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  1. What if the Vikings resigned Daunte Culpepper?

    Explains why he had his best season in 04 with Moss injured for half the season and his best receiver being Nate Burleson for the majority of the year. And why he played on a level that year that would have won MVP any other season but 2004 Peyton Manning just happened to be even more historically great
  2. Seriously, if anyone deserved SB mvp that game it was Ty Law
  3. What do we make of Donovan McNabb's career in 2019?

    He had the better career but Culpepper was better at his peak and it wasn’t that close. Culpepper’s 2004 season gets forgotten in history because he blew out his knee the next season and was never the same, but he threw 39 TDs to 11 INTs with 69% completion and 4717 yards while having Nate Burleson as his top receiver for the majority of the season due to Moss being injured for half the year. It pretty much shed the narrative that he was only good because of Moss. He would have won MVP in any other season but it happened to coincide with 2004 Peyton Manning being even more historically great I won’t disagree on the point about Culpepper having the superior offensive supporting cast, but the Eagles defenses were better than the Vikings defenses of that time period by miles. From 2000-04 (the respective primes of both QBs), Minny’s defense ranked in the bottom 10 in both points allowed and yards allowed every one of those seasons. In that same time period, the Eagles ranked in top 10 in both points allowed and yards allowed every single season with the exception of 2003 when they were 20th in yards. This included a 2002 season where the Eagles ranked top 5 in both and the team didn’t miss a single beat as a result after McNabb broke his ankle and was out for 6 weeks prior to the playoffs tl;dr: McNabb obviously had the better career but Culpepper over McNabb in their primes isn’t a ridiculous claim
  4. For me it’s Vikings 1a Raiders 1b. I started rooting for both teams because they were good when I first started watching sports in the late 90s / early 2000s and I had no interest at all in being a Cowboys fan like everyone else around here. Looking back, it turned out to be a great decision
  5. Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton involved in accident; has arm amputated

    No I wasn’t getting at that lol. It’s just that usually when something like this happens to a teammate the rest of the team is affected by it. We should know after Korey Stringer’s death in 01 basically put a dark cloud over our whole season
  6. Dolphins DT Kendrick Norton involved in accident; has arm amputated

    And if there was any chance of Miami doing anything remotely respectable this season, it’s probably gone now
  7. I have Atlanta winning the NFC South tbh. Their defense carried the load in 2017 and was set to play a big part again before 2 season ending injuries in the first 3 weeks of the season to 2 of their most important coverage players. Without it the secondary undoubtedly suffered This prediction also depends on Freeman coming back healthy. Without him playing his usual part, I’d take off a couple wins for them
  8. Angels P Tyler Skaggs has Died

    Omg I was kidding lol. Did you not see where I said RIP. Trust me I’m just as shocked and saddened as the rest of you guys
  9. Angels P Tyler Skaggs has Died

    I’m thinking I should try to trade him now Seriously tho RIP. He won me my fantasy matchup by 2 points last week. I never thought it would be the last taste of glory for him
  10. Terrible secondary combined with lack of true receiving options and an inconsistent quarterback. Maybe the line can be salvaged this year with Moton / Greg Little manning the tackle spots but I have some serious concerns about Carolina
  11. I think the Bucs are definitely better than the Panthers, especially offensively. Carolina just strikes me as a 5-11 team
  12. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Closer to contending (next year): White Sox or Mets?
  13. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Best leadoff hitter in the league next to Blackmon and Acuna
  14. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Just traded for tommy Pham but I gave up Rendon to get it done. Biggest reason was because I had a logjam in the infield. Arenado / Baez / Moncada / Rendon / Carpenter is a lot to sort out with just 4 middle infielder positions to fill and this is with Trevor Story coming back off IL Saturday Tried to trade Arenado for Christian Yelich earlier in the season and got a counter offer of Arenado / Baez for Yelich / Freddy Galvis. I was willing to do it if he replaced Galvis with Jean Segura instead but of course he wanted to rip me off so he never responded back
  15. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Mets just fired their pitching coach. Not upset about this, the bullpen blew many games this year so far. I had us with 86 wins before the season so maybe this lights a fire because the starting pitching rotation outside of Vargas is still respectable