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  1. Tennessee has had a lot of bad run-ins with Baltimore in the playoffs. The old Oilers also could never get past Pittsburgh in the playoffs as well.
  2. Ryan's easily the great QB in team history, but it looks like this may be the end of the road for him in ATL. His arm looks like its run out of gas and what little athleticism he had before is nonexistant. 2022 will be the first year where his cap hit is greater than the dead cap, making him a release candidate. If ATL decides to move on, does Ryan retire? Find a new team? I can't see him settling for a backup role like Flacco.
  3. Harbaugh did the right thing regardless if they got it or not. Punting would have more than likely yielded the same result as a failed 4th down conversion: Mahomes gets KC into FG range and BAL loses.
  4. The #1 cause for losses: turnovers at the worst possible time.
  5. Games like this is why we love this sport.
  6. There's guy on Baltimore with the last name Cleveland.
  7. Baltimore spending their timeouts like a gold digger with the old man's credit card.
  8. I thought ai'd never see the day when Baltimore had a crappy defebse. This would NEVER happen in the Lewis/Reed era.
  9. Don't start rookie quarterbacks against Bill Belichick.
  10. Death Taxes Vikings kickers missing crunch time kicks
  11. Not gonna lie, seeing a once solid quarterback like Matt Ryan pretty much reach the end of the line of his career is kind of sad.
  12. Matt Ryan might retire before Brady does.
  13. Remember when Rob Parker said Brady was washed...in 2012?
  14. Good win, really need to start scoring touchdowns in the red zone. Brady will destroy us if that doesn't get cleaned up. Two more weeks until the Tampa game.
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