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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Not on this forum anymore. Ya know why? Because of the asinine arguments you and Matts have had in every ******* thread. Look, we get it. Matts likes Dak. DaBoys doesn't. WE ******* GET IT. Jesus. It's stupid **** like this that makes this place such a ******* drag to come to anymore. My comments are in no way, shape or form directed solely at you DaBoys. Matts is just as guilty of the buffoonery. You both make this place suck ***.
  2. Who will be the breakout player in 2019?

    Plan, you do realize that is how it comes out when you call him that, right? Let's be honest here. The only things Dak Prescott has in common with Quincy Carter is in fact his skin color and that he plays the same position. No, Dak isn't perfect. But, he's no Quincy Carter. It's asinine to keep calling him that. I would bet vital parts of Matts' anatomy that he and I are NOT the only ones who have thought this about your repeated use of Quincy when referring to Dak. I'm not a Dak apologist, Nor am I a Dak basher. I don't have a dog in the fight. But, your insistence on repeatedly calling him Quincy is asinine, juvenile and just plain ******* ignorant. If me saying all of this is somehow in violation of the forum rules and gets me banned, so be it. I'm pretty much done here anyway.
  3. I'm dealing with a kidney stone. My first one in about 3 years. It feels like a midget with Wolverine claws is slashing his way through the right side of my urinary tract. Yet, that feeling is still more enjoyable than reading the 2 main arguments going on in this forum.
  4. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Dude, you can bash your head against the wall all you want. This is one thing no one is going to agree with you on. Even if you are right, which I am not saying, no one would agree with you. It is just too engrained in our football minds that you need a balanced attack to have success. It doesn't matter what data says. It doesn't matter. Especially with this team and it's history of success when the team ran the ball well. I have no dog in the hunt. I am not a Pro-Dak or Anti-Dak camper. I don't give a crap who the QB is, who the RB is or who anyone at any position is, so long as they play hard and do their job. I don't care if we win by running it and controlling the clock, win by throwing the ball all over the yard or win because the defense is dominating. Just getting the W is all that matters to me. Then, again, I love the Cowboys whether they win or lose. So, I guess I just typed all of this for no reason. LMAO
  5. The Run Game doesnt matter

    Nah, I'm just having fun with you. As for the data not lying, stats can be manipulated to show whatever you want them to show. Running the ball not mattering is one argument I can't get behind. Yeah, data might indicate that all you need to do to win is have an efficient passing game. You know how you do that? Run the ball enough to keep the defense guessing on what's coming next. The play action pass is one of the best offensive plays out there. Yet, it only works if the defense has to respect the run. So... yeah. I'm not buying it that the run game doesn't matter. I give you props for finding some interesting data and generating lively debate though. And just for giggles, the following is said in the Anti-Dak voice... Well, I guess we won't win much since Dak sucks.
  6. They may be dumb, but at least they know you have to run the ball to be effective on offense. LMAO. Good luck Matts. Love ya buddy.
  7. The Run Game doesnt matter

    It's almost like the guy who says running the ball doesn't matter is the father of a QB or something. Oh, wait...
  8. Northland's Reality Check

    Northland, my family's thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Best wishes on a speedy recovery for your son.
  9. Dak, the QB of the future or not.

    Some people think Dak is better than he is. Some people think he's worse than he is. Someone insists on referring to him as Quincy for some asinine reason. Here's the bottom line... Dak Prescott is a darn good but not yet great QB. He thrives in the 4th quarter, but sometimes struggles in the first 3 quarters. He puts up numbers comparable to other QBs thought to be a lot better than he is. He hasn't yet proven that he can carry a team without a strong supporting cast though. He's good enough to get a team to the playoffs but hasn't proven that he can take the same team to the next level. Until Dak wins something meaningful, the same debates will continue on and on and on and on. Then again, even if Dak was named Super Bowl MVP in a winning effort, some people would still find something to bish about. Likewise, if he throws a pick six that costs the team the Super Bowl, some people will make excuses for him. Such is life as a Dallas Cowboy QB. It is what it is.
  10. Who will sit upon the Throne once the dust settles? I haven't watched this season, but I'm curious how it will end.
  11. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    1. He'll be on the field like 25% of the time in the 3 games he'll be healthy for. He'll be fine. 2. Did he look as awful as we think or was he just awful in relation to how good LVE & Jaylon were?
  12. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Well, if you think about it, he was obviously going to start anyway, promise or no. Who was going to beat him out, Justin March-Lillard? Chris Covington? No. I've speculated all along that he would be the SAM because you want your best players on the field. When healthy for those 3 games a year, Sean Lee is in fact one of the best players on the field.
  13. Tom Ciskowski retiring

    Yeah, I'd be down with that.
  14. Predict the 53 - Post Draft (WAY TOO EARLY!)

    Why couldn't Lee be the starter at Sam AND the primary backup at the other 2 spots? He has the skills to do so. Although asking that much of his hamstrings would likely cause them to spontaneously combust.
  15. Wait a second? Weren't you the guy who paraphrased the movie Se7en during a Cowpokes interview a few years ago and took a horror movie makeup class and posted a pic of the final project during an "On the Hot Seat" interview with me? Or am I confusing you with someone else?