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  1. Lions got draft picks for taking on Goffs insane contract
  2. Bengals fans on this site seem pretty confident they're gonna win in week 1. I think it's more likely that Joey B plays at about 75% throws a few picks and Dalvin goes off for 200 yards from scrimmage and 3 TDs in a blowout but only time will tell
  3. What do you think your odds of winning vs the Vikings week one are? Will Joey B be healthy?
  4. We NEED to get Danielle lined up against Riley Reiff in week one
  5. I'd love the chance to bring in both Dede Westbrook + Kerrigan
  6. For Zimmer I think if we don't get far into the playoffs (NFC championship) he will be out of Minnesota. Next year will be his 8th coaching the vikings, I think that's plenty of time to bring home a SB.
  7. There's no UDFA or vet TE/FB that's better than a 33 year old washed up Tim Tebow? smh
  8. Torn ACL & a neck injury is probs the worst way to start a career, he didn't even have a chance
  9. IF Dalvin Cook stays healthy he wins OPOY 2300 yards from scrimmage 20 TDs
  10. Sill totally shocked Darrisaw fell to 23, he's got all the attributes, production, college tape and age that would make him a top 10 pick.
  11. If he leaves Packers need to fire their GM To make him stay Packers need to fire their GM Am I missing something????????????????
  12. It's going to be hard to pick up an elite talent next year with the 32nd pick
  13. What do you guys thing the chances are of Rodgers playing for the packers next year? Or being traded? Or retiring?
  14. The amount of capital we had means you should spread it around just like we did, should we have drafted a 3rd DE instead? The odds of him succeeding are like super slim and he's still worth a 3rd round pick because QBs are so valuable
  15. And the QB position is much much much much more valuable than a LB or DL so the expected value of the pick is still higher than taking more of a sure thing at another positon. Taking a flyer on a QB in the mid rounds is a good pick, especially with as much mid round draft capital we had
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