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  1. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    Belichick is not above common sense. Any other coach would have put Butler out there.
  2. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    Not everyone, just Solder.
  3. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    Every time things don't go our way we make excuses like this. Belichick is being cheap and it's hurting us.
  4. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    Yes. Having a guy that played 98% of regular season snaps play zero in the SB and then refusing to explain why is not doing what it takes to win. Any other coach would have been fired.
  5. If Solder leaves then Belichick needs to step down as GM.
  6. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    Good to see teams still value him. Still think the SB benching was grounds for termination.
  7. Addition by subtraction?

    While they have their frustrating moments, Patricia's defenses consistently stepped up in crunch time; Dean Pees' defenses consistently melted in crunch time.
  8. Let the guy that was arguably the team's MVP during the last quarter of the year walk, but keep the guy that has been a healthy scratch practically all year??? Then again this is the guy that still refuses to explain why Malcolm Butler played zero snaps during the Super Bowl despite playing 98% of snaps during the regular season.
  9. 49ers sign CB Richard Sherman

    Despite his expressed in playing for us, Belichick thinks Eric Rowe is better.
  10. Belichick obviously thinks Bademosi is the second coming of Darrelle Revis.
  11. Broncos trade Talib to Rams

    Belichick has no idea what he's doing.
  12. So Belichick has passed up Bennett, who went for peanuts mind you, and Talib. We need a new GM.
  13. Eagles vs Patriots SBLII GDT

    So if the Browns are the funnest organization, he'd rather go there?
  14. Malcolm Butler situation

    Yes, Bill Belichick woke up that morning and decided to bench Butler for the Super Bowl over a minor squabble. The greatest head coach of all time just completely forgot how to coach that day.