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  1. He may not even make the final roster being a 7th rounder. Overall, solid draft. MUCH more promising than last years.
  2. History shows Belichick's preference for big bruiser backs: Antowain Smith, Corey Dillon, Laurence Maroney, LeGarrette Blount.
  3. Never can complain about picks for the trenches.
  4. It's the nature of the league. There's no such thing as loyalty. Belichick didn't want Brady back. Instead of publicly whining about it like Rodgers, Brady handeled the situation like a man.
  5. There's nothing Fields could have done; Bama was a straight up better team. Fields made Ohio State better. DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle made Jones look like a first rounder.
  6. If you the starting QB at Bama you're pretty much guaranteed to score.
  7. Anyone who is legit excited over Mac Jones doesn't watch football.
  8. Maybe BB trolls everyone and trades down.
  9. The fact Jones is smiling on the phone with us on the board does not inspire confidence in this pick.
  10. I wouldn't mind him being in a competition, but going into the season with him as the unquestioned starter is grounds for termination.
  11. Lol, any other coach would be fired if he did that.
  12. Corrected. I'd go as far to say Brady carried him to those Super Bowls because outside of SB53 and possibly 39 Belichick's defenses underachieved in the SB.
  13. No other team would have Fields and Jones graded the same.
  14. Draft picks are so overrated and overvalued. WIth the aggressive FA moves, it's not unreasonable that we were expecting him to trade up to get arguably the best QB in the draft to set us up for the future. If Fields pans out, those FRP are basically second rounders. Belichick the GM is a moron.
  15. He'll prolly just take a second round DB with bad knees even if Fields was available.
  16. With Smith and Fields gone, trade out.
  17. If we end up with Jones I'm gonna be pissed.
  18. Two threats left for Fields: PHI and MIN. Trade up Bill!
  19. Not liking commentators talking about QBs. Fields is my #2 QB behind Lawrence and I really hope NE can get him.
  20. I was rooting for Chicago and the first quarter gave some hope, but I knew in the end they couldn't win with Grossman under center so I was largely tuned out and figured just give Golden Boy his Super Bowl and let's get it over with.
  21. JAX should draft TREY LANCE first oveall, not Trevor Lawrence. Jaylen Waddle > DeVonta Smith
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