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  1. Joker getting origin film

    I don’t think he ever left. EDIT: why was his hair brown in the final scene? Did Arkham take the time to dye his hair or does the final scene pick up so many years later that he outgrew they green hair? The more I think about it the more I think the whole movie was in his mind while he was already institutionalized.
  2. Joker getting origin film

    Everyone else is talking spoilers now so I’ll give my 2 cents. After I watched the movie I immediately thought that whole movie was the “joke” that the psychiatrist wouldn’t get. In the beginning when he’s first talking to a psychiatrist she mentions him being in a mental institution before and they flash back to him banging his head on the glass part of the door. He’s wearing the same clothes that we see him in at the end. They don’t elaborate on this at all. His laugh seems different in the final scene also, it doesn’t hurt anymore and he doesn’t laugh anytime that he’s “the joker”. Lastly why would they put him in a room all alone with a psychiatrist if he just admitted to killing the boys on the subway and shot Murray on live TV? I’m sure by then they would have known he killed someone with a pair of scissors in his apartment as well. I think he kills that psychiatrist and that is his first kill in the movie.
  3. Bears "at" Raiders - The London / Mack Revenge Game

    So sick of these bad calls. NFL is a joke.
  4. Week 3 GDT: Raiders @ Vikings

    Shoulda been a 3 and out
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    Probably will take Seattle over Dallas this week
  6. Random Raider Stuff

    000987362517 sure just wire it on over. That’s my bank account.
  7. Random Raider Stuff

    I’m heading to Vegas this weekend and plan on parlaying on 4 Sunday games. Only morning and afternoon games so if I win I can collect before leaving. Y’all got any suggestions?
  8. Predict Joker's box office

    Idk but I plan on seeing it at least 3 times in theaters.
  9. The good: What everyone else has said about everyone. The bad: The only thing that got on my nerves was that we let up off the gas. Should have tried to throw for first downs instead of running 3 straight plays the second to last drive. That’s it though. Everything else was perfect.
  10. New Low for the Organization?

    I didn’t read through all of this thread but i already know it’s just another AB thread. I read the OP and I don’t feel like this is a low for the organization at all. Are we gonna eat (expletive) for this? Yea. I’m happy that gruden and Mayock voided his guaranteed money. He didn’t want to play for us after that (which he had to have known he wouldn’t) this is is a good day for the Raiders honestly. Shows that we aren’t gonna put up with the BS anymore.
  11. Why do you guys keep posting stuff like. Just giving him more attention. Just lock this damn thread and let’s move on. We aren’t gonna be like Pittsburgh fans who can’t get over their ex.
  12. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    If we can’t deal with him over a 17 week season then I don’t want him to get any guaranteed money. Save that money for next offseason
  13. All things Antonio Brown: from Helmet to Feet

    I say we just cut him. Yea we’re gonna suck but we probably weren’t gonna make playoffs with him anyway. I don’t want another Sapp ordeal with him blowing up on the sidelines when we are losing. Let someone else deal with his BS.
  14. Raiders @ Cardinals - Preseason Week 2 GDT

    I’m excited to see Carr and Renfrow connection. I want to see at least 3 or 4 hookups from them. Does anyone know if Conley is playing? I don’t even know if he played last week.
  15. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Q Tarantino)

    You should put this as spoiler warning