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  1. ** 2018 Training Camp **

    Agree. Honestly I think with Zeke and the line, the Cowboys can be a regular playoff team, but when they go up against elite QB's, the pass rush better be nasty, or it's gonna be a loss.
  2. Guice Has Torn ACL - Out for Season

    That sucks hard for him and the team. Hope the surgery and rehab go well. On a fantasy note, I may draft Jordan Reed in the second round and Vernon Davis in the 3rd. 100 catches 500 yards 5 td's each projected.
  3. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    While I'd like to have the guy, I don't want it hindering re-signing Lawrence, should Lawrence play to the same form as last year.
  4. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Some road rage idiot follows me to my house, I'm getting some weapon and letting him know he better never come back. It said he called 911. What's he supposed to do? He'll probably get an 8 game suspension under Goodell's mysterious rules.
  5. Around the League - Training Camp

    https://cowboyswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/20/dallas-cowboys-shaq-lawson-buffalo-bills-possible-trade-training-camp-defensive-end-depth/ Anyone interested in trading a conditional 5th for Shaq Lawson? I know we don't have a 6th.
  6. NFL Suspends Bucs QB Jameis Winston for 3 Games

    Yep Jameis is screwed.
  7. Browns sign OT Greg Robinson

    Who knows. He's young and obviously has the physical skills to be a 2nd round pick. It's super cheap, and if they get lucky and he becomes a serviceable RT, G, or even a swing backup, it would be a great win. The pressure is no longer on him to be a starting LT. Hope it works out.
  8. Around the League - Training Camp

    But he's a soldier!
  9. Cowboys off season - training camp is almost here!!!

    Like the competition to push Scarbrough and Smith. I mean you know Zeke won't be playing in the preseason.
  10. Lions Patricia Indicted for Sexual Assault in '96

    Happens to me all the time. Typing a feverish response, and then I realized I don't care.
  11. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Didnt he get one as a punter in the 70's?
  12. Patriots 1(31): Sony Michel, RB, Georgia

    Absolutely Hate the Pats, but I think Michel is going to be the rookie of the year. I have to think the Browns thought they could pass up on Barkley and get Michel at 33. Great receiving rb that uses his hands, and has his hands in the right position. Don't see that much in a guy his size, and with his rushing ability. I wouldn't be surprised if he approaches both 1000 yards rushing and receiving.
  13. Greatest Cowboy to never WIN.

    Steve Pelleur? Gary Hogeboom?
  14. Rams trade Tavon Austin to cowboys

    I like the trade for Austin. He was never going to live up to his contract and draft position in LA. Now he doesn't have to in Dallas. He just has to focus on being a punt/kick returner, and a couple gadget plays per game. Yes. This receiving core sans Witten and Dez will not scare anyone. Don't forget Cedrick Wilson!
  15. All or Nothing - Dallas Cowboys

    Impression I got, everybody love to say the f word. All the time. Now if they'd a few csuckers in per episode, I'd think I was watching Deadwood.