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  1. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    I mentioned earlier to offer a 5th to the Titans for Firkser who's a ERFA. He did not see much use in the regular season but in the post season he had some real nice plays.
  2. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Random thought: Offer a 5th for Firkser, TE, Titans (ERFA) He showed some real nice routes and hands in the playoffs but wasn't used much in the regular season. ERFA this year and RFA next year would mean very low cap hits as well. I'm not sure if the Titans would go for it. Firkser is no Y TE though.
  3. The 2020 Free Agency Rumblings Thread

    Don't forget: A pressure makes MT leave the pocket and run out of bounds 5 yards behind the LoS or throw it into the dirt on 4th and 3
  4. If you were the GM, what you do with 24M right now?

    Trade Floyd for a 4th if you can (or anything). That'll push the cap space to ~53M. Re-sign Trevathan (30M/4yrs) and Kwiat (12M/3yrs), McManis (2M/1yr). Coward, RRH, Scales, KPL, DHC for their tender or minimum salary. Someone to hold the clipboard for 4M/year That would leave ~33M in cap with more than 51 on the Roster (including Rookies). Sign Austin Hooper 50M/5yrs (Tied for highest AAV among TEs, largest contract for a TE right now) Sign Jack Conklin 60M/5yrs (20% more than La'el Collins got before the season) OL: Leno - Daniels - Whitehair - Massie - Conklin Now for the big one: Sign Chris Jones 85M/5yrs (2nd highest AAV for an interior DL after Donald, could make it 6 years with same AAV) All contracts slightly backloaded Hooper counts 8M against the cap in 2020, Conklin 10M, Jones 15M Run a 4-3 Under Hicks - Goldman - Jones - Mack Kwiat - Trevathan - Smith Hicks would still be a 5T, we field 3 very good off ball LB, Smith can fly around the field as the WILL. Sign Deone Bucannon minimum salary (I think he's pretty good, competes with a rookie for starting SS on a loaded defense) Draft #43 Jeff Gladney / CB #50 Kyle Dugger / SS Rest is depth ------------------------------- OL: Leno, Daniels, Whitehair, Massie, Conklin, Bars, Coward, Day 3 Pick TE: Hooper, Burton, Shaheen, Braunecker WR: Robinson, Miller, Wims, Ridley, Horsted, Day 3 Pick RB: Montgomery, Cohen, Patterson, Nall QB: Trubisky, Clipboard DL: Hicks, Goldman, Jones, Mack, Nichols, RRH, 2x Day 3 Picks LB: Smith, Trevathan, Kwiatkoski, Pierre-Luis, Iggy, Day 3 Pick CB: Fuller, Gladney, Skrine, Tolliver, Shelley, McManis, Crawford S: Jackson, Dugger, Bucannon, Houston-Carson ST: Pineiro, Scales, O'Donell There's still place for Draftpicks or UDFAs Obvious weakness is Line depth on both sides, but it would fix some OL issues and gives Nagy a TE as well as a dominant defense.
  5. Your #1 FA Target

    Leno - Daniels - Whitehair - Massie - Conklin I think this could work.
  6. When to pick the next QB?

    1) In my example Trubisky is out of the picture next year and we pick the QBOTF either late this year or early next year. 2) My point was Kirk more or less openly wanting to get as far away as possible from the organization that drafted him, because he was only drafted as a replacement and treated as such. The "yeah you played okay but we drafted you later than our guy and you'll have to sit on the bench" treatment.
  7. When to pick the next QB?

    If you pick a QB late this year and another one early next year you'll have a situation like Washington with RG3 and Kirk. I don't think that's healthy. Especially when the back up starts a game or two next year and does okay.
  8. GDT: Chiefs @ Bears, 12/22, Primetime

    He just sounds like Trestman. Nagy lost me when his Offense 202 didn't work at all, his running plays are just horrible and he told us earlier this season "I don't know why the offense does not work"
  9. Mitch Trubisky Bad Throws

    Do you have a number for dropped interceptions 2018? Trubisky had so many throws into triple coverage last year I'm interested to get this stat and compare it to the leagues average. This year he just incompletes passes or runs out of bounds for negative yards instead...
  10. SURVIVOR POOL 14 - SmittyBacall IS CHAMPION!!

    @Woz I appreciate you trying to keep me in the game but I'm out. I did not pick the Chargers
  11. SURVIVOR POOL 14 - SmittyBacall IS CHAMPION!!

    Week 4 pick: Indianapolis Colts
  12. I'm asking myself the kicking team is allowed to recover the kick off at their own 45 or deeper (if there is no penalty), this kick off was in the endzone, untouched, just laying there and the refs blow it dead. Is that an oversight or the rule?