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  1. I can still see McFadden running in that game lol
  2. Interested in seeing what Josh can do with Renfrow and Waller in the red zone. Two players who will benefit the most
  3. Stopped listing to Vic after he said Mack wouldn’t be traded
  4. Roster was up to Belichick until this past season. Hard to say if Josh had any say.
  5. Think Carr could be very good with Josh McDaniels. He would definitely go out there and get some weapons at WR.
  6. Going from Gus to Wink would be drastic would have to go get some man CBs
  7. You’re right. I didn’t read it fully my apologies
  8. Cause he’s still a good football mind. If you think he’s gonna call plays then that’s on you. He will call as much plays as Greg Olsen did when Gruden was here. McDaniels will call plays. BOB still a good mind to have available.
  9. Never said he was. He tried to be like him with the power and wanted to mico manage everything. Him having a structure in place that he trust prevents that from happening.
  10. He was and he tried to be like Bill Belichick. This is wear being 10 years older and 10 years wiser hopefully helps him.
  11. He obviously got power hungry with the Broncos and rubbed a lot of players wrong. That was 10 years ago you would think and hope he has learned from that and matured to be more of a players coach. One thing is for damn sure this team won’t be underprepared on Sundays if he’s the coach
  12. I said on Monday or so that this McDaniels thing is more real then a lot of Raider fans would want it to be.
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