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  1. Knicks pass the ball around so we’ll when Randle is not in the game.
  2. Idk how these kids willingly choose to play basketball for Virginia. They just take the fun out of the game. It is literally the most painful thing to watch every time they play.
  3. Luka is a low key big guy but the media never talks about his weight.
  4. Nets one of the worst teams as far as covering the spread. Bottom 5 team actually
  5. D.Murray over 33.5 PRA J.Poeltl over 20.5 PR Murray 5 assist/Murray 14 points/White 12 points/Poeltl 10 points and 8 rebounds and Murray 6 rebounds +350
  6. So far in this college basketball season. I think the best team is easily Purdue and I don’t think it’s close. Duke and Gonzaga are obviously up there but Purdue just stands out. Really enjoyed watching them play. They got an easy December schedule but January schedule will really test them.
  7. Pacers looking to makes trades. Myles Turner to the Warriors would make this team ridiculous. Wiseman moody and a draft pick.
  8. Blazers without Dame and CJ along with their best bench player… Wonder how the Clippers will lose this game.
  9. Interesting game to say the least
  10. Just hold onto the ball with two hands
  11. **** I’m dreading this 2 point conversion
  12. Hopefully they feel good about being able to make the XP to make it 3
  13. All I ask for is for the Bills to not go for 2 if they score a TD
  14. Was the most obvious thing. Just an awful decision to kick it there
  15. Don’t think you can even try for a FG here with that wind
  16. Pats give up a TD here and then gonna ask Mac Jones to start throwing the ball after not throwing it for 3 and a half qtrs
  17. Pats defense not having a good drive
  18. Bills going into the wind. Seems like Pats are just playing the odds at this point that they can stop Josh Allen from getting a TD
  19. What college Stevenson come from?
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