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  1. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    It's a make or break year for Flacco. Ravens are due for a bounce back season. But if Harbaugh doesn't turn things around soon, he may be looking for work along with Flacco.
  2. Which rookie QB starts the most games in 2018?

    Bradford will play 12 straight games? lol Well, it could happen. I bet Jackson sees some action, maybe even a lot if the Ravens stumble in the first half of the season..
  3. Pre-Training Camp Roster Prediction

    Feiler did play some guard. Mostly in Week 17 IIRC.
  4. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Yeah scary situations with those guys, altitude is no joke. I live here and it is definitely harder on the body than at sea level, in general.
  5. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    Or if you're Ryan Clark you could literally die from it.
  6. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    . Worst because of the altitude? Not in terms of the stadium. The weather can be frigid or mild. It's LOUD when everyone gets stomping. If I was ranking based on how nice the stadium and or the experience, I'd say the old QualComm Stadium in SD was pretty crappy. Buffalo is no beauty either, but the people were cool in my experience. The Meadowlands/Giants stadium is full of blowhards. But a fun enviroment. Used to go circa Fireman Ed era.
  7. Andrew Luck reads @CaptAndrewLuck tweets

    Those tweets are classic and Luck reading them is gold.
  8. How would Alabama fare in the NFL?

    They'd probably win more games than Cleveland did last year.
  9. Just some thoughts...

  10. Burns, I could POSSIBLY see losing some time to Sutton if he does not perform well. Probably not, but I wouldn't rule it out. I think Sutton is a baller. I'm also very interested to see the 2nd year development of Brian Allen. I really hope he shows something and finds a way to get on the field at some point defensively. Dupree, on the other hand, is pretty much locked in at LOLB. After having not acquired ANYONE either through FA or the draft, there is no one to give him any competition. FO: "NO, WE'RE GOOOOOODDD!!! Bartender! Another round!"
  11. 2019 Targets for Steelers

    Oh my lord... that is the best highlight ever!
  12. Sam Darnold vs Baker Mayfield

    I wouldn't say Vick had long-term success in the NFL as a franchise QB. He had some good years and made some spectacular plays, but was he an very good franchise QB that did it for a long time? Not so much. I also wouldn't say he was a "bad boy" per se. Yeah, he did some incredibly stupid things off the field, but I'd more so call that bad judgement.
  13. Sam Darnold vs Baker Mayfield

    Favre was/is a good ole' boy. Painkillers has nothing to do with it. Rivers is a family man with 7 kids. Outspoken? Yes. Bad boy? Not exactly. Big Ben was cleared of those charges. He's also a family man and a great community leader. Kenny Stabler is the only one who comes to mind. He had some good long-term success in the NFL. His numbers aren't that great but he was a league MVP, SB Champion and was recently elected to the HOF.
  14. Sam Darnold vs Baker Mayfield

    I think I just got dumber reading that.
  15. Sam Darnold vs Baker Mayfield

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't ever remember a "bad boy" QB having long-term success in the NFL. I think of guys like Jeff George, Jim Harbaugh, Jim McMahon, Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel. Mayfield may flash for a few years, but long-term, I have to go with Darnold.