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  1. What's your big board? 2019 Edition.

    Posted about this in our draft thread: Pratt is LB 5 or 6 on the list for me. 3rd round at the earliest unless he shows more movement skills at the combine than he did in games.
  2. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Don't forget a giant chrome torch to blocking your view lol.... But yes, would look awesome. And maybe that torch will look cool from the strip lit up?
  3. Around The League V.2

    I'm guessing "by design" is code for our Oline was a mess and we needed to get the ball out quick. Otherwise, if that's the case, I question the offense looking to check down vs. get the ball down field to a playmaking WR?
  4. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Agree with this. The roster suck and nobody is above replacing right now. I go back and forth on DT at pick #4 even. I don't think Hall's done enough to not seriously consider Q or Oliver if there. But it'd depend on who's on the board. A vet like McCoy would sure up the DT spot and open up option in the draft.
  5. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Not sure, but hope not. Terrible year for free agents. Outside Bell, the true franchise type talent will get tagged or resigned. Guys like Dee Ford are going to get way over paid in this class.
  6. Rolni's mock offseason vol.1

    I agree with cutting or trying to trade KO. Move Jackson to RG and Good is a solid LG. He was cut in Indy because of spat with the Oline coach (who is now fired) read about it, guy sounds like a real a-hole. Good can play. If the draft fell that way, I would do backflips. Isabella (he'll be a round 2 guy imo) and Harmon would be a nice combo. Adderlly is one of my favorite prospects.
  7. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Disagree. As a FA signing, he'd be a huge piece. Solid vet who could be huge on the Dline rotation. I've said Q. Williams and Oliver would be luxury signings because it's a high draft pick investment, but a vet like McCoy is needed for leadership and to help the young guys.
  8. Around The League V.2

    Only thing that matters is the money. Players go where ever they get the most money. It's that simple. Maybe late in their career if they are chasing a ring they'll get selective, but 2nd contract players will play on the moon if it pays the most.
  9. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Fair enough. It's just like this giant torch blocking a view IMO. Maybe in reality it will be cool, I don't know
  10. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Just build a bronze statue. It's understated
  11. Las Vegas Stadium News

    Haha... dude, great reference.
  12. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Only reason he might is size. If he was 2 inches taller might be a top 10 pick. He's 5'11 according to his bio.
  13. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Both guys were talented. They made him look good because when Wentz went down the backup Foles took them to and won a Superbowl. Both were talented guys. Pederson is a top 5 NFL coach and put them in position to succeed. Flip looks more like a guy a long for the ride.
  14. Around The League V.2

    He bought the exact same necklace Jamarcus used to rock was my comparison. In Dallas he's been more vocal on and off the field. Personality completely different than what he showed in Oakland. It is what it is.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Oliver to me is scheme specific. He needs to be on a defense penetrating from the 3Tech. The Raiders would be a good fit, but with Hurst in that role, it's a luxury. Same with Q Williams. I wouldn't mind if either was picked, but the bigger need is edge rusher and LB
  16. Las Vegas Stadium News

    I haven't had much to say on the subject, but that Al Davis flame is an eyesore. They can't find a more discreet way to memorialize the man?
  17. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Narrator: It wasn't
  18. Jaguars hire John DeFilippo as OC

    Hard to believe fans here were clamoring for this guy to be their HC this time last year. Dude was so predictably overrated. He had as much to do with Wentz/Foles success as the brand of underwear they wore.
  19. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    This play always stands out. Looks like it takes him 10 mins to get up to speed and looks like a Dlineman trying to cut.. He was too tight to play safety, so moved to LB. This shows why
  20. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I've litterally seen Pratt mocked in the 4th round. I don't see anyone reputable in the draft space that ranks him top 50: One example: https://theathletic.com/769500/2019/01/16/dane-bruglers-top-50-draft-board-where-does-kyler-murray-fit-in-this-years-class/ And he's hyped up here to an absurd degree. What am I missing? I just see a fast player who's not overly strong, doesn't take on contact well and gets blocked easily. His hips look stiff, he's not fluid and plays high which is why he gets eaten up on blocks. White can change direction on a dime (former running back). Pratt's feet are in cement. He has no change of direction or mobility. He's fast in a straight line, that's it.
  21. Around The League V.2

    Nobody is diminishing the character. We're simply pointing out that he's basically done a 180 from who he was in Oakland. He was soft, got pushed around, didn't have a personality, etc.
  22. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    Smith IMO is a guy who will command a lot more money than a guy like Smith. I agree on Smith, which is why I said add him to the rotation. Barr... I'm iffy on. I keep seeing the same sentiment on him regarding his use in Minnesota, but I question it because Minnesota is one of the best coached defensive teams out there. Tyrell Williams.. literallyty don't get the hype. Inconsistent player and he'll likely fetch 9-10 mil a year in FA. Hard pass. I like Adam Humphries, but doubt Arians lets him walk. I'm doing most my WR work in the draft. Massie would be good insurance. I'd like that pick, but price may be stupid given the lack of OT in FA.
  23. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    He literally drips athletic ability. He's got 4.4 speed. I was a big LVE guy and White's more impressive sideline to sideline that he was. He's relentless in pursuit and lays wood when he hits. Coverage, he wasn't asked to do as much so got caught flat footed a lot on play action and not reading cues. But he has the range for it. His upside is huge in all areas: https://247sports.com/college/miami/ContentGallery/Miami-Hurricanes-Football-A-Closer-Look-At-LSU-LB-Devin-White-and-How-He-Impacts-A-Game-121235735/#121235735_6 I think Bush is the prototype LB for today's NFL, his instincts and feel for the game are top notch. Issue is his size and length.