could be substituted with a number of different pass catchers. Everything else I really like. Let’s take back to back QBs in the 2nd and 3rd. We need it
  7. I like the kirk cousins scenario. Ehlinger is the perfect Kirk cousins. Realistically we are probably going to need 4 QBs this year. Foles and Dalton are going to get injured. You’ll need Sam holding the clip board. I also like that this draft is organic. No trade ups mortgaging the future. I really think it would be a big victory if Pace doesn’t screw this team up long term.
  8. I’d take Trask at 20 the reach is not that big of a deal. The second team need is OLine and the draft has so many quality Olinemen. They can reach for Trask and still get a starter to replace massive in round 2.
  9. 10 bucks its Allen Robinson who made this comment. It’s also an accurate observation of the current bears. In addition said player knows the draft won’t be of any help.
  10. The media narrative that pace and Nagy are on the hot seat is a myth. These guys have all the job security in the world George and Ted buy all the BS that is sold to them. On the other hand. realistically with the wilson trade closed the window for this defense closed as well. Cutting fuller was a good move and letting Hicks find a trade is also smart. We are in a rebuild suck for Spencer Rattler 2022.
  11. Wouldn’t it be nice if a Laremy Tunsil gas mask video leaked the morning of the draft and a top 5 QB fell to #20.
  12. You should listen to 670 the score right now. People are irrationally pissed off becuase the media has been pumping them full of Russell Wilson fairy tails.
  13. At this point I’d rather have the bears just take a 5th round QB and hope they got a lottery ticket. Build this team for a QB in 2022. LT in round 1, WR in round 2, and safety in round 3. Target Ian Book or Sam Ehlinger.
  14. What did everyone expect Russell Wilson? I said this a few days ago. The bears were trying to buy a Ferrari with a 560 credit score. This is honestly the best the bears could do in a year with no cap space and no draft capital. It’s going to be foles dolton and a rookie. The season will go like this Foles starts the season goes 3 to 5 games sucks/gets hurt, Dolton comes in 3 to 5 games sucks/gets hurt. Rookie finishes off the season. Also don’t believe the media. Pace and Nagy aren’t on the hot seat. They are getting started with their two year rebuild that George and Ted bought ho
  15. What will go down as the worse pace trade. The Trade up for Mitch or the 5 FRP for Russ?
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