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  1. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    Oh I agree -- my point was that the "if we fire VJ we'll have to spend an early pick on a QB this year because a new HC will want his guy - so let's not fire VJ" line of thinking seems like a false binary. The new HC will be as wary as anyone about spending an early pick on a QB who isn't the answer.
  2. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    Why is it a foregone conclusion that the new HC will get his guy immediately? The job still has appeal even without assurances that DEN goes QB early in the '19 draft. I guess I'm asking why couldn't there be an agreement that the new HC will get his guy.. but that the realities of the '19 draft aren't favorable on the QB front- a la Kyle Shannahan taking the HC job in SF after the '16 season
  3. WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, on IR

    It's not obvious to me that the hole needs to be filled in the draft though. We have two promising young WRs (three, if you like Patrick) on the roster and holes to fill elsewhere. Why couldn't Elway look for a mid-tier WR in the FA bargain bin?
  4. Random Thoughts

    @lomaxgrUK @Broncofan Curious to hear your thoughts on Joe Jones and how he projects as an every down player in the league. I don't trust my own ability to reliably evaluate individual players (and didn't scout him before the draft) - but I've been impressed with how often he's around the ball and making plays. Could he be a candidate for every-down duties next year?
  5. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

    I feel for him. It's hard to imagine his career starting in a worse spot, fit-wise. Too big/not twitchy enough to play 3-4 EDGE - not enough size/strength to play 3-4 DE. I imagine his career would've looked differently if he'd landed with a traditional 4-3 DE role from the start.
  6. Broncos @ Bengals GDT

    Klis tweeted that Holland has been called up from the PS at the expense of AJ Johnson. Excited for him to see the field.
  7. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I know there's been a lot of talk about Herbert staying - but I would be stunned if he doesn't enter the draft. He has so much to lose by staying another year and so little to gain. He's a consensus top 10 pick in a QB weak draft. That can't be improved upon.
  8. Random Thoughts

    Agreed - reaching for a QB with an early pick in '19 is worst case scenario - though it's not obvious to me that we'd be better off with a 3rd round QB in this draft (w/ an 80% flop rate) than Carr, even at his current cap #. I think if the decision comes down to either drafting a QB with a round 2/3 pick or trading a pick (round 3 or later) for Carr, I'd rather have Carr.
  9. Random Thoughts

    But for Carr, even if his dead cap $ is friendly, his salary $ isn't. Given the teams you listed in the QB market this offseason, how strong would the trade market even be for Carr? It doesn't seem like he'd have more than a couple of suitors.
  10. Random Thoughts

    Agreed, Tannehill and Carr seem like candidates for 1 year 'prove-it' deals with teams with day one QB1 openings.
  11. Random Thoughts

    Could Tannehill be an option at QB this offseason if Miami cuts ties? FWIW: Drew Brees pre-New Orleans vs Ryan Tannehill's first 6yrs. Per Game Stats Passing Rushing Rk Player From To Cmp Att Yds TD Int Sk Yds Att Yds TD 1 Drew Brees 2001 2006 19.7 31.5 223.5 1.4 0.9 1.5 11.1 2.4 5.3 0.1 2 Ryan Tannehill 2012 2018 21.2 33.7 236.9 1.4 0.9 2.7 20.8 2.9 14.1 0.1 Obviously no one expects him to be Drew Brees - just pointing out that a change of scenery and the right team buying-low has worked for some in the past
  12. Random Thoughts

    What do we expect Baltimore will do with Flacco after this year? Release him and eat the dead $? Having Jackson there + a new coaching staff could spell the end for Flacco in BAL, I'd think...
  13. When VJ gets fired

    Agreed- only makes sense for them if an outlier opportunity were to present itself (i.e. Andy Reid retiring mid-Mahomes' peak, Gruden-level money, leash & control, etc).
  14. When VJ gets fired

    Yeah the discussion escaped my initial point. I don’t disagree that coordinators and the overwhelming majority of college coaches would jump at the opportunity to be a HC in the NFL. Luring away a Dabo, Riley, etc is an entirely different animal and one that all sober-minded Broncos fans can admit isn’t a realistic expectation with the condition of the organization currently.
  15. When VJ gets fired

    But that's a different argument - and for what it's worth, I agree with you. My point was that incoming coaches place a premium value on the QB position - because poor QB play is a death sentence for coaches. Denver's QB situation is about as bad as it gets. An overpaid aging journeyman, no young prospects on the roster, a weak upcoming QB FA class, not a ton of cap space anyway, an early/middle-of-the-road draft pick in a QB weak draft, and a roster promising enough to insure that we're not in prime QB selection territory any time soon. That matters to coaches. To your point, after a good draft and some nice picks in the next one, I'm actually somewhat optimistic about our roster moving forward - but I'm not optimistic about our appeal to potential coaches around the league.