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  1. Random Raider Stuff

    Mullen getting some work against Chad
  2. New Derek Carr thread

    Old Friend Lombardi continuing to say they’re not happy with Carr. Hes spot on about the Carr family lol
  3. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    Raiders play in NE this upcoming season. What a story it would be if Tom signs with the Raiders and goes back to play against Bill and the Pats. NFL would milk and market that game like no other. Every day my feeling of him leaving gets stronger. Pats building an offense around Brady is gonna be harder than most think. Financially after they would sign Brady doesn’t leave them with much left.
  4. FA 2020

    The Jags are gonna have to cut some players. Hopefully one of them is AJ Bouye. Would love for the Raiders to go after him. Should see some big names get released for the Jags 29 Days till free agency starts.
  5. Player Appreciation Thread

    Criminal how he only had 3 TDs. If I could ask Gruden one question it would be about that.
  6. The Official XFL Thread!

    PJ Walker 🔥🔥🔥 he is very fun to watch.
  7. The Official XFL Thread!

    That would have been a ridiculous play. Still a dime pass by PJ. very refreshing watching a good QB.
  8. The Official XFL Thread!

    Welp that fumble in the red zone was terrible.
  9. The Official XFL Thread!

    Add Tampa to that list. LA has a chance with Josh Johnson
  10. The Official XFL Thread!

    Seems like blindly betting the unders on most of these games are money. They have all these rules to make the game more offensive and get more scoring, but got to many terrible QBs.
  11. FA 2020

    I am not saying sign him cause he grew up a Raiders fan. If he is healthy it’s an easy yes for me because Great leader which this defense is lacking. Abrams could use a guy like Jefferson who can show him how to be a pro how to fully prepare. Experience in quarters which the Raiders run on defense. Cheap and won’t be asked to start bring him to camp and see what he has to offer. If he balls out you have a guy for cheap that you can then throw into the starting lineup or provide good snaps too. If he sucks in camp and in preseason then you cut him. Which ever teams signs him won’t be for big money. So it would be dumb to not kick the tires and see what he can do if he is fully healthy.
  12. Tom Brady to the Raiders?

    If you sign Brady you have to go out and get Robby or Sanders. Sanders route running would be ideal for Gruden system and Brady loves a clean route runner if you're not a speedy burner. Then go after Ruggs or Jeudy in the draft. Not sure the Colts make sense for Carr. They're pretty much stuck with Brissett cause of the dead cap they will get if they cut him. If they can trade him its more manageable. I do think Carr is worth no more than a 3rd
  13. The Official XFL Thread!

    Cornelius is horrible. Like he can't hit anything downfield
  14. The Official XFL Thread!

    Have a dual-threat QB that you leave on the sideline when you're at the two yard line makes no sense