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  1. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    I'm gonna have to pick Dorance Armstrong. I think hes gonna get a lot of reps during training camp and will earn a significant spot in the rotation
  2. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Remember when Emmitt sat out the first two games in 1993 and the team was 0-2, because Jerry thought any rb could run behind that Oline? Jerry coughed up the cash to Emmitt and the team won its next 7 games.
  3. The Run Game doesnt matter

    No stats to support my position, but I think it's about a mentality that one team is more physical and thus dominating the other. Olineman for the most part would rather run block than pass block and dlineman would rather pin their ears back and go after the QB. Plus we always associate long time consuming drives with running the ball, and those drives let our defense rest. I could see that a team like the Patriots who use the short passing game like a running game could accomplish the same thing.
  4. Eagles extend Wentz through 2024 season

    Thoroughly convinced the Eagles front office was content with franchising Wentz next year if they couldnt get a team friendly deal. Then someone said you know if we make him the highest paid QB, we can really screw Dallas.
  5. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    The beauty is some bad team will sign him to a big fa contract and we will get a sweet comp pick. Too bad though, if they kept him at guard, I think he could have been pro bowl caliber.
  6. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Or the colts game?
  7. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Thanks for all the subscription based links.
  8. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    No. He wasn't an all pro in his first year. That means he's a bust. You don't develop Olineman. They come in the league a finished product.
  9. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    Why my Cowboys aren't interested makes no sense to me. We can dump injured Allen Hurns($5mil cap savings) and Tyrone Crawford($6mil cap savings) to sign him.
  10. Raiders sign G Richie Incognito (One year deal)

    Enjoy training camp Raiders rookies.
  11. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    Can't believe Cleveland got the MLB All Star Game. They can't get their fans to show up, even when they have back to back best American League record.
  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    the pats have someone with a brain making decisions. The Rams kept running it down our throat and we never went heavy. Heck I would thrown an Olineman in the middle of the dline if need be and make Goff or a jet sweep beat us.
  13. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    When leverage is relatively even on both sides, negotiations are going to be difficult. That's normal. I'd much rather have the current front office's tactics of negotiations than they used to be. I don't care if all the Jones' know they're giving someone 20 or 30 mil per season. Make their agent earn it.
  14. The 2021 NFL Draft is Headed to Cleveland

    But that's where moving the draft is brilliant. You can go to cities like Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, etc. that will never host a Superbowl, and honor their fans and their city. Hope it isn't 30 degrees, though.
  15. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    That's why I think Dallas would be perfect. Drafted Tysten Hill and have Maliek Collins(when healthy) to rotate. Sign McCoy to a 2 year deal. Rotate and develop Hill, while keeping McCoy fresh, and let Collins walk(if he can ).