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  1. Free agency - who is left.

    QFT It's to the point of the old Matts & Slam/Plan bickering. Just, ugh
  2. Congratulations JWin & family!
  3. Tyrone Crawford in club altercation

    How dare you say something like that about Roger? You know he has Mara & Kraft do the fondling.
  4. Kerry Hyder - DL

    Selvie perhaps? Or Mincey?
  5. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    That clip was all I needed to know about Dez. I never liked his bull**** antics. But for Witten, the consumate professional, to go off on you like that, you must be being an *******. I'm glad Dez is gone & Witten is back.
  6. Prayers be with you & yours JWin.
  7. Cowboys Reportedly Agree to Deal with Randall Cobb

    Ace, you crack me up. You're one of the reasons I haven't left this site completely.
  8. Tyrone Crawford in club altercation

    He's a team captain & plays on the d-line, where we are thin already. He's scheme versatile. He isn't going anywhere this year, no matter how much sense it makes.
  9. Did someone say unsweet tea?!?
  10. I use my xbox mostly for streaming Netflix, Hulu, Prime & Youtube. But, I do a bit of gaming from time to time. I was always a Playstation guy until the current gen consoles. I just went Xbox instead & would do it again.
  11. Anyone play PUBG, Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 5 on Xbox? Hit me up on there if you want to play. Screen name there is Tyler72103
  12. Free agency - who is left.

    And crap like this is why I barely come here anymore. It's gotten old guys. If it's not Dak, it's Jerry or Garrett. Damn.
  13. Free agency - who is left.

    If we sign Cobb, our injury report will have some serious talent at WR: Cobb, Austin and Wilson. That's pretty salty.
  14. 2019 Free Agency - Potential Targets

    I love ya textaz, but Matts is right.
  15. Cole Beaseley To sign with Bills

    Loved Bease back in the day. But, his attitude has soured me. So long midget. Enjoy Buffalo.