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  1. How you feeling now, Cut? Looks like I was being generous predicting your team 7 wins....
  2. Stepping away from forum out of respect 👍 Didn't mean to upset anyone. (I'm not Gruden, by the way)
  3. So you're not OK with some friendly ribbing, but you're ok using misogynistic language? Referring to us as 'girls' because we're going at it? I think the priorities are wrong there, but OK. Deal.
  4. If you check the Gruden thread, I'm ignoring his constant trolling and trying to swing it back to football. I hope NY Raider is on your radar as well.
  5. I didn't say he'd be good. I called a hot take saying he will be considered the best QB in the NFL after Mahomes and probably Brady. Looks like that's exactly what is happening You could also probably try better at hiding your dislike for me. Tks.
  6. I'm not sure the players are as good as some think. People in this forum overrate members of the DL and the LB corps. Only Jones is worth a damn in both those areas.
  7. Well, we're not going to win the SB. We will improve though, and we will win the division and win at least a game in the playoffs. The defense has to, and will, get better. It can't get any worse...
  8. Hmm, this poll isn't going how the OP expected, is it....
  9. 🤣 Fair play BillSabre. I think it's Tampa, but Buffalo right there. Do those two play at all? (Not including the SB...)
  10. Raiders gonna Raider. These unsuccessful franchises can't seem to get out their own way, happens year after year. Perennial bad decisions from the likes of the Jags, Jets, Texans and Raiders. Some teams break out of it, like the Bills recently and to a lesser extent the Dolphins. Looked like LV might be getting there this season, but now the wheels have come off. Gruden and Mayock were bad decisions from the off, let's be real. Look at all their weird decisions they've made.
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