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  1. I never understood such high rating for Ekeler except in full PPR leagues. Their Oline was awful last year. I know they added Slater, but it takes time to gel.
  2. Did that one time coming up my driveway . Not fun.
  3. I thought after Keyshawn Johnson had his battle with Gruden you weren't allowed to do the inactive thing . I'm very interested to see what the NFL ends up doing to Watson, if anything. If they do punish him, I would hope Watson would make a statement saying that's it's ok to do these things as long as you're a white owner.
  4. I thought it was still part of testing, but only a fine able offense no suspension
  5. Could also utilize Pollard as a receiver or two TE
  6. Whether we win or lose I'm just thrilled our cbs are not playing 10 yards of the receivers.
  7. That Oline isn't that Oline anymore.
  8. Never big on him, but I wouldnt mind adding Marvin Wilson
  9. Why? Can't throw, bodies beat up, so he's not the running qb he used to be and oh he refuses the vaccine, so every week you wont know if he's available.
  10. He still has 2 years left on the cheap. I'd rather find out what we have in him, keep the depth, and protect our qb
  11. QB's just dont get more accurate in the NFL. Josh Allen did that. No one saw that happening.
  12. Check out an old version. Import community roster. Same crappy game. $60 saved
  13. Not surprising considering Jerry loves himself some Glory Hole
  14. Bobbie was on TMZ Live today. Breaking News: Host Charles referred to him as former NFL 'STAR'. Bwahaha Correction "Former Training Camp Star"
  15. Another 1000 yd season on 500 carries for the vet.
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