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  1. “Did you just say go **** myself?” ”Yes I did” “That wasn’t good, you’re dead”
  2. Season 4 is out with another huge download. Now besides COD I only have a couple games like braid and super meat boy on my Xbox.
  3. The Strokes new album. Damn it’s good. “Ode to the Mets” in particular.
  4. I’m a Raiders and I’ve never flirted with being a fan of another team, ever. It’s honestly never been a thought. I’ll just say that the losses don’t ruin my week anymore.
  5. New strokes song “at the door”. Have had it on repeat for a couple days.
  6. I’m so glad the raiders got their new stadium and are done giving up home games.
  7. Same here. Every team should do it once.
  8. I was at my mother in laws and had to watch “a fall from grace” because the mom said it was “soooo good”. Do not watch this movie.
  9. I’m a Raiders fan so it really doesn’t matter.
  10. opeth0500


    I thought it was a good joke too.
  11. Love this movie and watched it once I saw it on Netflix. “The right!! I mean’t stay to the right!!!”
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