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  1. I'd like to differentiate between Leading Men (or women) and Character actors. Leading men essentially play themselves in every role (i.e. Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Sidney Poitier) and character actors transform themselves into something very different for every role. (i.e. Johnny Depp, Daniel Day Lewis, Gary Oldman) The interesting thing is: There are guys like Johnny Depp who have the looks of a leading man but has had almost no success playing those parts, but is a genius at character roles. (ditto Brad Pitt) Guys that look like character actors and can play them but are actually good in leading roles like Chris Pratt. Then there are guys who play some of both successfully or a hybrid like Denzel Washington, Jim Carrey, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro. Having said all that, my all-time favorite Leading and Character actors are: Leading Denzel Washington Tom Cruise Robert DeNiro Marlon Brando Tom Hanks Character Johnny Depp Laurence Olivier Daniel Day Lewis Paul Giamatti Gary Oldman
  2. For all you Derek Rivers fans out there, looks like he is done for the season with a knee injury.
  3. Considering his injury and suspension history, he should be so lucky to get an offer that good. He's already going to get paid 33% higher than any other RB in the league. Is that not good enough for him? I'm all for guys getting paid and getting their fair market value, but to ask for more than a generous contract is either greedy or stupid. By the way, can anyone explain why the tag is $12M/yr when the top 5 RBs in the league are making roughly $8M/year?
  4. Was just thinking about this recently: Why oh why can't any of the other teams in that division get their **** together? Absolutely pathetic run over the last (almost) 20 years.
  5. Wonder if the Falcons are still hungover from that atrocious collapse in the SB.
  6. I am looking forward watching this young defense take another step forward. You have to be pretty cynical not to be excited by what we saw in T.J. Watt Friday night. Healthy "old man" Heyward and "grizzled" badazz Harrison leading the way for a talented group of young players. Should be good! Obviously the addition of Bryant is going to be a big "HGH-infused" shot to the offense. Healthy OL/Ben mixed with an upgraded WR corp? Yes please. Now we just need Bell to ring. What's getting you excited about this year?
  7. This is the kind of thinking that has many franchises in the tank. Change for change sake? No thanks. The Steelers were a few good plays away from returning to the Super Bowl. You think it's that easy to win a championship with ANY team? Even the great Belichick couldn't win for 10 years - with Tom Brady! Stability and improvement are keys to winning championships. Tomlin provides that. What does Tomlin not being a hot commodity when he was hired have to do with this topic? Zero. Tomlin is easily a top 10 coach, probably top 5.
  8. WD has become melodramatic garbage imo. I keep watching because I can't look away.
  9. Right. As if being a cheerleader is a bad thing on game day. Once you've put in all the energy and effort into preparing your team for the game, why shouldn't you cheer them on? I think Tomlin represents the best, most positive aspect of what is called a "player's coach." He's well respected but he cares about his guys within the context of winning the game.
  10. What we see on Sundays is just the tip of the iceberg. I can guarantee that Tomlin is in on everything from top to bottom. Aside for being heavily involved in x's and o's with the other coaches, he's building relationships with those coaches and all of the players. Creating a cohesive unit of men who believe in his leadership and are all playing hard for the same goal is a difficult job but one he has done extremely well. (And one area where many other coaches have failed) Bottom line: As much as it is a cliche at this point, you have to look at his results. To go 8-8 or better for 10 straight years in the NFL is an incredible feat. Sure he's got an elite QB, but as we've often seen, that does not guarantee you a winning record. At this point, he has earned the trust of ownership, coaches, and players. As fans, that should be good enough for us.
  11. 1 SEP 10 1:00PMEDT * AT BROWNS 2 SEP 17 1:00PMEDT ) VIKINGS 3 SEP 24 1:00PMEDT * AT BEARS 4 OCT 1 1:00PMEDT * AT RAVENS 5 OCT 8 1:00PMEDT * JAGUARS 6 OCT 15 4:25PMEDT * AT CHIEFS 7 OCT 22 1:00PMEDT * BENGALS 8 OCT 29 8:30PMEDT ' AT LIONS 9 BYE 10 NOV 12 1:00PMEST * AT COLTS 11 NOV 16 8:25PMEST ' , ` TITANS 12 NOV 26 8:30PMEST ' PACKERS 13 DEC 4 8:30PMEST + AT BENGALS 14 DEC 10 8:30PMEST ' RAVENS 15 DEC 17 4:25PMEST * PATRIOTS 16 DEC 25 4:30PMEST ' , ` AT TEXANS 17 DEC 31 1:00PMEST * BROWNS
  12. Jake McGee had a hell of a block on the TD. Looked like the second coming of Heath on that play.
  13. Hargrave. He's going to be an absolute monster if he stays healthy.
  14. I just got chills reading that list of quarterbacks. It was a tough road indeed. Not by other franchise standards but by ours, yes. It was tough, not only because we didn't win one but also because there were so many opportunities that slipped through the cracks. (AFC Championships at home) It has been a great luxury to "not worry" about the quarterback position these last 13 years. But the day will come soon and probably sooner than any of us would like that we will have to wander in the desert of mediocre quarterbacks again. Hopefully not for 25 years this time.
  15. Never did one of these on the old forum, so here goes: First Name: Dan Age: 46 Location: Denver, CO Job(s): Insurance Manager College/Degree: University of Maryland Favorite Pastimes: Family, Books, Movies, Steelers Football, Fitness Favorite Movies/Shows: Shawshank Redemption, Office Space, Breaking Bad Favorite Current/Past Steeler: Jack Lambert, of course. Goals in life: Raise my kids well, have a good marriage, learn a lot and create a life I'm happy with Fun goal: Go to Steelers Fantasy Camp with some of you folks
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