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  1. Offensively players are just making dumb mistakes, what can you really do with that. Defense is getting straight outcoached/outplayed. This is probably the most embarrassing packers game I've ever seen.
  2. The Bengals really would have put up more of a fight than this. just a complete choke all around.
  3. Nothing like a full team meltdown in the championship game
  4. Almost every Seattle handoff was like a gift to GB.
  5. The year clay switched to ILB didn't he have like 2 sacks before he switched then ended up with 10+ after the switch? I'm pretty sure that's how it went down, if he were dominating off the edge that year I doubt we would have even moved him.
  6. I can't believe this team got a 1st round bye
  7. Good thing we probably won't need that wasted time out.
  8. Are there any 7ft wrs in this draft who run like a 4.2?
  9. seriously wtf... falling backwards on every single deep pass
  10. Rodgers: throws 20 straight passes falling backwards, completes 4. Sets his feet and drives the ball on a free play: perfect pass.
  11. I wonder if there is some way to convince Rodgers that every play is a free play
  12. I don't have a great memory but it seems like a lot of people were crapping on GB for that in the signing thread.
  13. yeah clear hold saved a sack and possibly a fumble.
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