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  1. Are there murmurs that Elway is preparing to move on? If so, when should we expect it?
  2. Interesting, thanks.. I had seen bits and pieces but didn't know how all the pieces fit together
  3. For us outsiders, what's the most likely outcome in this ownership debacle? Would there eventually be a full sale of the team? Or slow transition via trust to another Bowlen? And how soon do you (or anyone familiar w/ the situation) expect some resolution?
  4. https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2019-nfl-predictions/?ex_cid=rrpromo is another good one.
  5. We’re not good enough to not draft BPA - but in the early rounds if BPA happens to be RB, TE, OLB, or S we need to be REALLY sure the value justifies the investment.
  6. Hmm I’d say an improved OL, receiving options, and defense.. (+ a late round RB to offer inexpensive insurance + change of pace for #30 & #28)
  7. These highlighted points above prove my point.. the roster, as currently constructed, has significant holes that need to be addressed this offseason - the solutions aren't currently on the roster. We can't invest significantly in every position - and the position groups above are the priority - which is why drafting a RB early or spending premium $ for a guy like Derrick Henry isn't prudent.
  8. The talent level on this team is significantly below replacement level at many of the position groups (QB?, WR, OL, DL, ILB, & CB). That's where premium capital (draft & $) needs to be allocated. I'm fine if we address RB late in the draft.. but it's certainly not where our priority should be.
  9. No reason to address RB early w/ this team's current state. I'd hope we wait till round 4 or later.
  10. No thanks on Henry. We have far too many holes to spend premium FA $ at a position that most would consider a strength.
  11. That's encouraging. ~ $100m in cap room, getting James and Callahan back and a top 12 pick - hard to imagine next year's team being worse... Of course all optimism depends on Lock's prospects heading into the offseason. Klis went on Edwards + Allbright's show last night and talked Lock. Normally he's an infuriating to listen to but it was interesting to hear (Elway's) perspective on why they're being so patient w/ Lock. They were unsatisfied w/ how Mizzou's O prepared him and feel he's behind in his experience in digesting defenses in a pro-style offense (more so than fans and media realize) and that he really hasn't been healthy until the last couple weeks.
  12. I agree that Lock should be practicing and the longer the look the better off we are.. but I think the point is moot. After the way this has been handled I don't think we are going QB early R1. I mean, we definitely don't w/out seeing Lock at all .. but also, how poorly would Lock have to play in 4 games for Elway to effectively give up on last year's R2 investment by sinking our premium pick into the same position?
  13. Assuming they activate him this coming week, when does he clear the practice threshold and become eligible for the active 46 again?
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