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  1. Panthers are a really good team and we didn't play that great of a game but mostly had control the whole time. Not bad. It's too late in the season for all the unnecessary penalties though, if they can't figure that out soon it's going to be rough winning a playoff game.
  2. so dumb just take the 1st and 15 instead of blowing one of your 3 TOs, if it's like 3rd and 1 I get it use your TO but come on.
  3. Penalty on offense erasing a favorable down/distance, check Crappy punt, check. Bend AND break defense, check. Not a great start.
  4. It's the exact kind of emotional challenge McCarthy used to lose all the time.
  5. ok well have fun in fantasy land then where you can make up whatever you want.
  6. A defense will wear out more from not being able to get themselves off the field all day than from anything you can blame the offense for. you say nobody is blaming but people are certainly using the offense as an excuse for the bad defense and I don't see how it's deserved. I could see the arguement if the D had started strong and faded but they were trash all game long, no excuse is deserved IMO.
  7. The defense didn't pitch a shutout, they allowed over 3 points per drive which would rank 32 this season in the entire NFL.
  8. They had a 6 play drive and a 9 play drive in their first 3 possessions. The defense was just trash all on its own today
  9. The offense is not responsible for getting the defense off the field. The D started the game with a 8 minute FG drive, and started the 2nd half with a 52 yards 3 and a half minute drive, guess they were gassed on those drives? They weren't getting stops regardless of what the offense did. This wasn't a game to blame one aspect for causing anothers downfall, the D was total crap today, just like the offense, it wasn't someone elses fault.
  10. That happens when you can't ever force a punt.
  11. lol this defense has absolutely nothing
  12. he ran it and dove while getting tackled
  13. nothing says urgency like a 2 yard pass to Jimmy Graham. Just put in Boyle
  14. What is actually the strategic idea of going for it there? Seems like it was an insanely dumb chance to take for small benefit.
  15. at least Davante has been able to catch the ball
  16. not even average, their points per drive was like 2.40 before the blocked fg which would rank 27th overall as a defense. After that TD they are at 3.16 which would rank 32. Packers playing like *** in all phases today.
  17. at least with SD starting around the 30 it cuts out the inevitable drive they would have had to get there anyways.
  18. Yeah I hate when people act like it's some positive thing to play D that way. Yeah you only gave up 3 points but that long of a drive take at least 1 possession away from your own offense too.
  19. MNF: Lions at Packers

    It felt like every detroit run was a gift to GB
  20. MNF: Lions at Packers

    yeah if the NFL "wants GB to win" why would they **** the bed so bad on PI penalties in the eagles game.
  21. 2019 WR Corps

    I'm not real big on the bring back Jordy train or anything but I have a hard time believing that he's not a better slot WR than anyone but Davante that's on this team right now.
  22. All the whining that's to come about refs will actually make up for all the whining that's happens every other game and isn't deserved so I'm cool with it.
  23. don't care if the refs helped lol, team (recievers) played like *** all game and still came away with a W, hahaha.
  24. Jimmy doesn't catch wide open TDs, he doesn't catch contested TDs, he doesn't run for first downs, doesn't block...