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  1. Any chance we look to the future now, and move Collins to LG. To keep Steele in the lineup, since C.Williams is an UFA after this year?
  2. Last time I wasnt able to use my info with my nephew's email.
  3. You're giving me flashbacks of bartending. A game would be 35-7 in the beginning of the 4th. Everyone would want a different game on and 1 guy would throw a fit telling me how much he has on the game on the under or over. I'm supposed to give a crap.
  4. I will always be a huge Romo fan, but when skins dikpic TE explains that you should have just run the ball up 28-0 against Detroit in the 2nd half and they wouldnt have had time to come back that's not good.
  5. Connor McGovern has to be thinking William's gets 2 penalties per game and I cant get a snap, unless at fb
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