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  1. Lafleur gets the blame. Total wuss mode on 4th and 9 with 2+ minutes left, 3 timeouts, and Rodgers down by 8.
  2. I think the forum design should be flipped, where the ads are the content and the posts are the intrusive popups.
  3. Huge onions throwing for it on 4th and 1 with a stiff at never was at qb.
  4. Fair enough. Could have just been the areas they showed on camera, but it sure didnt look 88% empty.
  5. IMO Brees just doesn't look like he has it anymore. Granted he didn't have Thomas for most of the season.
  6. Does the NFL dictate how many fans are allowed? Weird to see no one at other playoff games and Lambeau half full.
  7. But his niece is hot and super slutty. Cant beat that.
  8. I'll take the 26 year old with 5 1000 yr seasons in 6 years. Not to mention I dont see us eating $6m in cap to trade him next year.
  9. Thought the cap was dropping to $175m. Dont we have $180 already allocated?
  10. Haven't watched him. Is he significantly better than Surtan or Horn? I'd really like to trade down to 17-20 , and pickup a pick.
  11. Definitely Gallup. As much as I like him, no way we pay him. If we get a 2nd or better then I'd trade him. If not he gets a good contract and we'll get at least a 4th comp pick.
  12. He bears a good chunk of the blame, but McCarthy and the front office also are responsible. At whatever point Nolan said 3-4, everyone should have said there's no offseason and we don't have the players. Our best and highest paid defensive player is a 4-3 DE build around him
  13. Jaylon doesnt stick to his gap assignment, plays hero ball, this leaving big holes. Kinda reminds me of our former safety Roy "biscuit" Williams. Takes too many chances on the big play, and leaves himself out of position.
  14. Sure would've liked to keep Jones, but making him the highest paid corner in the league at over 20mil/year for a guy who never gets an interception No thanks.
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