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  1. Not surprising considering Jerry loves himself some Glory Hole
  2. Bobbie was on TMZ Live today. Breaking News: Host Charles referred to him as former NFL 'STAR'. Bwahaha Correction "Former Training Camp Star"
  3. Another 1000 yd season on 500 carries for the vet.
  4. Maybe, but Cowboys also got robbed of a couple years by his ganja habit
  5. Well at least electric cars are available. I mean great idea. National grid is crap, but let's charge our cars on the unstable grids that cant handle ac units.
  6. I won't watch hard knocks. They'll spend half the time talking about some UDFA like he's T.O. reborn, then he'll get cut.
  7. Maybe Pacman Jones will stop by and de-pants McCarthy
  8. Actually, it's about attention. Jerruh is like a teenage girl how desperate he is to talk about every little thing.
  9. Is there somewhere in between where the boss is sorta cool and I dont have to see people's feet?
  10. Yes we do need a 3T, but we have 3 young 3T with potential (Hill, Gallimore, and Odiggity). Even when we are in 3-4 on run downs, Tank will likely play one DE position, Urban/Bohanna at NT, and then the above 3 all battling for the same position. I'd rather find out if we have anything in what we have than bring in 33 year old coming off an injury Geno Atkins.
  11. You may be right, but I just felt Slater was a top tier talent, and since we have so much invested at the skill positions, making our oline great again made more sense
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