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  1. Catch rule changed

    It's long overdue. I guess if enough people are up in arms about it, something finally changes. The one and only time I ever sent an email to Roger Goodell was after that Dez Bryant catch. I hate the Cowboys, but it was obviously a catch and a miscarriage of justice. Glad that it is FINALLY fixed.
  2. Catch rule changed

    Glad to hear. The gray area for catches was ruining the game. Hopefully the new rule makes sense to the fans and allows the refs to call a fair and consistent game.
  3. This is another solid FA signing by the FO. Good player at a huge position of need. If this happens, it will really give the team a lot of flexibility for the draft.
  4. ILB Jon Bostic signed to 2 Yr Contract

    Makes the roster better for now. A move in the right direction.
  5. ILB Jon Bostic signed to 2 Yr Contract

    I liked Bostic coming out of college. Hope he can be a quality starter. This might spell the end of the Timmons reunion.
  6. The Slow Burn Mock (Updated)

    Sign me up
  7. Mitchell-Gay-Golden all gone.

    Looks like a 1st round safety this year.
  8. NFL General - Steelers Forum

    And DeCastro beside him. But good for him. He's gone from a marginal swing tackle to starter. I wish him the best.
  9. Would you trade Bell to Browns for #4?

    In a heartbeat. But it would never happen. Saquon might still be there at #4. If not BPA would look pretty good on defense. And a minor correction: Bell is 26 now.
  10. Players you think are being overhyped/overrated

    Theoretically, I agree. But if tall and fast was the definitive formula for success as a move TE. they'd be recruiting a lot more basketball players. I'm not saying he can't be that, I just don't think it's a slam dunk. If we are talking about him as an ILB, I could see that. But he was originally touted as an OLB. To me, he looks like a superior version of Bud Dupree with more fire in his belly. I'd take him as an OLB. I think he could be a beast there.
  11. Players you think are being overhyped/overrated

    I know this one might not be popular with some of you Penn State folks. I haven't studied the players as closely this year as in some other years, but my overhyped player award goes to TE Mike Gesicki. I know he blew up the combine and I'm not saying he's a bad player, but people seem to be losing their minds about this guy, like he's the next Gronk or Kelce. I think we need to pump the breaks on all that. He is not a 1st rounder in my opinion, more like 3rd. Of course with those combine numbers, some team will grab him before the end of the 2nd, most likely. I think he's a decent blocker and an above average pass catcher. But from what tape I've watched of him, I don't see the WOW factor there. What say you?
  12. What are you reading? V1

    Reading Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse. Some intense philosophical musings. Finished reading recently: Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer Very cool concept but doesn't seem anything like the movie coming out. Bird Box by Josh Malerman Intense post-apocalyptic story of a world where you can't look outside Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. Classic time-travel, existential, WWII story.
  13. My Pre-Combine Mock

    Haven't really dived deep into Vander Esch but from what I've seen, I'm impressed. He strikes me as a pro-typical smart, tough, talented football player. (and leader) Is he worthy of a #1 pick? IDK, but I'd be open to the possibility.
  14. War's pre-combine mock

    Good draft War. Evans in the 1st makes a ton of sense for obvious reasons. Had never seen Rollan-Jones before. Like what I see so far. Impressive wingspan it looks like. I'm a big fan of Worley, if we got him at the back of the 5th, that would be an absolute steal. Facyson is a good mid-late pick as CB, but in no way see him as a FS. His tackling is not his strength. Haven't really studied Elliot much, but I hear good things.