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  1. Great movie. 7 year old me would have been obsessed with it.
  2. Let's just say a.) My parents sucked at stuff like this, cuz I didn't see the original Star Wars trilogy until 2008 on DVD and I discovered later we had the original VHS tapes of all 3. B.) Finding time is difficult
  3. Why do people dislike Brees outside of division rivalry?
  4. I've just finished Jurassic Park for the first time.
  5. Brady has been in the conference championship in every season this whole decade. Unbeliveable.
  6. Tom Brady has been in the conference championship for 9/10 seasons this decade . Unbelievable.
  7. The Tom Brady quarterback sneak: the single most unstoppable play of all time.
  8. Won't be the first time Cleveland is haunted by a fumble.
  9. Well that would be awfully professional on his part. If hebwants to make a stink about it, the team could just mess with him and refuse to trade him just to piss him off.
  10. His only options are sit out and get fined or play and make money. His choice.
  11. Not saying he has to be happy with it, but people making significantly less money put up with toxic work environments until they find something else. That's life.
  12. Ok, so he sits out and picks up fines or he can be an adult and play.
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