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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Imagine calling Ferrel a busted JAG 5 games into his rookie season, then ignoring the thread all together after a he had a stellar game.
  2. lol... This is the Raiders forum. Fans are so thirty for star talent we over rate preseason performances. You're asking for a lot.
  3. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    Speaking of Utes. Zach Moss is a stud. Not sure his draft stock, but pairing him with Jacobs would be choice.
  4. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    I'm Utes all the way man... don't worry
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    KC game was brutal because Abram got hurt and Riley was destroyed the entire 2nd quarter. Eric Harris has been at least steady back there now. Minn game really turned on some penalties that kept scoring drives alive for the Vikings. Those 2 games, the offense didn't have any rhythm going yet whatsoever. They've found it since.
  6. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    It suck Crowell got hurt, because he would have been a perfect #2 back. I'd look at Mike Davis if he's not scooped up off waivers. Day 2 of the draft will always have some guys who can play.
  7. Around The League V.2

    Raiders - Need to stay focused and 12/1 could be for the division against the Chiefs. Raiders then hold their fate in their own hands with games against the Titans and Jags who could be in the mix. Steelers - 4 division games, but the Bengals and Browns don't present a lot of trouble. Their schedule sets up nicely. 9-7 looks easy for them Bills - they are pretenders. Could see them loose 4-5 games the rest of the way
  8. Has McVay been overrated?

    They certainly swing for the fences with big trades and FA signings. Now are suffering from bad Oline play. And limited resources the next couple seasons after the Ramsey trade. McVey, like Shanahan come from the Gruden tree and they use the running game to set everything else up. So if you're Oline is leaky, there are going to be problems. McVey is not overrated. He's a great coach and leader. Teams are going to go through ups and downs. They had some attrition on the Oline and it's lead to some issues but McVey is still a winning coach
  9. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    Wait what... I'm not a BYU guy lol NCOUGH is a BYU homer though
  10. Teams have always wanted to get an instant impact. Some and key word is some players are capable of a lot coming out of college. Others, there is a learning curve. The difference is, teams are not patient anymore. Again... 24 hour news cycle, you get pressured to play certain players. And the media likes to bury teams who are trying to rebuild. Look at how much flack Gruden took last year for trying to build a team in his vision. The Dolphins now. Social media LOVES to take down 1) High draft picks 2) Highly paid athletes 3) Big personalities who are underachieving. Social media has made the world suck honestly.
  11. Seriously... I was talking to someone today about Chris Long. He was a college stud, went #2 overall in the 2008 draft and had 4 sacks as a rookie. Nobody was calling him a bust. He wouldn't hit double digit sacks until his 4th year. That was just 11 years ago. Now everyone is reacting to draft twitter and PFF "grades". Making sweeping declarations immediately on these young players. It honestly would suck to be a pro athlete in this era. Under a constant scrutiny and would be really hard to escape it.
  12. Revisiting the Mack Trade

    37. We're good man. Knock on wood if you're with me
  13. Revisiting the Mack Trade

    I just want to win a superbowl in my lifetime lol
  14. Pick is in, #4 Clelin Ferrell DE Clemson

    How many Michigan games did you actually watch? Be honest... because I have a pretty good guess. Gary was a good run defender. H/w/s player with a ton of potential, just didn't put it all together in college and they didn't find his best position. He only had 1 move at Michigan. He was drafted because his traits are off the charts and a good defensive coach will be able to bring them out. My in-laws are Michigan grads, I've seen nearly every game since Harbaugh took over as coach
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I agree. It's a different game. We are seeing a lot of undersized LBs are excelling more now. You have to be able to run. Teams want to spread you out and get the ball to their RBs and TEs in space. You have to have LBs that can run and cover.