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  1. Athletic College QB's Change Philosphy?

    I'm just wondering if NFL Front offices need to stop trying to change these athletic, less accurate, non-pocket qb prospects? If you're going to draft a guy like Dak, who is a big athletic guy, that was never a great passer of the ball in College, should we then just treat him more like a rb philosophically? Understand that he is going to get physically beat up, and plan only to keep him through his rookie contract? It just seems like the same process with some of these guys. 1st year they outperform expectations, 2nd year big slump, and then tinkering to try to recapture that first year magic.
  2. AJ McCarron Wins Grievence, Will Be a FA

  3. RB Kareem Hunt Accused of... Pushing & Shoving

    Breaking News! Steelers RB Leveon Bell charged with feverishly waving at waiter, and demanding a refill.
  4. Should He Stay Or Should He Go: A. Morris

    He's a good backup 1 dimensional rb. Since our QB cannot throw it deep, we need all of our rb's to be competent receivers as well. See ya! Use one or more of the compensatory picks on a rb.
  5. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    Time to implement the Veer. Sign Tebow as a backup.
  6. Beast Of The East - NFC East Discussion Thread

    Dak to the host, am I allowed to run? I was embarrassed when I thought it was Derek, but then realizing it was David Carr made me cry.
  7. Should He Stay Or Should He Go: D. Lawrence

    What are the 8 people smoking that voted for top 5 long term deal. Hey you were non-existent the first 3 years of your contact, and decided to show up in a contract year. That bodes well for future performance.
  8. Eli stole the Superbowl Again

    How do you guys not have a thread dedicated to one of the funniest Super Bowl Commercials ever? Everyone totally sold it. When Beckham makes the goofy smile, Collins as the mom, Eli going to the ground, the lineman, and the freaking lift. This was the best part of the Superbowl for me.
  9. Congrats Eagles fans. Pedersen has huuuggggeee ones. Foles played great. I still hate you. Enjoy popping your 🍒
  10. Kellen Moore Hired As QB Coach

    Hoping that everytime we go empty set on first and goal from the 2, and fail he'll have that goofy look as a reaction.
  11. On Break at work Mock 2018

    And their 3rd round pick is essentially and early 4th, unless it's from another team.
  12. Future of David Irving

    Yes and their food is actually edible now. A number of grilled things. Not just the old everything's fried Applebees.
  13. Dez Bryant: Keep, Release or Trade?

    I agree. Salaries would work out strictly trade-wise. Dez would have a better qb to get him the ball, and Doug Baldwin on the other side. Byron Jones can be moved to CB. Make it happen.
  14. Predict The Pick: 19, Cowboys

    BPA with a low probability of being suspended/injured for more than half their rookie contract.
  15. Free Agents Thread

    https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/dallas-cowboys/cowboys/2018/01/25/keeping-cowboy-one-important-offseason-priority-no-one-discussing For the L.P. cult members.