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  1. Is this a worrying trend w/ Jeudy? Or a just a few sparse outliers?
  2. Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas Baltimore at Pittsburgh Las Vegas at Atlanta Arizona at New England Carolina at Minnesota Los Angeles (LAC) at Buffalo Cleveland at Jacksonville Tennessee at Indianapolis Miami at New York (NYJ) New York (NYG) at Cincinnati San Francisco at Los Angeles (LAR) New Orleans at Denver Kansas City at Tampa Bay Chicago at Green Bay Seattle at Philadelphia
  3. Agreed. Toting around Lock's stat line to compare him to other QBs is weak. His success in the league will be a function of his ability to get through his progressions, make good decisions, make accurate throws, and improve his footwork. We know what he can do with a clean pocket and an open first read .. that was never the problem. It isn't a coincidence that his play improves when the run game is effective, he isn't feeling as much pressure, and there is more spacing over the middle of the field as a function of heavier boxes and more run support. I want to see him surpass expectations when things aren't going his way.. which, I think, it the measure of a promising QB: How effective are they when they can't do what they want to do.
  4. Let's see the O w/ 90 seconds left in a tie game
  5. PJ Locke playing some boundary corner. Quite a fall from grace for Ojemudia. Edit: *Holder*
  6. Why not send someone in motion? There was no deception on that 4th down. Everyone in the stadium knew where it was going.
  7. Nice rebound drive by the O. Lindsay has his limitations but he provides such a valuable spark
  8. Right. It's either poor coaching or poor coachability.
  9. If the above happens, we would've been in *3rd* if we hadn't beat LAC a few weeks back. Can't even suck properly..
  10. Winston is the most fun scenario for 2021, right? He may throw 30 picks but it'd be fun to see Jeudy, Fant, Hamler, and Sutton in a high volume offense with Jameis.
  11. Arizona at SeattleNew England at HoustonAtlanta at New OrleansTennessee at BaltimoreCincinnati at WashingtonPittsburgh at JacksonvilleDetroit at CarolinaPhiladelphia at ClevelandMiami at DenverNew York (NYJ) at Los Angeles (LAC)Dallas at MinnesotaGreen Bay at IndianapolisKansas City at Las VegasLos Angeles (LAR) at Tampa Bay Miami (Buffalo, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Green Bay)
  12. Did we ever get the Ojemudia story? 0 snaps. Was it really as simple as preferring Callahan outside?
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