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  1. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Gannon arm QB? Herbert was a projected top 10 pick last year. He's got all the tools you want to develop. Josh Allen helped him 0%
  2. New Derek Carr thread

    Like so dumb... I have to comment twice. How many strip clubs have you seen The Rock in? He's humble, kind and works his face off. Does everything to pick others up around him. He's as alpha as they come.
  3. New Derek Carr thread

    Has purpose. Displays courage, controls emotions. Make quick decisions, doesn't hesitate. Doesn't stay in comfort zones, always looking to push and improve. Assertive and always looking to grow. Doesn't make excuses. Works to get better and recognizes weaknesses.
  4. New Derek Carr thread

    lol... every time I think you can't top yourself saying something dumb, you somehow find a way. This was the stupidest thing I've read anywhere on the internet in a year.
  5. New Derek Carr thread

    I'm still firmly on that bandwagon. I don't think Carr is the future of this franchise and think he's a middling QB overall. I am actively looking to upgrade if I am the GM. I don't think he's a git with Gruden and needs a change of scenery. That said, he's not as down right horrible as some make him out. And I will defend some of the nonsensical stuff like this beta-male crap one poster wants to keep slinging.
  6. FA 2020

    He's a starring caliber corner who could start for any team in the league.... What you even talking about?
  7. Around The League V.2

    They would make a ton of money just developing their own streaming service ala MLB. DirrectTV is the absolute worst. 2020 and you're lagging lol
  8. New Derek Carr thread

    When Carr has played with confidence in his supporting cast, he shown he can really ball. Fit the ball anywhere, make plays a lot of QBs can't make. To say he's not mentally tough is completely lazy. I question Carr's ability to lead a team deep in the playoffs. But he's a workable QB. You can win with him. Bottom line is if the Raiders don't fix the defense, it doesn't matter who they QB is, they won't keep pace with the Chiefs.
  9. New Derek Carr thread

    Not what I was saying. I was saying he deserves better than some fans treat him online. How is this not debatable? How is he passive aggressive? How can you say he's extremely sensitive? You literally don't Mental toughness? He played with a broken back because he wanted to be there for his team. He dislocated a finger and came back and lead them to a win. He's played nicked up a lot. That takes a lot of mental toughness. That's toughness and grit you're so adamant about. He's been on some bad teams. Bad talent, etc. and never pointed fingers. That sounds like mental toughness to me. So yes... it's HIGHLY debatable.
  10. FA 2020

    Good. I never cared for him. Terrible in coverage, okay in run support. Always talking a big game and then getting left flat footed in the dust in coverage. Happy to see the LB unit is going to get an overhaul finally.
  11. New Derek Carr thread

    Curious... are other teams fans as brutal about their QBs when they struggle? Raider fans seem so arrogant and make things personal against Carr who an upstanding guy. Great father, cares for his community and uses his wealth to positively effect the lives of others. He deserves better than what people throw at him on social media. Are Bears fans this disrespectful towards Trubisky for example?
  12. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Imagine.... burning 2 first round picks on similar speed WRs and watching the defense continue to suck for another decade. Taking 2 WRs in round 1 is so terrible. The depth at this position says as much. I wouldn't be mad if they went defense with both picks and drafted WR later on with the depth there.
  13. New Derek Carr thread

    I'd hate this on principal because that pick never should have been in the deal. Give me that and more.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Need a QB
  15. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    No at 12. All over him at 19. I want to go defense at 12 WR at 19 personally.
  16. Player Appreciation Thread

    Hell yes... stick it to the man!!
  17. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Yeesh.... how does that guy have a job? Raiders have invested heavily in OT and have the position set for the next 4-5 years lol. If they took an OT, most of us would go ahead and head for the exits.
  18. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Why do you think he's getting over looked? Pretty good consensus that he's a top 15 pick and 1 or 2 overall at the position depending on who you follow. He's about as polished a WR as you'll find.
  19. Around The League V.2

    Depends on the price tag. He's not got a lot left in the tank but would be a good rotational player and would bring leadership to a young Dline group.
  20. New Derek Carr thread

    The idea of "character assassinating" a random keyboard warrior with a random user name on a website of completely anonymous people is hilarious to me. If your random avatar on Footballs Future is your character.... well
  21. New Derek Carr thread

    If you trade Carr, trade him to an NFC team (Panthers, Bears) or hold him vs. giving him to a team like the Colts. Carr can play, he's solid but not spectacular. He can be the best player on the field one week and fall completely apart the next. If you can tap in and find the consistency with him, he can be your guy. But 6 years in, I've started to doubt you can. He doesn't need to be running around creating plays. He just needs to play within himself and make the plays that are there and he will be fine. I have no problem with him throwing a ball away on a play. It's the play he doesn't make on the next down that has become frustrating. The drive stalling back to back duds on 1st and 2nd down he will have for stretches And giving up on key downs. That is where I get the frustration with him. When he's on and confident, you won't find many better ball throwers. It's when he's pressured, lost, head hanging in frustration and throwing crap that derails him for weeks at a time and against better teams.
  22. New Derek Carr thread

    There are valid arguments for and against Carr on the field. Bringing work ethic, his family life and calling him a beta-male to rile up his supporterrs is trolling, plain and simple. Dude has not had a single valid point made in regards to Carr. Everything is some opinion he has on him as a man that he wouldn't have the huevos to say to his face.
  23. FA 2020

    The entire QB will be made over. That's obvious. Glennon is a mediocre back up and Kizer has failed with 2 teams. Cut out of camp by the Packers last season. Why anyone here thought he offered anything is beyond me. Peterman is still reviving his career I guess? lol
  24. FA 2020

    Would love it, no way Denver lets him walk though right?
  25. Random Raider Stuff

    Old news, but does make you wonder what might have been. Kiffin wanted Calvin Johnson and Trent Edwards if I recall. Crazy thing is, they added McCown who carved out a nice career. Could have used him as a stop gap with Johnson. It could have been Calvin Johnson, Moss and Ronald Curry in 2007 with McCown or Cullpepper at QB.