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  1. Gruden's system isn't the easiest for WRs. They have to learn a lot at each spot. They will both come alive in time.
  2. How can you call a guy who's on IR and switching positions a bad miss? I swear... the same people praising Parker are out here calling rookies a bust. There is LITERAL evidence of players needing time to adapt to the game. The expectations for rookies any more is just ridiculous.
  3. The scary thing is, Carr and Gruden haven't even tapped into the potential of Ruggs and Edwards. This is happening with Waller and Nelly.
  4. 2 guys off a team (Atlanta) that has as poor a pass rush as the Raiders? Call me pesimistic. Beasley did nothing in Tennessee and was cut. Takk - https://bloggingdirty.com/2020/11/10/takk-mckinley-biggest-bust/
  5. And Nelly. Nelly has been a surprise hit and he's been what most thought Ruggs would be to this offense. It's a good problem. Nelly has become a go to for Carr Ruggs needs refinement in his routes and to continue learning the positions. Also... the Raiders are a heavy run team
  6. I agree. My point was, it's not needed. The offense is scoring points and moving the ball without manufacturing touches for Ruggs. No need to force him touches but agree he can be a difference maker with the ball.
  7. The issue with Ruggs is fans want to see more of him because of what Lamb and others are showing. But he's a little raw as a route runner. He has had his chances and made some rookie mistakes.
  8. Really doesn't matter the way the offense is playing. Nelly's been more or less what they hoped Ruggs would be (surprisingly) And Ruggs is clearing things out for Waller
  9. Ferrell is a player. He's not flashy, but he is a gamer and great in run defense. Hopefully last night showed some what he brings to the team with his absence
  10. Raheem Morris has Gruden ties. He's a respected DC and doing okay as interm in ATL currently.
  11. Got you. lol... that's asking a lot. Defense has no teeth upfront. 4th and shorts are litterally a gimme. I'd go for it on 4th all game until they stop it.
  12. 4th and short is a lot different than 4th and goal from the 16
  13. Love to see it. He was a small school kid who was thrust into starting early when he wasn't ready. It was going to take time with him. Props to the coaching staff for the work they've done with him. Parker and Good are in house replacements for Incognito and Brown. Take a lot of pressure off the need for Oline in the draft.
  14. Not talked about enough here.... Gruden had the O on the field on the 4th and goal. Until the bench got a penalized and backed them up 15. At that point, you have to take the 3. Which, ridiculous they get that penalty. But they were right in that Edwards was absolutely mugged in the endzone.
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