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  1. Week 1 Take Aways

    AP is one of the best ever, yeah I said it, almost every great running back when they run and get out in space they run hard but not just hard, they use every muscle in their bodies they run intent. What I mean by this is, their shoulders are moving and their arms are moving like crazy, they even get their hips rockin, they just run with everything that they have. AP is just that, he is a 1st ballot Hall of Famer and he has known he was better than the players around him since college heck even high school but I know for a fact, mostly because of experience, that high schoolers think they are animals in football, but players like AP, CJ, Barry, Emmit, just to name a couple, not only knew it when they were young they felt it, what a special feeling that would be to know yes I still have to work hard but I have special talent that others don't have, Barry probably knew way back to pop warner when he broke his first run, probably said yup this is easier than I thought. The game comes easier to them. AP if more featured during games could still get you over 1000 yards. Could he stay healthy? Still got it after all his injuries, just like Gore who just keeps going,
  2. Lions Cut Theo Riddick

    Just great now the Pats or the Chiefs are gonna sign him and he is going to become the greatest pass-catching RB in the league. LOL. His production was in a decline and with the addition of TY and Zenner being a more than capable option for pass blocking and a better running option than Theo as is TY. Smart move to save money and make the position battle less cloudy. He will catch on with someone else soon. I am guessing within the next 2 days. I think that minicamp and the first 2 days of training camp have shown that Johnson's speed and his unknown ability to catch passes solidified their decision to make this move.
  3. Detroit Lions sign DT Mike Daniels

    I am so excited about the D line now. The starters are going to be so dominant but the ability to sub in an out with players who would start on most teams is going to be amazing. No O line is going to be able to hold up with the constant pounding and pressure from the rotation that the D is going to be able to produce. This could be the signing that puts us in the upper echelon of D lines. It not only helps in run D but it will help the secondary because of the pressure that will be put on the QB. Pressure up the middle is one of the things that QB's hate the most and Daniels can push the pocket. The opposing O line is going to have to double some players and keep TE's and RB's in to help block which will leave openings for our LB core. Super excited about this and with the offense coming along with TJ showing everybody he is young but he is very good. Ty Johnson is going to surprise people also and let's not forget about Fulgham. All in all, this could be like getting Sheed in 04 for the Pistons. I do believe this is the year we shock the world and put our stamp on the record books. By Mid-year NFL Network and ESPN will be saying how this Lions team is for real. I can see a 12-4 record and our first Superbowl birth and victory over the NE Patriots of all teams. I know I know the Kool-Aid flows heavy over here but I would rather begin a season with great hope and expectations that with a negative outlook on it. I enjoy the season more when I believe. Let the bashing begin.

    The more I look at this class the more I like it. I think that they did what they wanted according to their draft board. This was a foundation draft. Great men who unselfishly sacrfice any and sometimes all notarity for the betterment of their team. Great draft and there are a few UDA's who could legitimately make the roster.
  5. Free Agent Rumors--Who Are The Lions Going After?

    Don't forget we have ford also. He really began looking decent late last year. I think that we are going too be fine in the running back area. Crowell would be a decent pick-up with a low dollar amount.
  6. WMU CB Sam beal entering supplemental draft

    Hey sometimes you have to roll the dice if you wanna win big. You might end up with someone with the talent level of Josh Gordon. Note that i said talent level not maturity and competence level.
  7. Lions Pick at 20

    1st choice -- Trade down and draft Tim Settle 2nd Choice -- Derrius Guice
  8. Possible First Step In Solving Our RB Problem?

    I think that if you give Coleman roughly 25 carries per then he would get you 100 plus. He can do a ton on the field but being held back somewhat by having a 2 rb rotation and 3 at times. With that being said I would not give up a ton for him but if we were to move down in the draft get Coleman, Draft Tim Settle, and then take a run blocking Lineman in the 2nd. It could work.
  9. Adopt-A-Lion 2017 Discussion & Sign up Thread

    With the next Pick, MrLionzz chooses Dan Miller Radio announcer Detroit Lions. https://audioboom.com/posts/6286916-detroit-lions-highlight-matthew-stafford-45-yard-td-pass-to-kenny-golladay-09-10-17/embed/v4?boo_content_type=single&data_for_content_type=6286916&playlist_direction=forward&t=0 Can't imagine a game without his excitement and enthusiasm. His calls of big plays are legendary dare I say EPIC. He is as much a Lion as anyone. 2-0 and 14 to go title bound
  10. Adopt-A-Lion 2017 Discussion & Sign up Thread

