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  1. I wasn't talking about you, no worries. But are we really going to create a brand new statistical category, production over 40, to perpetrate the hoax of Brady's greatness even further? Yes, apparently some think we should. UGH! Please show me another QB over 40 that had a team this great built around him, I can't think of one.
  2. This thread shouldn't be locked, but those who literally attack other people for having a minority opinion on Tom Brady absolutely should have something done to them or their posts should be removed. Or else why even make discussion threads if bullies are allowed to just go off on people who have a point of view not shared by them?
  3. Maybe I wasn't more clear, no. I don't mean how he looks throwing the ball. I mean as far as statistics and accuracy. There is no better thrower of a football than Drew Brees and there's not even a close second. For the man to have such little respect for the amazing body of work he's had in his career, it's just crazy to me.
  4. You think I care? From what I can tell this is a place where about 10 dudes sit around and play "get off my lawn" to anyone who doesn't agree with them. You calling for a ban, simply by having an opinion, is what's so enforcing of that perception. Drew Brees at one point or the other has broken, or owned, nearly every single quarterback statistic. The list is too long to even post here. He's a Super Bowl champion and ran the gauntlet defeating Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, and Payton Manning in head to head matchups to earn that Super Bowl. By any objective measure, it's absolutely NO
  5. Brees is clearly the single greatest thrower of the football in NFL history, however I acknowledge that you need multiple championships to enter the "GOAT" debate without having rocks hurled at your head -so for my money, that's clearly Joe Montana. He did it in a MUCH harder era than Brees and Brady are playing in. Oh I'm sorry, you were just trolling instead of actually looking for a discussion. My bad.... Go GOAT yourself you f'ing troll.
  6. The Eagles would have to eat like 90 million dollars if they tossed Wentz. If Hurts is named starter, that's still 90 million dollars riding the pinewood. It's...not a good situation for anyone. In a perfect world Hurts would probably get the starting job, because the team clearly plays better with him and Wentz has just imploded as a quarterback. But this is a business and I think the financials are going to dictate how this situation plays out. If Wentz cared about the team, he would agree to massively restructure his contract. But we already know he's a bad teammate, so that
  7. I think if you're depending on Philly to win a game just so you get into the playoffs, you probably aren't going to do anything once in you're in the playoffs anyway. How exactly would the NFL step in and stop tanking? I think the NFL is a little TOO involved in the games already. Coaches need absolute autonomy in what happens on the field imo. Do you have a suggestion that wouldn't make a big mess? In a perfect world horrible teams with losing records wouldn't get playoff berths at all.
  8. Hey I got no dog in this fight but Goff has 13 interceptions and 5 fumbles to only 20 TD's. That's....not great. He's neither explosive nor is he terribly efficient.
  9. Goff is a fake, he's just not that good. I knew it in 2018 and now the rest of the world knows it.
  10. 2018 Rams, hands down. It's bad enough they outright cheated my Saints to get to the Super Bowl. But they got the absolute WORST game ever in a Super Bowl by Brady and company, and still couldn't get the job done. It was never made more clearly that they simply did not belong in that game. Seriously, Tom Brady was dumpster juice that game and the Rams still couldn't do ****. As a Saints fan and Patriots hater, it was double torture watching that game. You just KNEW Drew Brees and gang would have easily got the win. Now I'm sure there are other historic blowouts one could
  11. No quarterback got a "normal" off season this year. But Tom Brady is the only one I know of who broke every protocol to work out with his teammates before the season. So he actually got a better off season than any other QB. And why did he do that? Because Tom Brady is just so very very special and entitled. That's why. COVID restrictions are just something that only applies to others I guess.
  12. Ah yes the famous "taking my ball and going home" ignore post. Where someone specifically writes a post, to tell someone he's not worth writing posts to. I won't lose sleep tonight.
  13. Point is the mods show up and lecture us about criticizing fans, but others get to say people are legit "mentally ill" or "haters" for having a different opinion on Tom Brady. It's really disgusting to witness this honestly. Talk about embarrassing. The level of trolling and vindictive taking place here against anyone who doesn't fall at the feet of this man is what's really embarrassing. So yeah I guess that comment he made about your life is fair game. If people can call me and others "mentally ill" then hey, let's just take the gloves off I guess. By the way DVOA is j
  14. He doesn't hold all the passing records, not even close. Drew Brees pretty much has them all besides TD's, and Brees broke the TD record before Brady did anyway. He didn't "win" those things, the Patriots did. And the complete lack of acknowledging this is a team sport on your way to worshiping your sacred deity is a bit off putting. Let's see what he wins now. Which will be SQUAT this year. No division title, no conference title. The fairy tale is over and I can't wait to come here and dish out some yummy crow for you to feast on.
  15. I'm not trolling. I'm speaking a legitimate opinion and frankly I don't care what you or anyone else thinks. I will not be bullied into believing something about a guy just because he went to a loaded team and did what any professional in his position would be expected to do. But you go ahead and believe an entire conference improved because ONE MAN left it. That's not trolling, it's just stupid.
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