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  1. Big Ben has had troubles against zone and despite the stat line, I think we played him as well as we could. We forced them to eat up drives and earn points, rather than giving up chunk plays or big plays down field. I think all of their WR averaged around 10 YPC, which is pretty incredible given their talent level.
  2. Keep in mind our fanbase has absurdly high expectations for this team year in and year out. It's NC or bust every year, IMO. Not to mention, it took a bit for our run game to get off the ground and our defense has not looked like the OSU defenses we know and love. That being said, the Clemson game proved that we can beat anybody in the country, Bama or otherwise. And let's not act like Bama doesn't have some holes. There is a lot of talent, but OSU matches up pretty well.
  3. I really hope OSU keeps sending Werner on blitzes like against Clemson - I don't think Mac Jones is the QB that ESPN makes him out to be, but rather a product of outstanding weapons. We need to rattle Jones. Let's try to keep the big plays to a minimum and control the tempo.
  4. I responded to DawgX's inquiry - but to put it bluntly, it's because I was an ignorant, stubborn idiot. Webby gave me multiple opportunities for a path back to the forum and instead of being mature and handling things like the adult I should have been, I chose to be an immature little prick.
  5. Title is changed, but this post is 100% going to get removed, so you'll likely need a new one. But until then, cheers folks.
  6. Let's go beat these Chiefs. They're not unbeatable and they have holes in the defense. Our biggest challenge will be Travis Kelce, although Tyreek just needs one or two big plays to make a huge impact. Best thing we can do is play Vrabel ball and control the clock. Keep Mahomes off the field, sustain long drives, run the football and set up the play action pass. Let's stop rolling out to the left for PA and roll out right, where Baker really thrives. Also, Austin Hooper - catch the frickin' football. Our defense played conservative last night because we really had to cover for Robe
  7. Sadly it's not permanent - Webby will log in soon and I'm sure his inbox has been spammed with notifications of my post.
  8. Special shout out to the following folks - I know I'm going to forget some names, but just putting together a list - even though I didn't have a great relationship with all of you (looking at you LETSGOBROWNIES, buno, MWil), you all had a significant impact in the forum and helped make it great. I'm sorry if I left you out, but it's literally been over a decade since I've been on consistently. Thank you for everything. candyman93 malibuspeedrace LETSGOBROWNIES Mastercheddaar DaWg_LB. ReggieCamp Bonanza23 Kiwibrown NateDawg MWil23 mistakebytehlak nugpimpen ditchdi
  9. DawgX - I was banned for posting something insanely ignorant in the entertainment section of the forum. Webby gave me opportunities to come back, but I was stubborn and instead of taking the right path to ensure I could return, I screwed up and pushed my limits which made my ban lifetime. I then continued to open up accounts, use proxies and try to get back on, but I was never subtle about it. I wish I could go back and handle things differently, but I simply didn't. It was definitely a growth experience. I grew up around really ignorant people and it sadly took me until my late 20's to realiz
  10. Last night's win goes out to you, Joe. We're playoff winners. I know you're smiling up there my friend.
  11. I've missed you all over the last several years and I am thankful I was able to spend so much time with many of you back in there day. I know not all of you were fans of me as I was a pretty hard headed 20 year old back in my mod days (hope you can look past that MWil) and I could be a bit of a prick. I made a stupid, stupid, stupid, ignorant comment that got me banned and I had discussions with Webby that fractured our relationship beyond repair. I've accepted that I'll never be allowed back, but don't think I don't check in from time to time to see this forum continue to dominate FF. Webby,
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