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  1. And didn’t DET make the LAR deal to accommodate Stafford? 1.8 in the current draft is significantly more valuable than 2 future firsts in the 20s.
  2. It was fun watching him and Darrent Williams together - so much athleticism on the outside. Such a shame they were flanked by the Brown-cos rushing defense for all those years. I still have nightmares of Darren LT, McFadden and Jamaal Charles running rampant for career days against us.
  3. Would think it’d have to be Surtain/Chubb/Sutton/etc. Not sure what 1 expensive year of Von in his 30s does for GB in a rebuild.
  4. Wouldn’t this require GB agree and facilitate? Don’t know why they’d do that with no comp.
  5. Happy with this draft. QB dominates the conversation (as it should) but the pipeline of young talent we have across this roster is really tough to find elsewhere. Maybe a fools errand to discuss but there aren’t many (if any) better roster situations than ours from 2-53. I think even mediocre QB play puts us in WC contention and top 5-10 QB play puts us in SB contention
  6. Would do Surtain + 2 firsts tomorrow
  7. Would've taken the CHI deal and taken Caleb Farley at 1.20
  8. Would've taken that deal for 1.9, tbh
  9. A *pissed off* 38 year old Rodgers
  10. My imagination is running wild with this Aaron Rodgers news the last hour.. someone needs to hose me off!
  11. Nice, I like it. Teddy at a reduced cap number is a more valuable piece than a R6 pick, in my opinion.
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