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  1. Can't be said enough. Really happy he FINALLY made it to the Raiders. I wanted them to make a trade for him going back to Jacksonville. Then again when he was traded to Baltimore. Crazy how good he's been to be on his 4th team. I would extend him tomorrow and make him a lifer.
  2. I didn't even mention Howell or Strong, so not sure what point you're trying to make. Willis or Corral will likely be the top 2 QBs taken. I think both have franchise potential. Both high upside players.
  3. Worth noting, a few of us wanted Harold Landry. Raiders traded that pick to the Titans who promptly took him and he's been on a terrific pass rusher for them. Raider took PJ Hall.... oof.
  4. Only played in 2 games, but yet. I would have liked to seen him in Bradley's rotation. Soloman Thomas looks like a different player in Vegas vs. SF. I thought Key and Hurst would find some success. Funny how they went to SF and their defense is a mess now. Key failing makes me smile. No respect for players who want to bad mouth a team on the way out. Zero personal accountability.
  5. Source? I thought they'd have given him a look in FA seeing as he ties to Bradley. As a rotational pass rusher, I'd be all for it.
  6. Wims right? I forgot he's on the PS. I liked him at UGA. Can't separate in the NFL though.
  7. The ball Carr through way to hot? We're blaming the WR on that? Hit him in the hands yet, but Carr had no business throwing the 100 MPH fast ball on that.
  8. It's October. My point, saying the class sucks in October is misguided. There is a lot of football to be played.
  9. Watching the All 22. Oline still sucks. Carr is just getting the ball out quick. James, Pleatherwood and Parker frequently beat but the ball was out. Credit to the receivers getting open. Improving, but still getting whopped. Their coverages were awful and Carr was quick to diagnose.
  10. That's the case with nearly every time. The Raiders could easily be 3-4 right now if the ball doesn't bounce there way.
  11. If I am Carr I'm not taking a team friendly deal. After everything this dude has had to endure with this franchise. I don't care how good a guy he seems. The amount of nonsense he's had to deal with with coaches, trades, rumors, the franchise moving, etc. I hope he gets his.
  12. Mahomes, Allen, Lamar were all raw, inconsistent had accuracy issues. Murray was to small, the list goes on. I used Lawrence and Luck as they were seen as "can't miss" prospects. Those are rare. "There's not a Zach Wilson in this class" is a hilarious statement. Who was Zach Wilson in October last year? How about Mac Jones? This class will unfold and prove several prospects worth a first round pick. There are better QBs than Zach Wilson in this class. This class is under the radar because there isn't a guy with 3 years of gaudy numbers out of a top program like Clemson, Ohio State,
  13. Some of you are so scared of the Chiefs. F the Chiefs, okay. F 'em! Their crap roster construction finally caught up with them. The Oline sucks and they have no defense. They have to get by Rodger, Dak, Carr twice, Herbert again and Burrow. They are not making a run on that. This is not a homer Raider post, I don't know who they are still.... but they are in control of their own destiny in the AFC. This is pro AFC rant that is saying F the KC Chiefs, I'm tired of hearing about them and it's good to see them losing and I hope it keeps up.
  14. I love Mike Tomlin. What a statement.
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