    If @ahoda is on the clock am I next. I wasn't sure if we were snaking it. I have the ultimate pick. It will be EPIC.
  11. Adopt-A-Lion 2017 Discussion & Sign up Thread

    With the 6th overall selection in the 2017 FFAALD MrLionzz selects --- Jarrad Davis --- MLB University of Florida --- 6'1" 238 lbs.
  12. Predict the final 53

    As far as WR goes I would rather keep Billingsly over Martin, I was not impressed at the effort Martin gave in his blocking. I think that if the Lions were to try to sneak Billingsly onto the PS that he would end up being claimed very quickly. He offers very reliable hands, great RAC, and back up slot potential. Not to mention he can also serve as a PR/KR. I like him more than Martin hands down. Abbrederis is a keeper in my mind because of his sure hands, size and precise route running. Asiata I hope finds employment elsewhere for another team because I don't feel he brings anything better than Washington and he lacks speed.
  13. Adopt-A-Lion 2017 Discussion & Sign up Thread

    Ready to designate my new Lions Mate.
  14. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    It looked like an Achilles injury because of the non-contact and the way he just dropped, that is usually how it goes. So sad because those DE's bend like that to get around the edge and that is when it could get stretched and tear. Very heartbreaking. Hyder was poised to become a better pass rusher and more productive especially with Ziggy coming back healthy he would have enjoyed one on one matchups instead of getting double teamed. Ziggy would have drawn a lot of that leaving Hyder singled up and I believe his sack total would have increased. Now Zettel is in a position to come in and start. I think that Zettel will succeed and be a good Pass rusher because he not only has speed and power but he has learned and studied how to use his hands better and create better leverage. It takes a toll on our depth though, which was somewhat suspect. One of the youngsters is going to have to step up and produce. Barrett looks good, so does the kid from UNLV. We still have Washington and Bryant will be back in 4 games but at least this happened early in the preseason and they have time to address that need and get it figured out. I hope. I trust Quinn and I think he will either add depth by dipping into the FA market or make some sort of trade for one.
  15. Preseason GT #1: Lions vs Colts

    How did Ruddock look terrible? He made great reads and 2 touchdowns. His running was perfect and very effective. He changed the play at the line when he needed to and changed it to the right play. I thought he played very well and proved he was better than Dan O. I think that he showed he is poised and skilled enough to be a quality backup and come in if needed. The D has played well on all 3 levels. Their coverage has been good, the LB's have flowed to the ball and been stout against the run and the D line has gotten consistent pressure and got their hands up to bat down balls. The Running game has looked promising and Washington while he didn't go crazy he has shown to make the proper read instead of trying to bounce it outside and make the home run play. WR's looked great. Golladay showed why the hype is there and why I wanted him in the draft process. His ability to stay focused and look the ball in and make contested catches really flashed today. On his second TD he knew where the ball was going but didn't show it till the last moment and not allowing the defender to react to the ball. His routes and adjustments we top notch today. When the regular season begins he won't be covered by the top CB's right away and his production will show it and then the real test will begin when teams start rolling coverages his way and he starts seeing the better corners on him. How he handles that and adjusts to that will be key. Zettel looked nice with max effort and constant pressure and production. The O line held up nice and G. Robbinson did a very nice job and he has shown that maybe he had a total lack of confidence in LA. Maybe the coaching staff expected him to be great and didn't nourish him and teach him properly and just assumed he knew how to be great. Once those expectations are on you and you are not told or shown how to deal with that in the proper way you get lost and that showed. Overall I am impressed with their play and effort. Hyder's injury scares me because of the non-contact part of it. The way he just went down suggests either structural or nerve damage. It looked bad and I hope that it was just some sort of sprain or something that does not cost him much time. I like Hyder and the league needs more men like him, the max effort never quit players who take their max potential and maximize it and get the absolute most out of it. Staffords pick was unfortunate but I think that sometimes he throws it so hard that at a short distance a player can't catch up to it and it gets into the body or chest and up it pops. Really excited for the season and I hope that not one more player in the NFL gets injured in the preseason. #DEFENDTHEDEN