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  1. Raiders cut Derrick Johnson LB

    Tried out with the Browns in the last 24 hours
  2. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    Yeah... but not at Amari's price tag. Cheifs just paid Watkins, have Hill. Rams just paid Cooks, Woods and have Kupp and have to pay their QB soon. So if you're picking 2 teams that would sign WRs, these to would be low on that list.
  3. State of our team

    Don't need a full write up of silver and black lenses and apologies. There never was a "window". This team has been horrible on defense for over a decade. They fail to address obvious needs at LB despite it being 2018 and teams spreading out more that ever. They had 1 player and won't have another like him possibly for another 20-30 years. This organization is flawed at the top. So that "window" was never opened. It was painted shut about 2002.
  4. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    He's going to sign with 2 teams who don't need WRs? Makes complete sense......
  5. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Miller's PFF grade is EXACTLY why I loathe that website. No regard for situations and variables outside the players control. Nor do they often know the schemes or players duty on a specific play. Way to many variables that cannot be accounted for in their "grading"
  6. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    I actually think Frankie is partly right. Cooper isn't a #1 WR in the mold of top guys in this league. He a high end #2 who needs a compliment to his skill set. He needs that guy who can take the top off so he can work the intermediate routes. He's been inconsistent, had drops and isn't much of a red zone threat. While some struggles can be related to coaching/QB, some is on him. He's disappeared for stretches even when the offense was clicking.
  7. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    DK Metcalf assuming he recovers from his neck injury. Dude is a beast.
  8. State of our team

    I was done with Irvin last year. Guy isn't actually good on the field and his whole leadership schtick wasn't fooling anyone. Guy is who he's always been.
  9. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Here is the thing on Cooper. He's not a #1 WR. He need a complement and the Raiders have never given him that. He needs someone to stretch the field and give him room to run the intermediate routes. He's a legit #2. He will give you 1000+ yards, but he's inconsistent.
  10. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Agree completely. It's almost Chip Kelly like the way he is showing :"Reggie's" guys the door. Guys like Edwards Jr. whom wasn't a bust 2nd round pick, but choosing to keep Frostee Rucker at 36 years old over him just doesn't make sense. Signed Brandon Lafell (30) to have him as a healthy scratch each week, makes no sense. Starting Rodgers-Cromartie (CB), Nelson (S), etc. over younger players. Getting rid of Crabtree for Nelson for the same price, another one that makes you ask why? Gruden is a terrible GM, that's not news. Just didn't expect it to happen this quickly that he would tear things apart. And no trust in him to rebuild it correctly.
  11. State of our team

    I can accept a rebuild. But Gruden has proven he doesn't know what he's doing. Bad coaching hire in Tom Cable. No idea of value in trades. Rebuilding but starting old players who won't be around next year? Making Bruce Irvin a team captain, he's just not that guy and proving it. Gruden has no edge anymore. So I can't even buy him as a coach at this point. Biggest embarrassment in football. 100 million dollar coach. Completely terrible.
  12. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Want a 1. Will take a 2 and some team will give a 2. Jets maybe. Quincy is out 3-4 weeks and Darnold could use another target
  13. State of our team

    This is hilarious....
  14. The curious case of Amari Cooper

    Calling it now. Cooper will be traded to the Jets. I'd say for a 2nd round pick, but that's to optimistic with the "GM" on this team, so likely a 3rd. Hey.... if you can get Bryant for a 3rd right?
  15. State of our team

    I for one want to here from that bowl cut wearing moron who made this all happen. You gave this guy a 10 year, 100 million dollar contract to come out of the booth. You basically confessed your undying love for the guy nationally. You've let him raid the franchise and turn your GM into scapegoat for everything. Your team is 1-5. How'd you think this would play out Mark? And let's be real for a second..... all that talk of Gruden would "only come back if he had a QB" and Gruden "came back to coach Carr and Mack" was all nonsense. He's a money whore who Davis had to go full on ridiculous with his contract to get him to come back. It's actually painful because there is something terrible that happens when you give people that kind of money. You give them entitlement. Now suddenly, you don't even own your own your own franchise. Gruden owns Mark Davis now.
  16. State of our team

