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  1. Wouldn’t even know Harden is playing. Been the Kyrie show all 4th qtr
  2. Took Nets plus 10 live. I’ll take my chance. Well probably hate myself in 5 minutes.
  3. Cavs got Allen for a future first round pick lol biggest steal I’m recent memories. Cavs bullying the Nets
  4. Fighting the urge to not live bet the Nets....
  5. I think the guy who fits Bradley system the best aside from the two obvious ones in Yannick and Ingram would be Bud Dupree. I don’t know how the Steelers can keep him around with their cap situation. 43 under will still be the base defense and Bud can play that SAM LB and then put his hand in the dirt in nickel and dime packages. I would keep my eye on him. If medically everything checks out
  6. Watt would be a nice veteran addition to the defensive line. He’s on his last year and could be cut with no dead cap. Also a trade option. Thinking back to the players Gus has had and I can’t remember a player of his built playing in his system before.
  7. Stanley went from calling play for one season to now being in control of the whole team. Tough task to ask a young head coach. We seen older coaches fail with more experience calling games. 4 years ago he was a DC for a division 2 college. As far as I know a OC hasn’t been hired but from the names being thrown out it’s gonna be a young OC as well. A lot of youth. Will be interesting in seeing how it works out. Has a chance to be a home run but also could fall on its face as well. I also wonder if they will move to the 34 and how that will effect Bosa in their base defense.
  8. If your the Bills. I think you stick to what you did on defense in the first game. If KC beats you running then tip the cap to them. Being aggressive when it has been shown over and over is that you play Mahomes with your DBs back and keep everything in front of you. Make them drive 70 yards with long drives. The first meeting the Bills offense was the issue. But the offense is way different now then it was then.
  9. With Mahomes being cleared to play I hope that KC money starts to come in. Need something better that Bills +3
  10. Cannot wait for Sunday’s games. Gonna be so good. Matt LaFleur coaching advantage over Bruce and Leftwich is just not fair. Packers fast starters tend to slow down a lot in the 2h Bucs are notorious slow starters that play a lot better in the 2h. Should see some snow. I been riding with the Bills all playoffs. I said they’re the only real threat to KC in the AFC. With the Mahomes injury more so the toe injury then head injury for me that would worry me if I was a KC fan. Take away his mobility and everything changes for that offense. But I think we see a match up of Su
  11. Did any else know that for the Dolphins game that Mike Mayock was the guy coaching the DBs that game? I never heard of this before today and man that’s crazy
  12. Pelicans are a disaster they got no space on the floor their there starting line up.
  13. Idk I think you cut him no matter what. Releasing Joyner would be just as easy as releasing Tyrell. 10 million is a lot especially with the young guys that should hit FA. You can release Joyner as a post June 1 cut and make the dead cap a little over a million. I would be highly disappointed if they kept Joyner even with a pay cut.
  14. Early on Jon was good at letting PG pick his own players. Hopefully Gruden is like that with Gus. They go back a long time so hopefully the trust Gruden has in him will give him that trust.
  15. Hard to put Joyner at FS on the Raiders when he will be on another team
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