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  1. Trevor Lawrence is the Next Big Thing.
  2. NFC Wild Card Philadelphia @ Chicago

    Eagles always get this crap.
  3. How many more leads does his crap defense have to blow before this happens? He should have been put on the hot seat for throwing Super Bowl 52, this needs to be the last straw.
  4. The Other Games Thread 11 *Bye Week*

    Belichick needs to be put on the hot seat for getting blown by some really bad teams that get blown out by anyone else.
  5. Drew Brees only has two healthy receivers and he's playing the best football of his life.
  6. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25248930/dion-lewis-calls-titans-win-pats-personal-slams-former-team-cheap How about we actually start resigning good players and we won't get embarrassed in games like this? As Lewis says "When you go cheap, you get your *** kicked." This is the third time Belichick was thoroughly outcoached and I hope he gets put on the hotseat for it. It's seriously time to start questioning him.
  7. Yeah, count me on the worried about Tom train. He's been very ho-hum this season.
  8. Brian Flores

    I know this will come off as a troll thread, but the guy is just not good at running the defense. The defense has been torched by Blake Bortles, who was benched Sunday and looked poor in every other game except NYJ, who aren't exactly known for a good pass defense either. The defense nearly let Mitch Trubisky tie the game on a Hail Mary. From the way Trubs played, we would have won in a blowout with MattPatt. He had literally zero answers for Trey Burton, whose 126 yards against us was nearly 40% of his total season yards as of now.
  9. I'm starting to worry about this team.
  10. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    Ryan Fitzpatrick would break Norm Van Brocklin's passing yard record against us. Probably break the TD record too.
  11. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    How many more times do we need to get shredded by bad quarterbacks before the rest of you realize that Belichick is not the defensive genius that everyone thinks he is? I guarantee Bortles will look like absolute crap against Tennessee next week. Watch.
  12. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    Because of horrible playcalling and Tom Brady.
  13. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    Belichick's base defense is prevent.
  14. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    His defenses have routinely gotten shredded by mediocre quarterbacks for years now. After seeing Nick Foles shred us in the Super Bowl and then go back to being Nick Foles, it's perfectly fair to start questioning Belichick. His system does not work. We need a breath of fresh air.
  15. GDT: Week 2 Patriots head to the Jungle

    Belichick is not a defensive genius.