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  1. I'll class this as players who were among the best at their position during their career but just fall short of HOF status, Steelers: Greg Lloyd; Levon Kirkland; Hines Ward; James Harrison; Casey Hampton Other Teams: Sam Mills, Joey Browner, Christian Okoye, Sterling Sharpe
  2. Does the NFL provide Gatorade jugs to carry its water in? The Ravens have two more positive cases today but the game is now okay to go forward as scheduled tomorrow. All that safety BS is out the window now that Dobbins and Ingram are good to go for tomorrow, I guess.
  3. Peyton Manning & Charles Woodson - First Ballot No-brainers Zach Thomas (7 times All-Pro, All-Decade Team 2000s) Alan Faneca (6 times All-Pro, All-Decade Team 2000s) Richard Seymour (5 times All-Pro, All-Decade Team 2000s) They need an all or mostly WR class to sort out the logjam sometime in the next few years. 2022 would be a good time to do it, as there are no shoo-in candidates.
  4. The Steelers will be up and ready for this one. Let's hope the Ravens are still staggering and depleted enough that Mason gets some 4th quarter reps again. More likely, it'll be another one-score affair between these two. And Harbaugh will find something to whine about at some point before, during, and after the game.
  5. Well, it looks like I should've continued reading. Every point I just made is redundant.
  6. This was the realization I had on Sunday. LeVeon made a group of mediocre to poor run blockers look a lot better than they were because of "patience." The same guys and a RB who is far less talent isn't going to get the same results. Our front five is as good as it gets in the NFL and on at least one occasion I saw the Jags offensive line bulldoze our entire front three yards down the field. I don't think our OL has done that once to anyone all year long.
  7. If they can find a way to lock Fitchner in an equipment closet on game day, this team could have a special season.
  8. I don't think they'll lose, just don't trust them to win, if you know what I mean. Road games like this often turn into closer affairs than we'd like. The Jags are hot garbage, but if the Steelers try to work the kinks out of the run game rather than just throwing the ball and putting the Jags in a hole that they can't dig out of, then it could be another long afternoon. Tomlin teams do weird crap sometimes.
  9. The Jags suck. That means it'll come down to the last possession. Hope Boswell is on his game.
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