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  1. Bears release K Cody Parkey

    I doubt he would be getting cut if the Eagles kick had been the first time he’d hit the upright that season. But it was about the seventh
  2. Better Safety: Brian Dawkins or Ty Law

    Why is this even a thread
  3. Demarcus Lawrence and potential franchise tag

    If anything they should be letting Dak walk to keep the elite talent. But we know that’s not gonna happen lol
  4. Thoughts on Cousins

    Do you feel the same about Carr though, or do you view him in a different light? Honest question since people seem to echo the same sentiments about Carr over the last 2 seasons since he got paid
  5. Thoughts on Cousins

    1. If we get a better offensive line, then there’s a good chance 2. Not all that likely since we seem to struggle with that area 3. Still better than paying Case Keenum $10 million less because at least there’s times where he shows play that validates his contract 4. He’s a top 15-16 quarterback 5. I hope he makes at least 1 Pro Bowl with us so that it can justify that I bought his jersey. Other than that, I don’t care what happens with him anymore
  6. Yeah, I can’t explain Demarcus Cousins signing with the Warriors for nothing so he can piggyback to a ring. That indirectly had an impact on Anthony Davis most likely leaving the Pelicans as well, because I don’t think he’d be wanting to leave if he still had Cousins with him. Both of them were putting up 25/10 on a nightly basis and Jrue Holiday was a perfect third wheel for that team how it was constructed I think they’d at least be a top 4 team in the West with a healthy Cousins, because they won almost 50 games last year and swept the #3 seed in the West during the first round and this was without him for half the year. Now we have another situation of a star player wanting to team up with other stars because Pels management couldn’t keep Cousins or give him any other real help after he left I do think that what silver could do though is add incentives for a player to stay with a franchise and not demand a trade. Though not entirely sure how that would work out. And you don’t want to create a situation like the Kings for most of the last decade where they pretty much held Cousins hostage before finally giving him up
  7. Most talented teams that underachieved?

    2000 Redskins. Loaded up for a Super Bowl run after coming off a 1 point loss to Tampa in the divisional round. Brought in Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith, and Mark Carrier . Started 1-2 and then went to 6-2 after an impressive 5 game winning streak that included 4 wins over playoff teams that season with 10 wins or more, including wins over both Super Bowl participants (Baltimore and NY Giants). They were even sitting at 7-4 and tied for 1st place in the NFC East after an impressive 33-20 win over the defending champion Rams on the road where they looked like a contender. And then the bottom fell out They lost the week after that at home to Philly in a game where they let Donovan McNabb account for 90% of the offense, including over 100 yards rushing. Then they lost at home to the Giants in a game where Brad Johnson played so bad in his return it got him benched for the rest of the season. They had chances to win both games and Eddie Murray missed field goals that would have either sent it to overtime or won. The second loss to the Giants got Norv Turner fired. He was the first coach to be fired with a winning record at 7-6 but the writing was on the wall. They were blown out by the 5-11 Cowboys and Pittsburgh before finishing at 8-8 and Washington hasn’t sniffed contention ever since
  8. No, but it is his fault to an extent that he allowed a cap raise that gave the 73 win Warriors an opportunity to sign Durant to a max contract. He did inherit some of that situation though from Stern, and the new TV deal had already been worked out prior to him taking over so it’s not all on him
  9. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    It’s not even Rosen’s fault that he got stuck on the worst team in the league behind arguably the worst offensive line whose best playmakers are an inconsistent David Johnson and a 36 year old Fitzgerald. I get the argument that Watson played behind a terrible offensive line and was still fantastic last season, but it was Rosen’s rookie season. Not sure what else he was really supposed to do
  10. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    Definitely wouldn’t take Dak over Kirk Cousins on the Vikings. He’d just waste Thielen and Diggs, and he’d get killed behind our garbage o line with how long he holds onto the ball and how much he fumbles
  11. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    Yeah seriously. He only threw 0 TDs and 1 INT in the Super Bowl
  12. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    Oh I completely agree. It was the exact same song and dance as the 2016 season. We had a game to win and get in the playoffs and he played awful, just like a couple years ago against the Giants in the season finale when he was on the Redskins and they were win and in for that situation as well While it’s true that our offensive line played far worse last year than it did in 2017, I think too many people are quick to scapegoat DeFilippo without realizing that he pretty much had no choice but to pass almost every down considering that Cook was awful for most of the season, even after he came back. I think there’s still plenty of reasons for optimism on offense this season, but I also agree that I think we’ll cut bait with him if we miss the playoffs again next year
  13. 49ers decline option on WR Pierre Garçon

    No, because he was too stupid to sign with the Patriots. Otherwise he would have been a shoo in
  14. Are most teams ok with their current starting QB?

    I’m fine with Kirk Cousins. He didn’t elevate us last season but he definitely wasn’t the problem. I know we’re paying him a lot but it’s not like 30 TDs and 10 INTs with a passer rating over 100 is anything to be ashamed of
  15. This would be a ridiculous change just for the sake of change. I dont like Goodell either, but his contract isnt being renewed after 2023 so at least the end is somewhat in sight. I think Silver's done an alright job so far, but it's worth noting that there is absolutely no parity in the NBA and the Warriors are just about a lock to win their 4th title in 5 years by a wide margin. This comes after 4 straight Finals involving the same exact teams