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  1. If you opt out for medical reasons then you get 350,000. If you just opt out for non medical reasons you get 150,000. Can’t find any information on why a bottom tier guy wouldn’t be able to get the money. So these guys would be dumb to not opt out. Collect the 150,000 and get back at it next year
  2. I was thinking if you’re a player who has zero to no chance to make the team. Why wouldn’t you opt out of the 2020 season and at least get paid the 150,000. I’m not sure if there are rule behind it that prevents end of the roster guys from doing this, but seems like a great idea to me if allowed.
  3. Raiders officially released PJ Hall
  4. Lmfao Youre who you’re.good riddance
  5. Carr said he will wear the sleeve to honor Kobe Bryant
  6. Yeah, with the fasting its so flexible because you just pick your eating window based on your schedule. Like mine is 10am to 6pm when I do a 18-6 and eating window is 2pm-6pm when I do a 20-4. I hate breakfast and I think for an adult its one of the most useless meals we have. IMO you dont need to eat 3 meals a day. 2 meals with little snacks in between should be enough. Unless your bulking.
  7. Intermittent fast start with a 16-8 so 16 hours of no eating and 8 hours of eating window. Once you get that down and your body adjust then start with a 20-4. While fasting just have to stay away from liquids that have carbs and it gives you more variety on what you can eat. Been doing this for years just not on weekends and its the best change I have made.
  8. Arden Key did an interview with the Athletic and he had a quote in there saying pretty much. The Raiders don't need Clay Matthews or Jadeveon clowney they have all the pass rushers they need already. Interesting thing to say imo. I often forget about Arden Key and kind of over the potential and the almost sacks. Make it or break it year for him. Have to imagine that he makes it onto the team.
  9. Raiders should be under the 80 man mark with at least a spot or two open
  10. Could be, but I dont remember reading that tbh
  11. Safe to assume that if this haven't been the first year for the stadium they would have had some fans.
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