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  1. NFL All-Rookie Team

    *obligatory comment about how nick Chubb has more yards from scrimmage than all other rookie defensive ends combined*
  2. Saints release WR Brandon Marshall

    That makes a huge difference in their offense as a whole. We saw against Dallas a couple of weeks ago how their offense can struggle to get going without the lack of a true deep threat to keep defenses honest
  3. I’d say in retrospect this is probably a discussion worth having, but I think it was about the fact that Mahomes was a relatively unknown commodity at the time so if it had backfired he would have undoubtedly faced backlash and that probably played into the reasoning behind staying out at quarterback and not making a change Also, it was easier for the 49ers to use that “riding the hot hand excuse”, because Alex smith wasn’t playing bad before he got injured. He wouldn’t have lost his job except for not only getting injured, but also Kaepernick playing really well and giving them a dimension that wasn’t offered to them when Smith was playing
  4. Raiders sign RB C.J. Anderson; Released

    But it’s not like he led the league in rushing 2 years in a row. Oh wait
  5. Lamar Jackson officially starting QB over (healthy) Flacco

    After Sunday it’s pretty hard to argue against this in terms of both the business aspect and the football aspect of the decision. Lamar put them in position to win on Sunday before Mahomes made an absurd no look pass on 4th down. He actually showed some improvement as a passer last game as well, I thought that 40 yard pass to the end zone in the 3rd quarter was a dime that could have been caught
  6. Vikings fire OC John DeFilippo

    Seriously, I’m so tired of people complaining about our play calling. Every team’s fans have problems with their play calling as soon as it doesn’t work out the way they want it to. We’ve been limping by offensively because our talent hasn’t executed well enough too
  7. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    Ok the line definitely hasn’t been atrocious. Yes Frederick is undoubtedly missed but it’s still one of the better units in the league without him. Part of the problem with the QB pressures stat is that some of that is definitely on Dak because he doesn’t have good pocket presence whatsoever My point isn’t that his teammates make him better. My point is that he doesn’t make his teammates better and can’t win UNLESS things are going well for him. There are so many other quarterbacks that can compensate for shortcomings on their team but he is definitely not one of them. We saw what he did without Zeke last year and it was really unimpressive. Again, if you’re going to give him all the credit when he wins, then you have to account for his flaws instead of downplaying them and acting like theyre not something to be concerned about Um I would say that 13/48 (27.1%) is definitely more than “slightly higher” than 4/32 (12.5%). That’s more than double his rate from last season and while it correlates to getting hit more, again, there’s a significant part of that which falls back on him no matter which way you want to spin it
  8. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    Ok but he’s efficient when he has everything going in the right direction for him. When the running game is going strong, and when the defense plays well, and when he has time to throw behind that o line with a stout LT and a Pro Bowl guard (and usually a Pro Bowl C who hasn’t been around this season because of a bizarre illness), then yes he is good. But if one of those things doesn’t function properly then he starts to fall apart. He looks more efficient than he actually is because instead of throwing ints or even throwing it away, he takes sacks. A lot of them. And he has a higher fumble rate than every other quarterback in the league and that’s not by accident Yes obviously Vince Young wasn’t efficient. That wasn’t the point I was trying to make here and it doesn’t invalidate my entire post like you’re trying to claim that it does lol
  9. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    Vince Young was also a winner. He had a 31-19 record for his career. And we saw how sustainable his play was over the long run of his career, which in the end, it wasn’t. The more variables you need to go in your direction in order to be able to be successful, the less likely it is that you’ll actually be successful come playoff time. There’s a reason that teams continually stack the box against Zeke over and over and over. It’s because they’d rather take their chances overcommitting to stop him and try to force Dak to beat them with his arm. This wasn’t a problem that Kareem Hunt or Melvin Gordon have to deal with, because they have quarterbacks that can keep a defense honest and force them to account for getting burned through the air
  10. Is anybody else picking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl?

    So last week, my co worker who’s a huge Cowboys fan talked himself into a bet with me. If the Cowboys win the Super Bowl, I give him $600, and I have to go to the Cowboys Super Bowl parade with him, wear a Dak Prescott jersey, and tell everyone I see that he’s the best quarterback in the entire league. If the Cowboys do not win the Super Bowl, he gives me $50. I’m literally just waiting this one out as we speak
  11. week 14 memes post them

    That reminds me of the Vikings 2012 team photo with Adrian Peterson and absolutely nobody else
  12. MNF GDT: Minnesota at Seattle

    I don’t like our chances tonight given that Seattle is a tough place to play, they’ve been much better since their 0-2 start, and Kirk Cousins generally shrinks in prime time games but is especially bad on MNF with an 0-6 record. Think Seattle wins by double digits
  13. Agreed. The main reason behind the tanking and acquiring lots of draft capital is for business reasons more than football reasons. This is the most important phase for the Raiders for the next 30 years because they’re trying to establish an NFL fan base in a city that is largely untapped when it comes to sports (with the exception of the Golden Knights coming there very recently). The more picks they can potentially hit on, the better odds of retaining fans over the long run
  14. Does Mike Tomlin get fired if Steelers miss the playoffs?

    Wow you were quick to play the race card on that one. John Harbaugh was on the hot seat as recently as a month ago and it had nothing to do with his race or his overall record