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  1. Great debut from Christian. His ceiling is the best tackle in the game!
  2. Patrick Peterson to IR. Dak is gonna pass for 500 yards vs Dantzler and Breeland
  3. How did your defense hold the Vikings to 7 points
  4. End of the season the Wilfs will let Zimmer "Retire"
  5. Win the game and continue the suffering under Zimmer Lose the game and edge closer to a regime change and a chance at a ring
  6. Really hope it isn't a tear for PP. Really glad we have the bye week next week
  7. We would have some serious muscle on the line if Davis has the ability to learn centre
  8. Give Davis the start over Udoh after the bye, he's the future of the offensive line so let him grow into the role.
  9. Imagine how good this Panthers defence will be next year with Horn and Gilmore
  10. Why do we need to lose the lead to get some urgency on offense?
  11. This offense has too much talent to be run like this it is criminal. We can be the number 1 offense in the league when we're coached with the right mentality and given aggressive plays. Our offensive line should be top 10, our weapons are top 10 and Kirk is a top 10 QB
  12. 20 yard gain by a FB! The year is 1951!!!!
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