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  1. His separation is non existent at this point but even without speed there are tricks you can learn to create some separation, Golladay was one of the worst in the league at separation but his physical nature and strong hands negated some of the separation issues, Adams knows how to high point and knows how to position himself to make those catches just like Golladay, now I am not saying he will be on the same level but him going undrafted is absurd, speed often times is to much of a factor in deciding where a player should go, it is misleading. I still think that the Combine should be done in
  2. I was sure he would go in the 4th, he is far to talented and reliable to be undrafted, our gain.
  3. His blocking is on another level. Big hands, physical, tough, Campbell type player. Plus he makes those tough catches, those Golladay type catches.
  4. I was referring to additional picks acquired in addition to the obvious picks that would come with trading down. I wasn't saying to trade down in the first and pick up a 6th and 7th, that would be Ludacris even for an old man like me.
  5. That starting unit would be solid and disruptive with plenty of experience and productivity. I like the idea of it. I also wouldn't mind checking out Roby-Coleman for the nickelback role.
  6. What I was saying was that going on tackles alone as production can be misconstrued. Yes tackles mean production, but production as it pertains to coverage ability and tackles. Do the tackles after reception mean production? yes, but from the coverage aspect, you want passes defended over passes completed then tackles. That is what I was going for. That's all, I wasn't getting nasty or rude. I was just stating that if he excelled in coverage like a lot of analysts say then he would not have had the amount of tackles due to more passes defended. I just fear that his bust potential is much highe
  7. I believe Parsons is getting over hyped due to overall athleticism and not based on production. Potential to me means nothing other than the ability to do something. If Chase is there or Pitts or Waddle then I would go that route, I don't want a LB with potential character issues, limited production, and very questionable coverage abilities. I see him as a Jared Davis clone athletically and instinctively. Zaven Collins is by far to me a much better prospect and fit. People assume he is great in coverage due to his athleticism but in reality he guesses to often and uses his athleticism to make
  8. Trade down, gather more equity, select Zaven Collins. He reminds me so much of Urlacher, big fast skilled and dominant. Also a position of need. I think he will be better in the long run than Parsons. Parsons scares me because of his character and he is mocked so high based off of more potential than production. Yeah he produced a ton of tackles in one year but he just never seemed to dominate on a consistent basis. Just my observation but Collins just seems like he will have a greater impact for a winning culture, plus we won't have to play the whole he can play lb or safety role but never g
  9. Brockers statement regarding Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford is absolutely accurate and not in any way a slight towards Goff. When Brockers was asked about the trade and what he thought about Matthew Stafford joining the team he replied that Matthew Stafford is a Level up on Jared Goff and what he said was meant in the context of Matthew Stafford has been in the league since 2009 and he has seen everything a defensive coordinator can throw at a quarterback and he understands more, can adjust quicker, he can manipulate defenders easier and much much more. All of this is because of experience
  10. He's not Rankins but he is a consistent defender who has positional diversity, he can play inside or out and I will take 5 sacks from a DT any day of the week. Holmes doesn't seem to be the type to get screwed on trading, unlike his predecessors. Build with quality for lower cost, establish leadership and locker room integrity, and sign players who can use their knowledge to help younger or even veterans with technique, situational awareness, and overall team chemistry. Great trade for a quality man who will be an asset on and off the field. Go Holmes, build this beast.
  11. Hoping it is for either Rankins and or Reddick. Rankins would be nice from the interior pass rushing aspect but Reddick offers pass rushing ability and speed from a position of extreme need, LB. Either one would be perfectly fine with me as long as they don't have to break the bank and over spend in order to land someone who will be good but limit spending in other key areas during a rebuild. The wrong move could set the rebuild back before it even truly begins. With that in mind, I think that Holmes and Campbell, albeit new to the GM and head coaching roles, are far more superior, intelligen
  12. I think the fact he went to OSU made him the 3rd pick, other than that he was not that impressive in college. It's not like the B1G had great WRs or great QB play. He was overrated in college but in the NFL he was exposed on a daily basis. The fact that the was a split decision on whom to draft tells you a ton. Some believed in him some didn't. I don't think he has the speed, instincts, or overall confidence to excel at the NFL level. Other CBs drafted after him have done just fine, even better. I wish him the best but unless he can show some improvement next year then I don't see him s
  13. Saleh for HC Orlovsky for OC Those are two I would really like to see. And Riddick as GM. THESE THREE CAN TAKE THIS FRANCHISE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL.
  14. Couldn't resist. Now for our Head Coach and new OC and GM. Dan Orlovsky should be our OC that I know. Maybe the oc from KC for HC.
  15. Breaking News---- They are both contesting the firing and have filed multiple lawsuits. They are not going anywhere.
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