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  1. Worst beatdown I've ever seen on a forum. And you still can't vanish. At least admit you were wrong and graciously accept the lesson from ET and co.?
  2. Oh my...Incog has been clapped harder than I even thought. Good job guys, logic and sensibility has triumphed.
  3. All we have to do is wait for a bit of Burrow hype. Your true colors will show then.
  4. You not had enough yet ? Congratulations, you've made Ramlinman99 seem like Plato. You've got that going for you
  5. We don't know if Tebow can play football
  6. Yeah I love the Noah selection. The more I learn about him the more I think it's an A+ pick
  7. Had Denver as 4th though, which I can't agree with. Not anywhere near.
  8. DiamondBS is a very predictable poster. If X is associated in any way with Baltimore, X = good. If X is associated in any way with Cinci, Cleveland or Pittsburgh, X = bad or risky.
  9. In no scenario could I ever agree with Denver (let's not draft Justin Fields even though he's right there) being 4th. I thought they dropped the ball on that. The later picks are good enough, but I'd be livid if I were a Denver fan. Another year of QB purgatory. Well done.
  10. Great comeback bro. You must be having fun getting your cheeks clapped by everyone on here. If you weren't so insecure you'd be able to just say 'OK I'm wrong, nevermind'. But nope, you choose this way. Embarrassing. But hey, what does the math say...?
  11. Adoree Jackson....lol...snigger... I think they'll win 7 or 8 this time. Is that enough?
  12. I know right?! They wouldn't...
  13. Jay...my man. Look how many you got right?!
  14. This plus your schedule is why I got Pats in top 5. Seems a fairly obvious one to me, unless Gilmore or someone suffers a massive drop in form and you can't stop the pass
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