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  1. Very disappointing season. Between the Bell mess, the Boz mess and the refereeing mess, this season slipped down the tubes. I still wonder if we had caught a couple of breaks (i.e. the Grimble fumble in Denver) the season may not have snowballed the way it did. For those of us who've been calling for drafting heavily on defense the last couple years, I think we were vindicated. Why the FO doesn't see this is as a closing window with Ben, I will never know.
  2. Steelers vs. Saints GDT

    Hard to stomach that loss. Take away the Ridley fumble and the idiotic fake punt and we win that game. Have to pray that the Browns take care of business next week. And of course, knock off the Hue Jackson winless Bungles.
  3. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka best of all time.
  4. Official TAST - This A'int Steelers Talk Thread

    Didn't watch the whole game but their pass rush looked pretty good from what I saw.
  5. You're right, I left the Texans out. I'd put them in the Steelers category: Very capable and dangerous with playoff experience. IF they can play mistake free, they have a very good shot.
  6. Head and shoulders better than the Steelers or the Patriots? I think the cream of AFC crop is fairly even. As we've seen throughout the season, any team can beat any other team on a given day. It really comes down to who gets hot heading into the playoffs. The Chargers have had some charmed wins of late, so they will be riding that momentum, but they are not a seasoned playoff team and when the chips are down, I think they'll get beaten in a big game. The Chiefs, led by Playoff Andy Reid doesn't scare me as much as they probably should. Reid is a modern day Marty Schottenheimer. His teams dominate the regular season and generally peak too early. They'll get bounced unless Mahomes has Joe Montana-like ice water in his veins come playoff time. Ravens are a scary matchup but I don't trust Lamar Jackson in a big spot. (not to mention he's always one play away from getting carted off the field) Patriots are always dangerous, but they are as shaky as I've seen them in a long time. Don't think they have the sand in their pants to get it done this year. Leaves us the Steelers. If they can play even close to their potential and not make stupid turnovers, I'd give them as good a shot as anyone.
  7. The City of Oakland should get the Cleveland lawyer that won the case to keep the name and colors with the city and not the team.
  8. Patriot Fan angst? It's like Christmas.
  9. Just finished reading the Patriots GDT. That was amusing.
  10. Hard to keep him after 12 missed kicks. Small bit of redemption hitting that last 48 yarder.
  11. Four games in a row were embarrasing: JAX, DEN, LAC, & OAK. Only good I can see is that this team was absolutely locked in and focused for the game today.
  12. Nonsense dude. He hit plenty of holes between the tackles today.
  13. Way to man up. He was excellent today. Did his job and did it well. He's not going to create something that isn't there, but give him some space and he's going to get you some yardage.
  14. Who were the geniuses that said Jaylen Samuels was trash last week??
  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet, sweet VICTORY is ours!!!!