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  1. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    It's clear you are drinking the kool-aid pretty feverishly. You can spin anything as a positive this time of year. But fact is, there are a lot of unknowns and will be growing pains. And there are a lot of holes in the roster. RT, LB, S, Dline/pass rush. So you should temper you expectations some. I think a lot of you look at 2016 as more than it was. And because of that season and upgrades on the staff/roster you can just project success. But sports do not work that way. Too many variables and changes.
  2. Training Camp 2018

    Donald expecting have a deal in place before training camp: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/07/17/report-aaron-donald-expects-deal-before-camp-starts/ This would be the domino needing to fall for Mack's camp to have a number in place for his contract
  3. Training Camp 2018

    Training camp gets underway on July 23rd when rookies report and kicks into full gear on July 26th. Here are the storylines heading into camp: When will Khalil Mack report? He's their defensive MVP and the Raiders need their pass rush to click this season. How will the defense take shape? It's been Mack and everyone else for years now. What players are going to step up this season under Guenther. We know what to expect with his scheme, but there are a lot of question marks to the defensive rotation. Where is the pass rush coming from? Mack is a given and Bruce Irvin played well at the end of '17. Will having him as full time pass rusher help? Staff is high on Key and Hurst, but can they learn quick enough to get meaningful reps as rookies and impact the game? And what about the secondary? Dreadful a year ago with 5 interceptions all season. Is Conley healthy? Was Melvin just a flash in the pan? Can Joseph show what made him a 1st round draft pick? The safety spot is a bit of a mystery with Nelson past his expiration date, but nobody yet to challenge him for the spot. Will the LBs be up to the task? The AFC west is filled with talented TEs and RBs who have made the Raiders pay for years. Raiders hoping Whiteheads (a run stopper) and 36 year old Johnson can bring some respectability to the group. But who's the WLB and can any of the young guys progress to add decent depth? Will Cooper be the focal point and cure his drops. How will the rest of the WR group come together? Gruden is said to want to make Cooper the focal part of his offense. Sees him as young Tim Brown. Will this work out and is Cooper ready for the spotlight? What's the deal with Martavius Bryant? Can Jordy Nelson show a little left in the tank? And who will win the 4th spot in the rotation? Who are the starting tackles? No question this was a point of emphasis with the staff in the draft. Protect Carr! Penn is coming off a serious injury and his career is about over. Miller and Parker are both raw prospects relying on Cable to get them ready. If Penn misses any time, can someone hold on the LT spot? And who wins the RT spot, one of the rookies or are they seriously going to trot Giacomini out there? Can Lynch and Martin be something in 2018? For Lynch, can he keep grinding at age 32? Martin is looking for a career renaissance after some poor years in Tampa. With good protection upfront, can these 2 carry the load and take pressure off Carr? Who is Derek Carr? Carr has missed time with injuries in the last 2 season. May have come back to early in '17. But is he the guy in 2016 who put the team on his back and looked like an MVP? Or is he a middle of the pack guy we saw in '17 who struggled with interceptions? Can Gruden buck a disturbing trend? Make no mistake.... former great coaches who've come back after years off and haven't fared well. Can Gruden come back after nearly a decade and still be the man he was previously? It's easy to say he's been around the game in his time away, but when it comes to calling a game does he have the same zest? Training camp and preseason will show us a lot about how he's relating to the team and differences since he last coached
  4. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    If you want to keep trying to sell yourself on it, so be it. LAST YEAR means nothing when you're a 36 year old player. You see how much slower and older Nelson looked the last year compared to 2016? The staff brought him in, because he was the ONLY option out there outside Bowman who is still yet to sign anywhere and is older and slower. Johnson isn't finding the fountain of youth. The LBs will predictably, be a problem for the defense just as they were the last number of years.
  5. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    Herd doesn't like the Raiders. Don't like his logic for the most part. But he's right on the fact there are a lot of unknowns with Gruden coming back.
  6. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    He's also another year older, prone to injury. So if he misses any significant time, they are in trouble unless one of the young guys has really developed his game.
  7. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    Derrick Johnson is 36 and has had trouble staying healthy. I think he will be average and if he misses any time, the team is in trouble because there is ZERO depth currently. Putting their eggs in Johnson is misguided. The scheme argument is weak as well. There were too many examples of players just not being good enough to cover backs in space and TEs have owned the Raiders for a decade now. You need talent along with scheme.
  8. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    Same. Been clamoring for years to upgrade the LBs with speed and some coverage ability. Not making a move on Jack still kills me
  9. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    You're just being negative like me I guess lol. I 100% agree. Today's NFL and in the AFC West particularly, you have to be able to cover backs and TEs. The Raiders LBs are completely overmatched, slow and have minimal range. They will again create major issues on the defense.
  10. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    No, I'm realistic. I love Gruden and the staff he's put together. The future looks positive, but there are glaring weaknesses on the team that will take time to correct and develop. I also don't care what teams did last year, because the NFL changes every year. It's not being negative to think this is a 9 win team. Because I don't buy the defense being anything more than slightly better. If they are going to win 10+ games, it will be because they knocked it out of the park with their draft picks on defense and they stayed healthy. That's why I feel the team is a year away. New system, too many new faces, new coaches, etc. It will take some time.
  11. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    Exactly. On his 7th team now and has 1 good season where he played in only 10 games. Not buying anything with his sample size Look at the player how? Looking at the players, there are several vets won't amount to much. One year does not predict the next. Fan logic this time of year.... your team always gets better but don't factor in the fact a lot of other teams got better as well.
  12. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    I agree here. The future look promising, if for nothing more than consistency in coaching. But your post leans way to optimistic for my liking. It's typical of every post this time of year where you highlight everything as improvement without looking at some serious down side. Too much emphasis on veterans who may or may not have anything left. On average 50% of a teams FA signings are busts. Too much emphasis on rookie players having major roles and excelling early. You also have to look at the AFC West: Denver - defense will be solid and added a major player in Chubb. Keenum is an upgrade over their QBs last season KC - Offense will be electric despite some growing pains with Mahomes. LA - Top to bottom a talented, sound roster with a veteran QB. If healthy they could compete for an AFC title. 9-7 IMO is if everything breaks right for the team. I could easily see this team as a 6-7 win team going through some growing pains.
  13. What is your REALISTIC expectation for this year?

