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  1. Detroit Lions VS Oakland Raiders

    Not sure running a PA when you cannot run the ball at all was a good idea for the final play Get in the shotgun/pistol and be ready to fire it in there!
  2. The Official Michigan Wolverines Thread

    Yeah, Patterson was pretty solid last season with his reads and running in general. So, hopefully what is happening this year in that regard is simply injury related because this whole offense is predicated on him being a threat to run, at least from time to time.
  3. Patriots sign WR Antonio Brown hours after his release by Raiders

    So many memes joking this exact scenario would happen. Wishes and nightmares just came true haha!
  4. Grade your teams draft night

    Don't see that happening anytime soon. Blake has been playing at a pretty high level and has a contract that would make him very difficult to trade imo. He is getting paid 35, 36, and 39 million over the next few years. Maybe Sekou could get some action at the 3? I don't know enough about him to know if that is a possibility just so he can get on the floor more often at least.
  5. Grade your teams draft night

    Hey man, the Pistons drafted Okur and he played two years (and won an NBA championship I might add) for them. Could not afford to keep him when he became a free agent and signed a pretty big deal with the Jazz. I was pretty bummed we lost him but glad he had a solid career.
  6. Grade your teams draft night

    Detroit Pistons Sekou Douyoumba (15th) and Deividas Sirvydis (37th) are both high upside players that will be allowed to take time to develop and become contributors next year or the year after. Sekou was definitely a very good value pick as many experts thought he might go in the top 10. Finally, the Pistons got Jordan Bone (57th) to hopefully be a new version of Ish Smith. Bone is crazy athletic and quick but needs to develop more of a shot, just like Ish. Overall I'd give the Pistons a B+
  7. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    Yeah the not having another guaranteed contract is good with a team in cap hell like the Pistons. Also, keep in mind that they are Cleveland's picks so likely to be pretty decent for a year or two.
  8. NBA Draft Thread: NO trades 4 to ATL (8/17/35)

    Maybe, but they also didn't have any 2nd round picks 2020-2023.
  9. Day 3 Discussion

    The first pick I like:)
  10. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    I can see that. I was hoping for Josh Allen but once the Jags took him I honestly was pretty sure the Lions were gonna take Hockenson. I would have liked for them to take Oliver or Bush. Heck, maybe even Montez Sweat.
  11. Lions Select S Will Harris #81 Overall

    Yeah, that sounds about right. Not far off but still, why trade up?
  12. Lions Select LB Jahlani Tavai #43 Overall

    I looked at some of the reaction the board had from last year's draft and overall people were pretty cool with it. I think the big thing was a lot of people wanting Guice over Johnson. This year there is a consensus that the Lions have messed up every step of the way in some fashion or another.
  13. Lions Select S Will Harris #81 Overall

    Not a bad player and not far off from his draft grade but really wonder if they needed to move up to grab him. Also, who the heck is playing FS for the Lions next year and beyond? Seems like Will Harris is more of a SS type.
  14. 2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Ragnow was actually one of the worst guards last season. I can sort of give him a pass though since he was a rookie and the line was riddled with injuries. Decker and Davis were fine. Of course, you'd like you first round picks to be better than fine. From last year's picks Hand was fantastic and Johnson looked like he could be a good one. Jury still out imo for Walker and Crosby but I do like what I have seen thus far. So, I don't think BQ has done a terrible job overall (though this draft is looking rough) but he does come across as thinking he is smarter than everyone.
  15. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    You don't think that Witten is gonna be in the HOF? I think the only debate is if he would be a first ballot HOFer. Overall, we will disagree here and that is fine. I think Ertz and Kelce (and Gronk in his heyday) are elite and do a lot.