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  1. Time to expand MJ’s “Love of the game” contract provision to protect teams from players who don’t want to play
  2. Agreed. So, as Broncos fans, we should be rooting for a) Watson NOT to be traded before the draft b) Watson NOT to soften his stance towards staying in HOU c) MIA, CAR, SF, CHI, & WAS to make major QB commitments during (or soon after) the draft
  3. Assuming the 4 QBs go before 1.9, it seems we’re rooting for WRs to go early. Having the choice between Parsons, Surtain, Farley, etc. is not a bad outcome at all tbh. I’d be curious to hear thoughts but it seems to me that Watson being traded after draft day is an advantage for us competing with MIA & CAR.. though it could also benefit the WAS/SF types picking after 1.9... thoughts?
  4. Really good point. I’ve wondered about this idea for all non-KC teams with a promising but not elite QB (ARI, LAC, CLE, BAL, CIN, SEA?, etc.)
  5. If Jerry Jeudy the 2020 prospect were in this draft how would he grade relative to Smith and Chase?
  6. Is JJ Watt still an impact guy? Not that we would make any sense for him.. but I’m seeing sports media treat his release like he’s still a premier blue-chip talent
  7. Not worried about it. We're a 5-11 team w/ bottom 5 QB play and he's a 21yo WR doing a 10 minute local radio spot in the offseason. It'd almost be more concerning if our young WR delivered a cerebral interview - the NFL record books are littered w/ receivers with a little bit of crazy..
  8. Do we trust Klis as much as we did w/ Elway & Co? He benefitted from the Dove Valley cesspool for years but w/ a new FO regime and outside hire I'm not sure there is any indication he's still the org mouthpiece
  9. I’d do 2.9 for Darnold in the (likely) event that Watson isn’t in play for us. Great buy low opportunity and the type of risk you have to take w/o foreseeable certainty at QB and no plans to bottom out
  10. I’d do it. Decent chance Chubb isn’t a Bronco in two years, unlikely Lock is a top 15 QB, one of those R1 picks is going towards a QB anyways, and those other two firsts would be in the 20s - and I get to keep my 2nd round picks? Done.
  11. Shows to me that DET was going to do right by Stafford unless they got 140 cents on the dollar in return. LAR’s offer was significantly weaker than 1.9 + Lock, in my opinion.
  12. Why does he need more pushing? He’s one meh season away from holding a clipboard indefinitely
  13. I’m genuinely curious what the FO thinks a Dalton/Foles/Fitz signing accomplishes. If Drew works out, great -wasted $ that could’ve gone elsewhere. If Drew doesn’t work out, they’re just ensuring we don’t bottom out into 2022 QB draft territory? They just provide a higher floor for the Drew Lock 2022 experiment - which isn’t even necessarily a good thing. We need Drew to either a) be the guy or b) flame out egregiously so we’re not picking in the middle of the first next year. A 6-8 win season is worst case scenario unless Drew goes up two levels.
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