    I think to many of you place weight on the 2016 season which was a one-off. Saying things like "return to 2016 form" as a justifier for a playoff run this year. That team could have easily been .500 without some late game heroics from Carr. This team should be better coached, but their are some glaring talent voids on the roster. Starting (predictably) again at LB. I don't trust Derrick Johnson and his twice repaired achilles to add anything more than experience to the MLB spot. The safeties are again going to be suspect. KJ has to show up and the team is trotting what's left of Reggie Nelson out there as a starter. At CB, you have Melvin a journey man who has less than 1 season of productive play. And Dline, you're relying on young guys to figure it out quick. This defense is going to be a work in progress at best. On offense, it's easy to say under Gruden Carr should return to form. But there is also possibility he doesn't. Maybe he's just a middle of the road QB who had 1 good season. There are going to be questions at both tackle spots. And RB is trotting out two guys who would have been all world 4 years ago. Literally everything will have to click for the Raiders to make the playoffs in a strong AFC West. Nelson/Johnson will need to find the fountain of youth. Bryant will need to stay out of trouble. Penn will need to come back 100% and a rookie play out of the world on the right side. Martin will need to bounce back from poor seasons. The list can go on. Team is still a couple years away from being much of anything IMO.
  14. Referee Gene Steratore retires

    Careful what you wish for. No evidence the guys coming in are going to be any better
  15. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    Tell us what exactly?