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  1. I would have loved this deal for the Vikings. Houston has been great for the Colts.
  2. If the Vikings are going all in our front office should be looking for ways to acquire Chandler Jones.
  3. How come? He's played great the last 2 years for the colts
  4. He should be reporting to the court room SMH
  5. I really don't think the Love pick was the right move for the Packers organisation. now Rodgers, Adams and Z Smith are not happy in GB.
  6. I'm really feeling the Vikings signing Justin Houston. He can be a great DE 2 to Danielle. We're all hyped about Wonnum / Jones and Robinson but my gut says they all need a year until they ball out.
  7. Thanks for the post! That data is gross, how can we be so bad for so long?
  8. They gave dennison the right to not get the vaccine. In return the vikings flexed their right to not put themselves at a competitive advantage. Not getting the vaccine is a selfish and an uninformed decision.
  9. Bottom 5 OL coach gets fired Him being a dumb *** shouldn't impact this decision
  10. Best RT in football gets paid like the best. Still think this deal is a steal for the saints. 18m per year is gonna look cheap when the cap goes up
  11. Mayfield had a great year last year behind the number 1 offensive line in the NFL and a couple of fantastic running backs. His previous years when he had to face some adversity he wasn't great. Cousins can have a top 7 qb season with an okay offensive line and our weapons
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