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  1. Yeah the defense has actually closed out the game 3 out of 4 times in 2 weeks.
  2. If GB currently is a benchmark for not being a SB team then the only NFC teams who really look better so far are the Rams who haven't played anyone and the Bucs. So if GB is not currently a SB contender then neither is pretty much every other team in the conference.
  3. NFL News & Notes

    We just need an edge rusher strong enough to push the QB to the ground without actually having to tackle him.
  4. The NFL is trying to say that Clays hit wasn't tied to any new rule enforcement yet they said there was no foul on Anthony Barr's hit on Rodgers last year... These guys are just a complete joke.
  5. Has the league gone too far with The "Rodgers Rule"?

    The really stupid thing to me especially with the NFL trying to defend the calls on Clay and Kendricks is there isn't anything particularly dangerous about those tackles (also the one on Brady) Those are about as safe of a tackle as you can hope for. They are creating an issue that's making their product worse for no gain whatsoever. Also the NFL kept saying that that Barr's tackle on Rodgers wasn't a foul and now they are trying to say that the flag on Matthews wasn't due to any newly implemented rules... which is it?
  6. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    I mean some will complain no matter what but look at Daniels, he had no sacks but it seemed he was in cousins face and blowing up runs all day.
  7. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    I understand being hesitant to give Montgomery more work because of his issues staying healthy but he's simply better than Jamaal Williams and should be out there more than he is.
  8. Stock Up, Stock Down Weeks 1&2

    Getting near the QB when he has the ball 2 times all game is pretty bad.
  9. Wk 2 postgame: GB 29 •MIN 29 (OT)

    We really seem to have a problem with Perry and Clay. Clay had a better game than last week and better than Perry but he still was not good overall at getting to the QB. Reggie Gilbert looks like our most consistent pass rusher off the edge after two weeks. Not too impressed withe the safeties so far either. Daniels and Clark look great at least.
  10. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    Davante definitely got the better of Xavier Rhodes on the day and that OPI they called on him was crap.
  11. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    Packers 0, Vikings 0, Refs 1
  12. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    How can a team be so embarrassingly bad at tackling year after year
  13. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    Thought it was a bad call then I remembered the garbage call against adams and missed call against Graham and stopped caring lol.
  14. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    Alexander is gonna be a stud man the guy is velcroed to the WR on every play
  15. Week 2 GDT - Minnesota (1-0) @ Green Bay (1-0)

    Minnesota fans already crying about holding