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  1. It really doesn't. Hitting on a late round athlete you developed NEVER offsets missing on a top 10 selection.
  2. Maybe pump the breaks? It was a good sign, but Lamar Jackson isn't an elite passing QB. Let's see some consistency week to week. And let's see it against Mahomes, Herbert, Dak, etc.
  3. It's Gruden. He wanted his own version of Tyreek Hill. There is no such thing, he's one of a kind. The obvious choice was Lamb who Mayock wanted and who will be an all-pro WR soon.
  4. Trying to blame Guenther for the Ferrel pick to make yourselves feel better is funny. Gruden and Mayock signed off. Don't give them a pass. And the hits will keep coming with wasted picks. Abram, Arnette, Ruggs need to show out.
  5. 2016....that Oline was prime. Had a savvy vet at WR in Crabtree. And Mack was capable of changing games on defense. Best roster since 2016, but still not on that level
  6. There is something to be said for experience. That will come in time, but the Oline as a whole is not a strength of the team as it was in years past. That puts the spotlight on Carr who has struggled with pressure and fumbles. I have no issues with the changes upfront on the Oline as it was an aging, salary bloated unit who were underperforming but I do expect them to struggle this season. This Oline reminds me of Cable's late Seattle Oline's where he's hoping to develop unheralded young players and hoping it works (James, Simpson, Leatherwood).
  7. To each their own. If the Oline struggles, this offense will find life difficult. They are replacing 3 starters and starting a rookie RT. The Ravens and Steelers in back to back weeks are going to open eyes to the problems on the Oline.
  8. My biggest worry with this team is that as the defense improves, the offense takes a major step back. We saw Carr's ceiling last year. He doesn't have another level. I have my doubts about the remade Oline. They are young, inexperienced and an injury away from being a complete mess. I see Carr getting more pressure and the run game being a problem behind this Oline. Factor in Carr does not have a true number 1 WR, yes he has Waller, but the rest is unknown. Basically a lot and has to go right for this offense to be optimal in my opinion. The schedule could bury this team otherwise.
  9. Ravens are a top 5 NFL team. They had the #2 scoring defense in the NFL last year and are returning 10 starters. I hope the Raiders can keep it competitive riding the emotion of the Vegas crowd. It's an early test for the Oline, which is suspect as well as the defense to contain a QB who can beat you multiple ways.
  10. Our society is all about rate, rate, rate. I had a clients yesterday, pre-approved with Quicken at 2.75% with over 2% ($8,000) in points. I showed them a 2.99, no points. ~$60 per month difference in payment and saved them $8,000 Quicken wanted to charge them. It would take them 11 years to recoup that cost. The average mortgage loan last 3 - 5 years. If you are not recouping costs in that timeframe, the loan is suspect unless you have a clear plan. Even then, within 3-5 years, we are typically looking to move, take cash out, lower the term, etc. My point is, don't make the convers
  11. I would recommend shopping around. Find a local mortgage broker and you'll see they are cheaper by 25-30%. Quicken is great as far as tech and marketing. They have some great people that work for them. They will however take complete advantage of people charging 3%+ points on a rate you can get cheaper elsewhere. They have to pay for all of that marketing after all. You can get some good deal with Rocket, but their game is fees and lots of them. 99.9% of the Quicken loan estimates people send me we find the same rates for a fraction of the cost. The other thing to note, you don't get
  12. I skimmed this and there are a lot of holes in his arguments. You can't talk about '07-'08 and use comparisons to "The Big Short" without context of the mortgage loans written at that time. I'm talking about SISA (stated income, stated assets) and NINA (no income, no asset). The author brings up scenes from The Big Short without mentioning the NINJA (no income no job) dialogue which is a massive piece of context missed. Prior to the '07-'08 crash, you could buy a home, with zero down stating your income and assets with credit as low as 500 with subprime companies. He mentions
  13. Mo is going to dominate in SF. I've said for 2 seasons now that he will be a player who leaves here and becomes a household name. It will be another feather in the mismanagement cap of Gruden and his staff.
  14. Can't help but laugh at this one. Fans here calling him the "Darren Waller on defense". So much of you had blind hope on him being an answer to the interior pass rush. Solomon Thomas szn I guess
  15. I think you are way to low on: Saints, Steelers, Patriots. Those are 3 of the best coaches in football. I get you not buying their QB situations, but they win other ways and get the best out of their teams. Saints have a Superbowl caliber defense, an elite Oline and great skill players. They won with Taysom Hill running their offense. Pats improved the roster overall and are the best coached in football. Steelers, I could see falling off if Ben is finally done and it shows. What's odd to me is you have the Dolphins QB'd by Tua winning the division. I don't buy Flores quite yet
  16. They do and they don't. But none of them are going to elevate into A level talents imo
  17. Terrible position to be in trying to outbid a division rival
  18. I've made no bones about how I feel about Abum. He's trash and needs to be taken to the curb before he stinks up the place. He's been the same player since college. Fans thinking the staff will reign him in are kidding themselves. Remember Hard Knocks Gruden talking to him about calming down because he was going get someone hurt. That was in training camp as a rookie. How's reigning him in going? The fact Bradley added multiple safeties this offseason tells me they are one step closer to realizing he needs replaced. I hate it, because it was a wasted pick. But he's shown you w
  19. The point is, Karl Joseph is not playing FS. He's here to backup Abum after he injures himself week 2.
  20. How does a stadium that has box seats in the end zone to attract corporate money have a personality? That is literally the definition of soulless. Less about the fans and more about corporate interest. Further... we've not seen the stadium with fans in it. 30-40% of which will likely be opposing fans who "went to Vegas for the weekend to catch a game" This stadium like most new stadiums is another degree of separation from actual fans. It's to appeal to big money
  21. Just hope baby! Same thing every offseason with this fan base. No actual talent, just hope someone breaks out or develops despite the fact they've shown little to give fans hope.
  22. Mayock literally said in a press conference he's here to back Abum and put an end to the FS conversation.
  23. I think they improve from bottom 3 to bottom 3rd of the league. Bradley brings a better element and Yannik brings at least promise to the pass rush, but no one else on the team is capable of being a consistent rusher. I still see issues at DT as addressed. The LBs suck and have little depth (some fans will hang on to the Littleton dream another year). Corners are suspect. Heyward helps, but he is 31 and coming off a down year. Safeties are young and inexperienced and Abram will get way more time than he deserves to sort his game out before a rookie takes over. I'm pessimistic clearl
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