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  1. What, by Rogers? I agree with him. Rodgers is a snakey little unflushable turd of a human. Great player. S*** person. It's obvious.
  2. AFC Chiefs 34 - 15 Ravens NFC Rams 24 - 28 49ers SB rematch; Chiefs 26 - 20 49ers. Same outcome
  3. So get him some WRs or a TE or more OL to bring the best out of him? He proved he still has it...
  4. In all seriousness I get the pick. A team shouldn't be penalised for drafting a QB to one day take over, if he's good enough and still there. Equally, people who critcize the pick have a case in terms of the team missing out on a chance to push a SB contender over the edge. This where I am - you have Rodgers, MVP, defense killing QB. You're constantly complaining he's never had the defenses that Brady has etc, so criticize the pick! Pick a DE, a CB, a LB...instead of a future possible takeover.
  5. Hang on. We've been told he is simply the continuation of Packer QB-drafting ingenuity. The latest in line. is this not true then?
  6. I can't believe Denver didn't take Fields. I cannot. For this reason alone I'm giving them an F. To follow that up with a RB as well....eesh. Good value later though. I like Sterns LoLVegas Reachers LAC one of the best drafts out of everyone. Superb draft, annoyingly
  7. I think out of the SB contenders, we've strengthened the most. I've loved our draft. Unflashy but solid and what we needed * so us, Bucs, Bills, Packers, Ravens maybe
  8. Argh, we've got another homer on board....
  9. Doesn't matter, they'll have Love. The next coming of Christ himself. They'll start the season with the same SB odds, apparently. See GB has only had two great quarterbacks for the lifespan of a lot of posters on here. So therefore Love is automatically going to take over that mantle. Hang on....
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