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  1. 31-23 by the time the VIkings next have possession
  2. Zimmer the "cornerback Guru" with a blown coverage. Zimmers last season as HC sad to say
  3. Runner that was clearly down called a fumble, not much else to say.
  4. Breeland with the "I just got burnt" injury
  5. Let's get cook going this next drive and settle the jitters. Nice job defense
  6. Burrow is gonna be on his back most of the game so I'm not too worried about you going 5 wide
  7. This is one of the VIkings easy games
  8. Did you see sewell in the preseason, the guy looked lost
  9. True he was great at blitz pick up. I thought when he ran the ball he looked slow & sluggish. Also his RAC was really poor.
  10. I was rooting for you guys - 7 points on missed kicks Dak and the pass game looked amazing Zeke looked yikes, I wouldn't be surprised if it was his last year as a cowboy
  11. Favorite Team: <Buffalo Bills> Week 1 pick: <Vikings> I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
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