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  1. The eye rolling is 100% directed at ownership, not your comment:) On the bright side of things, this helps with a draft pick that will probably get wasted anyway.
  2. SFH is committed to winning, don't you worry🙄
  3. The amount of apathy that the Lions create is incredible😀 Stafford not looking good at all with his accuracy today. Of course it does not help that Gollday, Amendola, and Swift are out this week. Probably should just bring in Chase Daniel.
  4. And Griffin has been pretty good from what I can tell. I wonder if the Lions will try to keep him.
  5. yes, but now they can put the Joe Milton experiment to rest finally. also, how many original starters actually played in this game?
  6. Ah more info coming out: In exchange for agreeing to sign-and-trade Wood to Houston as part of the previously agreed-upon Ariza deal, the Pistons will acquire a future second-round pick and will add even more protections to the first-round pick they’re sending to the Rockets, James Edwards III of The Athletic. Also, Wood's deal is 3 year 41 million
  7. It is a bit odd, makes you wonder if Wood wanted to leave or if Weaver did not want him in his plans. Maybe we will never know. In any event, I hope this team can get lucky and land a top pick next year as the 2021 draft will be much better at the top.
  8. Do you think it possible that they would trade for Blake Griffin? think Griffin could be successful playing with Curry.
  9. They will be decent, but will they get past Denver, Clippers, or the Lakers?
  10. What does GS do now? They make a trade and try to contend still?
  11. You hear the stat they mentioned, after Cephus dropped an easy first down in the red zone, that that was the 22nd drop by the Lions this year? It was made out to be a lot but according to profootball reference the Lions are actually one of the best teams in the NFL in terms of dropped passes and dropped pass % heading into this game. Go figure.
  12. He has shown a lot and his future looks bright. Any idea how good he is in pass pro?
  13. Incredible kick, thought he shanked it at first
  14. I think so too... A lot of NFC East teams currently with worse records but they play each other a bunch still so someone has to win:) Carolina has McCaffrey back after a long absence so they should be much better. Cincinnati has been inconsistent but they have been in a lot of games with a QB that is looking pretty darn good. Ditto for the Chargers. Other bad teams in the mix too with the Patriots, Falcons, and Texans but I bet at least two of those teams performs better than the Lions do down the stretch.
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