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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    There is no trade there dude. The Jags are not idiots and they have a backup LT they trust.
  2. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Most view this as one of the best WR classes in years. AJ Brown, Emmanuel Hall, Marquise Brown, Deebo Samuel, Parris Campbell, Ahmmon Richards, N'Keal Harry, Lil'Jordan Humphrey You've got a solid mix of size, speed, etc. Something for whatever you need in the offense in rounds 1-3.
  3. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Just a though..... The people wanting Bosa. The Raiders would have to: 1) Finish or have the Bears finish with a top 5 pick 2) Package 2 firsts to trade up... Think about 2 for second. Trade a HOF edge rusher for 2 first round picks. Give up 2 first round picks to move up for unproven edge rusher.
  4. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    lol... They are just playing musical chairs now seeing who can apply pressure?
  5. Random Raider Stuff

    lol... A 2nd to 4th pick for a 34 year old tackle. Think before you type.
  6. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    Only thing that sucked, was they should have let him throw the ball late. He's the best player on your team, let him win you the game. I get eating the clock, but with no explosiveness at the RB spot, let Carr do his thing. Kolton played really well. Credit to Tom Cable for getting him ready. Hope he keeps it up. Taking nothing away from Miller here, this is more about Chubb.... are we sure he's not JAG? I'm not overly impressed with him. Looks stiff and never was an explosive first step guy.
  7. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    There are some good FA's on the market. Not signing Mack should boost the spending power
  8. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    Give it time, it's week 2. He's still a b
  9. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    He was gassed. The entire defense was gassed. It was a "lazy uninterested" thing. He simply was done. The Raiders have zero depth for pass rushers. They have a real problem there. Key should be the 3rd option and has been elevated for obvious reasons. They have no 3rd option. Edge rushers are priority 1 this offseason.
  10. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    So much wrong in this post. How is he "being cute". His QB completed 90% of his passes. Offense moved despite the lack of a run game. He dialed up a good play on 4th and 1 and it was dropped. It happens (see Thomas dropping a wide open pass). The second half is about the defense. Right now, they are a unit without any playmakers and lacking a pass rush. They were gassed, getting no pressure and Keenum was able sit in a clean pocket and make easy throws. The Raiders best defense right now, is their offense keep them off the field. They are still a unit learning a very complex offense. And let's face it, Lynch, Doug Martin.... they are old. The running game looks slow and one dimensional. A lot of struggles come down to execution. Can honestly say, this is the best coached Raider team I've seen in a decade. They have a plan each week. They just have no talent. Reggie McKenzie's poor drafts have sunk them finally in the talent dept. so they are relying on a bunch of stop gap vets to get by.
  11. GDT Week 2: OAK @ DEN

    They actually were overly conservative. That 4th and 1 call was the perfect play call, worked perfectly failed in execution. Whomever is calling out the personnel, if that's Cook and Richard for example, Denver reads that a mile away. Raiders dominated this game for 55:55 and found a way to loose. Pretty easy to see who/what the team was missing yesterday. In the end, Carr played fantastic. Von Miller talked up Kolton Miller and maybe he was onto something because Kolton played lights out (not sure he was tested by Von though). Denver's secondary is suspect, will be interesting to see how that plays out. Their offense is lacking as well. Both these teams look like .500 ball clubs at best
  12. The Good, the Bad, the 0-2 team vs the Broncos

    Good: Coaching staff - Aside from getting conservative late (some of that is execution) the team looks well prepared Carr - Nice rebound. Best he's looked against Denver Cooper - 10 targets, 10 grabs. He's special, just get him the ball Miller - Interested in seeing someone break his tape down. Didn't notice him once, which is a plus for him First half defense - Looked discipled, were getting to the ball and shut Denver out Bad: Second half D - Without a pass rush, Keenum was comfortable and able to deal on them Rushing attack - looks old, slow and isn't being blocked well Special Teams - Jordy returning punts? Seriously? Towsend leg is weak. Suppose to be a good directional kicker and booted it into the endzone for a net 29 yard punt with the game in the balance Ugly: Game killing plays: Penn missed block on extra point (1 point) Irvin unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when they forced a 4th down giving the go ahead TD (4 point swing) Cook not getting set on a 2nd and 4 late Smith drop on an excellent designed 4th down call
  13. Week 2 GDT: Raiders (0-1) @ Broncos (1-0)

    Been pounding the table for RB and LBB for years now. Tevin Coleman is a FA this year, he's prefect for this offense.
  14. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    Gordon is a top 5 WR when he's on the field. But we know how that works. Would love to see a Chris Carter like turnaround for him, but the dude doesn't love football by all accounts. That said, I'd sign him in a heartbeat. He's worth a shot because of his immense talent. But likely is going to fail where ever he ends up.
  15. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    So Nagy won't be a good HC because his QB might suck? They have a top tier running game and top defense. They will win games despite the QB.