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  1. Who Was The Most Improved Player In The NFL Last Season?

    What did he have before to improve from besides 1 game in 2017?
  2. Who Was The Most Improved Player In The NFL Last Season?

    My personal pick would be George Kittle pretty easily
  3. Top 10 MVP Snubs of All Time

    I’d actually say he had a better case in 2015 over Cam Newton. Peterson in 2012 made sense because he carried a useless Vikings offense with Christian ponder at quarterback to the playoffs while coming within less than 10 yards of Eric Dickerson’s record after coming off a torn acl at the end of the previous season just 9 months prior to the start of the season. I didn’t think Cams passing stats against a cupcake schedule were particularly impressive, although if you want to argue the disparity in Cam’s rushing stats vs every other QB in the league then I won’t disagree with that
  4. Date set for 2019 NFL Schedule Release

    We deserved 3 prime time games and got 5. I don’t really understand that one
  5. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    Didn’t think there was any chance of this happening after he was an idiot in the offseason. But dude somehow actually gets a felony charge for a violent wreck where one of his passengers sustained serious injuries due to him driving recklessly at twice the speed limit pleaded down to a careless driving misdemeanor which is less than that of a DUI and nobody even cares and he gets signed right after. Unbelievable Hes a #3 at best at this point in his career
  6. 1151 yards on 4.7 ypc in just 14 games last season behind an improving but still middle of the pack offensive line I think they can get a 3rd round pick for him, which I think makes sense for them with Penny waiting in the wings
  7. @Krauser you were right, but I think he would have held out if the Vikings hadn’t offered him the extension because he definitely earned the leverage for it this past season. It made too much sense for both sides to not get it done though
  8. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Yeah I can understand that and don’t have issue with anyone who would pick the Rams to win the division again. I personally think Whitworth is on his last legs and thought Seattle was a pretty strong 10-6 team last year. They had a point 428-347 point differential and all of their losses were by 1 score. I do think you guys should trade one of your RBs tho
  9. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    I can’t do it man. I still think the Rams get the wild card but the Seahawks played them really close last season in both matchups and I don’t see them getting swept again
  10. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    Should I pick Seattle to win the division or should i assume this is gonna end the same way that it ended after Rodgers got paid last season?
  11. Top 10 MVP Snubs of All Time

    Lawrence Taylor won it in 86 tho And I don’t think Watt was necessarily snubbed. Rodgers was deserving of MVP as well
  12. Top 10 MVP Snubs of All Time

    True, but Brees doesn’t deserve all the blame like he probably did for the Cowboys game. I’d at least put it at 50/50 I think Peyton deserves a lot of credit for at least 3-4 of the comeback wins. I just think there were a few that he got all the credit for that he didn’t deserve, and that gave him an edge in MVP voting. I’ll give you the point about the rushing game, though let’s not act like Pierre Thomas and Mike Bell were doing Brees a huge favor themselves. And I’d say Manning’s primary targets were probably an upgrade from that of Brees since Wayne and Clark both had huge seasons, whereas Marques Colston was remarkably consistent but not anything too special and Shockey was nearing the end of this career
  13. Top 10 MVP Snubs of All Time

    Fair enough, but I don’t think that the Cowboys game by itself should push Brees below Peyton in the pecking order. I’m not really going to count the Bucs game against Brees because it’s not his fault that they gave up a 65 yard punt return to tie the game and then he promptly drove them into field goal range and his kicker missed the field goal and they never saw the ball again I will say, even though just about every Colts fan rushes to Manning’s defense in this specific debate, you’ve at least been one of the more reasonable ones about it and this is why I feel that we can at least have this discussion and get somewhere with it. I had one on here one time with another Colts fan about this specific situation and it was way too obvious what his agenda was
  14. Top 10 MVP Snubs of All Time

    I’ll definitely give you the point about Manning not fumbling at all the entire season, but it’s important to note that he got sacked a league low 10 times and still threw 16 INTs. The only QBs that threw more INTs were Cutler, rookie Stafford and Sanchez, and totally washed up Jake Delhomme and Matt Hasselbeck I don’t think you’re giving the defense enough credit for how well they played that season and how many times they bailed him out. Let’s look at circumstances involving these games: Week 2 (@Dolphins) - You got me there. Colts had the ball for less than 15 mins and still won and that had never been done before. Manning was as efficient as he could possibly be Week 8 (vs 49ers) - Lol, the TD pass came from Joseph Addai on the very first play of the 4th quarter. Manning threw 0 TDs and 1 INT. Don’t think this one should really count in his favor Week 9 (vs Texans) - He threw a critical INT near the end of the first half in the red zone with the Colts already up 13-0 and let them back into the game. Texans led in the 2nd half and would have tied on the last play of the game if not for Kris Brown missing a 42 yard field goal. Manning threw for over 300 yards but 1 TD and 1 INT. This one is definitely up for debate Week 10 (vs Patriots) - Give me a break lol. As soon as the Pats missed the 4th and 2 by half a yard, it was obvious the Colts were going to go a measly 30 yards for a TD. They were gifted that one. I know Manning led them back from a 17 point deficit, but he also put them in the deficit to begin with by throwing 2 INTs that turned the tide in the 3rd quarter Week 11 (@Ravens) - There’s no way Manning deserves all the credit for this one or even close to it. Not only did he throw just 1 TD to 2 INTs, not only did the Ravens miss a field goal earlier in the game that could have decided it (since it was a 2 point loss after all), but Joe Flacco threw a critical INT late in the game with the Ravens well in field goal range. Ed Reed also made a ridiculous play late in the game by trying to lateral on a punt and costing the Ravens possession instead I’ll definitely give you the game against Houston, as even though he threw a couple INTs early in the game, he led them back from a 17-0 deficit and played really well after that. I also give him credit for throwing the 65 yard TD to Reggie Wayne in the Jaguars game, but let’s not gloss over the fact that the defense stepped up and made a pick in the Jaguars red zone late in the game to seal the win Im not sure why Brees should be punished for the fact that his team didn’t have to come back as much. They handily dismantled that Patriots team that had the Colts on the ropes btw (though to be fair you could probably say the same thing about the Saints having trouble with the 1-15 Rams that the Colts totally diced) To sum it up, I think everyone was kind of tired of Manning pretty much unconditionally being the front runner for MVP at this point, and this would have been a perfect time for some fresh blood in the award. I know Brees has never won an MVP, but it would have made total sense to give it to him in this situation. I think the media driven narrative of Manning being the majority of the reason they were winning close games was what pushed him back into the MVP spot yet again
  15. Top 10 MVP Snubs of All Time

    Yeah, Manning got too much credit for them winning 4 straight games by a combined 10 points in the middle of the season. Aside from the 4th and 2 game against the Patriots (in which he still threw 2 critical INTs that put the Colts in a 17 point hole to begin with), he was pretty mediocre in all of them. The defense was the main reason that the Colts won those games, yet the media fawned all over Peyton and it was ridiculous