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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Also hard to say Patterson is worth the money he is getting. Easy move for Oakland to get rid of him cant expect to get any much in return.
  2. Random Raider Stuff

    Macks assignment on that play was to not drop into coverage. He read the screen and played it.
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    Love how Bruce Irvin will be a DE. He should have never been dropping back in coverage, to begin with. Also, hate seeing Mack drop into coverage the few times he does. When Irvin was just asked to rush the passer after the change at DC he was really good. No reason why we shouldn't see a 10 sack season for him. About time we have a coaching staff using the players like how they should be used.
  4. Raiders Sign CB Rashaan Melvin

    I like him more than most. He provides great size and his man cover skills are really good and he provides ru support from the CB position. He is not afraid to tackle. He matched up one on one with A.Brown most of the game with very little help and held Brown to under 50 yards. Late bloomer who has had injury concerns, but is a upgrade over Smith and Amerson. Wouldn’t stop u from drafting a CB, but you get the flexibility of drafting else if needed in the first round.
  5. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Really hope Oakland can get Rashaan Melvin to sign tomorrow when he visits. Just got to make sure that hand is good.
  6. Raiders sign LB Tahir Whitehead

    His best year came from playing at WLB. Probably won’t know his position till later on when OTAs start.
  7. Raiders sign LB Tahir Whitehead

    Really like this one. Young, athletic and can play all three positions. Still think they can bring back Bowman and be set there for the year.
  8. Raiders 2018 Free Agency Thread

    Sean Smith released. Now have 24.3 Million in cap space. Hopefully he is not the only one released. He has has bigger problems on his hands. He will actually serve a year in jail after he pleads guilty on Tuesday.
  9. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Vea is going to be hard to pass on. Adding him to the middle of the defense makes the whole defensive line better. Instantly improves your run game and has some ability as a pass rusher.
  10. The good, the bad, the ugly vs. Jets

    I like what i saw in Conley. You can just see he just needs to get more playing time and his feet under him and he will be good to go. These stupid flags needs to stop can't give team free 15 yards. The one on Bruce was terrible, but Jon Feliciano jumping on the pile after the kick off is just a bone head play. Love how they're using C.Patterson. He is everywhere.
  11. GDT: Raiders vs Jets!

    Really excited to see Conley play. Will be looking for him all game. It would be awesome if he was able to get a pick in his first game. I look for Mack and Irvin to get there first sack of the season. Raiders win 31-13 With Todd Downing at OC i feel more comfortable that we will come out and attack the Jets and not give them any chance.
  12. GDT: Raiders vs Jets!

    Perfect game for Conley to get his feet wet and gain some confidence with the Jets. This is a game where they need to come out and stomp on the Jets from the get go. Worse thing u can do when playing a crappy team like the Jets is let them hang around and give them hope.
  13. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly vs. Tennessee

    I liked how aggressive they were on offense. A lot of empty sets got to let Carr make the plays. Cooper could have had a monster day but his hands and still hit and miss, but did a good job getting two first downs when needed. Defense line was so good today with containing the run. Didn't expect that. Would like to see more blitzes to help out the pass rush especially on 3rd down. J.Cook and Paterson already showing why Reggie went out and signed them. Raiders got a big win week 1 that could set them up to possibly go 3-0 in a couple of weeks. I agree with S&b88 Romo was good and was refreshing. One thing Oakland did very well was get the lead and just control the clock. Less time the defense is on the field the less they can get exposed.
  14. GDT Week 1: Raiders @ Titans

    Feels so good to having meaning full Raider game on. I am worried about this game for all the obvious reasons. They present everything on offense that gives the Raiders problems on defense. I expect a big time game from Carr. i think Lynch will play a bigger role on offense then some expect. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get 20 touches he and the rest of the RB's are key to the offense. Need a good rushing attack to help chew up clock and keep the defense off the field. I'm super excited such a big game for the Raiders you win this game there is 98 percent chance you start 2-0 with playing the Jets the next week. Amerson always seems to play better in Tennessee so hopefully he can keep that up. I will say Oakland 27 Titans 21