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  1. HUHHHHHHHHH? Edelman did some cool things in his career but like come on man, dude was a product of Tom Brady being insane at QB. Megatron was just unbelievable on a not so good Detroit Lions team. Look at it this way, how would you perceive the two if Edelman was a career Lion and Megatron was on the Patriots? Yeah...
  2. Mike Vick is one of the most overrated players ive ever seen. Insane athlete that could run as a QB, but he was not good at all in my opinion. Look at his numbers. Not impressive.
  3. Man, I love this signing. Hawks D line is looking great finally after a few down years. Not really one stand out guy, but a lot guys who can rush the passer well and versatile. Their super bowl defenses had that filthy rotation on the d line. I see some similarities here. Still need some corner help
  4. That hit in college made this dude so much money. Actually insane. Such an overrated player. He has had great moments no doubt, but he is just not very productive at all and often injured. 10M seems like a reach imo. Who knows, maybe he finally finds a solid home and flourishes opposite Garrett
  5. Terrible trade for Seattle. The Bears would be good and all those 1st round picks would be late 20s picks for sure. Mack is getting old. No thanks. Legit awful trade for Seattle. Only decent trade for Wilson would be a top 2 pick where a top QB is guaranteed with multiple 1st round picks in addition to a player or two. Or a top 10 current QB and at least 3 first round picks. He is a top QB in this league and in his prime. He doesnt just go for a few 1st round picks and an overrated player like Mack
  6. I would take Burrow over Lawrence for 2021. Probably career too. I think Lawrence will be solid but is a tad overhyped
  7. Tyler Lockett is elite. Well worth it. They have time to figure it all out by the time DK gets his big time pay day
  8. lbh he is an very average corner who made a huge play in the super bowl and made some money from it
  9. I think we just be patient and see what happens. Pete and JS do make their fair share of bone head decisions though. Hopefully they have a plan here
  10. He literally had 10 sacks back when they had other decent players around him like Frank Clark and was very inconsistent otherwise. Would not say he is VERY good. Solid player but inconsistent. Not great at anything. I think they try to sign Dunlap now. Collier takes over full time. Good move by Seattle. Reed is very expendable
  11. I like it. Seattle doesnt have one dominant pass rusher but they do have quite a few guys certainly capable of getting to the QB now. I think that is just how Petes defense works. Rotation and sacks pile up a whole instead of individually. Mayowa, Hyder, Collier, Reed, Taylor coming back. Jamal Adams is our main guy lol
  12. I just do not get why they drafted a running back in the first round a few years ago if he is never going to get a real shot. I get he has been hurt, but so has Carson. Penny has looked good when he gets his carries. Could have brought in someone else cheaper to compete with Penny and spent that money in the trenches. I am just a fan though, so what do i know.
  13. Solid player. Good hands and shifty guy for his size
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