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  1. Mike Groh promoted to Eagles OC

    Good promotion, he'll learn a lot from Pederson like Shurmur did with Kelly. A lot of room to Groh
  2. The players and the coaching staff aren't the only ones inspired by McVay; he's inspired me to get back into making these highlight reels, enjoy
  3. Arsenal, Pt. X: Boom-Xhaka-Laca!

    As a Dortmund and Arsenal fan, I have a lot of mixed feelings about Aubameyang's transfer to Arsenal.
  4. Healthiest teams ever?

    2017 Rams stayed relatively healthy, especially on the O-line, only key injuries were Legatron and Kavon Webster
  5. Richard Sherman ruptures Achilles

    Always respected Sherman despite playing for a divisional rival; hope he recovers well
  6. World Series: Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers GDT

    Astros are a nightmare against righties, no surprise Darvish yielded two runs right there
  7. Half-Way Point - Head Coach of the Year

    McDermott easily, he took a talent-deprived team and put them in favorable situations to succeed. Rams had a nucleus of talent initially toxified by Jeff Fisher's incompetence, a mid-tier coach could've put us back into respectability
  8. Are the Rams the best team in the NFC?

    Jason Peters went down, curious to see how Wentz performs against a good defense without his starting LT
  9. Seahawks / Rams: Who Has Upper Hand in NFC West?

    I expect the Seahawks to have the upperhand since they're an established team that tends to do better mid-late season. Rams are still unproven but are trending upwards; the real question now is if our current success is sustainable
  10. World Series: Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Dodgers GDT

    Holy crap this ump is utter garbage, and I’ve seen bad officiating in the NFL
  11. Jeff Fisher, oh wait he's gone Pagano walked into a bad situation with Grigson as his GM but the team is faltering pretty bad. Fox is a good training wheels coach as FTM said but can't take a team to the next level
  12. Are the Rams the best team in the NFC?

    Looking forward to seeing the Rams-Eagles establish a rivalry in the realm of Brady vs Manning
  13. GDT: Week 7

    That rugby skirmish in the Bills-Bucs game though
  14. Obscure rules

    Was referring to this play specifically, not saying scrap the touchback fumble rule entirely https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FDZCNEV7dc
  15. Worst Franchise of All Time?

    Chargers easily, Dean Spanos is the worst owner in NFL history. I thought Georgia Frontierre would remain on top but his FO decision-making from firing a HC that went 14-2 to forcing the the relocation to LA for the $$$ shows he cares only for the bottom-line and nothing else.