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  1. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    What idiot would be excited about Randy Gregory? David Irving/Josh Gordon fans? Taco has been a bust. I would welcome a move to DT for him. With the signings of Hyder and Covington, if we drafted Omenihu, we could perceivably cut Crawford and save $6 or $7 mil in cap space depending upon whether he's a July 1 cut. Then couldn't Armstrong backup DLaw?
  2. Who do you want at #58?

    It was on our coaches as well. Never when 5-2 and forced Goff to beat them.
  3. Who do you want at #58?

    But then we would have been watching every WR in the league beating Collins deep repeatedly
  4. 2019 schedule

    Well done Carolina.
  5. Dallas Cowboys - NFL Draft Prospect Meetings

    I don't watch much Texas Longhorn football, but why is there not that much interest in Charles Omenihu. Big guy 6'5" 280lbs 36" Arm length. 18 TFL and 9.5 sacks in 2018. Seems like he could be a Tyrone Crawford replacement. A guy that could play outside on early downs and move to DT on passing downs.
  6. Who do you want at #58?

    Follow plan's religion. BPA.
  7. Can You Digg It Sucka (Diggs Signs Extension to Stay a Viking)

    Why'd Cyrus have to die? Other than the whole plot for the movie, but I still wanted to see the gangs running NY as one.
  8. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    Haha. When Rivers wife wears a skirt, you can see her lungs.
  9. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Great now Dak thinks he deserves $30mil per. Great job Seahawks.
  10. Josh Rosen trade value

    Thanks for an opinion on Rosen. I was looking for what the general opinion of him, and what his trade cost would be.
  11. Vikings extend WR Adam Thielen (4 years, $64M)

    I watched the Cowboys playoff game vs the Rams and kept wondering why they never switched to 5 Dlineman with heavier guys inside. You at least make Goff make plays. Pats came out like that from the start.
  12. So who's the next domino to fall? Take your pick

    Yep Cooper's younger, so he'll get more. $17m per would not be terrible
  13. Browns RB Duke Johnson requests trade

    Hope Dorsey sits Duke down and makes it clear they still need him. Hunt is out for 8 games. Cleveland would lose cap by trading him. Getting a Day 3 pick imo isn't equitable compared to how Duke can help this team.
  14. Josh Rosen trade value

    I only thought of this, because I felt it was a rare opportunity to get a young starting qb candidate relatively cheap. I'll be honest haven't watched any tape of his rookie year, and not much of his college career. I just figured, Dak's in his last year. If we are relatively healthy, we will be drafting next year in the 20's, and won't have a realistic shot at drafting a top qb prospect.
  15. Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette Arrested

    Is it evidence he's a moron. Yes. Does it warrant anything being done by the NFL. I don't believe so, but I wouldn't be against a fine either or loss of a game check or two.