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  1. Eivor is a female name as well, in nordic countries.
  2. tbf McVay is some kind of genius. Bienemy is good but he does have the GOAT-elect to work with. McVay makes the playoffs with fauntleroy at QB. Maybe he's sprinkled this DC guy with his gold dust
  3. They probably all know each other off forum, and/or are each others cousins.
  4. We are more secure than GB fans and Bills fans are probably still drunk
  5. Allen Robinson - BaltimoreChris Godwin - New EnglandKenny Golladay - BaltimoreJuJu Smith-Schuster - New EnglandWill Fuller - BaltimoreCorey Davis - New EnglandT.Y. Hilton - BaltimoreNelson Agholor - New EnglandSammy Watkins - Baltimore I've just got more right than most, probably.
  6. Can't be right. Rams fans on here say otherwise.
  7. Mahomes Rodgers Wilson Watson Allen Brady Jackson Tannehill Dak Ryan
  8. Tough, tough day this one. Josh can and will move the ball up and down on us. I really think it will be a game where we need to hold them to FGs. They probably will run it, even though they don't have as good a run game, but I think they test us. HAVE to do something about Diggs. Tyrann? Their defense hasn't impressed me outside the Baltimore game (where it really did impress me), but Mahomes and co. are a completely different animal. I really rate Milano and White, and elements of their DL but otherwise I think we move the ball on them and score
  9. SorryJ, thought I responded! 2T3X1, vehic maint. In Mildenhall right now. Really? That's great! Heroes what did you specifically do? The one here is amazing
  10. Good career! At his peak was genuinely a top 5 QB at the time
  11. How have you got Murray ahead of Lamar Jackson or even Justin Herbert? What has Murray done for everyone to think he's this fringe top 5 QB ? OVERRATED
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