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  1. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    Happens to me all the time. Typing a feverish response, and then I realized I don't care.
  2. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Didnt he get one as a punter in the 70's?
  3. Patriots 1(31): Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

    Absolutely Hate the Pats, but I think Michel is going to be the rookie of the year. I have to think the Browns thought they could pass up on Barkley and get Michel at 33. Great receiving rb that uses his hands, and has his hands in the right position. Don't see that much in a guy his size, and with his rushing ability. I wouldn't be surprised if he approaches both 1000 yards rushing and receiving.
  4. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Steve Pelleur? Gary Hogeboom?
  5. Rams trade Tavon Austin to cowboys

    I like the trade for Austin. He was never going to live up to his contract and draft position in LA. Now he doesn't have to in Dallas. He just has to focus on being a punt/kick returner, and a couple gadget plays per game. Yes. This receiving core sans Witten and Dez will not scare anyone. Don't forget Cedrick Wilson!
  6. All or Nothing - Dallas Cowboys

    Impression I got, everybody love to say the f word. All the time. Now if they'd a few csuckers in per episode, I'd think I was watching Deadwood.
  7. Draft Day Surprises/Predictions

    John Dorsey pulls a real life Sonny Weaver Jr. 1. Denver Trades the following to Cleveland for the 1st overall pick to take a QB: Round1·Pick 5(5) Round2·Pick 8(40) Round3·Pick 35(99) 2019 1st Round Pick 2. Cleveland Trades back up to #2 with NYG. Cleveland takes a QB. NYG gets. : Round1·Pick 4(4) Round2·Pick 1(33) Round2·Pick 32(64) 3. Cleveland picks after both trades: Round1·Pick 2(2) from NYG Takes QB Round1·Pick 5(5) from Den Takes whoever is left of Chubb/Barkley Round2·Pick 3(35) Round2·Pick 8(40) from Den Round3·Pick 35(99) from Den Round4·Pick 14(114) Round5·Pick 13(150) Round6·Pick 1(175) Round6·Pick 14(188) Plus 2019 Den 1st Round Pick
  8. DT David Irving under DV investigation

    Harold Landry?
  9. Is Earl Thomas worth #50?

    I'm all for trading 50 for Earl Thomas. I normally wouldn't be, but all we do is draft "first round grade guys" who have fallen to the 2nd because of injury, bad behavior, and/or drug history. Rather have Earl than draft some guy who will play a quarter of the games his first 3 years, and then ball out on his fourth.
  10. Dez Bryant Released

    Watch he will end up in GB and have 80 catches, 1300 yds, and double digit tds
  11. Dez Bryant Released

    Colts should be on the phone with him now.
  12. Dez Bryant Released

    So we don't save $8.5 mil this year in cap space, either cut or trade if before June1?
  13. Dez Bryant Released

    In a world where Sammy Watkins get 3 year $48 mil, we could have gotten a 4th round pick out of him.
  14. Dez Bryant Released

    I was being a little overdramatic, but his deep ball accuracy is suspect.
  15. Dez Bryant Released

    Good video. I hope we take McGlinchey and move Collins back to LG.