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  1. I was rooting for Chicago and the first quarter gave some hope, but I knew in the end they couldn't win with Grossman under center so I was largely tuned out and figured just give Golden Boy his Super Bowl and let's get it over with.
  2. JAX should draft TREY LANCE first oveall, not Trevor Lawrence. Jaylen Waddle > DeVonta Smith
  3. You can't even compare the 2. Megatron is a 6'5 230 lbs freak of nature athlete; Edelman is practically half a foot shorter and spent his college career as a quarterback. Megatron is "better", but there's no receiver I trust more to make a big catch in crunch time than Edelman. Imagine if you paired the 2 together.
  4. Yeah, teams were starting to fear Brady by 2003. There were Panther players on the sideline saying the game's not over "not with that quarterback".
  5. No. As great as Bledsoe was, he was also a VERY streaky passer that had REALLY bad meltdowns.
  6. Eli will only get in because of his last name and his two Super Bowls; his regular season stats aren't impressive at all and hs a .500 record as the starter. If Lynn Swann can get in due to his postseason heroics, I don't see why a guy whose postseason production is second only to Jerry freaking Rice can't.
  7. Effective 3rd down backs are a requirement on any Brady team.
  8. This was probably one of those rare releases/trades that I'm willing Belichick had a hard time doing. Jules was the anti-Welker.
  9. Patriot Way Mount Rushmore: Tedy Bruschi Troy Brown Julian Edelman Matt Slater
  10. I remember his first start when he stepped in for Welker and many thought he was a waste of roster space. In the second dynasty, no player exemplified the Patriot Way more than Jules. Thanks for the memories.
  11. Trade down. The fact Blank will let the new GM do what he wants with Ryan/Jones signals this team wants to start over from scratch.
  12. Seriously hoping SF is stupid enough to take Jones at 3, thus opening the door for us to trade up to 4 to get Fields. ATL taking a QB at 4 is a smokescreen imo; they desperately want to trade down. Ryan's dead cap in 2022 is $40m and I don't think they want a top 5 pick sitting on the bench for 2 years.
  13. I still have no idea what people see in Love. I get he looked good in 2018, but that was then and in 2019 he regressed significantly. The fact he couldn't beat out Tim Boyle to be the #2 should be extremely concerning to GB.
  14. I'm not factoring in wins/losses. 2007 - They win 16-0 and it took a couple of lucky breaks and a worst playcall than the Butler interception (going for it on 4th/10 up 7-3). 2020 - Probably suffers from recency bias, but this was a legitimately stacked team that had slight consistency issues due to COVID crap and Brady adjusting to a new system. They were unstoppable once everything clicked in the second half of the regular season KC game. 2004 / 2016 - I'm giving a tie between these two because they're very similar in the sense they were a consistent and balanced on both sides
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