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  1. Khachanov playing some incredible tennis.
  2. Lacob printing money and will only continue to do so as they're able to fill out the stadium Much like this gem
  3. All this goes out the window a month into the season lol
  4. Still got the mid-level exception and minimum deals. Can bring in some decent players to come off the bench
  5. Free agency really gonna determine how this Warriors season is gonna go. Need to bring in a couple of 3 and D players
  6. You can throw out whatever advance stats and analytics you want, but its a super team. That just shows you how dumb that trade was if were being honest.
  7. Hanging banners for multi language speakers. Truly Lights Years
  8. Don’t really buy it but also believable cause I know for a fact that the Warriors liked him. Just based off age I wouldn’t do that. Think he’s a good player but there isn’t much difference between him and Moody skill wise IMO
  9. Surprised Reaves didn’t get drafted. Think he def catches on with a team
  10. CP getting 100 million. Can’t wait to watch Moody and Kuminga in the Summer league
  11. That’s a nice pick for the Bulls. Nice scorer off the bench
  12. Jason Preston… happy to see him drafted.
  13. Damn Med and his shenanigans. Olympic tennis has not been nice to me. So just watching now
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