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  1. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Just ordered with a 2019 HOF patch
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Time for midseason pretenders / contenders I’m not gonna list the obvious ones (HOU, LAD, NYY, ATL, CHC, MIN) but here’s my list Pretenders Arizona San Diego Tampa Texas Milwaukee Cleveland LA Angels Contenders Philly NY Mets Boston Oakland St Louis
  3. Definitely propped up by coaching. They beat 3 teams in the playoffs who most would consider more talented than them due to coaching and great game management by their quarterback Are they a favorite this season because of talent or coaching? You decide
  4. Colts make LS Luke Rhodes highest paid LS in the NFL

    This is the only desirable situation that involves everyone knowing the long snapper’s name
  5. Vikings extend TE Kyle Rudolph (Four years, $36M)

    Yeah I would agree with this. Rudolph had his best season with Sam Bradford, and even Keenum looked for him more frequently than Cousins does. I’m not seeing this extension lasting very long and I’m surprised we even did it in the first place
  6. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    I have the exact same prediction for the division as I did entering last season Green Bay 11-5 Minnesota 10-6 Chicago 8-8 Detroit 6-10
  7. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    You hit the nail on the head with this point here. I hate people who claim that you need to devote all your offensive possessions to 3 pointers, lay ups and free throws because “the mid range jump shot is the most inefficient type of scoring”. You have to be able to shoot the mid range shot to keep the defense honest. You’re not gonna be able to win every single game off of just shooting the 3 Houston is a good example of this. They take this philosophy to an extreme, and while they were an injury away from a championship last season, they couldn’t beat the Warriors without their best player this season once their shots stopped falling
  8. Rudolph with a Very Shiny New Contract

    This was an unexpected offseason development. I assumed he was gone after this season, especially considering that we took Irv Smith in the 2nd round. Glad to see the team bring him back though. He’s always been a dependable player
  9. Which Franchise Is Worse All-Time: Cavaliers or Kings/Royals?

    The Kings are worse but not by much. The Cavs being as close as they are with a title says a lot about how horribly their franchise was mismanaged and totally dependent on one player
  10. Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

    True, I forgot them when I made the thread. They were an expansion team though so they get a bit of a pass compared to the other ones on this list
  11. Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

    It was really the defensive side of the ball though that was so depleted. They had a decent quarterback in Kitna before he got injured in Week 5 and knocked out for the season, and they also traded Roy Williams a quarter into the season
  12. Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

    Yeah the 1991 Colts were worse offensively with only 143 total points for the season, but defensively they weren’t quite as bad. Only ranked 20th in yards and part of that was because their offense couldn’t sustain a drive to keep them off the field Now I do think they might have a case for worst offense of all time. They ranked 8th in passing attempts but 2nd to last in the league in passing yardage. They threw it 512 times for a total of 2579 yards (4.5 ypa), and ranked dead last in rushing yards
  13. 175 - 436 point differential All Rams QBs combined: 312 / 543 (57.5% completion), 2970 yards (5.47 combined ypa), 12 TDs, 21 INTs *These passing totals generously include a 36 yard touchdown thrown by kicker josh brown on his only throwing attempt of the season Leading receiver - Donny Avery with 47 catches for 589 yards and 5 TDs Josh Brown attempted 16 PATs all season Defense recorded 6 total INTs on the season Offense ranked 32nd in points and 29th in yards Defense ranked 31st in points and 29th in yards 3rd down conversion rate ranked 28th (32.3%), 3rd down conversion rate allowed defensively ranked 29th (43.5%) Red zone offense ranked 31st, red zone defense ranked 29th Their only win came over the 2-14 Lions by a score of 17-10 Only bright spot on the entire team was Stephen Jackson rushing for 1400 yards on 4.4 ypc (only 4 TDs though, but not really his fault) Lol Keith Null
  14. Run Game is largely irrelevant

    Anything to heap more credit at dak right
  15. Oh LA cares about the Rams for sure, and even if they don’t care about them as much as they care about the Lakers and Dodgers they still care about them more than St Louis ever did. Now the Chargers is a totally different story. LA never wanted them in the first place, they wanted the Raiders back