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  1. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in balls lol
  2. Mayock is the Tiger King.... just one more to go in 2021
  3. Probably said "one of the worst QBs in the league, and biggest p**** in the league by a country mile" lol
  4. Good comp. He and Allen Robinson play similar. Big guys, fluid, physical and win jump balls with physicality,
  5. So pumped for the pick. Edwards was that dude I was talking about Mayock would draft who ends up the better WR on the team. He and Ruggs will form a nice duo. This is they type WR Carr should jive with. Throw it up and he will go get it for you.
  6. What a passive aggressive, soft post. You called Carr "one of the worst QBs in the league, and biggest p**** in the league by a country mile" You have zero respect for the man and are going to try and tells us you're rooting for him. This is the classic "post something positive, in case it all comes back on me" post and I'm not hear for it.
  7. At least Lamb will reach potential. Viska will rot away while the Jags try to figure QB out lol
  8. Sidenote.... my 2 favorite day 2 picks Viska and Wilson could not have gone to worst organizations. Hate that for them.
  9. Fans were thirsty for a double dip at WR. Gruden''s like..... F it, gimmie that triple dipper man.
  10. I'll just spare everyone and give you the token white guy scouting report.... Stiff hips, lunch pail guy, first in, last out, blue collar work ethic
  11. Normally someone posts something positive about a prospect after the pick. It's crickets on this guy. Seems his best achievement is switching positions with Simmons from time to time lol
  12. We will never know.... but I didn't see a team taking Muse before round 5. So many better options on the board there that could have had some impact as a rookie.
  13. Yeah, this pick sucks.... Basically a ST player to develop in round 3.
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