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  1. Luckily for the Raiders. The OT draft class is loaded with talent. Some nice talent in the projected 2nd and 3rd rounds for OTs. Have to move on from Brown after this season. Move younger and cheaper on the OL and invest that money into the defense
  2. so the OL and Abram all listed as high risk and can be cleared on Sunday to play. Just crazy.
  3. makes sense cause worst case comes and they have to postpone the game. Theres to much money at stake from them to risk not having a SNF game. The Raiders game should have at least been moved to the first Monday game. Just based solely on that I have become spoiled on watching two games on Monday
  4. more fines incoming When the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore
  5. also the Vikings sent a second round pick for Yannick and got a 3rd and 5th lol just terrible
  6. Yeah Ravens gave up very little for Calais i saw a tweet about how the Ravens have acquired Yannick, Calais and Marcus Peters for the total of three fifth-round picks, a third-round pick and back-up LB hahaha
  7. Vikings are in clear rebuild mode and have lost so many good players just traded Yannick and they have to pay D.Hunter after this year who will demand top top dollar. While Cousins has a 31 million cap number next year. Sheesh gonna be a rough couple years for the Vikings
  8. I would assume a 3rd round pick. Cause if he walks after this year they will get a 3rd round comp pick Offer a 3rd this year and 5th next year
  9. Vikings trade Yannick to the Ravens for a 3rd and 5th pick next year
  10. Nah we good. I did pick him up in all of my fantasy leagues last week. Him and Russell Wilson gonna be crazy
  11. The rest of the guys will be able to play but they wont be able to practice thats a big issue, but the NFL wont move the game for a situation like that. I know most if not all sportsbook have taken the game off the boards.
  12. Add Abram to the list of players sent home as well.
  13. Kershaw starting game 1 and getting through it with such a low pitch count gives him a lot of opportunities to start at least 1 more time if not two if the series goes the distance. I think the perfect ending to this for us Dodger fans would be winning obviously but having Kershaw close it out and get that moment.
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