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  1. The Eagles on paper should be awesome. I have no idea why they suck so badly. Wentz is a bug part of it, but how has he become so bleh?
  2. Turnovers are lucky. We get gashed every week. Our defensive scheme is indeed trash. When we play good offenses, we go back to being utterly worthless.
  3. When you’re 1st & goal from the 1, I’m of the opinion you run 4x. QB sneak, not shotgun runs. Wtf.
  4. Are we rly gonna miss the playoffs? Seems like we’re gonna finish with like 8-9 wins.
  5. Our offense is bad too. I think teams are hip to our scheme.
  6. Yeah they’re super soft, but a DC should be able to mask that by being scheme-sound. We aren’t scheme sound at all.
  7. We need a DC that understands run fits. You can’t run a 4-man front with 2 LBs against 2-TE sets.
  8. This defense is a joke. This POS DC is garbage too. Defense is a mentality and we look like we dont give a F on that side. Missed tackles, getting driven off the ball, not filling gaps hard...just infuriating.
  9. Good signing for a contender. He was a non-fit with us in the middle of a rebuild. Good luck TT! Thanks for the memories.
  10. Just a few of my skill position comps. Quarterbacks: *Trevor Lawrence = More physically gifted Andrew Luck *Justin Fields = Deshaun Watson *Trey Lance = Bigger David Garrard *Zach Wilson = ? *Kyle Trask = ? *Sam Ehlinger = Daniel Jones *Kenny Pickett = Jake Plummer *D'Eriq King = Braxton Miller Runningbacks *Travis Etienne = Jamaal Charles *Najee Harris = Beanie Wells *Chuba Hubbard = Knowshon Moreno Javian Hawkins* = CJ Spiller *Michael Carter = Lamar Miller Wide Receivers: *Ja'Marr Chase = Amari Cooper *Jalen Waddle= Much more consistent Ted Ginn Jr. *Devonta Smith = Terry McLaurin *Sage Surrat = Michael Floyd *Tylan Wallace = Hines Ward *Rashod Bateman = Dez Bryant *Dez Fitzpatrick = Keenan McCardell *Dazz Newsome = Randall Cobb *Chris Olave = Jordy Nelson *Rondale Moore= DJ Moore *Justyn Ross = Prime Sidney Rice *Tutu Atwell = Santana Moss *Dyami Brown = Donte Stallworth
  11. I guess I value defense and traits outside of shooting. Neither of these guys does anything other than shoot. Nesmith at least has the required size/athleticism to become a good defender. Pritchard couldn’t guard ME.
  12. Pritchard is not good. And I didn’t love the Nesmith pick, but I didn’t hate it either. The Celtics had a ton of draft capital and didn’t really do anything with it. They didn’t strike out, but I would be uninspired as a Celts fan.
  13. He is a slow processor in the box. I love his upside, but he’s got a lot of work to do mentally. He takes false steps constantly.
  14. Hmm I thought they were closer to being losers tbh.
  15. I want DeAnthony Melton. He’s not really a veteran, but he plays so hard on defense and is a decent all-around offensive player. He locks dudes down on the perimeter and has a very high basketball IQ for someone under 23 years of age. I agree with you that a wily vet would be great to have, but who is gonna want to come here and sit behind our young guards? This FA PG class is bleh anyways. I don’t think we’re getting ring-chasers like Rondo and Avery Bradley. Might as well just find a young guy that complements those two knuckleheads well (Melton).
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