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  1. I still laugh when I think about Peyton's answer to how would it be to play with no fans......ask the chargers.
  2. Can we make Goff throw down field?
  3. I dont think the rams threw the ball past the LOS on their drive
  4. Let's be honest here. This is about some characters issues. Namely the drug raid at his Grandmother's house where he was staying. Officials said he wasnt involved, but I understand getting value where you could, while you could.
  5. You mean rushing when the d knows your not gonna throw it because you were the best wr on the team? If that's the case why wouldnt ge bottom half of the sec teams put their most athletic player at qb to rush, I mean since it's so much easier.
  6. Fast enough to have 1500 Yds rushing in the sec his last year at Kentucky from QB position when he was the whole offense, and he's 6'1 200lbs.
  7. Was happy for him that he went in the 3rd round. Kids a slash type player. If you dont plan on using him that way or creating packages for him, then you shouldn't have drafted him. Hes not a fulltime rb or outside wr. He may eventually be a slot wr.
  8. This reminds me of Moneyball. "If he's a good hitter, why doesn't he hit good?"
  9. Has Robert Kraft been reinstated? Oh that's right we have to really consider guys that smoke weed, but a video of an owner getting off from a sex worker that was part of a sting? No punishment.
  10. Did not want Chiasson in the first. Too risky.
  11. Sorry if Gordon is reinstated, needs to be a b.o.g.o. where Randy Gregory gets reinstated as well.
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