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  1. This is hilarious. Paton & co. continuing to make the beat guys eat shi*
  2. Not so sure about this if Rodgers is willing to consider retirement (which he keeps alluding to)
  3. From a demeanor and personality perspective Hackett seems to be the candidate that contrasts most strongly with Fangio. Aside from merit and the Rodgers connection that may have been the big allure
  4. Rough hiring cycle for the local beat guys. Paton runs a tight ship!
  5. Conference Championships: San Francisco at L.A. Rams Cincinnati at Kansas City
  6. Lamar has been B+ or better without a doubt. Flacco’s last five years have thrown people off the scent, there were those half-joking “is Flacco elite” conversations for the majority of his prime. He certainly wasn’t a top 5 QB but he was definitely between 7-14 for that stretch.
  7. Agree, additionally there is plenty of revisionist editorializing about why certain coaches are successful and then attempts to reverse engineer those decisions separate of other variables. We’ve beaten it to death but, my hypothesis is that, the one thing that correlates most closely with coaching performance is having sustained B+ or better QB play. Those 4 guys are amongst the best of their generation but also had prime Brees/ Mahomes/ Brady/ Roethlisberger.
  8. PS2 is a top 10 pick. Are we passing on Rodgers and Wilson so we can continue selecting top 10 picks?
  9. s/o to Aaron Rodgers for having respect for the Green Bay Packers organization……. Class act!!
  10. 100%. Andy Reid’s trajectory was forever changed by the Mahomes pairing. He may end up with 300 career wins.
  11. With no unique or inside information I think Hacket is the favorite at this point
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