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  1. He signed what a 4 year contract and definitely hadn't grossly outperformed it the previous two years.
  2. This was way back on page 1 but I just wanted to add these are 6 of the leagues best players not just this teams.
  3. Didn't Baltimore have like 5 straight seasons without winning a playoff game before they dumped Flacco?
  4. Offensively players are just making dumb mistakes, what can you really do with that. Defense is getting straight outcoached/outplayed. This is probably the most embarrassing packers game I've ever seen.
  5. The Bengals really would have put up more of a fight than this. just a complete choke all around.
  6. The year clay switched to ILB didn't he have like 2 sacks before he switched then ended up with 10+ after the switch? I'm pretty sure that's how it went down, if he were dominating off the edge that year I doubt we would have even moved him.
  7. Good thing we probably won't need that wasted time out.
  8. Are there any 7ft wrs in this draft who run like a 4.2?
  9. seriously wtf... falling backwards on every single deep pass
  10. Rodgers: throws 20 straight passes falling backwards, completes 4. Sets his feet and drives the ball on a free play: perfect pass.
  11. I wonder if there is some way to convince Rodgers that every play is a free play
  12. I don't have a great memory but it seems like a lot of people were crapping on GB for that in the signing thread.
  13. yeah clear hold saved a sack and possibly a fumble.
  14. Where the ball was put there wasn't even a guarantee Davante gets a TD if he brings it in and the defender had a shot at knocking it away as well. Just a crap throw that shoulda been an easy TD.
  15. man 30 passes in 1 half and only like a few of them were actually good throws.
  16. hopefully the soft "hope the other team messes up before they get in the endzone" defense works in the playoffs.
  17. Rodgers doesn't even have a plan to throw on 3rd downs anymore. He has no intention of throwing before he has a chance to run out of the pocket first.
  18. "Scrambling around and throwing downfield in the vicinity of a receiver but not in a place where wr or db has a realistic shot at it" is our signature play.
  19. Smart of Rodgers to scramble and take a hard shot for a 2 yard gain on 3rd and 20
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