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  1. I'm really hoping someone falls from the top four and that one of the top four teams fall in love with Kuminga enough to take him. Right now I'm really hoping we are able to snag Moody or Bouknight with our 8th pick we desperately need a guy who can either get a bucket or is able to shoot the ball off the dribble which each both of them offers at least one of that dimension. As it stands it's a tough choice between Kuminga and Barnes at the 5th pick not really in love with either one, and hate the fact that neither of them can shoot the ball. They are both great defenders, Barnes offers more i
  2. Definitely Vuc the man gave his all for Orlando on and off the court and while I’m glad we are going full rebuild I will always appreciate what he gave here in Orlando.
  3. Chuma Okeke wow, he was showing an all around game, post, scoring, defense, playmaking. Definitely my new favorite Magician. Mo looked good as well, I think he settled way to much for his jumper but he did have good rim protection and help side defense, I really hope he continues to get a lot more minutes to show us more of what he has. I think this was the first time in a really long time that I have been excited to watch a Magic team play, they played hard and watching the young guys show what they have is what we all have been waiting for.
  4. My hope is we some how come away with Cade Cunningham and Jalen Johnson in the draft that would be most ideal for me.
  5. Yes, yes I did ah the good old Andrew Nicholson days.
  6. Hey guys use to be very active on here under the name kiwifan94, I love what Orlando has done maybe not so much of the trades but actually blowing it up and starting with a complete rebuild. I like the prospect of WCJ he could wind up being a solid rotational big and is still only 21, and I do like adding RJ Hampton into the guard mix. It also opens up the draft as we could go in any number of direction depending on what pick we get but for the first time in a while I have liked what we have done.
  7. Yeah I'm iffy on Carter lasting that long really depends on how teams view other running backs in the class few guys can jump him possibly but that one was a iffy position when I picked him there Yeah totally missed that part but I got it in there, been a while since I have done one of these so still knocking off the rust, same with the comp picks totally missed those as well. lol
  8. That would be a solid draft if we did revert to a 4-3 defense, Horn is super talented corner and could end up being the best corner in this years draft. Surratt is still raw but has shown a lot of promise in his transition he made at North Carolina. Also love both defensive Tackles Jones and Shelvin are block eating tackles are just smoother running lanes. Overall very solid draft and off season moves wouldn't be mad at any of this.
  9. What is it about Grimes that you view him as a day three guy might I ask.
  10. Well it has been quite some time since I have posted one of these and why not make that return on this beautiful new year that we have. I don't normally like doing off-season type moves so this will strictly just be a mock draft and I will not have any trades. I do hope everyone enjoys and I look forward to everyone's opinions and thoughts. 2021 NFL Draft Round One, pick 29 Name: Sam Cosmi Height: 6'6" Weight: 295 lbs. Position: Offensive Tackle School: Texas Thoughts: I think Cosmi is slated to fall a bit in this draft, with other Tackles jumping
  11. So who are some favorite prospects from this years draft, I'm telling you one that I just enjoy watching and that's David Moore from Grambling. I believe that kid is going to be a stud and a dog on any offensive line, so who is someone y'all are keeping an eye on or who has stood out.
  12. I definitely see him going in the second round but, he has had a poor showing from what I have heard in the senior bowl and depending on some of his testing he could fall. Great talent though my second favorite interior prospect in this years draft.
  13. Your life Age: 30 State you were born in: Texas City you live in now: Lubbock Something unique about you: I used to go by the name KiwiFan94 at my peak on here Your love of the Packers When did you start following the Packers: 2nd grade What made you become a fan: LeRoy Butler All-time favorite Packers: LeRoy Butler // Nick Collins // KGB // Woodson Favorite Current Packers: Rodgers // Adams // Alexander Favorite moment in team history: Nick Collins pick six in the super bowl Your interests Other favorite teams: NBA- Magic MLB- Astros College- Texas Tec
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