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  1. Your the one that got the not good grammer
  2. I would love to bury about 81% of the people I’m this country for stupidity. Bleh.
  3. Probably has to do with his refusal to “bend the knee” and take a political stance that people wanted him to adopt.
  4. Mitchell has been great. That was just an awesome play by CC.
  5. I mean yeah, but these are favorable boxes for the most part.
  6. I wish we stubbornly ran the ball. It seems like we want to throw way too much nowadays. Baker has been great, but our best formula for success is running at will. Play action off of it. Get out of the shotgun
  7. The Browns defense is absolutely horrid. But the Bills wouldn’t steamroll them. Browns O, when at full strength, is gonna put points up on everyone. Their D is just better at sucking than the O is at excelling.
  8. Was gonna say Siler. He was the guy I first thought of. He was supposed to be the freaking man that year. La’El Collins was another huge story. He was a 1st round lock and slid to undrafted due to a questionable murder investigation that he had nothing to do with, ultimately. Colt Lyerla was an Oregon stud destined for greatness. Turns out he was a complete lunatic off the field. Was routinely mocked as a 1st rounder until the stories of his insanity got out. Idk if this counts because I was the only person I saw doing this, but I had a hard 1st round grade on Essang Bassey. He’
  9. This post makes me want to puke. Lol you are a few chromosomes short of acceptable. Shame. SHAME. SHAME!
  10. I think his best fit is at FS. But I think he can still match up on outside receivers, particularly in zone.
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