    I can't make any sense of it honestly, outside his ego just can't let Reggie's guys produce. You want to rebuild... so you play a bunch of old bums. Insult to injury... Guenther was praising Conley. Said he ranked him as the #1 corner in his draft. Well wtf happened? I'm actually mad at myself for not seeing this all coming. We knew who Gruden was and kept trying to spin it otherwise. Big ego, 100% roster control, hired his own FO people, had his own draft board, favors veteran players..... it's all playing out like a bad dream.
  17. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    Yes and no personally. Yes, emotionally.... I want W's. I'm tired of the "under construction Raiders". Logically, less upset with one caveat (explained later) I think the roster was pretty much garbage. Mack was the only true star talent. The defense with him, wasn't very good. Secondary and LBs have been awful for years. There was no pass rush outside of him. Reggie McKenzie has failed miserably to acquire talent in the draft. Missing on several high draft picks getting cute with high upside potential picks. On offense, despite spending a lot of money on the interior Oline, the tackles spots were going to be an issue. McKenzie failed miserably at several attempt to find a RT including draft and FA. Penn has been on his last legs for a while now. The skills, outside the inconsistent Cooper have been so so. We were all blinded by a fluky 12-4 season if 2016 against a soft schedule and a lot of last second wins. But the team wasn't as good as the record showed. Defense was and remains, miserable. Carr's injury and subsequent crashing to earth amid pressure has sunk the offense. So that caveat.... I get the need/want to blow up the roster. It sucked and needed overhauled. But is Gruden the guy for that job? That is a clear cut no. And that's the issue. You want to rebuild, that's fine, but you want Gruden who is a failed GM to rebuild it.... just dumb. He's already been worked in trade. And he's doing Gruden stuff in favoring a rebuild with mismatched aging parts that don't add up to much of anything.
  18. Raiders shopping Amari Cooper, Karl Joseph

    The problem with rebuilding is Gruden has shown he can't build a roster when he was in Tampa. So I'm personally very bearish on a Gruden rebuild.
  19. State of our team

    Looked... we were all hoodwinked by Gruden in the offseason. A lot of people bought the hype he was bringing. Saying things like, he wanted Mack here. That Carr knew the offense better than he did. Cooper was going to be the main focus of his offense, etc. The honeymoon period was over the day Mack was dealt honestly. Any optimism for the season was gone and an 0-3 start just aimed to confirm that. Every move Gruden has made has been a misstep. Skeptical fans cringed at the hiring of Cable. They were right. He's taken that unit to new lows despite their high price tag. Then came the overhaul on the roster.... with moves like cutting Crabtree who'd been Carr's go to. Signing a slew of aging veterans citing leadership and culture, which isn't evident. And the poor trades for Bryant and Mack. And more yet to come with the trade deadline looming. He inherited a 6 win team and turned them into what looks like a 2-4 win team. Wasn't improved coaching suppose to build this program up? Right now, I don't even see signs the staff can coach. His offense is stale and predictable right now. The team lacks any sort of identity (where have we heard this before). There is no resemblance of star talent and the QB is face planting before our eyes. This is Dennis Allen levels of bad right now. Who could have thought it would be this bad after 6 weeks? The team is lifeless, out coached and the roster is washed up. Going to be a long, long rebuild......
  20. State of our team

  21. This is what is frustrating with this team.... Why do they keep a 30+ year old WR on the roster just to healthy scratch him each week? Why not use that roster spot on a young player you can develop in the system?
  22. State of our team

    Because they have multiple first round picks. And an offensive minded HC who would favor a move like this.
  23. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Love White. Scared he's a talented LB. Raiders don't seem to value those much. 49ers, Cardinals, Giants and I'll say Broncos all finish worse than the Raiders unless the wheels come all the way off Carr.
  24. Grunden might trade Carr straight up for Eli for all we know. He need more veteran leadership
  25. 2019 NFL Draft Thread

    What teams will be looking at QB in the top 5 outside the Giants? A lot of the bad teams have a QB in place. But I agree with trades, but the Raiders have to come away with a difference maker on defense. And they get worked in draft day trades, so there's that.....