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  1. LaFleur's Lieutenants - Coordinator/Staff Thread

    Where was it reported that Rodgers called the coach a joke to his face in front of the team? I don't remember that one, anyone have a link?
  2. Divisional Playoff Round

    I don't get that rule I guess. Looked like he blasted right into the kickers plant leg...
  3. Divisional Playoff Round

    what a throw
  4. Divisional Playoff Round

    Edelman hangs onto everything man
  5. Divisional Playoff Round

    Chargers are really chargering right now.
  6. Divisional Playoff Round

    It's a good bet. Phil Rivers has terrible body langue too and I'd bet based on that he has like 20 kids.
  7. Divisional Playoff Round

    Tom Brady with some bad body language after a bad play even when they are winning. He must be a terrible teammate and an uncoachable a-hole.
  8. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    I mean if the camera instantly zoomed in on any QB immediately after every bad play like they do with Rodgers I'm guessing pretty much 100% of those QBs would get the "bad body language" narrative.
  9. Don't really see Rodgers as the type to respond positively to that. Rodgers needs someone whose football mind he fully respects. Someone who can get him to buy into their plan.
  10. Marcedes Lewis won't be a Packer in 2019.

    He didn't exactly make the most out of them either but I think he also dropped (or at least couldn't make the play) on 2 or 3 possible TDs that were thrown from outside the red zone. Maybe those aren't counted in that number (not that it would change the total much)
  11. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    You really just have to draft well regardless of what you pay at QB. GB actually was only 17th in cap spending at the QB position this season. 6 playoff teams had higher cap dollars at QB (Ravens,Saints,Colts,Seahawks,Chargers,Patriots) with the Eagles only about 500k less. Vikings and Steelers also spent more and had a good shot at the playoffs late in the season. Besides Rodgers underperforming though we also spent a **** ton of our cap at WR (26m #2) and LB (28m #7) this year and didn't get much out of either except 1 player (Davante). Even if Rodgers cost 10m against our cap this year we still didn't have a very good team where we spent money elsewhere, it's hard to recover from that.
  12. DL Talk

    I think whether Clay/Perry are gone or here you still have to treat that situation as if they are both 2nd/3rd teamers and not starters at least quality wise.
  13. Aaron Rodgers Depreciation Thread

    Also though how many times that McCarthy actually made a ballsy playcall were actually Rodgers. Maybe he's actually even more conservative than we think.
  14. Call your shot: Veteran Cuts Edition

    Not really worth worrying about moving on from someone like Daniel though unless you get a good trade deal or something or are desperate for the money. He might not be the best scheme fit right now but we aren't tight against the cap or anything. If we get a crack at a good player that is the right fit on defense or something and need the space to sign them then maybe it would be worth a discussion but it's not something I would have on a priority list.
  15. If you are covering a punt pretty much just at some point slide headfirst the direction of the returner and you'll get a flag ST penalties need to be treated more like offensive holding where it has to be egregious