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  1. Hes out for sure tomorrow. I haven't anything about his playing status past that. I would think that he would play in a game or two before the playoffs or play in games.
  2. We really gonna get a Lakers/Warriors play in game NBA couldn't be happier
  3. Nick Wright been a clown. Still weirds me out that he has hair
  4. Not sure who 80 percent of these players on OKC are. Aside from the couple of players who I remember from college basketball. Tank is real with this team
  5. Want to believe in the Nets cause of KD, but man there is a lot of warning signs that you see with this team.
  6. Unlike this past draft. 2022 got some nice talent at DT. QB heavy draft as well. Carson Strong is my favorite. Think he made the right decision on going back to school. He has a cannon of an arm and great size for a QB. Hope the stigma of his conference doesn't come to play for him cause his talent is real.
  7. Really like watching the Wizards lately. Not gonna get it but would love to see a Wizards/Nets first round match up. First to 140 wins lol
  8. Minicamp gonna be important for that defenses. 3 days of important practices and reps
  9. Nice to see a rookie mini camp this year. Will give us some sense of how Moehrig back is feeling if he’s not out there.
  10. If the Raiders just watch him get traded to the Broncos without putting up a fight and doing everything they can then the Raiders deserve the misery that will come their way for the next couple years. Tbh kind of just waiting for the Rodgers been traded to the Broncos tweets
  11. A lot of reasons for Raider players to be in Henderson
  12. Safe to say the Pacers did not make the correct choice with their coach lol, Do that behind closed doors fine. Cant do that in front of everyone.
  13. Sheesh this Dodgers team is just not good right now. They haven't been the same since that first Padres series. They suck right now
  14. Again that's what we think, but with all those guys at 3T. Easier said then done
  15. If Koonce touches the QB once then he would have the same level of production then Arden Key
  16. Thats where I would assume he plays at in the base packages but when they go Nickle and dime which in todays NFL is easily 60 percent of the time. Where his snaps coming. Crosby being a pass rusher will have a huge roll on this defense.
  17. I could see Irvin having a really big role at DT. Its just gonna be about which one shows out in mini camp and training camp to sperate themselves from the rest. Was listing to the podcast the Athletic does about the Raiders earlier and Vic mentioned a good point is we all just assume that Ferrell will be moved inside most of the time, but DT is a crowded place so what role will he have. You know what he will be on base packages, but you aint in your 4-3 package very much. Thank god they have 3 preseason games this year cause those will be valuable reps that the defense is gonna ne
  18. Always was bullish on the defense cause of Gus Bradley. Been a fan of his for a while now. So I had hope, but they done a good job with bringing in talent to give the defense a legit shot at being good. They wont be great, but no reason for them to not be at least average in the first year. If they can get good DT play from Jefferson and Thomas then the defense will have a chance to be better then average.
  19. Big fan of this. Heath had moments so fans cling onto those moments, but hes not good and def not worth keeping around for 3 million
  20. Some how this day got better. No more settling for bottom tier players
  21. Lawson better not be on this teams final roster
  22. Will be 32 to start the season. Really would be an upset if he doesn’t start
  23. I preferred Sherman cause of his leadership qualities. Hayward does offer more to offer on the field at this point. Knowledge of the system is a huge plus.
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