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  1. After getting beat down by LSU AND Ohio State, do you think teams are now going to start questioning if he's REALLY worth going first overall? Like, what has he REALLY done to be warrant this hype?
  2. To be perfectly honest, there's nothing special about him at all. Lawrence wouldn't be the unanimous favorite to go first overall if Fields or Lance were white.
  3. I've noticed some similarities between the two. And no it has NOTHING to do with the obvious. Prior to their Super Bowl appearances, they were inconsistent passers who made up with their athletic ability and won some games. They have one major statistical outlier season where they make a Super Bowl appearance, in which they played poorly. After their Super Bowl appearance they slowly get worse each year, never coming close to their Super Bowl year stats, before being let go by their respective teams. Both are known for being prima donnas.
  4. I wouldn't say Tomlin doesn't get fired, but his seat will become engulfed in flames and he'll get axed if they miss the playoffs again in 2021. Going from 11-0 in the driver's seat for the first seed to the wildcard is really, REALLY bad.
  5. Plus look at what Arizona with Rosen. Ibstead of wasting resources to build around him, they took the better proslect and they're better off because of it. Darnold isn't Rosen bad, but Fields has more upside.
  6. Honestly, if I'm Lawrence I'd be ecstatic to go to Jacksonville instead of New York. Better weather, no Belichick twice a year, smaller market means less distractions, etc.
  7. The thing is that the Jets made a grave mistake of winning a game and costing themselves Lawrence. Lawrence could be a mega bust, but no one would fault the Jets for taking him first overall.
  8. How do you know Sewell doesn't bust? Remember Jason Smith?
  9. Not even 2015 Denver's defense can bail out Pittsburgh's offense.
  10. Chargers have hope for the future because of Herbert. He has already shown he can be the man for the next decade. Darnold has not. At his best he's just merely average.
  11. Pittsburgh's longest pass has been 9 yards. Take that out and Ben is 5/14, -2 yards and the pick. Sweet cream on an ice cream sandwich is that bad.
  12. 7-9 last year means just that: 7-9 last year. It's irrelevant. Remember when Carolina went 12-4 in 2008 and brought back virtually all of their starters for 2009? It didn't get them anywhere. The Jets have a bad roster, an imbecile coach and Darnold hasn't shown anything thus far that he's the guy.
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