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  1. No thanks. The lower the profile the better
  2. Week 2: NY Giants at Washington Denver at Jacksonville Buffalo at Miami Houston at Cleveland Cincinnati at Chicago San Francisco at Philadelphia New Orleans at Carolina LA Rams at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Pittsburgh New England at NY Jets Minnesota at Arizona Atlanta at Tampa Bay Dallas at LA Chargers Tennessee at Seattle Kansas City at Baltimore Detroit at Green Bay Survivor: Green Bay (LAR)
  3. I hope GB spirals. This year’s 1st & 2nd (and Teddy or Lock if they want one). Send it in.
  4. 26-20 DEN. DEN offense slightly outperforms meager expectations, Gmen score late to keep it close but the game is never in doubt and Fangio’s D is the dominant unit.
  5. Thx AAA Week 1: Dallas at Tampa Bay Philadelphia at Atlanta NY Jets at Carolina LA Chargers at Washington San Francisco at Detroit Pittsburgh at Buffalo Seattle at Indianapolis Minnesota at Cincinnati Jacksonville at Houston Arizona at Tennessee Denver at NY Giants Miami at New England Green Bay at New Orleans Cleveland at Kansas City Chicago at LA Rams Baltimore at Las Vegas Survivor: LAR
  6. More interesting Q to me is: if we make the playoffs as a WC team and lose R1 does Fangio actually keep his job? At some point Paton will need to either pick his own guy or commit to Fangio as his own and my hunch is, unless we WAY outperform expectations, it’ll be the former.
  7. I’d take that deal (assuming he’s cleared).. especially if Paton had taken the CHI deal on draft day and picked up an extra 2022 R1 pick
  8. Seems that the DW activity is picking back up .. was their any resolution on the legal-front?
  9. Actual leverage? Very little. But if he digs his heels in he could blow up this entire season for GB
  10. I think you’re underestimating how messy it could get
  11. I don’t think the comp is going to be anywhere near SF for 1.3. Who are we bidding against? A mid-summer trade for a high-cap guy that has made his displeasure very public. It’s really just a DEN trade or drag it into the season and very few FOs have the stomach for that.
  12. I believe Risner is under contract for this year and next
  13. (This season : long term) QB play (1:2) Skill position talent (4:5) Pass protection (3:4) Run blocking (4:5) Run defense (3:1) Pass rush (4:2) Pass coverage (5:4) Special teams (3:4) Coaching (2 - outside of Munchak)
  14. SB Contender with A- or better QB play Playoff team with B- or better QB play Fast track to mediocrity (and outside of 2022 R1 QB territory) with C+ or worse QB play
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