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  1. Well that’s the downside of going for it on 4th down. You can’t always bat a thousand. Still like that he very aggressive with it. Continues to put the ball in his best players hands. It’s gonna work and sometimes it won’t. Until today it has worked. Took till week 6 for it to not work. So I would say that’s good
  2. Abram continues to show so much improvement. With Trevon back there getting more playing time at FS and getting more comfortable. Abrams improved play it’s nice to see some good safety play. Bradley has been a blessing to Abram and imo really saved his career. You can see he’s hurt with the shoulder brace. But he’s been a menace at that “LB” role. On that play where he got the pick Teddy pumped faked to the flat and Abram was able to stay in his spot and really bait Teddy in throwing that ball. Big improvements from Abram
  3. I saw this the other day and thought of this play when Geno was waiting to spike the ball
  4. Inexcusable from Seager on that play.
  5. Jamal Adams balls skills so bad he couldn’t catch a ball that was going right at him
  6. Hope he’s okay. He was moving his legs so a great sign but always scary when they have to bring the stretcher out
  7. Henry Ruggs top 15 is rec yards while only having 20 catches. One other player has 27 everyone else is mid 30s and 40 catches.
  8. Raiders really just need Jordan Davis in the middle of the defense. That MF will stop everything in the middle of the defense
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