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  1. Ok you’re full of sh*t on that one
  2. Finally a voice of reason in this. Obviously intent should be taken into account but so should the exigent circumstances
  3. I would think without question he would win it. If there was a point in time in his career to where I could point to a situation that I think he should have won the award, it would be in 2010 after he helped lead them to 12-4 and the Super Bowl despite missing Ben for the first 4 games (they went 3-1 in those with Dennis Dixon and Charlie batch at qb)
  4. I mean that was the old browns team. The new browns team has no such reputation of coming close and falling short time after time, they have a reputation of just being flat out terrible. So I can’t blame anyone who’s never personally witnessed anything but terrible Browns teams for wanting to see something more from the franchise before declaring this version of the Browns to be “snake bitten” rather than “garbage” If you want to talk about a franchise that’s competitive consistently and yet continually falls short come postseason time, try being a Vikings fan. We have the 8th best reg
  5. This flex to SF / GB would have made sense 5 years ago, but I feel like this was an unnecessary move given the fact that the Eagles / Seahawks game wasn’t exactly a problem especially since Steelers / Chargers got to stay
  6. I actually agree with most of what you said, and can get on board with your percentages. Regarding the bolded though, you have to place some value in the fact that out of all 4 games against tough opponents that you listed, all of them were losses. Two of them were with Ben (technically 1.5), and it shouldn’t be discounted that the team did pull off this 4 game winning streak against all losing teams outside of the Rams, who haven’t looked impressive at all this season. Don’t forget about one of those wins coming due to the Colts refusing to find a kicker under the age of 40 The most i
  7. I meant to say the defensive players playing well fell under butlers share of the credit. So a better way to rephrase that would be 40% to d coordinator and their new players
  8. Or is it just currently a product of the incredibly easy schedule stretch and the team shouldn’t look too much into it? I think the Minkah trade has slowly proven to be an incredibly smart move, as was the trade up for Devin Bush. I love the way the rest of their linebackers and secondary have looked, because you knew they couldn’t be totally dependent on leading the league in sacks yet again this season. That said, I think defensive coordinator Keith Butler deserves most of the credit here, but going from 0-3 to 5-4 with your backup quarterback deserves credit I’m gonna divide up t
  9. Thank you lol. Not sure where all this outrage was when Jim Caldwell was getting fired after a 9-7 season. People said the Lions needed change because he’d been too pedestrian, but he showed far more in his tenure than Patricia has at any point so far, especially defensively
  10. Ah yeah, the year that Peyton won mvp over him in 09 despite the fact that there were about 3 other candidates that had better cases than him. It’s all good though cuz Brees won when it actually counted in the super bowl
  11. Honestly I never really cared for her. She strikes me as one of those fake blondes and just seems really superficial
  12. I was gonna go to the game tonight if tickets weren’t $500 for solid seats
  13. Good job by the refs to let it run out and then review the play
  14. Sometimes I wonder why we extended Rudolph, especially after we just picked Irv
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