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  1. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    I think Browns fans are just looking for someone to scapegoat at this point. The next coach you guys get is going to be the exact same rinse-wash-repeat. It's been like that for the last decade plus, and I completely understand your frustration and intolerance of losing at this point, but whats the excuse going to be when the next coach is stuck with horrible draft class after horrible draft class? Who will be to blame then?
  2. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    I want the Giants to want Derek Carr. I think hes an excellent fit there if they get a right tackle. They have skill position talent and the left side of the line protects his blind side well enough to where he may actually regain some confidence. I think it's a perfect fit for a roster that is suited to at least contend for a playoff spot with someone other than Eli Manning at quarterback
  3. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/hue-jackson-reportedly-wanted-carson-wentz-browns-didnt-think-hed-be-a-top-qb/ https://247sports.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/Bolt/Hue-Jackson-wanted-Carson-Wentz-front-office-nixed-it-110793674/ https://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2017/12/hue_jackson_preferred_carson_w.html This doesnt look like a guy who "didnt want Carson Wentz"....
  4. Patrick Peterson ask to be traded.

    Yeah tbh I was mostly screwing around in my post lol. I still think you guys should be considered the favorite for Peterson and I see the Eagles as the best team in the NFC East without him. I think you guys hit your stride in November because they've looked good other than melting down in the 4th quarter against the Titans and Panthers. I still see 10-6, although going out and grabbing Peterson would go a long way towards making that happen even if he costs a 1st I actually think it was a classy move to ask Foles if he wanted to be traded to Cleveland for the 33rd overall pick and letting his input play into the final decision on the trade offer after what he did for them down the stretch last year. Plus who knows if Sudfeld would have been ready to go for opening night and if they were comfortable putting him in that spot. I was mainly just poking fun at the situation in general
  5. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    He has a historically bad record because he was given a historically bad team to work with. He wasnt the one who made the decision to pass on Wentz, Sashi Brown did. Hue wanted wentz by all indications. Let's not forget, even after making the god awful Carson palmer trade, he still managed to squeeze an 8-8 season out of that Raiders team and its roster had a lot of flaws. Hell, Darrius Heyward Bey almost had a 1000 yard season under Hue. That wasn't by accident. I understand being frustrated with some of his ways of dealing with problems, but he's not the one creating the problems in the first place, he's just not helping as much as he could. He deserves at least this season and possibly next depending on how many games they win
  6. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    Management screwed him by passing on franchise quarterbacks multiple times and trading for all these draft picks that haven't amounted to much lately. He hasn't really had a choice but to take those approaches because he's been stuck with absolutely nothing else
  7. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    At least Cooks is playing well enough to have justified the trade, unlike the other guys on this list
  8. Raiders trade WR Amari Cooper to Dallas

    Hey let's give a 1st round pick for a receiver that does everything well except catch the ball I cannot believe the Raiders actually got a 1st for Cooper. If Dallas had traded a 2nd round pick I would have understood. Gruden hasn't done much right since he got to Oakland but he sure nailed this trade
  9. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    I agree that they're better off now for starting Chubb (and I'm not just saying that because he's on my fantasy team), but Hyde has at least proven to be capable of being a workhorse back so I understand why he stuck with him This isn't a playoff team with a different coach. Yes, the Browns are vastly improved from the year before, but that says less about how much more talented they are right now and more about how utterly talentless they were before. Their defense has made tremendous strides but outside of denzel ward, there is no skill position talent on that side of the ball. The offensive side has the exact opposite problem, they have no utilitarian talent on that side of the ball. People completely ignore the loss of Joe Thomas on the line and yet that may be what's holding them back the most If you think firing Hue would suddenly make this Browns team a contender, you're only fooling yourself I'd be careful about firing him. He was hired to promote the growth of the hand selected franchise quarterback that they finally took after 2 seasons of passing on franchise QBs and being total garbage. He's shown more than enough this season to warrant another year provided the team doesn't totally tank and quit on him down the stretch
  10. Patrick Peterson ask to be traded.

    I actually think that the Eagles are the favorite to land him here given yesterday's debacle. Too bad they weren't smart enough to trade nick Foles while he still had a good amount of value. They would have gotten a valuable draft pick that they could really use now in this situation but instead they're stuck with a journeyman backup QB and no 2nd round pick
  11. Jets cut Terrelle Pryor WR

    I knew it was all downhill for Pryor after that joint open practice with the Redskins. He got in DJ Swearinger's face and started talking smack and DJ made him flinch so hard that you saw what Pryor was really made of
  12. How much longer does Hue Jackson last

    I can't believe this is actually a discussion. Despite some of their close losses, the Browns have clearly made significant progress in a season where they're starting a rookie quarterback for the second consecutive season. Yes, they could easily be 5-1, but they could just as easily be 1-5. They're much more competitive than they have been in a while. You're telling me that there's a better head coach out there that's more offensively minded and better suited for the development of their 1st overall pick Baker Mayfield? Firing Hue Jackson at this point in time after everything the organization has suffered through would just confirm the mentality that this is why bad teams stay bad. Uninformed and overly emotional reactionary decisions designed to appease the fan base and light a fire under the rest of the team will only backfire and leave the Browns in a worse spot than they were before. Who are you going to promote to head coach at this point, Todd Haley? Lol.... People need to stop bringing up that 1-31 record from the previous 2 seasons. Given the black hole devoid of talent that was the Browns roster in 2016 and 2017, how much of that was actually on him? I don't think Bill Belichick would have won more than 4-5 games with those teams
  13. Who's the 3rd Best Team in the NFC

    Yeah, atm. Of course, making projections about where each team will finish when it's all said and done is part of the fun of this thread
  14. Who's the 3rd Best Team in the NFC

    It's not hard to figure out the Rams and the Saints are the best and second best teams in the NFC atm. After that is where the conference gets murky I'm going with the Vikings. Kind of tempted to pick the Panthers but theyre too hot and cold on offense. Minnesota seems like the safe pick here esp if Adam Thielen keeps putting up 100 yards every single week
  15. I know, and so did Ravens / Bengals. But those games are generally the exceptions, not the rules