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  1. I have no problem with optimism and respect that is the side you lean on. I don't see a team that improved. I see a team that collapsed in 2019. Spent a ton of money on the defense, got worse and collapsed again in 2020. I see a team that needed a 2pt conversion against Denver week 17 to limp to 8-8. An improvement from 2019 when they failed the same 2pt attempt and fell to 7-9. 2021... they have to push reset again on defense with an entire new staff tasked with salvaging a lot of bad draft picks and FA signings. Derek is keeping this team from being 5-11 right now. But I don'
  2. Has a player, specifically a big FA signing, who's later cut ever come back to the team for less money? Genuinely curious. Seems they mostly divorce and move on.
  3. It's garbage because you don't agree? Do I have that right? I think it's a valid argument to say a bad team who collapsed in back to back years shouldn't be looked at as anything more than what their record indicates. Who cares that you beat KC, NO, Cleveland and almost KC again when you limped to an 8-8 finished and missed the playoffs.... again. When this team can beat teams when it matters in December, then maybe we can talk about who they beat. Right now... it's meaningless. A couple wins in another losing seasons. As relevant as Bruce Gradkowski beating the mighty Steele
  4. It's a lazy cliché to call a shoe a shoe?
  5. Some here trying to compare him to Ferrel are way off base. Paye is going to develop into a really disruptive player. He has some dominate traits for the position
  6. This has to be him spitballing. I don't think he's more than a radio personality. Certainly wouldn't have inside information on something like this. Plus... common sense prevails here. Where would Brees go that's better than New Orleans? They won in spite of him until they couldn't overcome his mistakes in the playoffs. Love Brees, but he needs to hang them up. His arm was gone.
  7. Yes... because the Raiders have proven for decades they are a bad team. And they've continued to show they don't know how to close out games against inferior opponents. They've had several games in the last decade where they beat a playoff contender.... how many playoffs appearances have they had as a result? How many games have they won post Thanksgiving the last 2 years? Win the team starts winning meaningful games and making playoffs.... I might care about the 7 meaningless wins against playoff teams on Carrs record.
  8. People need to look at that KC game in a vacuum. If they play in KC in front of 70K+ fans, that game is a lot different. They didn't basically "beat them twice" either. The Browns game was an anomaly, high winds and the Browns played without Chubb. A clock is right twice a day. It's the performances against the Falcons, Jets, Chargers, Broncos (week 17), etc. that tell you more about who this team is.
  9. lol... Borders was an URFA with the Raiders in 2017. One of those training camp / preseason hyped players this fan base loses their mind over when they get cut. He's been on 7 rosters, hasn't stuck with any of them, all you need to know.
  10. If you can get Wilson, go all in on it. He's the perfect QB for Gruden. Veteran, mobile, accurate. He'd elevate the offense. I'd guess the price would be less than Watson due to age. And Carr may be a guy Seattle wants as part of it.
  11. Shame he couldn't stay healthy. He has some good skill. I could see him getting picked up by KC to replace Watkins
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