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  1. Good, but not great so far, though he has battled a few injuries which effected his game. He is a very solid pass blocker and an average run blocker.Decker is 27 years old so this will cover the prime of his career. Overall this is a good deal for both sides imo.
  2. Yes, he is available still.
  3. I would probably be okay with Biadasz but would prefer to take a chance on Trey Adams out of Washington with the next pick, his size is incredible. After that pick the Lions are not scheduled to pick again until 166 in the 5th. Maybe that is where they can grab Kindley or Sternberg.
  4. Three lineman of any variety and a wr for me please:)
  5. Perhaps, could be they had a good idea that another team was likely to take them before they got to 85 though. Didn't that happen last year with Tavai? Not that they traded up but took him a little earlier than most were expecting.
  6. Definitely some pass rush ability and this about the right part of the draft him. He also fits the idea of the linebackers being able to line up on the los.
  7. Cannot rely on Casey Tucker or Aboushi. Maybe Beau Benzschawel keep showing improvement.
  8. He is a great fit in a 3-4 defense, would he fit in the Lions scheme too?
  9. Jones and Gallimore for sure. I like Wilson but not sure they will take him after signing Collins and Ragland this off-season.
  10. He was criminally underplayed at Michigan. The guy has some bend.
  11. Some good DTs still available in Madabuike, Elliot, and Gallimore.
  12. He didn't have a strong combine and is best suited as a crash defensive end, not really a pass rusher. I am hoping for a LB with the next pick, either Zack Baun, Logan Wilson, or Terrel Lewis.
  13. If there is an ultimatum to win now, or they are gone, it follows that the lions brass would mortgage next year's draft to win now. I guess I would not mind that if they also sign a good free agent like Clowney.
  14. Hey no worries, the Lions take the cake in that department.
  15. I also like Kinlaw but I believe that Brown is the most disruptive IDL in the draft and will really help to collapse pockets. Don't agree that there are 4 better players that the Lions should take over Brown assuming Young is off the board.
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