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  1. I think you are way to low on: Saints, Steelers, Patriots. Those are 3 of the best coaches in football. I get you not buying their QB situations, but they win other ways and get the best out of their teams. Saints have a Superbowl caliber defense, an elite Oline and great skill players. They won with Taysom Hill running their offense. Pats improved the roster overall and are the best coached in football. Steelers, I could see falling off if Ben is finally done and it shows. What's odd to me is you have the Dolphins QB'd by Tua winning the division. I don't buy Flores quite yet
  2. They do and they don't. But none of them are going to elevate into A level talents imo
  3. Terrible position to be in trying to outbid a division rival
  4. I've made no bones about how I feel about Abum. He's trash and needs to be taken to the curb before he stinks up the place. He's been the same player since college. Fans thinking the staff will reign him in are kidding themselves. Remember Hard Knocks Gruden talking to him about calming down because he was going get someone hurt. That was in training camp as a rookie. How's reigning him in going? The fact Bradley added multiple safeties this offseason tells me they are one step closer to realizing he needs replaced. I hate it, because it was a wasted pick. But he's shown you w
  5. The point is, Karl Joseph is not playing FS. He's here to backup Abum after he injures himself week 2.
  6. How does a stadium that has box seats in the end zone to attract corporate money have a personality? That is literally the definition of soulless. Less about the fans and more about corporate interest. Further... we've not seen the stadium with fans in it. 30-40% of which will likely be opposing fans who "went to Vegas for the weekend to catch a game" This stadium like most new stadiums is another degree of separation from actual fans. It's to appeal to big money
  7. Just hope baby! Same thing every offseason with this fan base. No actual talent, just hope someone breaks out or develops despite the fact they've shown little to give fans hope.
  8. Mayock literally said in a press conference he's here to back Abum and put an end to the FS conversation.
  9. I think they improve from bottom 3 to bottom 3rd of the league. Bradley brings a better element and Yannik brings at least promise to the pass rush, but no one else on the team is capable of being a consistent rusher. I still see issues at DT as addressed. The LBs suck and have little depth (some fans will hang on to the Littleton dream another year). Corners are suspect. Heyward helps, but he is 31 and coming off a down year. Safeties are young and inexperienced and Abram will get way more time than he deserves to sort his game out before a rookie takes over. I'm pessimistic clearl
  10. Liking the Ducks is why he was no surprise to me. He had every trait you want in a franchise QB. Had all kinds of coaching changes that cooled his college career off. Poor skill position players late. But the talent was there. Same reason I like Fields. Seen him play more than most QBs out there because of his background.
  11. It's very much given. TM is already the starter. The only guy on roster who would compete for that spot (Heath) was cut. Joseph is SS insurance when Abum is eventually hurt or benched. They've made that clear already.
  12. If Thomas couldn't unlock his potential on one of the most talented, well coached defenses in the league.... I'm not optimistic he does it in Vegas. DT is still a problem. Jefferson was cut in Buffalo, Thomas is a bust. Irvin had a moment 3 seasons ago. Philon was average before signing in AZ. I don't see anyone who's going to dramatically change the Dline personally.
  13. I doubt Carr plays past 35. 4-5 years of Rodgers would do more for the Raiders than 7-10 years of Carr. You know, a QB who can win in December.
  14. Agree with this. Denver could have kept a good thing going post Manning, but kept whiffing on QBs. And Kubiak leaving as well.
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