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  1. I think I know "why" they went with Daboll instead of those two.
  2. Plus he went to a team that won a playoff game with TIM TEBOW, yet it took him two seasons to get to a SB and four to win it all (albeit as a zombie). Brady went to a 7-9 team that hadn't won a playoff game since 2003 and won a SB year one during peak COVID.
  3. From what I understand, Pitt has only had three de facto GM's after ARJ (Haley, Donahue, Colbert); all 3 were outsiders.
  4. Baalke by all accounts is a horrible GM not just because he sucks at the main function of the job (draft and FA signing), but also because he is a toxic schmuck.
  5. Time to get rid of the Popularity Bowl entirely.
  6. It's not that weird. Not a ton of time to hire a new GM, get him assimilated with the front office and then have him handle the draft.
  7. "Brady was blessed with great teams" Peyton Manning had Edgerrin James, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Dallas Clark, routinely elite offensive lines with Jeff Saturday and Tarik Glenn, underrated defenses under Dungy and a GM WHO GOT THE RULES OF THE GAME CHANGED TO HELP GOLDEN BOY BEAT THE PATRIOTS.
  8. Saturday night is actually a death slot for most programming. However the Super Bowl isn't most programming.
  9. Life hack: request for the day after the Super Bowl as soon as you can.
  10. Aso, Leftwich is perfectly justified in giving Jville that ultimatum; he has all the leverage. No self-respecting person should put up with toxic bosses like Baalke.
  11. He got a engineering director job at a car manufacturer after he got his Masters. Left to start his own business and eventually bought his old employer. Grew the company to the point they manufactured for the Big Three. Khan may be a dumbass when it comes to football, but he definitely knows business.
  12. Idk what happened to Pizza Hut cuz there was a time when it was THE place to get pizza if you didn't have a local place.
  13. 1. Time. I don't have a commute, but military gyms get REALLY busy. Doing 5x5 315+ lbs squats with warmup and 3 minute rest in between sets alone is time consuming. 2. Energy. Heavy squats are really taxing and it's affecting the other lifts. I tried doing 185 lbs 5x5 bench after 315 lbs squats on Monday and it just sucked. When I separated them I feel so much stronger. 3. Since the goal is to build up to Smolov, I don't see much point in the other 3. 4. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are cardio days and I'm working up to ranger standard 5 mile run and 12 mile ruck.
  14. It wasn't just the Pats. I remember watching a Saints/Steelers game (MNF I believe) and Brees thoroughly embarrassed him. Super Bowl 43 was another example.
  15. Elite QBs like Brady and Brees routinely burnt him to a crisp. I was never worried about Polamalu when we played Pittsburgh.
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